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May. 25, 2015

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviews

Top 5 Ingredients*
  1. Bison

  2. Lamb meal

  3. Chicken meal

  4. Egg product

  5. Sweet potatoes

Artificial IngredientsNo
Contains By-productsNo
Price Range$$$
*Taste of the Wild® High Prairie Canine® Formula with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list

Our Analysis

Taste of the Wild Dog Food uses a unique but common sense approach to dog food; that is using natural lean meats and vegetables that a dog would eat as if it were in the wild.

The company believes that dogs should eat according to their genetic makeup and instinctual cravings. Thus, the high quality wet and dry products contain a rich blend of healthy, low-fat proteins like roasted duck, chicken, bison, and ocean fish.

The addition of eggs aids in producing a thick, shiny coat and vegetables add valuable nutrients and antioxidants. Unlike other generic brands, there are no starchy grains or nasty chemicals in the mix and the natural, wild ingredients ensure a healthy mix of omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, and essential minerals.

We believe that this dog food goes above and beyond its competitors for superior taste, a balanced nutritional blend, and excellent, high quality ingredients.

The Word on the Street...

Customer reviews of Taste of the Wild tend to be very positive.

The food is palatable in both wet and dry formulas, making it easy to switch from the old food to Taste of the Wild without a hitch. It comes in a number of meat and vegetable formulas to please the palates of the pickiest dogs and also accommodates for many food allergies and sensitivities.

Most customers point out a visible change in the behavior and appearance in their pets, reporting higher energy, sleeker coats and healthier stools.

Some customers do complain of the price, but most contend that the extra cost is worth the quality, namely grain-free formulas for dogs with sensitive stomachs and a high concentration of one hundred percent meat with no byproducts. Both formulas are also somewhat too high in fats to feed to sedentary dogs without caloric restriction and portion monitoring.

Overall, though, TOTW is a product with a good reputation that serves many dogs well.

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Rating for Taste of the Wild Dog Food:
8.5 / 10 (156 votes cast)
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  • APD

    We have been feeding TOTW (Sierra Formula) to our dog for ~1.5 years with no problems until now. Since switching to a new bag, purchased on May 21, our dog has been not excited and nervous to eat, extremely lethargic, and had moderate GI issues. After a day of complete hunger strike (she refused to touch the food)… we switched back to a different brand of dry food mixed with canned food for GI upset (provided by the vet). She happily devoured everything and GI/lethargy issues were gone within days. Reported to the vet and pet store, but we did not save the TOTW bag UPC. Something appears to be wrong with this food, based on the other recent comments. We will not be switching back to TOTW.

    • jim k

      its hard to say after having your dog on say TOW if it is food causing the problem.
      I went thru this with CANIDAE ALS after feeding it for 5 yrs.

      we just don’t know and even a trip to vets cant find reason at times.

      older dogs over 9 yrs old get funny stomach problems caused by health and everything else as we get older.
      yes I believe at times it is dog food causing something to not agree with dogs AFTER USINGit foryears.
      but again, WE JUST DONT KNOW IF ITS FOOD ….

    • Ceecee Ness

      I have been feeding Fromme’s food to my Bichon Poodles. They liked it more than any food ever. However, when I went to reorder it I saw recalls. My groomer recommended TOTW. I got the Sierra Mtn dry. My dogs will not eat it. Now get this…When I opened the bag, the kibble looks EXACTLY like the Fromme’s kibble. I knew right away the same company must make both. How sad that we try to buy the best and the company owners are too lazy/stupid, or just plain too sorry to police their product. Maybe if one of them ever had a pet they loved, they would show a little character, integrity, and compassion.

      • Kristie

        Fromm has never had a recall on any of their products…

  • Carole Cimarron

    I have fed Taste of the Wild for 6 years to my dogs. In the last month they have experienced diarrhea and vomiting. They also do not want to eat it and will leave it in the bowl. I am trying to figure out what feed to switch to. So far Dick VanPatten’s Natural Balance is looking the best.

  • Barb

    I too bought a bag of TOTW High Prairie a few weeks ago. My dog has been throwing up and has had diarrhea. I gave him rice and hamburger, cleared up the GI upset and slowly re-introduced the TOTW and again he has had vomiting and diarrhea. He has been eating this food for about a year now and has not had any trouble until this last bag. Wish I knew what was going on…

    • Britta

      We have been feeding our German shepherds TOTW for two+ years. About two weeks one of our dogs got diarrhea and was really a mess. We have since switched Jim to a bland diet of rice and ground beef which has settled his stomach. We have been to the vet and I have reached out to TOTW. The vet at TOTW did tell me that the production code I gave her was from the new formula. When all this happened we felt so unsure of what was going on and were considering extensive testing for our baby but after reading all the comments from people going through the same thing, I am feeling more and more certain that is the food and not something else. I am thinking that we will slowly introduce a different food, maybe Blue, and see if that is better suited to him. I wish the food had not changed. Our puppies had done very well on the “old” formula.

  • Lib

    My dog is not eating TOTW high prairie, she just doesn’t want to… I bought a new package two weeks ago and she suddenly stopped eating. Today she vomited everything… Help!!!

  • Pete

    My 115 lb GSD adores this stuff. I used to feed him according to the directions on the bag. But since we live in Florida and he is somewhere between a medium and long hair, I prefer to keep him in air conditioning so he does not get out that much. That said, he gained weight using the recommended amount, so my vet told me he has to get below 120 lbs and I dropped the food intake to 4 cups a day on which he grazes all day. That maintains his weight at 115.

  • Dick Anderson

    I have two 21 month old female dogs I found in the California desert. Someone left them next to my car as a “present” for me — they were 8 to 10 weeks old, about 10 lbs each. They are now between 50 to 60 lbs. They have noticeable pit bull in them and some other breeds mixed in.

    Very active girls, but with congenital joint defects, discovered when they were 16 months old. One has no hip sockets at all and went through a period of dislocating and injuring both rear hips.

    The vet advised against surgery because of poor prospect of success, said to limit her exercise, keep weight down and hope muscle tone would keep the hips working.

    I switched to TOTW High Prarie at that time, kept both girls on leash for two and a half months, and started giving them a joint supplement. Something is working.

    I feed a cup and a half to each dog in the morning and evening meals for a total of 3 cups a day each. They get a run of approximately 600 yds every morning, and a half hour of active play in a dog park.

    The joint supplement Flexadin seems to work better than the first formula I tried.

    The girls do not attack their food, and they sometimes don’t eat it all. I worried some about that, but they seem fine. Good coats and firm stools. Lots of energy.

  • Caryn

    Dog just got back from the vet , may 23, 2104 , very sick vomiting , bleeding from rectum , that is the only food she eats is taste of the wild lamb formula , is there a salamanella outbreak with the food !!! Help

    • Lib

      My dog stopped eating high prairie formula and started vomiting today… I feel the same as you, I don’t know what to think. The code of this bag is TDH0108A12… I hope it’s not salmonnella… Good luck!!

    • Margaret

      No recall. There has been a formula change…changed the probiotic in the food. See their facebook page. My dog got sick too…https://www.facebook.com/tasteofthewildpetfood?sk=wall

  • michelle keller

    love the high prairie canine, but would like to see it in a bigger kibble, i have a rhodesain ridgeback, so would like to see a large breed version.

  • tim

    TOTW is made by Diamond. Diamond has had several
    recalls on its products including this food.
    I have quit using all foods manufactured by
    Diamond. It’s a lot of foods.
    I don’t feel it’s worth the risk
    Please be careful in your choices

    • jB123

      Diamond imports their meat form china – thus explaining the recalls on their lower quality products. TOTW products on the other hand do not import their meat from china and have never had an issue with recalls.

  • ann capri

    I have very allergic amer bulldog. She breaks out in dime sized blisters. Changed to taste of wild and she had no break outs for two years. Six months ago began breaking out again. Company said no changes to ngredients. Tried all formulas and deduced she is reacting to rosemary. Happened to read ingredient list the other day and noticed rosemary is no longer listed in ingredient list. After investigating on web i found owners of epileptic pets were reccomending totw as rosemary free food. After speaking to vet at company they claim there is a “trace” of rosemary in food. It takes money to change packaging and they gave me no answer as to why they continue to include an ingredient in food but not in ingredient list.
    My dog did great on totw for two yrs and i would still reccomend it over supermarket foods but i would like to spread the word to all pet owners searching for a rosemary free food and question the reason for athe ethics of removing an ingredient from the packaging while still including it in the product.

  • pat

    do you have any food that is chicken free and egg free. dog is allergic.

  • Cindy

    I wanted to try this brand but the only store that carries it is about 30 minutes away. If anyone else is having this issue, wag.com carries this brand and you can get 20% off your first order (code SAVE20). It cost me $37.59 for a 30lb bag and free shipping after I got my order over $49. The prices aren’t anything special after you make your first order, but they are a little bit lower than the other sites.

    • Dick Anderson

      I get a 30 lb bag of TOTW High Prarie from Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime) for about $46 + your state’s sales tax

  • Lena

    Hi ! I want to share with my expirience also) sorry for my English if you see mistakes) My two dogs have an allergy, we tryed so many different kinds of dog food and a natural diet also ( I cooked for them meat, vegetables and etc) ,but it didn’t work. I spend so much money on vet, because of the skin problems, ear infection, stomach problems. It was going by the circle…how I was tired of it and my dogs too. And the main question: Why? Now I can answer: the doctors don’t know anything about dogs diet or don’t want to help, because to treat the dog cost money. It is kind of business…Now we switched on TOTW and I hope it will work. Good luck and strong health to you and your pets!

    • Ken H

      If your dog’s having allergies that are that bad, eliminate plastics, like the food bowl and toys, and try nu vet vitamins, they work well. During pollen seasons I’ve had to use benadryl for a male I had that was allergic to everything. If there’s alot of irritation on the muzzle, it may be a plastic allergy, glass works well.

  • Sue

    I put a variety of dog food brands in front of my border collie when he was a pup because I wasn’t sure which one to purchase.
    He consistently chose Taste of The Wild. Today he is a healthy and happy dog and I love to tell people how he made his choice based on taste. He the smartest dog in the world!
    Thank you, Taste of The Wild.

  • robin

    Great dog food. My dogs love pacific salmon blend. Perfect stool. Great fur. Eyes are bright and clear. Happy Dogs. Happy Life. It took me some time to find the right brand for them but this works for them. As frustrating as it was and I tried blue diamonds and other healthy dog foods. Dog diet needs are so different some can’t have fiber and grains and other need them. Good luck in finding what works best for your dogs.

  • Tracy

    I have 5 dogs and a cat on TOTW. They are all doing great. None of the constant itching and fur loss that they experienced on their old brands.

  • Jon and Natasha

    We recently came to dilemma with our 6 year old boxer. He has been on Royal Canine Boxer mix for years. As he ages he’s not had good digestion. Flem foamy throw up, Diarrhea, his coat is not shiny.
    So we decided to try something new for our little man. TOTW Prairie. It’s Only Been 1 Week, but he hasn’t had diarrhea, no throw up, and he actually enjoys eating!!!
    He loves this food. Why oh why haven’t we heard of this before.

    Thank you TOTW!!! Your pricing is cheaper than Royal Canine and our little man enjoys it immensely!

  • Nancy

    I have a 9 yr old cat that has urinary problems so she has been eating the cat food for 8 yrs. I adopted a rescue Dog with Exocrine Pancreas Insufinency . Ruby has to be on a special diet and meds. She has been eating the mixture of dry and can for over a yr now and is doing great.

  • Charles

    After using EUK for all my “Treeing Fiest” life, did some research and found the expensive EUK was not all, it is cracked up to be. EUK being fairly expensive and to find alll the fillers and all the grain. Just switched to the Bison formula, and what to find is feeding, all the, Taste of the Wild is gone, and the EUK is on the floor. AWESOME ! And the energy level in just a few days is unmatched by any means. My faithfull friend has always been active, and now it is through the roof. Truly man’s BEST FRIEND, and they deserve the best.

  • Brandon Viamonte

    I purchased Taste of the Wild dog food and my dogs’ energy levels are through the roof. I have reduced the amount of food I give them compared to other foods because of the higher quality, helping additionally justify the extra cost of the food. We have 2 dogs. A 1 year old and an 8 year old. The most noticeable improvement came from the older dog. He is running around more and his coat is much smoother and shinier. He is also having fewer issues with dry skin and I am looking forward to seeing how he does with allergies in the spring.

  • Jeanette

    I tried the salmon taste of the wild formula on my 4 month old schnoodle. I mixed the old food with the new for a day or so and then gave the dog all taste of the wild. She had the worst diarhea so now I don’t dare feed it to her.

