Jul. 6, 2015

Cesar Dog Food Reviews

Top 5 Ingredients*
  1. Chicken

  2. Liver

  3. Beef

  4. Meat by-products

  5. Brown rice

Artificial IngredientsYes
Contains By-productsYes
Price Range$
*Cesar Steak Tips Sonoma Style Flavor was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list
What's good about this pet food
  • chicken
  • beef
What's not so good about this pet food
  • meat by-products
  • food coloring

Our Analysis

Cesar Dog Food is not a high-quality product, but it could be worse. Cesar Canine Cuisine Pet Foods is owned by Mars Petcare and all of their foods are made in company owned facilities based in the U.S. Although a number of the formulas have an excellent protein to start off the ingredient list (e.g. chicken and beef), the foods actually contain a large portion of protein by-products. This usually means that they are the leftovers from slaughterhouses and are not fit for human consumption.

So, Cesar starts off really well on the ingredients and then quickly ruins it by including substandard ingredients. Many of the foods also have artificially added color, which just does not make any sense. Really, the dog does not care about the color of the food. So because of these reasons, we have given it the low rating of one bone.

The Word on the Street...

Most customer dog food reviews about Cesar dog food are negative. The inclusion of allergens in many of Cesar’s dog food formulas was a commonly cited negative factor among many dog owners. Also, Mars has a reputation for producing low-quality pet food formulas, which made many consumers think twice about purchasing Cesar dog food.

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Rating for Cesar Dog Food:
5.4 / 10 (69 votes cast)
  • carol mcclendon

    we had our little yorkie fo fourteen years and all
    he would eat was mostly grilled chicken,Cesar .
    He lost his eyesight in one eye and almost the other one. He had allergies in his ears really bad, that he clawed his ears and had so many ear infections
    that he lost his hearing. He also itched and had derm
    atitis. We used special shampoos and allergy medications,but they didn’t help. In mid-Febuary he
    developed a cough,restleness,throwing up,and just
    turning up his nose at the only dogfood he liked. We
    took him to the vet.We thought it was just age and as
    bad as we hated to give him up,we thought it best.
    The vet said that his heart was really strong and that basically he was in good health. We thought he had gotten pneumonia,but the vet said that it was all
    in his throat and his stomach was swelling. He was given a shot, a urine specimen, and kept overnight.
    We brought him home and handfed him boiled chicken for a week.We seen he wasn’t getting any better and
    said our heart-broken goodbyes and took him back to
    the vet and had him put down. Since that sad day,
    other friends have lost their small dogs.All was feeding CESARS dog food.

  • Joi

    Rick – did you change your name? in Dec 2013 someone named Ryan reported the same story about a champion Silky. I came on this site as part of research for a good food for my 13 year old Chihuahua who is a finicky eater and has developed a serious heart problem. Bogus reports are not helpful – whether for or against the product. I will only rely upon my vet’s opinion or experience.

  • Lucie Rowe

    I have been buying this product for over 10 years. I recently bought the multipack wet for my dog. I was happy to see the coupons in the pack.
    When I opened the box the coupon expired January 31, 2013.
    My concern is how long is this product good for and will this hurt my dog at least after 15 months. So I would like to know that when I buy this product can you please recall the stores after at least one year so this doesn’t happen to any one else’s dog? Maybe Cesar can leave off the expired date so people like me can at least enjoy the coupons. Three dollars off the product is great when you can use it.

    One good note my dog Border Collie loves this product.

    Thank you for understanding.
    Lucie Rowe

  • chris&lulu

    My dog has been getting sick for the last year now and all she eats is CEARS brand canned food .everything I’m reading she had runny stools vomiting and the shakes . My vet told me it was her age and she was just old and maybe dieing from poor health! Was so so upset and felt awful so I started making her ground beef or chicken with rice (REAL PEOPLE FOOD) and of course she loved it, I mean she was eating the same things her daddy and momm were having for dinner every night and we figured why not make her happy if she’s not going to be with us for much longer. But then something very exciting started to hap, she started to feel better and play catch and have crazy amounts of energy and her health did a turn around. One month later during a vet check up the Dr tells me our little girls tests came back like they were when she was one year old and he couldn’t believe it. The asked what we were doing and I told him feeding her fresh meats! Now my once sick dieing chihuahua is healthy all cuz I STOPED FEEDING HER THIS SHIT DOG FOOD.

  • Rick

    I’m sick of people complaining about the quality of this dog food. Cesar was the only dog food my silky terrier would eat. Not only did she earn her AKC Championship…she lived to be 19 years old. (the life expectancy of a Silky Terrier is 12-15years)

    • sharron

      hi rick – i have a chihuahua/yorkie, 5 yrs old – the only dry food she likes and will eat is cesar for small dogs dry food – i have been told it is preserved with bha/bht – so i haven’t been giving it to her – would like to since she doesn’t like any of the other dry foods i’ve bought – and there have been many – is this food as bad as a lot of people claim it is

    • jaydee

      Hi, people are not making up stories about their dogs to give cesar a bad name. I fed my dog cesar weeks back as a treat. A few hours later, i had to rush her to the hospital and she had to be confined. She was drooling, shakey and weak. Doctors thought it was poisoning and didnt think Cesar could have caused it (since they sell it too).the following day, my dog was ok to be brought home. I fed her a different can of cesar and a few hours in started feeling sickly again.

      Think about it, how can we make something up just to spite cesar? We love our pets as much as you love yours and we just want to share our experience. So if around 90% of those here experienced something negative about cesar, there has to be something that’s not good in it. Your dog might have a stronger stomach to handle the bad stuff but our ”normal” dogs just couldn’t. :)

    • Khaleasi

      I feel bad for everyone here with a problem, and I am so upset my yorkie a little over 2 Lbs. My husband and I have been trying to reach little ceasar for a month now, every single time it says they are out to lunch, press one and they will return your call? no call back, if it isn’t lunch, they say they are having trouble with their phone. And if you call after five they say they are closed. My main concern is my dogs health. Every single time we open little ceasar there is fatty tissue, artiries, and something that looks like the lining of a stomach or something worse… We are concerned because the chunks we take out are large for a small dog such as mine. Today the piece out was more than half of the food in the package. And that was a solid piece. She could choke and Die. We love her so much. She is awesome. And I for one do not like when a company such as little ceasars, can’t even answer the phone to tell me what the heck these things are in her food. I guess I will have to make homemade dog food. Better than loosing her. I hope everyone that reads this realizes they need to put the food on a plate and pick it apart so you can see what your dog has been getting.

