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Pet Tao Dog Food

The makers of Pet Tao dog food claim that “Animal welfare and environmental awareness will always be guiding principles in our future growth”. Pet Tao isn’t a very well-known dog food formula, having only entered the dog food market recently. Is Pet Tao’s dog food really a good choice for your dog’s nutritional needs? What do other dog owners have to say about Pet Tao dog food? Learn more about Pet Tao dog food in our review!

Who is Pet Tao Manufactured By?

The company who makes Pet Tao dog food is called Pet Tao. Pet Tao’s founders got their training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, which caused them to develop a formula for helping to treat health conditions with food. The philosophy behind Pet Tao dog food is that Eastern Principles for fresh food is the key to proper pet nutrition.

Pet Tao Dog Food Recall

As of right now, Pet Tao dog food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall list, and has not been involved in any recalls. However, pet food recall information may change on a daily basis. In order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Pet Tao Reviews

Pet Tao Ingredients

Pet Tao frozen and canned formulas usually contain a meat as their first ingredient. The unique thing about Pet Tao formulas is that they may be “seasonal” formulas (fall, winter, spring, summer), or formulas that are designed for specific health conditions. Many of Pet Tao’s formulas contain tofu. There are many different types of vegetables in Pet Tao dog food, such as celery, broccoli, cucumber, green beans and carrots. The carbohydrates in Pet Tao dog food come from sources such as barley, honey, sweet potatoes and white rice.

Pet Tao Allergies

Pet Tao dog food formulas do sometimes contain tofu, which is a fermented soybean ingredient, and may cause allergic reactions in dogs that have a sensitivity to soy products. Other than that, there aren’t any significant ingredients in Pet Tao dog food that are known to cause allergic reactions in dogs. When feeding your dog Pet Tao dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Pet Tao Recipes

Pet Tao Dry Recipes:

  1. Pet Tao Dry Canine Balanced Diet
  2. Pet Tao Dry Canine Summer Diet
  3. Pet Tao Dry Canine Winter Diet
  4. Pet Tao Dry Canine Blood Diet
  5. Pet Tao Dry Canine Qi Diet
  6. Pet Tao Dry Canine Yin Diet

Pet Tao Consumer Info

Where can I buy Pet Tao?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Pet Tao Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Pet Tao formula pages to purchase Pet Tao dog food.

How much Pet Tao should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Pet Tao dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Pet Tao Dog Food Coupons

Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. Are you searching for Pet Tao dog food printable coupons? We will let you know when they are available!

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Pet Tao Ratings

Customer reviews of Pet Tao dog food are fairly positive. Many veterinarians prescribe Pet Tao dog food to their patients, as many of the formulas require a prescription. Many dogs seem to do well when fed Pet Tao dog food, with no significant health problems. However, the main complaint echoed by many consumers is that Pet Tao dog food formulas are too expensive, especially for large breed dogs.

Have you fed your dog any of the Pet Tao dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Pet Tao dog food!

  • Lynda

    I’ve been using Pet-Tao canned dog food for the last 6 mos. We have 5 dogs ranging in size from 150 lbs to 12 lbs. While it may be more expensive than other dog foods – I’ll gladly pay the price in order for our clan to receive the best quality food.

  • Melisa

    I have been using Pet Tao for about 4 months. It was recommended by my Holistic Vet. I have been very happy with the results. I have a 12 pound Poodle and a 7 pound Maltese/Yorkie (Morkie) who are very finicky they love it. They have both also had bouts with allergies, since changing their diet, we have seen excellent results in hair and skin on both of our babies. We are very pleased with Pet Tao (we use Blood Diet)

  • Sosha Johnson

    The best money i have ever spent on my pets is when i decided to feed them Pet-Tao Yin diet.

  • Carter Hayes

    We have our two spaniels on Pet-Tao and the diet has virtually changed their lives. They both had allergies and obesity, but now they are healthy and they love the food. We highly recommend Pet-Tao. We use the balanced diet.

  • john taylor

    We’ve had our 10-year-old Pug on the Pet-Tao Canine Balanced Diet for several months now with great results. Winnie’s allergy problems are much better, her energy level is improved and she is a more healthy weight.

    • admin

      Thanks for the comments. We will be reviewing each individual recipe within a week or two. Hopefully you can give us your feedback.