    • Joe Dog Owner

      The probable reason is because you are not supposed to switch a dog to a new diet over the course of “a day or so,” like you posted. The change should take place gradually, over a full week. The most likely cause of the diarhea was shock from your transitioning her much too quickly, not from the actual dog food itself. It would have happened regardless of the food you used. If memory serves, it goes something like this: You’re supposed to blend in something like just a few chunks on the first day, then 25% new food for a couple of days, then 50% new for another couple of days, then 75% new food for another three days…to complete a FULL WEEK of transitioning. It’s a pain in the butt that you don’t want to do often. Then, ONLY AFTER A FULL WEEK of mixing the old and new foods, you can switch to pure new food. I’m not a vet but I have learned that much from having done it previously and from reading up on how to reduce the shock to your dog’s digestive system when switching dog foods. In your case, the diarhea was almost certainly because you switched way too fast and her stomach couldn’t handle the dramatic change in nutrients.

    • jean

      when you switch a dogs food naturally they will have diarrhea. you are suppose to mix the old and the new and gradually up the amount of the new until their digestive system is use to the new food.

  • Dave

    I have rotated my stray Boston Terrier mix on all of the TOTW dog foods over that last year.

    He is a healthy pup the only thing I can say negative about the food is that he lost a couple of pounds on the Pacific Stream formula.

    I have to say this is a very good and high quality kibble for my dog.

  • Nick

    I had my 11 month old GSD on the bison since 2 months old just up until a month ago. When she started eating the 4.5 cups once a day, her stools where mostly mush. Thinking this wasn’t the issue, went to the vet and it cost me $200 for anti-biotics, vet visit etc – nothing found and after meds still had mush stools. Vet then suggested I switch to a another food with more fillers. Stools are normal now.

    • Jetta

      Sorry about the mushy poop.I have had 7 german shepherds and some do
      better on more fiber. With my young 9 month old I think I was overfeeding her and cut back to 3 cups per day and that firmed up her stool. I have one dog that can eat anything, change food and she is fine. I know GSD’s have the shortest digestive track. Well good thing your pup wasn’t sick.
      Glad she is doing better.

  • Susan Pokgo

    I have 3 Newfies and since one of my Newfies has had severe skin problems, the vet changed to lamb-based 5* premium dog foods (tried many to find correct food); my female has been on a series of antibiotics and/or several series of steroids when deemed necessary due to her skin, with special shampoos and creams and a skinned-down hair cut so her sores could be attended. The other fellow has had skin issues, although not so severe, but has required the creams for relief of sores and itching and flaky skin. The youngest of the three dogs has had stomach issues with pudding-like feces over the last 2 1/2 years..the time on the dog foods as we addressed allergy issues. All 3 have been under vet care, with many appointments and follow-ups. Switched to Taste of the Wild due to the advice of my neighbor (a vet tech). Sores gone, itching and flaky skin are healed, bald spots have grown back, and younges now has formed and solid feces. All this has happened in a space of4 weeks. My big guy has hypothyroidism (controlled) but his coat was dull – it’s sleek and shines beautifully..all of this over a dog food change. Am so pleased with this food. Expensive? A bit so, but less than what I was paying for the others; use the lamb-based. It’s difficult to pin-point allergies, so whatever this does, works.

  • AKC Breeder

    Entire litter of AKC puppies are sick with severe vomiting and diarrhea after eating from new bags of TOTW High Prairie (June 2014 exp). Vet tests have ruled out other possible disease or parasites. We are now waiting on lab tests for salmonella. We took puppies the dry food and fed cooked beef & chicken for 2 days. We tried TOTW food again and all puppies became very sick overnight with watery diarrhea & vomiting again, adult dogs showing signs of sickness now also. Have used this brand for years with great results but now very disappointed. There have been too many issues with the Diamond brands made at same facility. TOTW should consider higher quality control or switching manufacturing plants.

    • Joe Dog Owner

      You haven’t posted an update with the final results of your situation. The implication you made was that the dog food may be to blame but in all fairness to the manufacturer, it would be great if you posted the results, post-lab results and what actions you took to remedy the situation. I am considering switching to TOTW and reviews like yours are important to read. Was it CONFIRMED to be the dogfood by some independent testing method or could it have been something else?

  • Ann caprotti

    I have amer bulldog. I rescued her when 8 mo old. She started w/ horrible allergies at 1 1/2 years old. She gets hives that turn into blisters filled w/ blood. Worked for vet dermatologist. We ran tests, had her on shots, best meds, shampoos, and tried diff foods. Nothing helped. She lived like that for couple yrs. On whim changed her to taste of wild when grain free became popular. Has not had break out in 2yrs. Last new bag i bought she started brk out. I have tried switching formulas thinking she developed new allergy. Have tried 3 diff totw formulas. If i cook for her she starts to clear up. Im starting to think there may be a grain contamination issue. Has anyone else had similar problems? Can reccomend lower $$ grain free food. She 11o lb. Cooking not practical & lacks correct nutrition. Ky’s mom

  • anne cap

    I have been feeding taste of the wild dogfood to my amer bulldog for 2yr .At a yr old, she started with horrible allergies. She would break out with blisters filled with blood all over her body. I worked for vet Dermatoligist. We did all kinds of testing,placed her on special food,meds allergy shots. Nothing helped until changed her to grain free. On totw she did wonderful. That ended 3 months ago. I have tried every formula. I thought she may haved developed new allergy. Now I wonder if food conaminated. When I cook for her she is fine. Anyone else having issues?

  • Lokidog

    Hello , I have been feeding my dogs your food for years. However I was wondering “where” their food came from? They eat your Pacific Salmon formula & absolutely love it . My concern is that we try to live a peaceful cruelty free life. I am borderline vegan. I understand that my canines need these animal proteins in their diets. However I do not want to support animl cruelty. I am aware that you do not test on animals but was concerned on these animals living conditions & was hoping you could answer my worries. Thank you

  • angelia

    Hi all,
    I just got this dog food today one of my dog’s has a bad coat and is itching all the time he is a foster dog and didn’t have good food and my other one is a little over weight I got the food from my groomer she said that it would do good for the weight and help him with his coat!! I also have the smoke salmon and now I’m scared to try them on it!! The groomer gave me samples and my foster dog acted like the didn’t want to eat it!! But when I sat beside him he tried it! The groomer also informed me that totw would help fill them up!! My older schaunzer has allgiers so I don’t know what to do? The date on the bag is June 2,2014!! Should I take it back? I had them on Nurtish from Petsmart~ Someone help!!!!!

  • Audri

    I have used TOTW for several years now. I switched from another brand mostly because I could get it at the hunt club for a really good price, but now I LOVE it. I have 3 performance dogs (agility) and they are all in top shape. They all love the taste and do well on any flavor. I like the fact that I can get different protein levels based on the “flavor” that I buy. I do rotate flavors (I always rotated food even before it was the “in” thing to do). I am not necessarily a “grain free” addict so the fact that it is grain free is not a selling point, but I will say my beagle’s ears have been clean since I switched. Before, while she didn’t get ear infections, I would have to clean them about 4X per year and she hated it. Now, I can’t remember the last time I had to clean them.

  • richard pflanzer

    I fed our Shih tzu/Yorky TOTW for a while,then changed to Dr.Best. The dog would throw up a yellow green foamy liquid and would eat the food only as a last resort.He also developed allergies. I changed back to TOTW, he stopped throwing up and now will eat readily.I will switch flavors of TOTW to give him a change of taste, so far so good.

  • Christine

    I adopted a dog from Arkansas. She was taken from a hoarded house. When she arrived she was under 8 lbs, with no fur on her backside and the skin had been peeling. Her diet change was aw some. She weights 10 pounds with lots of fur and very healthy skin. She is now a hellion and I love her.

  • Rachel L.

    I have 3 wolf dogs, a black lab, a dalmatian, and a catahoula-heeler cross. All of my canines love TOTW. I only feed the bison and venison formula or the lamb. I personally don’t trust any product with fowl or fish as the #1 ingredient. Alot of canines don’t do well with those as the main ingredient. I have not tried the newest product with wild boar, but if my canines decide they no longer like the other 2 flavors I feed, then I will. Properly changing your dog’s diet has a lot to do with vomiting and diarrhea but so does getting contaminated food, which happens with anything, including our own food. I tried switching my canines to 4-health, because it was cheaper and supposed to be grain free and such too. Had nothing but problems from it unfortunately, which included getting a fully contaminated bag (nothing but moldy pieces in it). I recommend TOTW to many people. If my canines have any problems with a certain bag, I throw that particular bag out and start again. My mother also switched to TOTW because she has a chihuahua that is allergic to just about everything you can think of. She even tried the dog foods recommended by the vet which included Royal Canine and Science Diet. Those just made her worse. After switching to TOTW, she no longer has any health problems, has a full beautiful coat again, and acts younger than she is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if you’ve had a bad experience with TOTW (like I keep seeing mainly about the Pacific blend) try the bison/venison, lamb, or maybe even the boar or just switch dog foods altogether. Every dog food is going to have a bad, or several bad, reviews over a lifetime. It happens. Some dog foods really are better than others, and even making your own would probably be better in the long run because you know EXACTLY what is going into your dog’s system. As for store bought brands I’ve tried Royal Canine, Science Diet (which actually has absolutely no nutritional value at all for your canine), Purina, Eukanuba, Iams, Ol’Roy, Retriever dog brands, Nature’s Recipe (another grain free formula), and yes, even Blue Buffalo which is also grain free. Out of all that, Taste of the Wild is my choice along with my pack of canines. So far that’s what they have done the best on, so I will continue to recommend it and use it. Sorry to all that have had a bad experience with TOTW.

  • Franklin Purkey

    My Alaskan Malamute is beautiful from head to tail. He is only 18 months old and weighs in at 155lbs and is not overweight, he also has a beautiful slick coat in which I contribute to TOTW ! He is a freak of nature thanks to his Great diet I’m sure!

  • Ed

    My 8 year old black lab has suffered for years with allergies: shedding, hot spots reduced to raw skin… the works! Switched last year to Taste of the Wild and no more allergies. No cortisone shots and pills, no antihistamines, no more antibiotics for the hot spots. More energy and the joy of no longer having to watch him being totally miserable. I keep varying the various types TOTW makes and he loves them all.

  • Beth

    I have read a few reviews and am wondering if anyone else had a bad experience with the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream? My Golden Retriever has been on this particular blend for about three years without problems. However, we opened a new bag on Thursday June 6, and he was extremely hesitant to eat it the first few days; by that Saturday he had quit eating it all together, and by Monday he was on an emergency visit to Cornell Animal Hospital for extreme dehydration from vomiting and loose stools, high fever, extreme lethargy, etc. They said he appeared to be fighting off an infection or parasite, though they couldn’t identify the specific cause. After not eating the food for a few days, he slowly started to return to normal. When my husband brought up the correlation, I did a quick Internet search and see others have brought this up as well. I have contacted the company and, although they have been wonderful so far, they are still currently “investigating” and will get back to me. My bag expired March 2014.

    • Nancy

      We had the same problem last week with 2 of our Springers – one did not survive. We paid to have the Salmonella test run and it was negative. We have taken the other Springer off of TOW and gone back to Canidae. Did you find someone who will test the food? The expiration date on our bag was May 2014 (also Pacific Stream). We really want to find out why Charlie died and Taste of the Wild (Diamond) has been no help.

      • Dave

        Canidae is made by diamond too.

    • Lynn

      I would be careful about any foods with Pacific fish in them due to the contamination from the Tsunami in Japan and the nuclear radiation leakage. They have found high levels of radiation contamination in Pacific Salmon since the accident not to mention all the chemicals and other trash/contaminants that were washed to sea. The Pacific is filled with floating trash from it! I would just be very careful about feeding any Pacific fish based foods.

  • Suzanne

    I am sorry to read the bad reviews of TOTW. I adopted a pound puppy a while back part American Pitt Bull and part English Setter. He had A-topic dermatitis. He would itch almost constantly, had bald spots from fur falling off from his itching, flaky skin… I fed my dog Sierra Canadae Lamb and Rice formula she was fine with it. Oscar improved but still wasn’t great. I just switched to TOTW and he and Sierra look great. I feed them less than a food with grain. I pick up less in the yard and have noticed no loose stools. From all of these bad reviews I wonder where people are buying there food or if this a biased site.

  • Sam

    I’m so glad that I came across these reviews! I’ve been feeding my dog TOTW Pacific Stream since she was 8 weeks old and she will be 2 this week. Over the last 3 months, she has had 3 cases of sudden diarrhea. She will be good for a few weeks on antibiotics and bland diet and then a few days after starting back on NEW bag of TOTW it strikes again! I switched foods after this last bout of diarrhea. I called them and they said that no one else reported any sick animals! I hope all of your dogs feel better soon!

  • alex g

    thank you all for your reviews… i also have been feeding my 2 pitbulls TOTW and so far they have been good, until my last bag. both have thrown up and dont really like the food anymore. i really love totw so i hope its just this last bag.

  • Tammy

    We have tried many dog foodss but none seemed to stop the shedding and our dogs coats just looked dull. We switched our dogs to this grain free TOTW about 4 months ago. In just 4 months our goldens coats are shiny, healthy and they are shedding far less. They love it and so I do I! I get to vacuem less every week now.