  • Rick

    This is the only food my silky terrier would eat.

  • shelley koczat

    my toy poodle 9 years old has been having all of the issues listed here…….every 2 weeks or so have to put him on rice, boiled chicken, boiled hamburger and chicken broth…… slowly introduce cesar back in when back to his old self and whammo after 1 week (1/2 tin in mornig and 1/2 at night with kibbies during rest of day he is doing it again, diarrhea, choking noises (like something is in his throat) and not eating, put him back on rice/broth combo and tossing this crappy food 9in the trash……………..especially after reading these reviews.

  • Ginger

    I have been giving my Dogs Cesar for a while now. But I am going to stop, due to constantly finding large pieces of…Skin/Flesh-like material in the wet dog food in the tiny trays. It happens ALOT. It looks disgusting. Why on earth would they put crap like that….I must assume…By-Products into thier dog food. And then…let large pieces of it in….that are VERY visable. Totally Gross!

  • Jenny B

    My dog has been eating Cesar dog food for a week after refusing many other brands. He loves it and he has not had any problems from eating it. I prefer premium brands but they just cost too much.

    • Laura

      My Westie is 5 Months old, she came to me on Royal Canin Food although she didn’t eat it much, she just picked at it but when she discovered bakers chunks & she loved them, I bought her some and mixed it with the royal canin, this seems to work well during the day but a night I was finding she wasn’t eating it and wanted what we had for our tea.

      So I thought I would give Cesar wet dog food a try, to my surprise she eats it and doesn’t beg now for our food at tea times because she is satisfied with her meal.

      I have not come across any of the symptoms described and she is still the same old playful happy puppy!

      I hope this continues, she’s been on this dry and wet mix for the past month now & it works well!.

    • george fleck

      Premium brands cost too much? Don’t you think your dog deserves better?

  • sharwood

    I have finally stopped feeding my small dog Cesar after bouts of sickness and diarrhea which varied from yellow liquid to green slime. He was a picky eater who seemed to enjoy the food but it just didn’t agree with his digestive system.

  • Lindsay

    My dog had a terrible reaction to this food. I wanted to introduce a soft food to her diet and it was a huge mistake trying this one, I should have done more research first. Her usual dry brand is Orijen and it is perfect for her. I had to take her to the emergency vet last night after she ate this food, they kept her overnight, she had a sudden onset of severe diarhrea with blood and was throwing up. her body temperature dropped very low and she was very low on energy. The only thing that was different was this Cesar’s food. She had no access to any other contaminates that she could’ve gotten into. She’s now on an IV, antibiotics and xantac and is staying at the vet until her condition improves. Still waiting for blood tests but it looks like the food was the only possible culprit here, especially since other dogs are clearly having the exact same reaction. I can’t believe they still sell this stuff, terrible. I’ll be writing a letter to the company who makes the food and sending them a copy of my $750 vet bill.

  • Elmo

    I have a 7 years old shih-tzu and i give him small amount of dry food until he was 6 months old, after that i add wet cesar food once a day and dry food rest of the day until he is 1year old, after that we left the dry food on his bowl all alone and feeding him twice a day with cesar wet food with all kind… So there is no sign or sickness i observed since we have him food related… When you adopted a puppy they tell you change your dogs food slowly not like next day start up totaly new food… So i think many of you did mistake starting from your self changing food too fast… Or all of you working on dog food companies going to bankrupt so thorowing s*** on cesar :)) …. Educate your self before own and kill a animal bcoz of your stupidty… Get a real life for your self first before ruin your pets life…

  • Harvey Glick

    We gave our new 8 week old Shitsu puppy Cesar Canine Cuisine with Duck in meaty juices. Within hours she was shaking and threw up. Less than 24 hours later she was dead. Died of Pneumonia. We were left with a $1400 emergency Vet bill. We didn’t know what had caused it at the time and when we got a new 8 week old puppy yesterday we gave it a little of the same dog food from a new package. Within an hour she started shaking and sneezing. 8 hours later she threw up and started bloody diarrhea. We have been giving her lots of water and a different type of dog food and she seems to be recovering. Don’t give this food to your puppies. I won’t even give it to my full grown German Shepard.

    • Dreas

      If you think that this food gave your dog pneumonia you need your head examined.

      • Harvey Glick

        We had taken the puppy that day in to see a vet before we took her home from the pet store. They informed us that the puppy had a mild upper respiratory infection and gave us a anti-biotic and informed us that it was just a precautionary. An hour later we gave her the Cesar dog food. An hour after that she started having signs of bowel distress, gas noises, hick-ups and jerking. The next morning she threw up and had diarrhea. She grew weak and we tried to give her more of the food thinking she needed more nourishment. She only got worse. That night I took her into the emergency vet and she later died of pneumonia. What we believe is that the food aggravated the infection and caused it to rapidly progress due to the throwing up and diarrhea. She may even have aspirated some of the food when she threw up. We have no way of knowing for sure but after seeing our next puppy get very sick from it as well makes me believe it had a lot to do with it.

        • Olivia

          I would have taken my dog to its vet or to an ER vet immediately instead of trying to “give it more nourishment”… Don’t blame a dog food for your own inertia.

    • Cinde Lee

      I wish I had gone to this site sooner. I lost my 7 year old Bichon unexpected. I fed him the filet mignon since he was about 1 year old. He started losing weight and threw up and other than an ulcer the vet could not find the reason he just died. I am just sick over losing him but wanted to post just in case. I don’t want to blame the food by any means, but maybe we need to think about this if so many dogs in 2014 are getting sick and my baby is dead now?

      • Olivia

        Why would you think Cesar dog food would give your dog pneumonia?

  • Teresa Kemp

    My husband purchased Cesar Canine Cuisine’s Filet Mignon Flavor in Meaty Juices, 3.5 oz size on Saturday. I fed it to Emanuel last evening for his dinner. Very active, healthy and independent, last night he became really needy, wanting to be held. He had diarrhea and vomited 6 times through the night (we could find). Dogs often eat their vomit, so I do not know the exact number of time.

    I removed the food and washed his bowls and have given him lot more water. I will call our vet. He has no previous illness or medical conditions. He is a 8 lb. Havanese, (spoiled) who lives inside (paper trained). He is a very happy member of our family our children are grown & gone! We go out about 4 times daily but it has rained in Atlanta the past week so not as much. I have read the websites for withdrawals and recalls but found none. Will call company shortly.