  • Andrea

    I have no idea why this dog food has 5 stars?! I just read the first couple of reviews – and I’m in the same boat!! My Schnauzer had those horrible ‘bumps’ until I switched him to a mix of Science Diet light & regular food. The most important thing I learned through all of this…is that a dog SHOULD NOT be eating like he’s in the wild! He’s NOT. Wolves in the wild need high protein (animal meat) because they have to go long periods of time without eating…and use TONS of energy to make it through the day. Dogs sleep! play! cuddle! They don’t hunt, therefore don’t need the high protein that can hurt the liver, digestive system, pancreas and coat. I tried it – and do not suggest it.

  • Steph

    I switched to ToTW after reading about Beneful causing kidney failure. We were on our 3rd bag and I noticed one of my dog’s stool was soft and then last night while sleeping I smelt something, it was either a dog pooped in the house or farted. I woke up and there was a soft pile in the entry hallway and it smelt like nothing I have smelt before. The odor was unbearable. I am taking the food bag and I guess I will continue to look for another brand.

  • Rick

    My two Scotties have eaten TOTW for two years. In the last few months they have both developed an itching problem that has caused them great discomfort. After discontinuing TOTW, they almost immediately made huge improvements. Has the company changed the formula? They’ve lost me as a customer.

  • mar

    We’ve been feeding our basenji TOTW since she was 4 months old (now 18 mos). I wish I had found this site sooner. Our dog has been having very loose, mucusy stools and vomiting froth. She has a sensitive stomach (one of the reasons we chose TOTW) so we weren’t rushing to the vet when she started having these problems last week. Yesterday she had terrible diarrhea and ran into a tree because she was disoriented. Took her to the vet and she has a severe intestinal infection and was very dehydrated. Vet told us to stop the food immediately and not put her back on it. Now we have 2 months of prescribed diet and a week of medication. I feel like a terrible dog-owner. One day off of TOTW and she has her full energy back and normal stools. Something seems to have gone wrong with this supposedly premium food.

  • Sara

    We have been feeding our dogs Taste of The wild pacific stream for years…but sadly the newest bag we opened and started to feed to them this week has given them diarrehea. The bag expires March 2014.
    Unfortunately this food is made by Diamond and I will no longer be feeding my dogs Taste of the Wild, sad because it is a good quality food, just a bad manufacturer.
    My neighbors dog expereinced diarrhea and vomiting last week on TOTW and while at the local pet food store today a lady in the same isle was looking for a new food for her dog because her dog had diarrhea this past week as well on TOTW. We had all been feeding our dogs this food for years.

  • Jennifer

    I too think there is something up with the puppy food this month. My 7 month old pups love TOTW food. This last bag, they didn’t want to eat it at ALL. They wouldn’t eat until they were super hungry. They didn’t get sick, but act like they don’t feel well. I have thrown out the bag and gotten them something else, and they are eating like champs again. Love this food, but am not going to buy it for a while. Something definitely seems to be wrong – why do you think we are all googling this?

  • Tomas Po

    Our dog lowe TOTW but I don´t understand why they use: smoked solomon (why smoked??? – dog don´t need smoked…), fried chicken – why fried???

  • Mary

    Been feeding TOTW for years. Recently on the salmon. Getting softer
    Yellow stools, not happy. Thinking of going totally raw


  • Daryle

    I have 3 GSD’s…11,6,8 months, been feeding TOTW for years…Lost one shepherd to Kidney faliure. Just had the 8 month old into the vet for diarrhea and vomiting, did some blood work…..BUN WAS 200 AND Creatinine was 8.6. Puppy acts normal! Other dogs POOP has been getting loose, and 2 of the three are vomiting. Time to change food!! It might be 2 late for my pup!

  • Nancy McPeak

    We had been feeding our two golden retrievers the Pacific Stream formula for the last few years with great success. We have an 18 month old GR now and she is having loose stool and vomiting on occasion. I am wondering if it is too rich for her and I should try something else.

  • Kathy

    We feed all our dogs and puppies TOTW and they thrive and love it! But the best accolades comes from a story about my mom’s cat!
    Her Ragdoll cat has been plagued with terrible allergies and licked his hair clean off at times. The vets gave him shots etc for 5 years and at great expense. She had him on many different grain-free foods and was at the end of her rope. Finally she tried TOTW cat food and I kid you not, that cat should be in a show ring! He is amazingly beautiful! No itching! No licking! She cannot believe it! But I can!

  • Matt

    Seems something is fishy this month with the puppy formula. Dog has been on this food for months and has diarrhea and is vomiting frequently since we bought this new bag. Expiration date is March 2014. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and blame the food but what else could it be?

    • Joe

      I too have had the same problem with dog having diarrhea and vomiting. We took him to the vet and they gave him a general intestinal antibiotic and we cooked chicken and rice for him. Put in back and the food and same thing happened in a few days. Now he never handled it very well because I think it was just too rich for him, however, this was much worse than normal loose. He just slept around for two days not doing much, which is a lot for a 7 mo. GSD. This time I switched to Natures Balance Synergy. Went to get Purina to just see if it was the food and the rep gave me samples. So far much better, so it might have been the food.

  • Linda Melbourne-Van Dyke

    I wrote a wonderful review for Taste Of The Wild in November,2011. Unfortunately I lost 2 litters in March,2012,at about 3-4wks. Found out in MAY that allllll the bags of Taste Of the Wild I had bought were affected.Bad enough that happened, but the company ignored us! Linda at Ashaway Collies in R.I.

  • Kat-canineaddict!

    My fur pack have been eating the salmon TOTW for years, we will not try any other food. One of my girls always had skin and fur issues and now Callie has beautiful fur and healthy skin! My tiny yorkie had one baby girl recently and I offered a holistic, all natural puppy formula when appropriate, this puppy prefers TOTW which is good for all life stages, we love it! I own small breed dogs, 15 in my pack and I will never feed any other brand, unless I make it myself. Thanks TASTE OF THE WILD for the health ahappiness of my pack, W LOVE YOUR FOOD :)

  • lynn

    Been feeding my pit, my lab and chihuahua totw with the bison. They’ve loved it for months, eat it like it was ice cream. This last bag they would look up at me instead of diving right in as if waitin for the real food…. Each has thrown up after eatin from this bag.. I googled the problem which brought me here. Thought i would share. What dogfood has no history of recalls and sick dogs? I was in love with totw. Fair price, great nutrition and dogs loved it. Now it looks like its time to change. Suggestions please.

    • Rob

      14 week old lab, just acclimating him to totw bison over this last week. Perfectly healthy pup but just vomited liquidity and frothy this morning. Taking him off this food and back to eukanuba until find something else. It sounds like there is a problem with totw.

    • Bridget

      The best type of dog food I think is the royal canin, I get the hypollergenic potatoes and venison . Both my labs love it! They don’t care to have wet food with it, guessing that it’s already full of flavor. It smells great too lol, I’m sure you can’t say that about dog food too often. Their stool comes out perfect and the scent is barely there. You can get it from your vet but it’s very expensive. I tried blue but they just looked at me like I was crazy lol. Well, I hope this info helped you out, thank you.

  • Lori

    I have 3 boxers , ranging in ages from 6 yrs to 13 weeks . My 2 oldest are on TOTW High Praire and are thriving .. No skin issues or stomach problems . My youngest is on the High Praire Puppy and loves it , when I got him he was on Proplan Chicken and rice Puppy and had funky yellow poop … Now Three weeks on the TOTW Puppy all stools are normal and he is loving it … Would recommend TOTW to anyone

  • mike

    Have been feeding our 2 Westies Taste of the Wild for 6 months. Last week every morning they both vomited bile, were lethargic and shaking. Now today one is vomiting frothy stuff up.

    • Ann

      @ Mike ~ my four puggles have been eating TOTW for several years now. I too, have been experiencing some slight vomiting during the past week as well. Currently, I have been feeding them the Roasted Fowl. I have also noticed that their bowls of food sit well into the day with no desire to eat. I began on online search for any “recalls” today and came upon this website. Last year we did have a bag of contaiminated food but had no ill effects from it and disposed of the remainder. Mike ~ What flavor have you been using?

    • jess

      Recall it!

  • Beth

    I’m looking fir totw with venison and potatoe and want to no if there is real meat in this product of meat meal or is it the flesh they are calling meat

  • Linda Shaw

    What 5 kinds of meat are in Taste of the Wild ?

  • Ruger

    I switched from SD to TOTW Bison and Venison and my Australian Blue heeler couldn’t get to his bowl fast enough! When they had the recall I called Amazon and they refunded my order even though we found no odd smells or anything wrong with the food, we dumped it and ordered from another vendor and we’ve had no problems. The dog loves this food. His stool has improved and his black coat has that blue look to it again.

  • Pat


    We have been buying Kirklands Salmon & Sweet Potato food. There it was…Canola and Sugar Beets! Two very high GMO crops. The very thing we were trying to avoid.

    Then thought Blue would be better and they have…alfalfa. Now too a GMO crop.

    So we will have to switch to something like TOTW where we can be sure not to give our dogs GMO.

    Newmans as an organic dog food. It has grains but it is totally orgsnic. This can be purchased at WalMart.

    • anita


      Did you ever find out? I have the same dilemma. I cannot find anything that I can consider truly GMO free. Even the organic brands still list out chicken meal or soy meal without the word organic which could mean anything. Have been feeding Natural Planet Organic kibble for a time and now cooking from scratch. Would like to hear what you have found or are doing?


  • Laura

    TOTW Pacific $50 last two months for 60 pd German/Shep Mix. Active, shiny coat, stools firm, no gas, no itch. On a fixed income I will continue to use. The cost outweighs the bad from store food.

  • Barb

    We fed our boxer puppy eukanuba for boxers the first year THINKING it was the best. Her fur started to fall out along her rib area and after test after test after test at the vet a fellow employees girlfriend suggested TOTW (she’s an animal behaviorist). Shortly after feeding her TOTW her fur grew back and she loves the food!

  • Teena Free

    I started feeding TOTW Smoked Salmon to my Chinese Crested because they are known to have skin problems, he has never had any. I started my Majestic Tree Hound on it (recently switching to puppy which I have to have shipped) and they both eat it, both healthy, Pooka (the CC) is 4yrs old now and has never been sick. My hound has a beautiful coat and no odor! Expensive, maybe, but well worth it compared to the cost of Vet visits!! I am actually on this site to do research for a neighbor because his dog has diarrhea and it may be what he’s feeding her? (Iams) After I show him the comparison I think he will be changing!

  • Kelly Waffner

    We have seven dogs that all have different needs and problems. We hesitantly (due to the cost) changed to Taste Of The Wild about six months ago and my dogs have never LOOKED OR FELT BETTER. But, the real reason behind me writing this reveiw is because a friend saw a picture of my dog Ricky (Cairnpoo)yesterday day and did not believe it was really him! We have felt strongly about what the food has done for our dogs but that made us realize our experience needed be shared!
    So…….Ricky had EXTREME skin allergies to the point that he would bite/rip out every single strand of hair on his back that he could reach. We tried everything and some would help a little but nothing cured it. Then, after about two weeks on the food we saw great improvement and now six months later he DOES NOT HAVE ANY SKIN PROBLEMS AT ALL. He looks so terrific that when I tell the story people are skeptical and ask what else we changed and I can say from my heart it was simply the dog food.

  • Matthew

    I have a 5 year old lab/austrailian shepherd mix. Started him off from a puppy on Iams, then went to pedigree. He was eating 8-10 cups of pedigree a day only weighing in a 67 pounds at over 2 years old(suppose to be 85-95). He always had diarrea, just was listening to the vets suggestions. I did some homework on dog food and switched to premium edge lamb. Had good luck with that. Now he is on Taste of The Wild lamb. Premium Edge, and Taste of The Wild are both great dog foods, he eats half of what he did on pedigree and purina, and he hit his 90 mark. Even though a good quality dog food costs more per pound, they eat less than the cheaper dog food. Therefore I spend the same amount on dog food that I did before.
    The ending result, I have a dog that is at the perfect weight, shinny coat, no more diarrea, more energy. All for the same price as the garbage that grocery store sell. It’s a win win situation.

  • Beajaym62

    I was using Kirkland for years. We dropped our Costco membership and starting worrying about what I was going to feed our dogs next. I was doing alot of reading online a few months back and our Frenchie mix always had itchy skin no matter what we feed her. I saw an article regarding Taste of the Wild. I bought the Salmon and within in a few weeks she stopped itching. I also noticed that our Norfolk Terriers’ fur started feeling softer.

    Also we cant keep our cats out of the dogs food bowl, they love it. We did try the Bison not to long ago but (it smelled like poop). Not sure if something was wrong with that bag. I took it back to the store. We got the duck and they love it, the cats not so much. We just rescued a bulldog that was injuryed and had to have her eye removed. She was very underweight and her fur was in bad shaped when we brought her home on December 8th. We have cut back on her feeding now she looks super. I love this food.

  • Abi & Randy Lang

    We came by a way of a “picky” eating puppy and now dog. The first we have ever encountered. We have both seen this dog fail to eat for over 48 hours even though he exhibited exuberance at going out (so we knew he wasn’t ill.) Moreover, he has done this well over a few times. We have tried most everything, including making our own which I eventually deemed lacking in sufficient nutrition after I began to put together some simply calculations. Of course, nutrition was the initial requirement of any brand. He will sometimes eat something new for a few days and then walk away. Anyway, I was browsing a new feed store in an area to which we have temporarily relocated and thought I would give it a try. To our amazement, he ate it. More saliently, two weeks later, he was still willing to eat it. As to its cost, there are more expensive foods out there, and of course far less costly brands as well. However, we have often ended up wasting food when we have to throw it out). So, as of this point, you have our thanks.

  • joey

    just started my 10 week old pitbull puppy on totw 2 days ago an already his stool is normal after having loose stool for about 3 weeks tried nutro and wellness so far so good totw might be the cure

  • Jalene

    I tried to feed TOTW Salmon to my 3 yr old Shih Tzu, he got terrible gas from it and soft runny stools. Even when he “adjusted” to it somewhat, the gas never went away. When my dog had this experience, I decided not to try it on my 8 year old cat, a red point siamese. I just switched him (dog) to something else. He has a rather sensitive stomach and I think I have to be careful with him.

  • Jose Vergara

    My son has a 6 1/2 month old black Cane Corso he named Zeus. I bought him from a breeder when he was 3 months and the breeder was feeding him Costco brand food. The pup’s coat was dull, he had very little energy and had diarrhea type stool from day one that we picked him up. I gradually switched him to Natural Balance so he can adjust but he wasn’t thrilled about the taste and the diarrhea type stool continued. A friend that ownes a Cane Corso that had the same problems told me about TOTW High Prairie Canine Formula for pups so I decided to try it. After the adjustment period his stool became firm, he’s energetic and his coat is GLEAMING! We get stopped by people all the time because of hes healthy look and his really shiny coat. He is now on it about 2 months and we are very satisfied with TOTW High Prairie Canine Puppy Formula. We will continue feeding him this great food. As far as the issue with the price that some people are talking about, I think it’s fairly priced. You can easily find more expensive foods out there but you trully get what you pay for with this product. You will see an exceptional change in your dog.



  • Liz

    All of my pets eat taste of the wild. Their coats are beautiful. I mix a small amount of TOTW canned with the dry and they all love it. I have a Boston Terrier she has no gas. The puppy is on the new puppy formula and within one week her coat is so shiny she looks like black velvet. 4 dogs 1 cat all on TOTW. Very happy for several years. Looking forward to trying the new formula ;) .

  • Vickie

    I feed TOTW to both my dogs and my cats. The switch from the previous brand did cause some digestive upset and gas, but after a couple of weeks their systems adjusted and all are doing well. It’s been over a year, their coats are shiny, eyes are bright and stools are smaller. I have a 12 yr-old chihuahua, 2 1/2 yr-old dachshund, 5 yr-old tabby & a 4 yr-old Maine Coon cat. None of them are overweight, all of them have tons of energy. My old girl chihuahua runs around the yard, chases birds, plays ball and just has a good time. I believe the switch to a better food has helped her.

  • Sunova

    This is the brand of food I started my German Shepherd Dog on when she was just a puppy at 8weeks. I’ve had her on the puppy formula for that last 5-6 months now and have not had any stool issues… I cannot comment on the Adult dog formula just yet as she is still a puppy, but the experience I’ve had with TOTW is well worth the cost. She’s healthy, energetic and has a great coat.

  • Linda

    My dog really loves her Taste of the Wild food, but she gets very gassy & has the runs too.
    Is this a normal adjustment to the food thing OR
    should I stop feeding it to her?

    • Christopher Martinez

      Hey there, im no expert at all but i know when i swapped my 22 lb corgi from standard grocery store dog food from Purina, not a good brand at all, forgot the name, over to TOTW, for the first few days it was a bad adjustment…i really should have mixed it in more so it wasnt such a shock to her system. She recovered quickly enough and things have been great for a few months now. I was told by the dog food store that the increase in proteins caused her digestive issues.

      • Tess

        I just spoke with a private pet store owner who sells me TOTW Pacific Stream and she told me that particular food can cause more gas and larger stools. I’m going to try one without salmon.

    • Lara

      My dog also got the runs from switching to TOTW Pacific Stream Adult dog food. I did not gradually mix with her puppy food so this might be the reason for the runs. I hope it’s not the food itself.
      Has anyone else experience their dog getting the runs when first starting on TOTW?

      • Pam

        Yes I am having a problem too, my 8yr old female Doberman is having a problem with massive loose stools & vomiting, she has been on the TOTW Wetlands formula for aprox. 6wks. What I find odd is she has never had a problem with any food before and I can count on one hand how many times she’s been sick in anyway. I had to switch food because my 3yr old American Bulldog has allergies, and could not keep them away from one anothers food, so I put both of them on it. My Bulldog now all of a sudden refuses to eat it. I sure hope there is not a problem with this food again, something is wrong here, like I said my Dobe is never sick, and my bulldog never refuses to eat.

      • Jaye Laughlin

        I have a 3 year old rescued dog that gets extremely gassy on the dry TOTW. Part of his problem is the speed at which he eats–Incredibly fast! He was fostered with a couple of dogs twice his size, and I think he had to eat fast or starve (he was also quite thin when we adopted him). I made a slow feeder bowl for him by putting a smaller bowl upside down in his regular bowl before putting his food in it. I also add water to his food, which he laps up, and this also slows his eating down. He still is gassy at times, but not as often, and you don’t have to leave the room in order to not pass out from the stench…

    • TahoeLyn

      No, your dog should not be getting gas and diarrhea from the food. That is an indication that it is too rich for him. I have a 3 year old rescue who had chronic colitis and a real sensitivity to food. I switched to a better brand GRAIN FREE food and he is greatly improved! I would suggest trying that with TOTW or Merrick (which worked for me.) I also am on the crusade to get foods that have no ingredients from China, which limits me even more! Even Science Diet and Natural Balance get ingredients from China – no way!

    • Brian

      If your dog is not use to this type of food, it may take 2 weeks to get use to it. My dogs have very little gas and good, healthy, firm stools.

      • Pam

        I bought a bag of this for my 6-month old toy poodle, I was giving him Ziwi Peake which was too expensive. OMG, the amount of poop from eating Taste of The Wild is ridiculous, seems like more then he eats. I’m going back to Ziwi Peake, he eats less and poops way less.

    • Joyce

      Maybe not the dog food. Have you had your dog checked by a vet for coccidia? It is a parisite dogs can pick up from other dogs or animals. I adopted a dog and she had coccidia. I thought it was an allergy to her food. I had to treat her and my other dog who had come in contact with her. She was having diarhea with blood in her stool. It can damage the intestines if not treated promptly.

  • Chloe

    Has taste of the wild been approved thru am AFCO feeding trial?

    • Jess

      Yes it has

  • Mark T

    Grain free is key. TOTW uses the best ingredients available. My 7 year old dane mix is as healthy and active as ever, I think, thanks to the TOTW diet!

  • AE

    The recall affects only products distributed in the following U.S. states and Canada. Further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred.
    New York
    North Carolina
    South Carolina

  • AE

    TOTW is great. I got a Greyhound 2 months off the track and he loves it. He also gained weight on it pretty fast as he was skin and bones, petting him was like stroking a xylophone.
    That said, if your dog doesn’t want to eat a food, trust that they know something about the food that you don’t. Sometimes there will be bad food in theirs. This food is made in a factory like almost everything else. There is no guarantee it’s safe. If your dog WILL eat it, it makes their coats shinier, helps with diarrhea, and it’s a bit expensive but better for them than most other foods especially since the company takes tummy sensitivity into account.
    Also, dogs get into things all the time. They eat roadkill if given the chance so a little salmonella is no big deal to them, only to humans who get sick. You want to avoid hospitalization? Wash your hands after handling the dogs food and after handling the dog. It’s just good sense. They get into all kinds of things. They eat their own poo, so you can’t be sure their mouth really is cleaner than yours.

    Now, after the rant, the point is that this is a high quality diet for your dog.

  • Elene

    Has anyone had any problems with weight gain when feeding TOTW to inactive dogs. My dogs are small house dogs and get very little exercise. I am feeding TOTW High Prairie (just started today). If I feed them according to the instructions on the bag will they gain a lot of weight.

    • Henrik

      No such thing as an inactive dog, only owners. Don’t blame the dogs for your laziness. Go take them for a walk, they are probably long overdue! Find a dog park…

      • Travis

        Unless you’ve actually “interviewed” every dog/owner in the history of domestication, you are not qualified to make such claims. My 4-year old English Bull Terrier loves to go for a ride in the car, but he will not walk with me or go to the park anymore. Even in the car, he pretty much just sleeps.

        Aside from his typical bull terrier energy spurts (known as a “bully run”), he’s the laziest little bastard ever. I wanted an exercise companion and this is what I ended up with! He doesn’t care about parks, balls, other dogs. He loves people…for about 20 seconds and then they’re old news too. Time for another 3 hour nap.

    • Jen

      My Pomeranian has been on it for several years, and his weight varies a little, but stays in the general area. With my schedule, we are somewhat inactive, especially during the winter. He is very healthy and happy. He will be 12 in two days and still has the energy of a puppy. We may not go for walks every day, but we do play inside too and that burns calories and that just continues to build that loving and trusting bond between own and “pet”. (We all know the pet is a part of the family.

  • Andrea

    I switched from Diamond Lamb and Rice and started feeding Call of the Wild Roasted Bison and Venison because I thought it was a better food with no byproducts. Little did I know it is the same company. I have 3 huskies on the puppy formula and a shih-tzu and lab on the adult formula. My lab was rushed to urgent care yesterday with severe bloody diarrhea and vomiting. The shih-tzu was sick with diarrhea also, just no blood. The vet said the only common denominator was the food, which I now know was a recalled bag. I will never again by a diamond product, I almost lost my loved companion and have a huge vet bill thinking I was feeding a premium quality food.

  • Patty

    My food is the same date and he is now vomiting !ihe had an oral melanoma. So I switched from costco adult food,he is 11, I am afraid of this food now and thinking of putting him back on the Costco??

    • qunicy

      try ultra its the best food out there hands down

  • Patty

    My 11 yr old lab recently had an oral melanoma removed. Grain free food was recommend. I bought taste of the wild and mixed it with. Costco adult food. Now that it is mostly ttadte of the wild he is vomiting! It is the date that is supposed to be fine. I am thinking I should switch back since he was very shiny and healthy.

  • Holly

    I purchased the large breed puppy formula. My german shepherd was on Nutro Natural Large Breed and he had loose stools constantly. His poo is now great on this food and his coat his so shiny. There was a recall, but it did not affect mine. Mine was manufactured in Missouri and the recall was for the South Carolina plant. I will continue to buy this food. I’m sure it all depends on your pet and how the food affects them. But this is working for my dog. Before I was informed about dog food, Lady my collie/shepherd mix was eating a cheap brand of food all her life and was perfectly healthy . . We put her to sleep at the ripe old age of 15 1/2. Was the healthiest dog we ever had. That was 10 years ago that she passed and I still miss her.

  • Please Report to FDA

    If your dog has been sick and you believe it’s from the food, please report it to the FDA & call your State Dept of Ag as instructed in this link. The FDA cannot help unless the problem is reported.

  • CC

    Some of you are so informed you don;t even know who owns the food. DIAMOND OWNS TASTE OF THE WILD! They also own Canidae and about 7 other brands. They own them, they aren’t making another companies food.

    • Al

      Your attitude really sucks. This is from TOTW’s web site. Sorry we all can’t be as smart as you.

      Who makes Taste of the Wild?

      The company who makes Taste of the Wild dog food is called Taste of the Wild Pet Food. Taste of the Wild currently has three manufacturing facilities, all of which are in the USA. These facilities are located in South Carolina, California and Missouri. TOTW also contracts manufacturing to Diamond Pet Foods.

  • CC

    Salmonella lives in a canines body! A Salmonella recall is not dangerous to pets. It is a human strain. Most of you are spewing false information. If your dog is sick it is due to them getting into something else by chance. Get educated.

  • Maurice

    If your dog didn’t eat the recalled dog food, then why is it vomiting? Did you mean to say that your dog didn’t want to eat it, but you made it eat it anyway, and now it is vomiting? Gosh, I hope that isn’t what you mean! That would be so unkind!

    • PAUX

      Little M, she stated that her dog was not enthused about eating it but did and then got sick. She trusted that there wasn’t anything wrong with the food, as it should be. You response is nasty and belittling and shows your character.

  • Ginette

    I bought a bag of this food on Friday last. My dog does not want to eat this food and is now vomiting. The brand is taste of the wild, bison. I’ve been informed by my Pet food store that this product has been recalled but with different expire dates (mine is April 20th, 2013). I just want to inform the public of this issue and to look out for any symptoms that your animals are distress.

    • Justin

      Ginette Im so glad you posted on here same thing they told me and my date april 20 2013 also and my dog has terrible diarrhea and is very sick!

      • Patti

        My 5 month old belgian malinois was in intensive care for 3 days with bloody stool, high fever, and vomiting. Never came to conclution what was wrong, but im pretty sure it was the dog food. If you love your pet you will switch there food, I did and he’s doing great now. This co. can not be trusted with our furry friends.