    • Jerry

      I just pulled up this site today after our other two Scotties started showing the signs that they were not feeling well. They have the signs that have been discussed-vomit and upset stomach. We started buying this product about two months ago and two days before Thanksgiving our wonderful Miss Lucy (age 10 &/12) became so sick. She was down in the back legs and very needy. She had just been to the Vet. in October and was in perfect health except she was just a little overweight. Her X-rays and blood tests did not show any tumors or poison so we thought she had just had a stroke or heart attack so we had her put down the day before Thanksgiving. This week both of our boy Scotties, especially Andrew who is eleven and The Senator (who is 7) both are not feeling well. I do feel that it is because of this food change. We just added it to a dry food that we have used for over a year. We are throwing it away and I will cook turkey to add a little spice to their food but NEVER AGAIN will we use Caesar’s. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a rescue from the pound or like Andrew, Miss Lucy and Senator George who are all AKC Champions their food should never be in question. Our best to all of you who are working on this problem. Tonight, Andrew and The Senator seem to be feeling better but we gave them a boiled egg with their dry food so hopefully this will help their stomach problems. We cannot take losing another one. Our best to all of you.

      Irma, Jerry, Andrew and The Senator

  • Mike O

    I assume it’s made in China, and that’s why it’s not labeled where it’s made, until it is I am a lot of others, will not be purchasing Caesar! we want to know where it’s made.

    • Mina

      I don’t have any kids of my own so my Maltese & Yorkies mean the whole world to me… I’ve been giving them only Cesars dog food brand… Cesar dog food killed my babies… I saw all the signs listed below and the vet kept running tests and putting them on heart medication for both and seizer meds in addition for one (they never had pups & were spaded) one passed last year and the other passed less than a month ago (in addition to the heart condition, she was passing out when she got excited … This morning my female Maltese passed away 2hrs after seeing a vet who claimed it was a cold… It’s the Cesar dog food not every dog can handle eating the offal (buttocks, heart etc) was the response I got from the vet and she suggested I contact and report Cesar to consumer affairs…

    • Olivia

      It’s made by Mars…same people who make M & M’s and lots of other products. The dog food is manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • jane

    I tried Little Caesars for my chihuahua. She turned her nose up to it and I put it away. When I went back after one half hour there were little white spots in the dog food. They looked like little tiny white balls. I have having it analyzed.
    Am anxious to see what it is. I heard it is common to have insects, etc in dry dog food.

  • Dave Tait

    our shizu is 17 years old he is a happy healthy guy and has never eaten any thing but cesar

    • Elmo

      My shih-tzu 7 years old and since he was 6months old i started giving him all kinda cesar wet food and no dry food… He loves it and nothing wrong with him… His fav is lamb…

  • Sue

    I have been feeding my Mini Pin Ceasars for several years now and she has been throwing up her food. Since this is the only food she eats. I switched to another brand that is made in the USA. After a few days she was ok. I ran out of it and gave her one meal of Ceasars and she threw it up again. I will not feed her this brand again. There should be better inspections of our pets food.

  • Diana

    Have been feeding my Morkie (maltese and yorkie mix) cesars since he’s been a puppy. The last two nights he started shaking after i gave him his dinner. His tail down and always wanting to go outside. Anyone else experience this with their small dogs?

    • Penny

      Hi Diana

      I feel for you and Morkie.
      I recently purchased Cesar treats for my teckel Susy. Lately she started throwing up, drinking a lot and going outside. It seems like she hadloose bowel movements but when I think she’s finished, she’s still trying. I’ve given her till tomorrow to perk up or she’s offto the vet for a check-up. The cesar treats are the only thing that’s changed in her diet, so after reading everything here, I’m going to guess that that’s the problem. Today I gave her rice and chopped up chicken and she ate it all, so at least her apetit is still there.
      Good luck with Morkie


    • Penny

      Sadly my Susy did not make it. She had a swollen pancreas and complications that had her in the vet hospital for many tests. Her heart was not strong enough and she passed away suddenly. We brought her home and she is buried in our garden. Hope your Morkie will be ok.

  • tammy

    I have fed my Yorkshire Terriers little cesars after they have pups for years. Last 3 week, both new moms have thrown up violently every time I have given it.

  • yvonne

    Found black sand like foreign substance in little ceasars slow simmered chicken and rice for seniors…I will be having it analyzed.

    • Kristyl

      Where do you get it analyzed? I keep finding the same in cans of By Nature chicken dog food. It’s gross. One time it looked like something hard, or cartilege was with it. I am worried!

  • Fran Brotemarkle

    Cesar dog food is the worst … Cesar markets their product specifically to small dogs. The meat by products found in MANY of the treys are large enough pieces to kill our/your dog.
    If your dog is “hooked” on Cesar and it’s the only food they will eat … be sure and go through the food very carefully EVERY SINGLE time you feed your pet.
    I’m sure pets have died because of this food … pet owners just didn’t know why or what choked their pet.
    We have been on our way to the Emergency Clinic twice until the Vet asked us about what food we give our dog. The Vet warned us about Cesar dog food.
    I have contacted Cesar to no avail …

  • Ryan

    Our Silky Terrier loved Cesar dog food and ate 1/2 a can in the morning and 1/2 a can in the evening for her entire life. She not only got her Championship, She lived an extremely long and healthy life. (The Life expectancy of this breed is normally between 12 & 14 years.) She passed away a few weeks after her 18th birthday.
    I really disagree with those who claim this food isn’t good for your dog. It sure didn’t hurt mine. In fact, she loved it!!!

    • Rhonda Dye

      I have had 9 Yorkies and have feed them I/2 a can in the morning and 1/2 at night’ I also leave Dry dowm for them to munch on. All my dogs have lived to 14 except 1, he lived to 16. I agree with Ryan, I love that dog food!

  • Barbara Platt

    My 6 year old Poodle/Shih Tsu mix has been on Little Cesars for most of her life. However latey she dosen’t care to eat it any more. We switched from the 3.5 container to a can of the 10 oz. Both were Filet Migon. The 3.5oz doos not say were it was made, only who distribted it. The 10 oz can was manufactured in Mexico. What happened to the product that was made in the USA ???????????. We will not buy any more of this product.

  • Bob

    We feed our dog Cesar dog food twice. The morning after we had to rush our dog an emergency Vet center and spent $493. Not thinking there was a link to the food we feed it to him again after a week… and lo and behold got really sick again.