    • Kayla Burton

      Oh my. My dog is very sick and I have the same date too and they told me my bag was fine!

  • mimi

    It appears that Taste of the Wild “subcontracts” to Diamond for some of the manufacturing. This is insanity. Here I TRUSTED the company, to be a quality company, and now find that they job out, and allow another company to do some of their packaging. WHY? So they can expand their sales, keep up with demand? This is a violation of customer trust.
    I’ve been a happy Taste of the Wild customer for several years. Looks like I’ll be switching brands and avoiding them, now. I’m not in a recall area, but this is the last draw. I will not do business with a company that doesn’t make their food, themselves, in all distribution channels.

    • Carol Bronson

      I agree, the problem now is what to get! Checked to make sure my Akita’s food was not in the recall. It is sad you can’t trust this company!

      • Suzanne hallett

        I have finally found some on line who has a Akita,i have the same problem i don’t know what to feed my Akita i was lucky enough that the dry totw i bought her was fine but what about the next time,i am so tired of believing these companies & then you find out that you could have killed your dog & i don’t know what i would do if i lost my Akita due to greedy companies who only care about the $$$,we pay so much for totw thinking oh thank-god i have a food that i can trust! please tell me if you are changing your food & to what.Scared to death in cape Breton,n.s. Canada

      • Jan

        Don’t you just love your Akita? Mine is wonderful–just a big old baby!

      • Joyce

        Try Blue Buffalo. My boxers have allergies and they do well on the Lamb and Rice. None of Blue Buffalo has been in the recalls. I trust it.

        • Kathy Countiss

          There was a recall on Blue Buffalo for too much Vitamin D in the food that was making dogs sick. They process their food in a plant along with other dog food, sorry to say.

  • maralevine

    Diamond Pet Foods is expanding their recall to include some Taste Of The Wild dry dog food formulas. Please check out our blog post dealing with this issue: http://petfoodtalk.com/blogs/diamond-expands-recall/

  • Aaron

    I have been feeding my just turned 1yr old Pitbull, Taste of the Wild Duck and she looks great and has a coat with a sheen like an otter. She is always getting complimented on her beautiful look. I am concerned about this “recall” a pet store in AZ notified me about today. My dog isn’t sick but if I hear about challenges…I like to make sure and look at what’s going on. For the most part I have been happy with the quality of my dogs life due to what I believe is a healthy diet. Extra Note: I have tried all of the flavors, with Duck being fed to her mostly. I wasn’t a fan of the Bison or Salmon…seemed to get gas more often : ] She is now trying the new bag of Lamb. Fingers Crossed.

  • Kate

    My three rescue dogs have been on TOTW Prairie Formula dry for two years now and I couldn’t be happier. My black lab mix use to be a fussy eater but never turns her nose up at this. I chose this food after they all developed itching problems with an organic chicken kibble I was feeding them. There are no fillers, grain or corn in this food which makes it a great choice. The way I see it the higher price I pay for a high quality food for them offsets the vet bills that would no doubt accumulate on a cheaper brand. There is a reason this food is 5 star rated. My dogs thrive on this food and I highly recommend it.

  • Judith

    I am trying to find out why I was told today at Pet Supermarket where I buy TOTW dog food that they did a “voluntary” recall of their product and it is off of the shelves (completely bare except for one bag). I just purchased a 30 lb bag about a week ago and had a 10% off coupon so I was going to purchase a back up bag because it is starting of hurricane season here and I need to have back up supplies on hand. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with them. I had no idea that TOTW owned Diamond. I will not buy Diamond because of the recalls that they have been involved with in the past.

    • Evonne

      I had been feeding TOTW High Prairie for over one year to my german shepherds. They love it, their coats looked great, weight was great. However, approx 2 weeks ago I bought a bag that just did not smell right. Should have gone by my gut instinct and not fed any to them, but long story short, I did and they had horrible diarrhea. Went to the store where I bought it and they said they had not had any complaints. Found out that same day my daughter took a bag of TOTW Wetlands back to the store for same horrible smell…like rotten meat. I called Diamond, they were very nice, they took all info and told me what to send in to get a refund. Thank goodness my dogs are better now… I have switched to a totally different brand. I had reservations about TOTW since it is made by Diamond, but decided to try it. I hate that I had the problem with this one bag… and hate even more that it made the dogs sick. The person at Diamond told me how to look for a bag from a different batch but I really do not think I will try a Diamond product again. Its just not worth making my boys and girls sick. Since then I have received email alerts about recalls from Diamond… so far no TOTW. I guess they are just not sending any food out at this time.. hopefully they are checking other batches for problems. I did notice where I usually buy dog food that they had only 2 bags of TOTW yesterday and they usually have about 40+ bags.

      • Jill

        I also just noticed that our TOTW Bison food smells awful. Our golden has refused to eat it for the past week. I bought the Lamb version and it smells much better. Still, I think I’ll switch brands.

    • JIm


      Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond Dog Food Company. Diamons has yet again had another recall an one of their lower end dog foods. TOTW was not recalled, however, distribution has been halled coming out of the warehouse where TOTW is made. I own a small pet store here in NH and this is a huge nightmare for us as well. Try using another higher end Grain free such as Cal. Natural or Nutri Source. Good Luck

  • Renni

    My RR will be starting this food as soon as it comes via delivery. I hope that doesn’t mean the food has been exposed to excessive heat, in some UPS truck, based upon the info I see here. Says excessive heat can cause the oils to affect the quality.

    He’s always had IAMS of different varieties and is currently on the 7-10 Premium Protection, but he has horrible flatulence. Like the kind that smells up the entire house all day long. I don’t know if it is the food, or a GI issue. Nevertheless, he will be trying this out and I will post results ASAP.

  • Mary

    I just put my boxer on the salmon food. For the last year he had been getting very bad dandruff and also going bald! I did my research on line and learned what was good for boxers. Who knew they are allergic to corn, wheat and soy? He has allergies and has been going to a dermatologist for years now. Jack has only been on Taste of the Wild for two weeks but wow, what a difference already! He’s shiny again! And he has new hair coming in (grey). I cannot wait to see how well he does months from now! And ya know, people complain about the price…..just divide the price by the number of meals they get and it really is not expensive.

  • Cassie

    For all of you who are concerned about the Diamond Pet Foods recalls, you may consider looking for smaller companies which often have stricter quality control measures. TOW is an inexpensive grain free food, but you get what you pay for: relatively low meat content, and produced in a factory with many lower quality foods. Bigger companies have cheaper products but there is an inherent risk to mass production, and recalls are the result. Companies like Champion and Petcurean for example are fairly widely available but smaller than Diamond.

    • AKChick

      Actually, TOTW foods have a LOT of meat in them. Look at the first few ingredients – meats and meat meals (meals are much higher in protein that regular meat). TOTW is listed in the Whole Dog Journal as a WDJ approved food. I feed my three dogs TOTW. It’s been a good food and certainly is not cheap ($54 a bag is not cheap). I’m keeping an eye and nose out for anything out of the ordinary with TOTW. They’ve been a reputable brand. However, I will not hesitate to stop feeding my dogs TOTW if I hear of more issues with it. So far, I haven’t heard much about TOTW foods. They also have other plants. The one that was having the problems is the one in South Carolina. I’ll continue to exercise caution.

  • Amy

    I am concerned after finding out today that TOTW is manufactured by Diamond, which is notorious for having recalls. Yikes!

    • Janis

      My dogs love this brand but like Amy said……..I am concerned now because it is manufactured by Diamond and they have recently had some terrible comments from pet owners. Apparently, their kibble “Natural Balance” was causing “bloat” and other gastro problems.

      • Brett

        Diamond owns Taste of the Wild. They have nothing to do with Natural Balance. I sell both both lines and Natural Balance and they are great foods.

        • PAUX

          They manufacture the Natural Balance brand. Natural Balance has other companies do their manufacturing diamond, castleburrys, and one other, so you cannot say that Diamond “has nothing to do with Natural Balance”.

    • Linda

      TOTW is manufactured in the same plant as Diamond (Meta, MO), but none of the ingredients are the same. It’s not owned by Diamond, just uses the plant.

  • Andrea

    I have 3 Olde English Bulldogges and my oldest will be 5 years old in July. They all are on Taste of the wild, this is great dog food I would never think of feeding them anything else other then this. They have great coats and very good healthy weight.They all 3 are show dogs and I believe having a great food has helped them be at there best in the show ring.They love the bison/venison the best.Keep up the great product you have 3 bulldogges that love you for it.

  • escaleras

    I believe that is among the such a lot vital information for me. And i’m glad studying your article. But wanna remark on few common things, The site style is ideal, the articles is actually excellent : D. Excellent job, cheers

  • Kathleen

    I have 3 mini dachshund puppies, two are 3 months old and 1 is 5 1/2 months old. I feed TOTW. Currently I am giving them 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night … does anyone know if this is the proper amount to feed this small breed?

    Next question … I also have 2 large dogs (mutts) one is 80+ lbs and the other is near 60lbs. What is the proper amount to feed them? They are free feeders on store brand food but for economy I would like to switch them to TOTW. I just don’t know how much and how often to feed them.


    • Micaela A.

      I have a 10.5 lb yorkie poo and she only gets 1/4 cup in the AM and 1/4 cup in the PM. THe bag should tell you the amt to feed the dogs based on their weight.

    • Linda Leonard

      Recommended feeding should be listed on the bags and or cans. I like to free feed small puppies who are more nibblers than eaters, so will leave out a bowl of the dry food. I’ll usually mix some of the canned with the dry and add some warm water for meals; works well for feeding three times a day for puppies, twice a day for adults. TOTW comes in a puppy food that they can stay on until they are fully matured; the extra calories can be good for seniors, too. Back off the canned food if they start gaining too much weight. Any breeder should be happy to guide you, or call the company. There have been some recalls due to Samonella at the plant, so keep current with this news as it can pass to humans.

  • April

    I fed my Boxer TOTW for over half of her life. She was such a healthy girl.. I contribute a lot of that to her diet. She passed at 11 years old, the only health problem she had was a tumor on one of her lungs. I firmly believe that her great health and weight had to do with what I fed her.

    • Jordan

      What blend did you feed your boxer?

  • Janessa

    This dog food has changed my 2 Lab’s life. Their hair was sharp they were fat and stiff before this. On it for at least 6 months now their coats shine and soft and they have more energy than ever. I also give a dog vitamin and trader joe’s glucosemine and msm for dogs. Most dogs love this food. I am partial to as natural feeding as possible I am around wolves (in a sanctuary) not as pets, wolves are Not pets…. who eat raw meat and are so healthy.

  • Lisa3113

    I was ignorant about the inferior ingredients, and had beenfeeding our mixed breed dog a grocery store brand dog food. Before getting my brittany (spaniel) puppy a year ago i did extensive research on dog foods. I wanted to feed a good quality food at a reasonable price. I decided on TOTW. Our mixed breed dog’s coat has become much very soft and shiny. I have fed my Brittany only TOTW, she is very healthy and her coat has always been very shiny and soft. I recently got a cavalier king Charles spaniel puppy and feed her TOTW also. Same results, soft, silky coat and very healthy. All three dogs maintain a healthy weight and no health problems. My dogs love TOTW, are healthy & happy, and I know I’m feeding my 4 legged best friends a quality grain free food.

  • KB

    My 4 yo ridgeback looked great on the TOTW bison/venison formula but I’m unfortunately having to pull this food from his diet as the vet is saying his urine pH is way to high and he’s at risk of developing urinary crystals.

    • Janessa

      dont listen to your vet, you can do raw meat diet too..which is even better….get a second opinion trust me worked with Vets for years they become like human doctors..

    • Highlander

      Hi there,

      I was forturnate to find your blog. I have a 15 month old collies that is having some strange swelling joint problems we can not find any cause so far after running numerous test. However we checked his PH level and it is 8.5 which is way too high. My Vet told me he has seen this High PH level with some dogs on Taste of the Wild and suggested that I switch to another brand of good dog food such as Blue Buffalo. Just thought you might was to know.

    • Jamie

      Try salmon variety the bison/venison has too much salt

    • Dogcrzynark

      This happened to my dogs and cats! I’m having to switch and I’m bummed!!

  • vincent

    I have been feeding my 1year old pomerinian Sophia TOTW for 4 month her energy is great and such big difference in her fur soft,shiny and the shedding is very minimal.she loves this food

  • Mick

    Just changed my 4 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever over to the Bison and Venison formula about a week ago. He was eating Eukanuba puppy chow but got to 47 1/2 pounds at four months old and his retrieving drive was going down while training. Since he has been on this 32 percent protein he is getting thinner and has twice the energy and drive while training. He eats less of it than the other food and while I haven’t noticed him pooping less they are not as big or runny anymore like on the Eukanuba. I won’t stop using this anytime soon, the dog absolutely loves this stuff! Oh and he gets a little apple cider vinegar in his water too.