    Only the 2nd time since we’ve had him in 6 years he got sick… coincidence? After talking to the Vet. we are done with any Mars pet food products.

  • Donna Bailey

    Our little 6 year old Bischon has been on Cesar for a couple of years. Over the past few months she has begun to act as if her left leg and hip hurt and now it is as if all of her legs ache. She was hospitalized a couple of weenends ago because she was throwing up so much that she was very dehydrated. She was extremely ill. While she was ill I had he on home cooked chicken and rice and she acted so much better. I really want to know if there is anything in this food that can cause joint pain and an otherwise healthy little dog to become violently ill.

    • Jessica

      My Bichon had the same reaction.. After eating Ceasars treats for about a year now last week I noticed she was limping and lifting her back leg when she would walk. I took her to the vet and they couldn’t figure out what was causing her to do it. She also had shots (Distemper & Rabies) while we were there. For being such a good girl I took her to Pet’s Mart to get some treats.. Later that night I noticed she would not stop itching her face against anything she could find and even started scooting her butt (which she never does). she was acting completely different than her normal self. We finally got her to calm down and lay down when I noticed she start wheezing and shaking real bad. I noticed she was not responding to her usual perky words “Treat” “Potty”. I sat her in front of her water bowl thinking maybe the vet wore her out only for her to completely fall right now unable to hold herself up. I rushed her to the emergency vet. We thought it was an allergic reaction to one of her shots (which we thought was weird seeing as she had both of those shots before with no reaction) My poor girl went into prophylactic shock had to stay overnight care at the hospital. She came home with two different types of medications. One being benadryl because we weren’t sure what exactly caused the reaction. That was 4 days ago.. something told me then to throw the treats out which I did.. that was 4 days ago all this occurred. Now I believe that is what her leg and reaction is from!!

  • marcus davis

    cesar dog food to my dog causes problems coughing, and taking up to 2 days to use the bathroom, and tiredness.

  • Jahmyra

    My yorkie is 7 months , how much whole ceasar dog food should i give her a day? Ive been giving her 1 for the day .. Half for breakfast & half for dinner .. But im starting to think that is not enough but i am not sure. How much should i give her ?

    • Penny

      Jahmyra for the sake of your dog, change your dog’s food. I just buried mine.

  • joanne defederico

    Cesar dog food canned or dry looks good for ur dog but the ingredients in the food are not good for a dog. All by products no important real ingredients. No nutrition in the food. Can do more harm to a dog.

  • Joanne

    I have been feeding Cesar to my dogs for years its very budget friendly. My goal is to feed my dogs good food though but haven’t seen any negative reactions from the dogs when they eat Cesar dog food. I dont give it to them a lot I split up one container in to small meals and mix it with the dry good , plus my Westie mix dog, Kiddo needs some liver in his diet which this provides. However I like to mix up brands and try different things, so I will keep this review in mind. Thanks!

  • Natalia

    I made the mistake of giving some of the Cesar food to my dog, and I ended up at the vet’s office with my dog very sick. The diagnosis was Pancreatitis caused by the fatty Cesar food.
    The bill was huge, but most important, my dog is very sick, so please be careful and avoid this food.

  • Beverly Leydenfrost

    Having very long experience of dog ownership I feel I can speak plainly. First of all, my dogs were all picky. Two of my poodles lived until they were 18 years old. They would only eat canned wet food. My current Maltese is 13 and is the pickiest. First none would not tolerate dry food ever – I tried making my own with approved recipes. No way would they eat it. My Maltese thinks Newman’s Own is not meant for dogs.

    After reading these reviews I am horrified that my dog will only eat Cesar’s and it can be any flavor as long as it is in chunks, not smooth.

    He is also in good health and only goes to the vet for shots. What to do?

    • Penny



      You may be lucky until one day you buy some coming from a batch of contaminated ingredients.

  • James

    For the last few years, our pom has been suffering from hair loss, and our vet has never been able to find the cause. Recently the local pet store ran out of Cesar’s and we had to buy another brand. Lo and behold, her hair is growing back! She almost looks like her old self again. It must be the food, there’s no other explanation! We are never buying it again.

  • Chris castagna

    My chow Sophia loves, LOVES her treats that you sell but I am having a hard time finding the cookies in the pink bag. Please reply and tell me you still make them and where I can buy them.
    Thank You,

  • Diane Holley

    We were feeding our 11 year old toy Sheltie Science Diet, he had no energy, tired, pretty much believing he was not going to be with us much longer. He had a problem with his gums, vet said she needed to pull two teeth which ended up being a total of nine teeth! No teeth, now what do we feed him? A friend told me about Cesar Gourmet, we tried it for a week. Our 11 year old Sheltie acts like a 7 year old :)…..energy, shiny coat. For us, this has been the best change we ever made. Also, the Gourmet brand has B vitamin complex.

  • Melanie

    My mothers 7 year old Maltese is a very picky eater and has normal canine allergies. When she switched his food to Cesar Dog food, his skin started forming these welts that were very itchy and painful for him. We took him to the vet to find it was food related. I didn’t really believe it until this past week. I have a 3 dogs of my own, 2 of them are about a 1.5 years old and a 3 month old Miniature Pinscher. My Min Pin likes to eat my bigger dog’s food, which isn’t formulated for a puppy, and won’t eat the hard puppy kibbles, so this past Thursday I bought the Cesar wet Puppy food that is Chicken and Beef flavored. He seemed to really enjoy the flavor, but Immediately after eating the food, he ran around the house trying to scratch his face and body against anything he can and stopping to use his back feet to scratch at his face. I didn’t think much of it and fed it to him again. Well, it is currently Sunday, 3 days later, and he has welts on his skin that came out of no where. They look similar to the ones my mom’s dog had on his body. I know that my Min Pin isn’t getting bit by any bugs because he doesn’t go outside, and my home has a very good pest control bond on it. It is definitely the food. I am stopping his Cesar feeding today! My dogs are NEVER EVER eating Cesar dog food AGAIN!! I will tell this to any dog owner I come in contact with who tries to feed their dog Cesar. I’m very dissatisfied.

  • Norma Pruitt

    We have also made two very costly emergency visits to the vet. We have been feeding our 10 month old Chihuahua Cesar puppy food and he is now refusing to eat at all. He stoppped eating and drinking to the point that we had to give him electrolites with a syringe. He was totaly listless when we took him to the vet. They gave him antibiotics, anti-nausea medicines and re-hydrated him subcutaneously.

    Cesars needs to be banned!

  • Toni

    The quality of Cesar wet food has gone down signigicantly. I am finding big globs of fat along with intestines and other unsavory items. I have switched to another brand.

    • Ginger

      I totally agree. I find big pieces of flesh and or skin pieces in the little trays of Cesar’s Dog Food. Its DISGUSTING!!!

  • Veronica

    I have to say that I, too, am uneasy about giving my Westie Cesar dog food – but she is 16yo and getting very, very finicky about eating. If she goes a day or two without eating (and she has!) she starts developing other internal organ issues and I have to give her water through a syringe just to keep her somewhat hydrated and worry about her kidneys and liver. Enter Cesar chicken with liver – she actually starts dancing when she smells it. To ease my concern, I split one container into three meals and mix it with a very high quality dry food formulated for senior dogs. She went from snubbing her nose at the dry food to lapping it up, and then moving to her water dish to wash everything down. No more eating problems – so I figure it’s the lesser of two evils.

  • Patti

    I have been feeding my 14 y/o poodle for quite some time. She had an elevated kidney function test and was put on the “special” diet food the vet sells. It was not to her likening and she refused to eat. I tried the Cesar turkey in its own juices and she ate it. I took a package to the vet and he approved it. Six months later her kidney function test came back and it was surprising to be on the best side of the normal scale. She eats one container a day, sometimes two and her kidney function is excellent.

  • tim senrud

    my 12 yr old minature schnauzer had 9 teeth pulled and I took him off dry and went to Little Cesars. His appitite returned and his health improved. Far as I’m concerned this is a good alternative to dry and the package is very user friendly.

  • dave

    my 1 year old beagle had the new filet mignon a half hour after eating started crying out in stomach pain. rushed her to er 2000.00 dollars later they could not find anything wrong so it was the food . she is recovering.

    • Brooke

      I just fed the same thing to my 14 year old pom mix. She has had diarrhea for 3 days. I took her to the vet and they can’t seem to find anything wrong. I’m thinking it’s the food :o( I’m so worried about her!

      • Jeri

        I fed my teacup poodles the filet mignon variety. Both developed diarrhea. The smallest one got so bad after three days with bloody stools that I took him to the vet. After an overnight stay, modified diet and medication, he was on the mend. I introduced them back to the Ceasars (1/6th of a can). Later that evening they both experienced another bout of extremely loose stool and pain. I will NOT again use this product.

    • Dana

      I had the scariest experience this past weekend. Fed my “Baby” the filet mignon, and she had several fits of vomiting. Then, she had bloody stools. The only thing that I could think of the cause was the Cesar food. I normally feed her all natural food, but decided to give her this as a treat! The box says: “Share Cesar canine cuisine with your dog today. After all, shouldn’t he enjoy food that’s as extraordinary as he is?” I didn’t even check the ingredient list! Am hating myself for this! Rushed her in to emergency this morning, as her stools were more akin to blood clots! It is so heart wrenching to see her go through this!

  • Rockn Rose

    Hmm…well I opened Cesar’s canned food this morning, and found…I still don’t know if it’s a white rock or a tooth.
    Not very appetizing!!! I found already that the texture in the (entrées) ones is kinda suspicious. Lots of hard and rubbery pieces. I don’t really want to know what’s in there.
    This last finding does it for me.
    NO more Cesar food for my doggies. Banned for ever!

  • Anne

    My 6-yo Hairless Rat Terrier would not eat it at first. My boyfriend has it for his dogs. She started eating it and recently started peeing on the couch pillows (her bed) & very lethargic. Yesterday I had her vomiting and very sick. The vet says her kidney count is elevated & she has an infection. I have had her since a puppy and despite being born with compressed discs in her spine & her mother trying to eat her at birth (tail first-thank God the breeder caught it), she has always been an ultra healthy farm dog. I found this post after wondering if it was the food. Looks like I’m forbidding this stuff for my dog. Thanks for everyone taking the time to post.

  • Mary Brown

    I am helping my friend who is sick. She had left a pck. half open of Little caesars in her refredgerator and since it was behind something it was there awhile. When she found it it had 6 inch long black hairs growing out of it. She hasn’t quite gotten over it yet. She took it to the vet at Petsmart and they didn’t have much to say. I am going to call FDA about this. Please advise asap. I feel this has to get out on the internet.

    Mary Brown

  • Aven Rountree

    Cesar has been pulled from our WalMart shelves. We will not go back to it again. My husband is visiting our vet to find out what to feed our ten yr old beautiful rescue. Thank goodness we had her on another product that has made her like a puppy again. More info, email me. And yes, I do sell it… People too!!
    avenrountree( at )lakegranbury.com

  • Sheila

    This food almost killed my 6 week old Chi. He now has seizures and neurological problems and possible brain dammage.

  • Sheila

    I have an eight week old Chi. Ibought several brands of food and he would not eat. But he munched down on the Ceasars. I got 3 cups and feed it to him. Within three days my baby was having seizures, foaming at the mouth, lost all control of his bladder and had to be seen at an E Vet office. I almost lost him. I will never feed my dog that brand of food. I should be pu;;ed from the shelves.

  • Tracey

    I was feeding my Bishon/maltese pedigree but when I heard that Gluten isn’t the best for dogs even humans, I got the new Cesar dried food, she just loves it I bought it cause it is gluten free but I don’t like that it has a lot of starch and by product so i will find something else. I also do not want my dog having any skin problems. I have found out when you own a purebred dog you do run the risk of it having a higher percentage of health problems because of the interbreeding that these breeders are doing that they don’t tell us about. Not saying all do,but a lot of them are guilty of it.

    • Penny

      Mars, the company making Cesar, also makes Pedigree. If you really care about your dog, get her Orijin or Taste of the Wild. You may pay more for the food but you will feel secure knowing you are doing the best for your dog and the bonus, less vet bills. I know people who swear by this food and I was so happy when I found a supplier. I feed my cats Taste of the Wild and they didn’t like it at first, but, they got hungry and now that’s all they eat. Unfortunately my dog wasn’t so lucky, I made a mistake and fed her cesar filet mignon treats. Who knew those little treats were so contaminated.