  • Lynn

    My german shepherd pup has had loose stools her whole life. I decided to try the Lamb and pototoe variety to see if it was chicken that was causing her runny poops. Lo and behold, after feeding the lamb she seems alot better now. I am adding some enzymes to help her digest her food better, but i think she is a red meat dog and not a chicken dog. i will stick with this food as it healthy for her. Apparently german shepherds have a history of digestion issues.

  • dennis

    this dog food is made by Diamond dog food. the only problem with it is if stored or hauled in higher temps. the oil in the dog food turns Rancid and will give the dogs loose stools. this has been confirmed by the Vet that works at the manufacturer.

    • Janessa

      again listening to Vets, do your own research…

  • Dave

    Hello, I see alot of people believe that there is too much protein in the TOTW for a growing puppy when in fact the levels are acceptable because the protein comes from high quality meat and vegetable sources. The real concern comes from the amount of calcium and phosphorous in the foods. Too much and the puppies bones will grow too fast and the supporting muscle cant keep up with the growth causing all kinds of hip/joint trouble down the road especially in large breed puppies. Everey dog has a pre programmed size built into their genetics so no need to rush things. It is best to feed a puppy a kibble such as TOTW which has a quality protien source and then choose the formula with the calcium to phosphorous ratio that best suits your breed so your dog will have balanced growth with his/her muscle being able to support their bone structure and weight as they grow. You will also find that although TOTW costs a bit more than the cheap GRAIN based foods out there that your dog will not need to eat as much because of the quality ingrediens so less food means it costs about the same in the long run.

  • maxiesemma

    We fed TOTW wetlands to our two labs and at first their stools firmed up. Then we switched to the bison and their stools becamse loose again. We switched back to wetlands and even after two bags their stools are frequently loose. We’re looking around at other brands.

    • Linda Leonard

      You have to slowly transition them over to a new food, usually a month’s time, or you will have digestion problems. If anything, TOTTW in bison can be a bit constipating.

  • Yoko

    My 13weeks puppy has loos poop, I am thinking to switch to TOTW puppy food(High Prairie Puppy or Formula Pacific Stream Puppy Formula).

    It has just started since last November. Can you tell me how it is if anyone tried these puppy food to your puppy? Especially if your puppy has senstive stomach to have loos stool and you are feeding these puppy food.

    • B

      Fish is the easiest protein form for a dog to digest. My dog had constantly loose and then going to bloody stool when feeding the bison. I switched to the canine pacific stream salmon kind, and poops are firm and digestion is excellent.

      • Lucy

        My daughter rescued a dog who was emaciated. I started her out on Purina One, chicken and rice. Stool was moist and alot of it. I became educated and just bought TOTW bison and venison. Before the day was over, she had diahrea. Being boney as she is, I am afraid to continue fearing she’ll lose more weight yet I want to feed her good food. I don’t care of the price. Can someone please offer any ideas? Should I go back to old and take time giving her the TOTW?

        • Teresa

          solid gold is good & reasonably priced. i like the Wysong Epigen & raw diet of vital essentials & stella & chewy’s. or Fromm is very good too but a little expensive for a 4 star rating.

        • teresa

          Pumpkin works well too for diahhrea & constipation. they can have up to 1/4 of their diet as pumpkin. if you did not do a gradual change of food over 5-10 days they may get diahhrea too…

  • Rosemary

    I have an 11 lb female mini dachshund and an 18 lb male Tweenie dachshund. They have been eating TOTW Pacific Stream for the last 9 months and they absolutely love it! It is a tad bit expensive, but worth every penny for the health of my kids! The guy at the feed store I frequent for horse supplies gave me several trial packs of the Pacific, Sierra, and the High Prairie flavors. The salmon won! I was disappointed I couldn’t buy it at PetSmart as it is closer to my house, but the 5 or 6 miles to the feed store isn’t really that far to drive for the quality. Thank you a fine product.

  • Lester

    My dogs love this food and have never been healthier. I used to think that their fur was just very coarse, but then we switched to this food and their fur is nice and soft. I had no idea that food could make sure a difference in something as small as fur texture.

  • WMG

    My 2 yr old French Bulldog spent the first year of her life plagued with severe allergies, ear infections and CHRONIC pyoderma. The breeder had my puppy on Science Diet so I continued on this food per the breeder recommendation. Long story, shorter…..I switched her to TOTW Sierra Mtn formula about a year ago and what a change. She is simply maaaaaarvelous now! This food has helped dramatically cut my vet bills and my little frenchie is a happy, healthy and very energetic little girl!!

  • Eric

    My 9 month old Lab mix has been eating the Sierra Mountain Lamb flavor for the last 6 months. He had really loose stools on his old food, and within 24 hours of changing to this, his poop was solid. He also seemed to be happier and have more energy as well. Now, 6 months later, he’s still loving it and has a very shiny coat to boot.

    For people using the Bison mix and having problems, it may be too much protein for your dog. I’m not a vet, but I do know the levels of protein in the Bison mix are much higher than recommended for many breeds.

  • lynn

    I have used TOTW for a couple of yrs now and will never change.. I have one dog that is allergic to rice, beef, corn and egg and has serious skin issues.. luckily the pacific steam formula does not have any of it. She has not had to take any meds since I started her on it…I also had (just passed away) a dog with oral melanoma.. The vet gave him 9 months.. I loaded him up with the same food and he lived 2 1/2 yrs pass.. The vet could not believe it.. I have not had any issues with weight gain or anything.. love the product.. just wish they could replace the egg in the other flavors.. BTW.. I also give my dogs fish oil capsules for treats..

    • maralevine

      TOTW seems to be the food to give a dog that has food allergies. We have heard from so many people whose dogs had allergic reactions to so many different kinds of foods, did not have any allergic reactions to TOTW. It really is amazing and this food has made the quality of life so much better for so many dogs.

  • Rhonda

    My shepherd pup eats the TOTW bison puppy formula and has to poop at least 6 times a day on this food. Which is not normal. I also read on dogfoodanalysis.com that the protein is too high in most of the premium dog foods for puppies. The high protein is good for adults.

    • Susie

      Hi Rhonda,
      I feed my Shiloh Shepherd TOTW lamb, which has only 25% of protein. Bison is the highest protein you can feed…so please stay away from it. Once the puppy has grown up than you can feed it. Those dogs are growing too fast if fed a high protein diet and this could lead to hip problems. Good luck

    • Janessa

      they are coming out with Puppy formula soon…

  • Skeeter

    We only feed Taste of the Wild to our Labs and our Maine Coon cat. Their coats are like glass and they are healthy and energetic. We always recommend this to anyone we speak to about pet food. Pet Food Express in Northern Ca always has a good stock of product. My youngest lab has a history of ear infections from allergies but since putting him on Taste of the Wild he hasn’t had a single problem. Highly recommend to everyone and every breed.

    • Jeremy

      Which one of the Taste of the Wild dog foods do you have your lab on with the ear infections. My lab also has constant ear infection in one of her ears. We are going to try the salmon formula.


      • Janessa

        food does not cure ear infection honey….got to doctor my labs get them too, been feeding this for a year now they are really alot healither.

        • Lisa

          Yes, food does cure ear infections! I was feeding my dogs a food with corn in it, and the instant I changed their food, the ears cleared up. I took them to the vet constantly, and the medicines never helped. I once thought the same as you, but now I am a true believer in good dog food! What a difference it makes!

  • liz

    My dog has eaten 15 lbs of a 30 lb back of Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison
    (new formula with less venison).. he has developed itching/ scabs/ redness etc on his belly and most areas of his body…under where his legs connect to his body..on his neck.. back.. This is a dog who’s never had skin problems. He’s an indoor dog with no fleas.
    It came on slowly because i was initially mixing it into his last batch of different brand kibble but now it’s much more pronounced. He is also more gaseous.
    I took him off the food tonight. I’m distressed to learn it’s a Diamond product.. I’d never have bought it knowing about their previous problems. I also had a cat that nearly died from eating Diamond processed food years ago.

  • Stephanie Pittman

    Hello. I’ve heard great things about Taste of the Wild and my dogs LOVE it. But I have an important question. I have two overweight chihuahuas that I am really trying to help lose weight. They are long haired full bred but look like a bigger breed to begin with. One is 14lbs and the other is 13lbs. Although the 14lb one looks much bigger I guess cause he is shorter. How much of your food should I feed them per day and how many times a day. I currently give them half a cup a piece once a day and they eat it all in minutes and act like they are starving all day and I feel bad. Thanks for your time.

    • Julie

      A 10 lb dog should get a total of 1 cup a day. Under feeding can cause the the body to go into starvation mode an store more fat. I am currently battling the same problem with my small dog and this is what my vet recommended. Feed your dog like they should weigh. If they should weigh 10 lbs they need 400 calories a day. Hope this helps.

  • D Churchill

    Our 2 corgi’s are absolutely not picky at all, and have been on Iams Reduced Calorie for years…BUT our 11 yr old actually gained a ton of weight on a “low calorie” dog food. Our 2nd dog, a 6 yr old, maintained her weight.
    We switched both over to TOTW verrryyyyy slowly, over a solid week. They are now on it 100% & their stools are extremely loose. I really was looking forward to them eating a more “low carb” dogfood (like TOTW)that’s made with less grain & fillers, but I really think it’s too rich for them!
    Does anyone else have this problem?
    My dogs have never had the runs, they are current on their worming, and only eat dogfood kibble.
    Would appreciate input…thanks

  • Travis

    It is my personal favorite I feed it do my Siberian Husky and it is the. Only food she gets!

  • Katt

    I had alaways liked this food, but when I recently went to purchase it, my local food supply store, said a sheriff cam in with a complaint of over 10 dogs with bloody stool and asked them to remove the product from the shelves. only dogs were affected, not cats, yet that was rewmoved as well.

    • Ms Lila

      Regarding your comment on Nov 17, 2011, would you please provide the names of the petstore and of the sheriff’s department involved in this siezure? I would like to be able to contact the parties involved and find out what they determined was the actual cause of the illness in that area.

      Thank you for this information so that all of the factual details can be available.

  • Jacqueline

    Liz, I have learned some valuable lessons about allergies. They cause skin rashes, staph infections, dry coat, heavy shedding, glaucoma, lethargy, ear infections and blood blisters. These are all indications of food allergies. A dog may look heavier but in reality is actually suffering from swelling from an allergic reaction to an ingredient.

    If your dog develops any symptoms of which you cannot pinpoint the cause of, you can try feeding just chicken and rice only, ground beef and rice only, or fish and rice only, for a week or two. This will give the dog time to recuperate and is long enough for you to notice improved changes in behavior or skin/coat.

    Many people do not pay attention believing that it is a sickly animal. Yes sickly is right, but it’s because we haven’t been educated until the past few years about diet and dog allergies.

    I used to spend over $600 every summer to treat allergies (shots and pills). Then my Lab had cancer at 8 yrs old, it was removed before it spread too far. At that time I was feeding raw ground sirloin and rice and vegetables.

    The vet and I discussed his diet. I was told that raw meat may not be good for a dog with a compromised immune system. But definitely some of his allergies contributed to his immune breakdown.

    The idea behind feeding raw sounded great but the lesson was enlightening. Raw is technically thought of as some meat you buy from the grocery store. However, it goes through factory processing and truck deliveries before it reaches the store. Now consider what raw is to us and what “raw” really means. In the wild, raw is fresh kill. In other words, when a wild animal eats raw meat, it is raw, it isn’t processed like ours, get it?

    I learned that my dog was allergic to corn, grass, chicken, fish, dairy, & peanut butter. He develops infections and becomes lethargic and sheds like crazy. His reaction is immediate and worsens in the summer for some reason to the point that every summer after he turned 5, he would develop blood blisters between his toes. One vet said it was a food allergy. Finally something that made sense!!

    After his cancer surgery, I began feeding him Ennova…bad choice because I didn’t read all the ingredients. For 3 yrs he shed like crazy and lost energy. I thought it was because of the surgery and he had gotten used to walking a slower pace.

    Last year he was really sick, vomiting every 15 minutes, lost 11 lbs in 8 days. After 6 days of not eating or drinking, I noticed something strange. His coat was beautiful for the first time since he was a pup and he wasn’t snoring! When he started eating, I felt relief knowing he was improving. It started a battery of tests until I found out that he is allergic to rice.

    Ennova has grains and fish. I switch to Wellness but his coat was still dry. After trying at least 4 other brands, this dog is finally leveled off after eating the TOTW Siera Mtn w/ Lamb.

    For the first five years the vets never suggested changing his diet. we struggled for the next five years after. Finally, after 10 years, he’s eating what works, TOTW Siera Mtn w/ Lamb and he’s happy with it.

    My point is, all they can give us are symptoms, we just have pay attention.

  • Liz

    Kayla– with the boston terrier– what flavor of Taste of the Wild helped your Boston? I have a little girl and she gets Frequent skin rashes–

  • Dina

    To blame the food for dogs dying or being sick after dogs have been eating it for JUST THREE WEEKS is absurd. I have 3 dogs who have been on TOTW for more than 3 YEARS and all I can say – they love it, they are healthy and they glow. One of my dogs had severe stomach and intestinal problems, we battled diarea all the time. After we put her on TOTW everything stopped after only a couple of days. I feed them mainly salmon, but I occasionally do rotate and give them other tastes. They love them all. It’s a good food and I highly recommend it, however, just as we people are not suited to different things and foods, some dogs aren’t either.

    • PAUX

      Apparently you don’t understand toxins and its affects. One tainted meal can kill.

  • Bob

    We have two Dobies 7 and 8yrs old. One has become obsessed with eating grass and not only the grass but the grass, roots and dirt as well. At first it was only the female doing this and now the male does it too (following his big sister lead).We were not sure if the something is lacking in their diet. We asked the vet and got no straight answer.
    We have been feeding them EVO (42% protein)for years and always went with a HIGH Protien diet do to their activity level. We also use flaxseed oil (human grade)and solid gold sea meal as supplements in each meal. The reason for being here at this website was due to my research of a new dog food because of the grass eating and EVO is not available in this area unless you special order it. I do believe that we should be looking a lesser protein pecentage than what we are using today.
    To sum it up they are eating grass,roots and dirt and we are looking for a new dog food, thinking that they are missing something in their diet.
    Any sugestions or similar problems?

    • Margie

      We started feeding TOTW about a month ago to our maltese puppy who is indoors all the time. When we took her out on the grass, she went crazy wanting to eat it and we had to take her back in the house. Thought it was strange and didn’t think any more of it until I saw what you wrote. I’m thinking of adding something to the dog food but don’t know what.

  • DDE


    What type of test did your vet conduct for the diagnosis that link your dog’s illness to the TOW dog food? Did you have histopathology done on the gi tract? My dogs have been on TOW dog food for 2 years and they are so very healthy, with shiny coats and great energy. I am a little hard pressed to believe that you can say you directly related your dog’s illness to the TOW food!

  • AnnieNZ

    I have a 3 y/o LAB Retriever who is usually in TOP NOTCH health. Two months ago I switched him from TOW Lamb back to Avoderm Lamb just b/c we were traveling all summer and it is easier to locate… I now realize he could have a wheat intolerance, and on top of that I have been feeding him wheat & PB treats…
    Well now he has terrible itching and skin irritations, and his ear infection/wax is a problem again after going away for almost a year (when I had been on TOW). This is another sign of food allergy.
    2 days ago I started him on TOW SALMON (there is chicken in the meats which I know isn’t great for them) and Natural Balance wheat free, Soy free, corn free sweet potato treats and I already notice a HUGE difference. His itching has reduced by at least 1/2 and I think this may have solved the problem. I also ALWAYS incorporate RAW, ORGANIC carrots, apples, and broccoli in his diet, with occasional olive oil which I think gives him an extra immunity boost. The olive oil makes his coat feel like velvet =). I am sure he will be back to health perfection in no time. I am celiac and allergic to soy & dairy myself so now we’re just both on the same health food path =)
    If you’re a Natro freak like me, this website has absolutely SAVED me from unnecessary vet bills… http://www.organic-pet-digest.com

    I truly believe in this Ayurvedic proverb for our beloved animals as well… “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need” Best of luck to everyone on the perfect dog food journey. Don’t feed your love anything you wouldn’t eat yourself… <3

  • Winderwoman

    I switched my 8 year old German Shepherd, who is allergic to the world as we know it, and my 3 year old Plott Hound, to premuim grain free foods 6 months ago, and the results have been amazing. The GSD doesn’t scratch much at all anymore, and his fur has a shine for the first time ever. The Plott Hound’s coat gleams like a mirror. I feed one of the TOTW flavors every other bag, alternating with Blue Buffalo Wilderness series, EVO, Orijen, and Acana; using every flavor of each brand. My boys love them all. No digestive or other problems, once I’d gradually switched from the corn based junk that Purina and Pedigree produce. For dogs who have kidney issues from high protein foods, I’d suggest TOTW Sierra Mountain (lamb) and TOTW Pacific Stream (fish). They both have only around 25% protein. Timberwolf brand formulas have excellent formulas, also, with only around 20% protein.

  • DoxieMom

    My 4 year old mini doxie had her blood work done and her blood work came back that kidney funtion was off. She is very healthly and I have had her on grain free food for a while. My vet said that she is seeing a trend in small dogs that are on grain-free food with their kidney function being off. Some dogs just can’t handle it. Their kidneys are working harder. I know everyone says it’s a myth about kidney disease being related to grain free food but I would rather be safe then sorry.
    I took her off grain-free food and Iam feeding her Holistic dog food with 20% Protein. They are going to test her kidney funtion again so we will see.

  • JG

    My 6 year old pug has been on TOTW Bison flavor for 3 years and my 8 year old yellow lab also and are both doing great..a friend of mine however has been feeding this and two of her pugs have come down with kidney stones, the vet says it may be due to the high protein content…I will try switching over to the salmon flavor which has a lower protein content just to be safe….my dogs have never been sick or had any adverse reactions from this food

  • David Wrightsman

    I switched from Blue Buffalo (a fine dog food) to TOTW for both my year old Maltese and my 11 month old Cocker Spaniel and after 4 months of eating TOTW they both are full of energy, healthy and strong. In my opinion, the best dog food out there. Cant really speak to others who have experienced problems and chose to relate those problems to this food. I would highly recommend this dog food to any dog owner.

  • kim

    My 9 year old Great Pyrenees has been in this food for a couple months. He has lost 2 lbs which is good. I just had his bloodwork done and it is all normal.

    • allen

      simple testimony, with evidence

  • Renee

    I live in a fairly small town and have a good relationship with my small town pet store. I looked a long time to find my “baby”. She is a german shepherd and just turned a year old. I got her at 4 months and have fed her TOTW all this time. Sometimes I have to get a small bag because they are a small store but I raw feed as well. I have had no problems whatsoever using this dog food. In a rare moment where I have had to pick up “other” dog food because the stock is not there, I might as well feed raw, my dog won’t eat other dog food now. I switch tastes every so often and I can’t say she prefers one over the other. I usually feed the bison more frequently and change it up with the fowl and the salmon. I like this for my dog and will continue to use it.

    • http://dogfoodreview Debra

      I also think it’s important to change the protein source periodically. I think this helps keep protein allergies from developing. That is if they are not already allergic to a certain protein.

    • Janessa

      get pure meat too…they put pink filler in most grocery store meat..yuck

  • Sue

    No one dog food is perfect for every single dog. Just because some dogs don’t do well on TOTW doesn’t mean it’s not a good food, it’s just not a good choice for that particular dog. Like people, dogs digestive systems vary and some are more sensitive than others.

    Personally, I find TOTW to be a great food for my Corgi. She loves the taste, her coat is gorgeous and she’s happy and energetic.

    If your dog develps symptoms of something wrong, don’t automatically assume it’s the food. Sometimes it might be (like tummy upsets) and of course you’ll want to switch foods. But many times it will simply be something your dog was going to deal with regardless of the food you’re feeding. Just use common sense and don’t always be so quick to blame the dog food.

  • Judy Rinde-Thorsen

    My 6 year old hound mix has just about every allergy known to man. He is allergic to most grains, grasses, trees, poultry, peas and carrots, you name it. I give him allergy shots once a month but he still was having outbreaks of a bright red skin rash. Since putting him on TOTW salmon formula two years ago he has been about 99% better. I now have two dogs that are on TOTW and I haven’t noticed an adverse reactions with either of them. Their vet has commented on how healty they are, how shinny their coats are and how much better the dog with allergies is. Prior to changing to TOTW both dogs were over weight and now they are nice a trim. I swear by this food for my dogs and would definately recommend it to my friends.

  • Valerie

    I switched to TOTW for my Rough collie puppy that was on Diamond large breed puppy. On the Diamond he had chronic Diarreha. I switched him to TOTW and it corrected all those problems and he has a very nice coat and it energitic. Gained hieght and weight very quickly. However I have an 8 year old American Bull dog, a 15 year old Min Pin, and a 10 weeks old Min pin cross puppy, and those dogs did not do well on TOTW they lost weight, had loose stools, and their coats did not look good. I have to put them on a different diet with meat first but more carbs. They are doing great now just feeding my Collie puppy, which is 7 months old now, TOTW. Very strange how some dogs to better on certain diets and others do not do as well.


    • katie

      isn’t TOTW made by diamond?

  • Susan

    I have a high content arctic wolf dog she has been on TOTW bison since she was 10wks. old. She does very well with this food, shiny coat, and loads of energy. My vet asked what I was feeding her and I told her TOTW and raw meat now that she is 5mos. old. She seemed impressed with the results and asked for me to bring her a sample. She has no switched and recommended this for her other customers.

  • http://shaw RPH

    We have an 11 year old English Pointer and she is fed Taste of Wild Bison & Venison.
    Her plate is out all day so she can eat as much as she wants , she eats usually twice a day as much as she needs and she is very healthy . In the evening she gets a can of soft food as well. We go out 3-4 times a day for walks in the park.
    She was never sick and we are sure she will have a long life with us. We had one for more than 17 years and he liked to taste our food every day, loved cheese.
    Someone mentioned about chemicals on the floor, is such a good point, I wash my floor with water and vinegar and have almost no chemicals in the house.

  • Kayla

    I tried this dog food after trying near every other good and bad food I could think of. My Boston Terrier suffered from major skin allergies and had to be given benadryl and a shot for them. He would get hot spots and loose all his hair without his medication. After just one week on this food I was able to stop all medications and he is now medication free. I now have my other 2 on the same food and their coats have improved a ton! Everywhere we go someone always complements the softness and the sleek look of them. I am overly impressed with this food and would reccomend it to anyone.

    • Lauren

      I was wondering what formula of Taste of the Wild you are feeding your dog? I have a 1 yr old Shar pei very allergic to everything, was thinking of trying the grain free lamb one (Sierra Mountian Cainine).

    • Mike

      What formula TOTW do you feed your Boston Terrier? I have a 5-month-old Boston terrier puppy that I just started on TOTW Pacific Stream. I am thinking of trying one of the other formulas for variety. Thanks

    • Kelly

      My Bostons are the same way. Very allergic to some of the ingredients in some pet foods. Both had hot spots and were licking their paws until they came off IAM’s. Now they are on Merrick and all the hot spots are gone and the itchy paws. They are very picky and if I had a dollar for every bag of dog food I tried that they wouldn’t eat like Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc. I would be rich! I heard TOTW was a Petco brand. Is that true?

  • steve

    Been feeding my 4 y/o Dobe this food for about 6 months. High Prairie formula. He is active. I don’t find it’s helped his coat. I switched him from Evo which was just a bit too expensive and hard to find, however was fabulous. Just had bladder stones removed surgically, suspect the high protein may have been a factor, waiting on the lab reults now to confirm cause. For now he’ll be on a home made diet. I’ll update when I hear back the reults. 32% protein is a bit high, I’ve read 28 is about the maximum, more can be hard to digest. He had done wonderfully on the EVO and is young so I thought he would transition well… Possibly didn’t however. Every dog is different, need to find what works best for your pet.

  • http://petfoodtalk.com Ace

    i wounder am giving my 10 weeks old pup Eng bulldog TOTW cause thats what the breeder gave me when i got him and seems good so far…..should i stay with it?

    • donna

      We have our EBD on Taste of the wild (recommended by out breeder in TX) He is 4mos and doing great. 30lbs and looking and feeling great. I do read where the diets should be switched up every few yrs tho.

  • Michael

    When I got my 5 month old mutt from the Humane Society they sent me home with Science Diet. I was then recommended Science Diet again at her first vet visit that came with the adoption. I fed it to her for about 3 weeks. She smelled bad all the time. She was clean and only five months old but smelled like an old dirty dog. She pooped a lot too. The smell of the food was similar to her stink.

    I switched her over to TOTW and WOW. Within two weeks she didn’t smell, her coat was shiny, and she pooped less and better. She seems to really like it too.

  • Angela

    I have a poodle, chihuahua, and yorkiepoo. I began feeding them TOTW (Bison & Venison) about a month ago. All of them have had bouts with diarrhea and vomiting since beginning this brand of food. I gradually switched them over from a mostly grain brand. I initially thought it was TropiClean fresh breath gel I was using to improve the condition of their teeth. However, I have not used TropiClean for over three weeks. I started researching TOTW because just this afternoon my yorkiepoo vomited and had bloody diarrhea. I feed them twice a day ( a little in the a.m.) because they are little dogs. I am open to any suggestions anyone may have because I’m thinking it’s the food.

    • steve

      try EVO, or another Innova brand. Orijen is another good brand, though made my dog gassy something fierce. Something with a little less protein, yet still grain free. Bloody stools continue – needs to go to the vet. good luck

    • Deborah M

      High Prairie is 32% protein. It may be too rich for your dogs. Try the Pacific Stream with a lower protein percentage. When I changed my older collie from Natural Balance to TOTW, it took 3 weeks to do a gradual change-over. My 3 dogs – age 2, 4 and 10 years old all do GREAT on TOTW Pacific Stream. No diarrhea or loose stools, no vomitting.
      If the diarrhea continues, but they have a good check by the vet, add a tsp of 100% pure organic pumpkin to their dry food with a little warm water mixed in with each meal.