  • Sheri Sevenich

    We have 3 little dogs…..all rescues. They all love the Cesar food. And we are happy with it because our 15 and 11 year olds seem to digest it well. PROBLEM is those lids are so slippery and hard to get off, I almost want to switch to something else! We get the filets and the other egg, meat and chicken flavors. Can you somehow make those tabs easier to pull UP? So FRUSTRATED! Thank you

  • sue

    I have two Bichon’s they both eat Cesar Filet Mignon in meaty juice, one of them has been throwing up and thought she was sick now the other one has started throwing up right after I feed her, there must be something in this food that is difficult to digest, I will not give it to them again, not only that it’s not cheap and I expected more for the price.

  • Tammy

    My daughter has a westie that had been eating the Cesar’s Gourmet Filet’s flavors in the plastic trays for a year or more. He would vomit on occasion, but she figured he overheated while outside or something because he would seem like he was ok later. Until recently…He started vomiting and had loose stools,then he got to a point he wouldn’t even drink water. She took him in to her vet, he ran some tests, gave her dog steroids, and some antibiotics, then suggested she switch his food for a couple of weeks. She did. He quit throwing up and he didn’t have diarrhea. After a couple of weeks the vet told her she could put him back on his regular food. She started him back on the Cesar’s. After eating it just one time, he started vomiting again and the loose stool issues returned. She threw the rest of the case of Cesar’s in the trash. She checked for recalls, but there were none. Needless to say, she won’t be buying Cesar’s again.She switched to another brand the vet recommended and her dog hasn’t had another problem. You would think the company would look into this. I have noticed many have come forth with the same issues. This food is rather expensive and with the commercials you they run you naturally think it has a good nutritional value. Apparently not. If I had a dog I sure wouldn’t be feeding him/her this product!

  • Carol

    A groomer wrote a review saying that she sees many dogs with skin problems. When she asks what food they feed them the answer is often Cesars. Thank you. No one else has mentioned the itching problem. I started feeding my Maltese Cesars about two weeks ago, every other day, and he loves it. Well, three days ago he started scratching and biting like crazy. A smart dog friend suggested that it might be his food, especially since he didn’t itch before the Cesars. I t breaks my heart to see him so miserable. I just hope stopping his Cesars does the trick. If not, I’ll write again since it isn’t fair to blame it on Casars if that isn’t the cause.

    • Lois

      I’m having a problem with both of my dogs and I was wondering if it worked when you took your dog off of Cesars?

    • Kim

      Just read this….I have a Pekingese who developed severe itching. After multiple visits to our Vet, it was determined the food ingredient was the culprit. Quit using Cesar, within 4 days back to normal.

  • sandy lake

    my dog when you first changed it to new recipe
    liked the food you made that said new recipe now it is back to the old way and he wont touch any of your brands

    spent over 10.00 in the last week for him eating cesar and will not eat any of it

    my neightbors says the same thing about their dog

  • shipo

    I have 2 dogs, maltipoo and a shih tzu. I have fed my babies cesar dog food since i got them. Too late for me when we discovered that my dear maltipoo developed food allergies and caused PLE (protein losing enteropathy). The vets have told us that this probably was not so visible but my dog would have suffered from loose stool and sometimes vomitting. When i think of it, my maltipoo had always had that problem but not chronic so it was always just been treated as an upset stomach. When he got diagnosed, he was put on a strict prescription diet (hydrolized protein) and meds specifically steroid to help plug up his intestines and keep the protein in his body. Sad to say after struggling for 2 months, my maltipoo left us. I will not feed my shih tzu anything but high quality food, grain free now… i would advice my fellow dog lovers to be cautious… it’s very hard to lose your beloved companion…

  • Julie

    I have a 6 year old Cairn Terrier Molly who is picky, with food and treats. We started her off on dry only but when we got her fixed at 6 months the vet put her on wet as a treat and ever since then it’s been wet twice a day with kibble at diiner. We tried a few different wet foods, Nutro being the only one I can remember, and she hated them all. So after much money and frustration we tried Cesar. She only gets 1 tray per day, half in the morning, half at dinner and a bowl of Purina One Lamb kibble with dinner. She eats everything up without a problem. Whe we first tried her on Cesar she was getting 2 trays a day but it was too much for her belly and it went right through her. The 1 tray a day really does help with that lol.

    My vet hates that we have her on it, he says it’s like eat McDonalds every day. The only health complaint he has about her though is thst she’s a little over weight. She’s 18lbs and should be 14-16lbs. She’s gained 4lbs since our son was born 4 years ago and in the last year she’s gained 2 of those pounds. We did find out how though, our son could reach the dog treats and was giving them to her whenever he could sneek them to see her do tricks. We’ve since put the treats high up on the shelf where he can’t see lol. We don’t give her a treat a day, only for special reasons, because she doesn’t eat the kibble if we do. I’m assuming it’s too filling for her stomach.

    Molly’s coat and skin are healthy her teeth are a little dirty but it’s very difficult to brush her teeth. The only issue I have with her, and I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the food, is that her anal glans pop or leak every 6-8 weeks and it stinks. The vet didn’t say if he felt that was food related but did off to opo them himself for only $16 every 6 weeks so she doesn’t do it herself..

    I have complained to the company twice about things I found in the food. I gave them a description, a long spongy-like piece in the pate food, and greenish tinge on some meat in the slices. The pate food they addressed and said it was most likely broncial tubing that wasn’t caught during quality control (ewww) but the green tinge on the slices never got a response. They did sent me 2 $2 off coupons for the boxes of wet food and w $5 off the kibble which was just coming on the market here in Ontario. Needless to say I haven’t bought the slices again, I would still love to know how green meat doesn’t get a response. However I buy the pate because it’s Molly’s favourite and since I mash it up I can sorta see what is in it, not that I’d know what I’m looking at. Also the pate fills her up way more than the slices and bistro.

    Sorry my review is so long but I hop it’s helpful.

  • Bob

    I bought some of the new Ceaser Dry food and when my dog ate it he had a hard time breathing, thought it was just my dog gave it to a friend for thier dog same thing.

    Please be carefull if you use the new Ceaser dry food.

  • Kate

    I am a dog groomer and of course, handle lots of dogs. I see a lot of skin problems (hot spots, hair loss, chronic ear infections, etc.) I ask owners what the dogs eat – often it’s Cesar. I don’t know what’s in that stuff but any dog eventually ends up with a ton of ski issues. Would never feed it to my dogs, ever.