    • D Churchill

      Yes, that is what I am experiencing with the same TOTW formula. Maybe it’s too rich??!?

  • Pat

    I have been feeding my blk labs TOTW for a few years. I didn’t put my older dog on it because the protein was so high. But I have a 5yr old and a 18 month old that are doing fantastic. High energy, beautiful thick healthy coats. I have recommended it to several friends that are totally shocked at the difference in their dogs, since switching.
    I think its an awesome food. The best commercial food I have found in 35 years of feeding dogs.

    • Pat

      Also someone mentioned earlier that the amount of food can be decreased when you feed a quality high protein food. I am not paying
      anymore for TOTW than before. My girls are in wonderful shape, very lean muscular athletic builds. Very health, They now get less than 2 cups of food a day. Compared to 3 cups before.

  • http://google Mami Japonesa

    I’ve been feeding my 3 year old greyhound with Taste of The Wild (dry) – never fed him with anything else. He is healthy and specially his coat is very shiny and beautiful. I have many people ask me what I feed him with. Note that Taste of The Wild food contain high levels of protein and Greyhounds require high protein food. Even then I feed him with 3/4 Sierra Mountain (lamb) which contains least amount of protein (25%) and 1/4 High Prairie (Bison) which contains 32% protein. I add a bit of Pacific Stream (salmon) sometimes (25% protein) – The reason I don’t do this every day is because it seems to help his gas smell bad.

  • http://Www.fourleggedpetcare.com Johanna

    High levels of proteins is for younger, energetic and vigorous young dogs, not senior who spent a lot of time sleeping. High levels of protein could cause problems such as kidney stones. If i were you, i should put your dog on a lower protein food

  • GD

    I just started my dog on this brand not too long ago. I have no opinion one way or the other as of yet. I will, however, comment on the ingredients. The ingredients in dry dog food are listed using a different formula than the ingredients on the back of human consumed food products. Dog food ingredients are listed by weight of ingredient, not percentage of total weight. Salmon or Venison listed in spot one does indicates nothing more than that it is the heaviest by volume ingredient (I believe this is the formula). That said, I am not sure there is really an industry standard, so TOTW may indeed be predominantly meat. I am simply advising readers to do a little more research.

  • AB

    We have fed Taste of the Wild dog food for a few years now – in fact there where no local dealers when we first started – we ordered on-line and then requested a local dealer if they would handle. Now so may of us Pet Lovers are feeding this product, in my area. We have had great results and you feed less when they are full grown, than you do on other brands so the cost about washes out. Our pups all have GREAT coats and full of energy too./ We have a 12.5 yr old Border Collie and 2 older shepherds (11yrs old) and 1 younger shepherd (2.5yrs old) . Would feed nothing else at this point. See no reason to change.

  • scmaize

    This seems like a very high quality food. My 11 year old dog also began having problems after being on it for only about a month, although I assume it’s a coincidence. He had no itching on its grain-free formula, and loved the taste. By the time he’d eaten it for 2 months, my previously very healthy dog had weakness in his hindquarters and was falling on hardwood floors, and was also having muscle spasms and tremors. His bark became hoarse, and he started clearing his throat. Blood tests showed liver inflammation, high cholesterol and very high triglycerides. I don’t think TOTW caused his problems, but the Wetlands formula is too rich in fat and protein for a dog like him. He is improving on a low fat, moderate protein diet and a supplement for the liver inflammation. Many older dogs have similar conditions, so this food may be too rich for them, too. It still seems like a good food for a young and active dog.

    • Margie

      I’m having the same problems with my 12 yr old Aussie. I think it’s time for a blood test. It helped with his allergies but his extremities are weak and he has a hard time getting up. He also whimpers alot like he’s in pain. the young dog seems to be fine on it. I’ve been buying the wetland fowl brand.

    • Eva

      I doubt very much what is wrong with your 11 year old dog is from the food, it sounds like hip dysplasia. I unfortunately went thru that with 1 of my dogs many years ago, its not only painful for your dog, but I’m sure for you to watch. We were told at the time that larger dogs and dogs prone to hip dysplasia should be given glucosamine condroitin which is very good for the joints. Tho I would definitely take your dog to the vet first just to be on the safe side, there are other factors which can also cause problems like you mentioned. Good luck to you and your furry baby.

  • Jay W

    I am sure SS has no proof, just trying to bad the food…..like TeenyTiny said, it would be off the shelves. I have always heard this food highly recommended.

  • http://misty-glynshelties.com Sandy Hay

    I switched to Taste of the Wild with Salmon as one of my shelties totally lost his hair on his rear flanks..we thought he had lupus. I took him off all medication put him o Taste of the Wild with Salmon and within 4 months he had coat and is now absolutely beautiful. My shelties is allergic to:beef,venison,duck,corn,peanuts, as we had all tests run through University of Michigan. This puppy is allergic to all grass and trees as well, but the Taste of the Wild with Salmon along with Four Paws Puppy Shampoo with Aloe has saved him.

    This is the best food ever!!

  • Channing

    I brought home an absolutely beautiful, purebred Shetland Sheepdog puppy, not knowing that my friend and her dog planted fleas in my home. Little did I know, my pup was HIGHLY allergic to fleas as well. For 6 long, straining months I battled his extreme flea dermatitis, not knowing where to turn after the sixth month. I just about considered steroid shots as my last option, because the fleas just wouldn’t leave my home no matter what I did. Before I finalized my decision I switched his puppy food from Natural Balance to Taste of the Wild and after about one month his skin finally calmed. I am not sure why, but it’s a miracle…

  • Jeff J

    I challenge people out there to actually look at the REAL cost of feeding your dogs (or cats) Taste of the Wild. Where I purchase my Taste of the Wild it costs $22 for a 15lb bag. That is only about 2-3 dollars more than what I was paying for Puppy/Dog Chow. However, the real cost comes into how much and how often you need to feed your pet. With a high protein diet from Taste of the Wild, you do not need to feed your dogs as much or as often (once a day compared to twice). So actually the better food is cheaper! I still don’t understand why people feed their dogs crap where corn meal and grains are the first ingredients. INSANITY!!!

    Also, I’m a bit sketical of SS’ claim about his dogs dying and attributing it to TOTW. Seems like a bit of a leap and not many experimental controls were put in place I’m sure. Sorry for what happened to your dogs SS, that is truly awful, but let’s be honest, are we to believe a dog food made from meat and vegetables did that?

  • Ellie Potter

    I have a five year old Standard Poodle who has done very well on Taste of the Wild , Venison and Bison dry food for about four years. SS would you please expound here if you have fact based information ? This is very alarming if there is evidence.

  • Colleen Sproul

    We switched our Labrador Retrievers to the High Prairie Canine formula and have had no problems. Their coats are beautiful, they have lots of energy, and aren’t finicky about their food any longer. It is more expensive than what we had been feeding them but if it means they eat and are healthy than it is worth it!

  • SS

    My friend and I fed our combined 7 standard Poodles Taste of the Wild for about 3 weeks. As a result one of the poodles has died of HGE, one has gone into kidney failure,one is now suffering seizures,2 are showing weakness in the extremities. Alll of these dogs are over 7. The only 2 that are still well are 3 years old. All were totally healthy before eating this food.

    • TeenyTiny

      Hi SS,

      Did your vet confirm the food / diet caused this? Seems very extreme and if that was the case the product would be off the market world wide.

      If you have absolute proof please place said proof here, otherwise the sensationalism is frightening

      • KB

        Don’t be too fast to discount SS. The owner is the one to spend the most time with the animal and usually the first to notice changes in the animal. I fed my Alaskan Malamute TOTW venision/bison for several months with no problems. However, after starting the 5th bag, my dog began have gasto-intestinal problems that went away after switching brands. TOTW may be a good food, but there is no brand on the market today that will meet the requirements of every single dog. If your dog has problems with a brand of food, it doesn’t matter what the experts say; switch!

      • Linda

        My vet confirmed that it was the feed fter having my GSD tested! My dogs health is seriously compromised and she’s in pain! SO YES! This has been confirmed!

    • Animal lover

      It is important for animal owners to know that when you are switching a dog (or cat) from general “crappy” grain food to a high protein diet, that their kidney health plays a large role in how they bodies will react to the food. Animals with a history of kidney problems (especially older animals) do not handle high protein diets well. Their already damaged kidneys cannot process the protein very well which can result in illness, and in extreme cases, death. Kidney disease is the top problem in cats and a high contender in dogs. Tap water and using chemicals (especially dangerous cleaning chemicals) in your home can be large contributors to this. Remember dogs like to lick the floor and cats lick their paws when you decide to mop your floors with dangerous cleaning products, as well as carpet deodorizer etc. Please use care and common sense when using these dangerous products and ask yourself how they may affect your pets health!

    • Carissa

      I have an older dog and the same thing has happened with weak extremities. I put him on this the salmon formula because he had skin allergies. His coat is beautiful now, but he can’t get up and down stairs. His hind legs are starting to give out when walking. The vet also mentioned about some stones when doing his physical. After reading these posts I think I’m definitely going to switch foods. When we took him off of this food before he was able to get up and down stairs again. Now he’s back to having joint problems.

    • Linda

      I have fed my German Shepherd ‘Taste of the Wild’ Salmon, since she was 6 weeks old. Now she is showing signs of pain in her legs. Upon testing her, we’ve found out that she has a compromised liver and pituitary gland. As the vet was asking what I’ve fed her, I was proud to tell her that it was Taste of the Wild. However, she informed me that the salmon is farm raised and is pumped FULL of hormones! We don’t know if we’ll be able to bring her around to being healthy now. She is EVERYTHING to me and I thought I was being careful because I researched for a long time to ensure I fed her only high quality feed! I spent almost $50 a bag on this CRAP! Now, I will make it my job to inform EVERYONE I can so they don’t fall into the same trap that I did. I assumed because it said fresh salmon, it meant good. NOT THE CASE AT ALL! If I could, I’d sue them.

    • Nothappy

      I have had a problem with Taste of the Wild dog and the company was not very responsive. As a matter of fact,told me the problem was that my dogs were “anorexic”! All three dogs were refusing this product and when given another,promptly ate it…I am very upset with an expensive dog food that claims to be so good,treating a customer that way. I have since changed foods(of course) because apparently they have enough customers that they do not need me.

      • Janessa

        cost more to feed yourself…you have to mix it until they are used to it with the old food…also TOTW was good to me on the phone and will refund your money…to get very upset over $50 lady you need a life……your dogs are worth more than that. call again and get another agent…your loss this is the best food on the market.

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What's good about this pet food
  • high quality lean meats like bison & venison
  • good carbs like sweet potato & peas
  • grain-free
What's not so good about this pet food
  • expensive

More Information

Taste of the Wild dog food advertises their product as “The balanced diet that nature intended”. Many dog owners state that Taste of the Wild is one of their first choices for a high protein dog food formula. However, how good is Taste of the Wild dog food for your dog? What are the experiences of other pet owners with Taste of the Wild dog food? Learn more about Taste of the Wild dog food in our review!

Who makes Taste of the Wild?

The company who makes Taste of the Wild dog food is called Taste of the Wild Pet Food. Taste of the Wild currently has three manufacturing facilities, all of which are in the USA. These facilities are located in South Carolina, California and Missouri. TOTW also contracts manufacturing to Diamond Pet Foods.

Taste of the Wild Recall

As of right now, Taste of the Wild dog food has not been involved in any recent pet food recalls, and is not currently listed on the FDA recall list. However, recall information may change. In order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Update 5/5/12 Diamond Pet Foods is expanding their recall to include some Taste Of The Wild dry dog food formulas. Please check out our blog post dealing with this issue

Taste of the Wild Ingredients

Taste of the Wild dog food is advertised as not containing corn or soy ingredients. Also, Taste of the Wild formulas are all completely grain-free. The meats used in Taste of the Wild dog food are free of hormones and antibiotics. Taste of the Wild uses only natural preservatives, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and rosemary extract. All Taste of the Wild dog food formulas contain several meats among their first five ingredients. The carbohydrates in Taste of the Wild dog food come from sources such sweet potatoes, potatoes and vegetables.

Taste of the Wild Allergies

There are no significant ingredients in Taste of the Wild dog food that are known to commonly cause allergic reactions in dogs. In fact, some dog owners reported that Taste of the Wild dog food helped to clear up their pet’s allergic symptoms. When feeding your dog Taste of the Wild dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Taste of the Wild Dry Recipes:

  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula
  • Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula
  • Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild Canned Recipes:

  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula in Gravy
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula With Smoked Salmon
  • Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Formula in Gravy

Taste of the Wild Consumer Info

Where can I buy Taste of the Wild?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Taste of the Wild Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Taste of the Wild formula pages to purchase Taste of the Wild dog food.

How much Taste of the Wild should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Taste of the Wild dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Have you fed your dog any of the Taste of the Wild dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Taste of the Wild dog food!

Ingredient List*

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Ingredient List

*for Taste of the Wild® High Prairie Canine® Formula with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison

Taste of the Wild Coupons

Taste of the Wild Coupons

Taste of the Wild Coupons

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