    • helen

      I’m a dog owner of small dogs westies , i been feeding them cesar , yes I agree the recipe dont sound good, but my dogs they never have any problems from eating this food, i tried just about most of the top dog foods my Westies will not eat them . they have these problems of hair loss, itching ,i have taken my dogs to several vets and i was told these hot spots and hair loss are cause by grass ,gnats bits, flee bites, and that small dogs have these problems with yeast infections , me and my daughter have spent so much money on this problem trying to find a cure , by changing the foods , getting other dog owner advice .the problem was still there . i met another dog owner who’s lab is having the same problems but she dont feed him cesar so i dont think its that dog food .

  • Annette

    My otherwise healthy yorkie has been ill repeatedly in the last couple of months. At this point I am fairly certain that the Ceasar dog food I have been feeding him has gone bad perhaps in transit to the market? I noticed a bit of discoloration on the turkey – this is the only flavor he eats. After eating the dog food my dog has been vomiting, lethargic, shakey and feverish. I hope the Ceasar brand looks into the packaging and whether it goes bad in the heat or if there is a storage issue or what the issue could be, seems to be a bigger problem then just my dog. Very concerning. I will NOT buy this product again. Please be advised.

  • Sunny Zipp

    I have two little Yorkies, one 5 yr. weighs 3 lbs., and our new one that is two years and weighs 3 lbs. 2 oz. They are full sisters. We have been feeding our first Yorkie IAMS and Cesar Chicken with Liver and she was doing pretty well, no real problems. We got the other Yorkie about a month ago. She had been on a dry food only diet, don’t know the brand. We started feeding her the same thing we’ve been feeding the other one and things were going well.

    About three days ago our older Yorkie got sick, vomiting and very lethargic, but only lasted one day. Had a couple of good days and now the new one has diarrhea and the older one is eating grass and vomiting again.

    Normally the young one wolfs down anything and everything we give her, but today she only ate about half of her Cesars and the older one wouldn’t eat any of it. Dogs are smart and I’m figuring that the food is bad. Not sure what I’m going to give them, but it won’t be Cesar’s, not after reading all of the posts and seeing my babies reaction to the food.

    Would love to hear from anyone else that has any input. My e-mail is: scastille@austin.rr.com

    Thanks for listening.


  • Trishz

    My 16 yr old shitzu loves Caeser Bistro grilled chicken premivera flavor, it is the only dog food that he will eat. He eats nothing but this food and also table food, which is mostly chicken and veggies… I have never had a problem with this food. I give him 4 of these per day…. and the vet says its fine to do. his poop is always solid, which the vet says is a good sign that the food is doing well for him. i think that some people just complain to complain…try it yourself. He is my baby, i would never give him anything that would hurt him and have tried every other food out there… this is the only one that he likes and he deserves to have what he likes.

  • Timothy

    I have 2 shi-tzu’s , I have tried several different brands and styles(dry and wet) and they won’t eat anything except Ceasers, Unless i cook chicken fresh, which cost a lot, and then they will not eat any dog foods at all if it has beef, I love ceasers’ and so do they, I just wish i could find coupons to help cover some of the cost!!

  • C Williams

    I didn’t have much problem with this dog food until I found a small rock in a package.Kinda overlooked it, but when I found a 2 inch wood splinter in one that wound be way too much to overlook.Good thing I have to chop up my dogs food or she probably would have chocked to death on that one. I found this in the Sunrise Sausage and Egg breakfast.Needless to say won;t be buying anymore.

    • Leann

      Oh no! We hope you immediately notified the Cesar company regarding this issue. Other pets may not be as lucky as yours if the same thing occurs. Please post a reply and let everyone know the outcome of notifying Cesar company. Thank you for your info.

  • Janet

    I’ve been giving my dog (pekingese) cesar for a few years now. He seems to love it, but after reading this review, I think I’ll be looking into other wet dog foods to mix with his dry.

  • Tish

    My puppy is 7mo going on 8mo and she is a Shorkie and very picky at what she eats as far as dog food is concern; well I had her on the science diet and she does not like to eat dry dog food she hates it, so I tried the chunkie food and she was like noop! mom I do not like that to tuff, so I tried the grounded food and that is what she loves espeically Cesar, but I do want her to eat healthy so I will try the Science Diet again and put her on dry and can…..

  • Dawn

    I have fed Cesars to my Yorkie since I got him about a year ago. He loves it! Just recently, I got another Yorkie that had major health problems and was very under weight. I put him on Cesars as well and we have not had any health issues. I feed them Cesars along with Iams puppy food, in an attempt to put weight on my new dog. I could not be happier with the Cesar product.

  • gaile

    we have 1 1/2 year old yorkie,who has been a very picky eater since she was a baby,we have tried many different types of canned and dry food,she didnt like any of them very well.recently we got her some of cesars steak flavors and she loves them cant get enough,she has been eating them for about 6 weeks now and no problems,i have read alot of these reviews that dont have much to say good about this food but so far it has been great for my little yorkie and she loves it

  • Roze

    Nothing but skin issues when our Shih Tzu began eating it. Very bad reaction that took much time to clear up. Would not recommend at all.

  • Michele Leach

    I switched my 3 year old pekachon to Cesar Bistro 6 weeks ago. He has always been extremely healthy. Last week he collapsed in the yard. We rushed him to the vet and he was diagnosed with HGE (bloody vomiting and diarrhea)which is a very scary disease that comes on suddenly. He is doing great now and home but is still on meds and a bland food diet. After reading these reviews he will not be going back onto Cesar Bistro. Coincidence? Maybe, but I am not taking the chance!!

    • leann

      I am changing from this food for my little dog. These reviews are scary and we’ve had some of these same issues but never thought it to be related to this food. We are getting ready to find out. Going to buy different brand of food. We are curious if you contacted Cesar company with this issue? Please let us know. Thanks.

  • Christina

    My dog loves the Ceaser dog food. As a matter of fact, it took me lots of time and money to find a dog food that he would eat, and this was the only one out of the five that I tried. I’ve tried Mighty Dog, Iams,Pedigree, Bistro, and a generic from my local food store. He would not even take one bite of any of these, but when I bought the Ceaser home and put it in his bowl, he devoured it.

  • kelly

    They changed the ceaser bistro containers and when my dog eats this stuff he throws it up is anyone else experiencing this problem

    • annie talley

      I have fed my shih tzu (1 year old) cesar dog food and I’m starting to realize that whenever I do her poop is slimy and looks like some blood in it. I boiled chicken and froze it in pks. and thaw it out in the microwave mixed with pure vita, grain free kibbles. Everything looked normal, the yesterday I ran out, was in a hurry and gave her cesar food. Sure enough, slimy red poo. I really think it’s blood and not dye. I talked to my vet about it and she did not recommend cesars…will never buy it again.

    • Lynn

      My dog has been throwing up since using this dog food. We are taking the rest of it back and getting something else.

  • Tim

    Yea. This food sucks. My dogs got horrible diareah when they ate it.

    • Lee

      We have just been to hell and back after buying the 12 pack (half were chicken,the other half so called sirloin beef). Three schnauzers started vomiting dry food they had earlier in the day.Then bright red blood in vomit and stool.The fourth dog ( a little 3 lb. chiquaua died within a few hours).All of the dogs were given prompt antibiotic treatment.After speaking to several vets in a large area,they told me they have all seen this and knew right away what brand had been fed to the animals involved.The company is slow to respond…not even asking for any blood woke etc. done or the phone number of our vet. Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

      • Michele Leach

        I just read your post and had to respond. My 3 year old Pekachon was diagnosed with HGE last week after collapsing in the back yard. He is still on Amoxicillen and Sucralfate while on a bland food diet. He was always healthy and I had switched to this brand 6 weeks ago. He is doing very well now, but after reading these reviews I will never feed him Cesar Bistro again or any food from this manufacturer.

  • Melissa

    I have been feedin my chihuahua Caser dog food for the last few years and loved the product, until now…I recently purchased a bag of the “new” dog food & my poor dog had an allergic reaction & had to give my dog baby benadryl to stop the reaction. I didnt think it was the food until so i gave him a 24 hr break then gave my dog very small amounts till i thought he was ok, things seemed to be fine until I bought a 2nd bag of the “new” food and the same thing happened so I am beginning to think it is the good, it is the only thing that has changed in his diet. I am not sure what has changed in the food but i dont think i will feed it to him anymore as i think the “new” caser was the cause :(

  • Kathy Handley

    I have a now 8 wk. old peke pup that I have had for a little over a week. I was not sure what food the original people fed him..other than canned in the a.m. and dry at night. He has been eating Cesar Puppy canned food and loves it, but he has also had diarrhea and slimy stools at times. I think it is from the Cesar myself.

    • Marjorie

      My puppy loves his Cesars Chicken. We thought maybe it wasn’t enough so we switch and he wouldn’t eat. So the vet told us to go back to the food he liked. We went back to Cesar and he loves it. We are sorry so many are having problems. Everyone is different. Our baby loves it and his stool is just the way it should be. He is healthy and he loves his Cesar. We can’t put it in his bowl fast enough. We wish others success and sorry your dogs have had such bad experiences. Has anyone else had good results with Cesar?

      • Rebecca

        After trying multiple brands and having no luck I finally cracked and bought cesars puppy food for my 8 week old chihuahua. He refused to eat anything else, but gobbled up the cesars. I was relieved to be getting him to eat, however, the next day he acted sickly and was very inactive, he began having loose/slimy green stools. I called my vet and asked what to do and she asked what he had been eating. After telling her it was cesar’s she couldn’t stress to me enough to immediately switch foods. I switched his food later that night, and from the next day forward he was back to his energetic and fun loving self! No more abnormal bowel movements either! I will never feed any of my dogs cesar again!

      • Marie

        We have started our pug on Cesar Bistro after a long year of trying different canned dog foods. He’s been on it a month or so and he loves it and stools are the best he’s had the whole year, no problems, and i’ll keep you informed if there are any problems

More Information

Cesar brand dog food formulas are mostly marketed towards small dog breeds, or toy dog breeds. One of the commercial jingles for Cesar dog food is, “Now every dog wants to be a Cesar dog!”. Cesar dog food should not be confused with Cesar Millan dog food. Here is a bit more information about Cesar dog food.

Who is Cesar Manufactured By?

The company who makes Cesar dog food is called Mars, Inc. Currently, Mars is one of the largest companies in the United States. Aside from Cesar dog food, Mars also owns many other brands, including Dove, Pedigree, M&M’s, Snickers, Altoids and Bounty. The headquarters of Mars, Inc. are currently located in McLean, Virginia.

Cesar Dog Food Recall

As of right now, Cesar dog food has not been involved in a recent pet food recall. Always check the FDA’s pet food recall website for the latest information on Cesar dog food recalls.

Cesar Reviews

Cesar Ingredients

In general, the ingredients of Cesar brand dog food formulas are of low quality. Many of the formulas contain artificial coloring ingredients, added salt and artificial colors. Also, the formulas contain a high percentage of starches, which may not be suitable for all dogs.

Cesar Allergies

There are many different ingredients contained in Cesar dog food formulas that could potentially cause allergic reactions in some dogs. For example, in Cesar’s dry formulas, common ingredients include corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal and ground corn. Cesar’s wet formulas may contain allergens such as wheat flour, starch and wheat gluten.

Cesar Recipes

Cesar Dry Recipes:

  • Cesar Dry Growth and Development for Small Dog Puppies
  • Cesar Dry Daily Nutrition for Adult Small Dogs
  • Cesar Dry Mobility Support for Senior Small Dogs

Cesar Canned Recipes:

  • Cesar Puppy with Chicken and Beef Canned
  • Cesar Puppy with Chicken and Rice Canned
  • Cesar Sunrise with Smoked Bacon and Eggs Canned
  • Cesar Sunrise Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Canned
  • Cesar Sunrise Grilled Steak and Eggs Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Gourmet Filets Filet Mignon Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Gourmet Filets Beef Tenderloin Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Gourmet Filets Prime Rib Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Gourmet Filets New York Strip Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Gourmet Filets Rib-Eye Steak Flavor Canned
  • Cesar T-Bone Steak Flavor Canned
  • Cesar with Chicken and Beef Canned
  • Cesar Porterhouse Steak Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Filet Mignon Canned
  • Cesar with Beef Canned
  • Cesar with Braised Beef and Garden Vegetables Canned
  • Cesar Top Sirloin Flavor Canned
  • Cesar with Lamb Canned
  • Cesar Pork Tenderloin Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Bistro Steak Florentine Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Bistro Grilled Chicken Primavera Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Bistro Tuscan Stew Canned
  • Cesar Bistro Steak Tips Sonoma Flavor Canned
  • Cesar Bistro Beef Burgundy Flavor Canned

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Where can I buy Cesar?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Cesar Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Cesar formula pages to purchase Cesar dog food.

How much Cesar should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Cesar dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

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