Jul. 5, 2015

Kirkland Dog Food Reviews

Top 5 Ingredients*
  1. Chicken

  2. Chicken meal

  3. Whole grain brown rice

  4. Cracked pearled barley

  5. Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and vitamin e)

Artificial IngredientsNo
Contains By-productsNo
Price Range$$
*Kirkland Signature Super Premium Adult Dog Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list
What's good about this pet food
  • animal proteins
  • brown rice
  • fruits
  • vegetables
What's not so good about this pet food
  • brewers rice

Our Analysis

Kirkland is Costco’s signature brand of dog food. This is a shame because you cannot buy this excellent product anywhere else. Kirkland Dog Food receives a high grade for its quality ingredients at a price that every one can afford.

All of the Kirkland dog food formulas are appropriate nutrition for dogs of all life stages and with various maintenance needs. The formulas each have a number of components in common, including animal protein. The chief source of protein in these formulas is meat, either in the form of fresh meat or meat and poultry meal, which contains much more heavily concentrated protein.

Another prominent ingredient is brown rice, which is an easily digested complex carbohydrate and an appropriate ingredient for most dogs, although it can sometimes prove problematic in dogs with digestive issues. Barley is also included as a complex carbohydrate and is a good addition for blood glucose stability in dogs with trouble maintaining their own insulin levels.

Kirkland does not include probiotics in their formulas, but they do include brewer’s yeast, which is good for immune support in dogs that are not allergic to it. Overall this food is a higher-than-average quality premium food that is appropriate for most dogs, but may not be appropriate for dogs with sensitive digestive systems because of the inclusion of rice, barley and yeast.

Kirkland is a higher quality dog food than most of the supermarket brands and can definitely hold its own against some of the “higher-end” foods. This is an excellent choice for dog owners — even if you are not on a fixed budget.

The Word on the Street...

Customer reviews of Kirkland Dog Food are extremely positive. People feel as though they are getting a quality product for a reasonable price.

Customers tend to recommend Kirkland dog food and its many formulas, both wet and dry, for puppies and adult maintenance. Most formulas contain a number of quality ingredients, the first few including meat or poultry, poultry meal and whole grain brown rice, which provide protein and complex carbohydrates respectively. These ingredients are easy for most canines to digest. The foods also include barley as another source of complex carbohydrates and starch.

Some dogs with sensitivities may have trouble digesting rice and barley, but the majority will do well on these formulas. Customers also appreciate the addition of chelated minerals that ensure that their dogs are absorbing these minerals more effectively. They believe that the quality is above average for premium dog foods, and again, customers consider the inexpensive price point to be particularly attractive.

Overall this is a food that will cater to the majority of dogs and is recommended by customers with dogs of all ages and life stages. Although some people think that Kirkland is not up to the standards of the high-end dog foods, but for people who can not (or do not want to) spend a lot of money on dog food, Kirkland receives accolades.

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Grain Content
Rating for Kirkland Dog Food:
8.7 / 10 (110 votes cast)
  • Mark

    I recently put down our awesome dog after 18 years!!!!! thats right ….. 18!!! She only visited the Vet twice in her life (once to get fixed and then to be put down). I gave her all necessary shots, etc. Never had a health issue, and guess what? I fed her Costco brand dog food her entire life! Anyone posting negative stuff about the Costco brands are idiots (apparently they cannot read ingredient
    labels) I do not work for Costco……Just an educated consumer who had an 18 year dog that was proof!!!! Read labels!!!

  • Elaine

    I had been feeding the Kirkland Chicken and rice for almost a year, however about 2 months ago I started having dogs with intermittent loose or mushy stools, also occasionally someone vomited too. One of the dogs was not real interested in eating it all the time either. The dogs coats also did not look really shiny like they were which started getting me worried. I also have been buying the canned food which I thought was great, however now I don’t want to feed any of it. About 3 weeks ago I put the dogs back on Pro Plan Performance and Grreat Choice canned food. What has happened to the Kirkland foods? I understand Diamond is the manufacturer and they have had MAJOR PROBLEMS in the past. Costco needs to find out what they have done to the food before there are a bunch of DEAD DOGS and irate customers.

  • Linda Row

    My dogs got sick with mucous covered diarrhea with a foul smell and refuse to eat their food, Kirkland Chicken, Rice and Vegetables (maroon colored bag) Adult dog food. They want to eat anything but the dog food. They aren’t eating much but stools are still loose.
    Lindarow (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  • Lisa

    About 2 weeks ago we switched our 2 dogs to the Kirkland super premium chicken, rice & vegetable adult dog food. The first time we gave it to them, they were both apprehensive about it, sniffed it a bit and then refused it completely. We’ve NEVER had problems with our dogs refusing food, and we’ve used various brands in the past. At first I thought the dogs were just being picky since we occasionally give them a bit of “people food” here and there. Recently however one of our dogs has been throwing up and I’m concerned. They still refuse the food completely, though you can hear both their stomachs growling. There must be clearly something wrong with the food, and I don’t want my dogs to be starving themselves because the food is so appalling (?)

  • Pat

    Bought the Healthy Weight for my lab three weeks ago. Last week she started vomiting. Stopped using the food and gave her only fresh cooked chicken and broth and she stopped the vomiting. Yesterday gave her a small amount of the dry food with her chicken, and seemed to be okay. This morning tried again and within half an hour she was salivating excessively and looked miserable. Think I will have to toss this product. Bought at Summerlin Costco,Las Vegas.

  • Gunz

    Have used the Lamb and Rice for years on multiple dogs, had never had any issues what so ever. We have currently went from this to the Salmon and Sweet Potatoe with our 5 yr and 8 month old Lab…great stuff. He loves it and we have not had any problems.

  • Karen b

    Been using this for my lab this year.
    My dog this last bag bought 3 weeks ago is vomiting
    Diaherra loud growling sounds in tummy :(
    Pulling him off the food ASAP. Sending complaints to Costco worried

    • Jon

      If you have a feed store near you, ask for Victor Premium dry dog food. it is better and cost less.

  • Tina

    I have been feeding my dog the chicken, rice and vegetable Kirkland dog food and a few weeks ago my dog started vomiting every time shortly after he ate this food. We called the vet and he examined the dog and all was fine. They asked if we thought he could have been poisoned! This made us think it may be the dog food! We changed his dog food to a different brand and amazingly he was better! We tried him again on the Kirkland brand and voila, sick again. We would like to steer people away from this brand and to be aware of what you are feeding your pets.

    • Kim

      We have 1 Mastiff and 3 Labradoodles. Been feeding Kirkland lamb and rice for about 6 months it was recommended to help with shedding in the Mastiff, it HAS helped a lot! We currently have a litter of doodle puppies who are almost ready for softened food. We’ve always started on Purina Puppy Chow but considering Kirkland Puppy food, anyone use the Puppy food?

      • EVD


      • Kim S

        Used the Kirkland Puppy food for our Cane Corso Mastiff…kept him on it for a year and he loved it…now he is on the Kirkland Lamb and Rice and never has a problem finishing his dinner…

  • cb

    We have been using Kirkland food since our dog was a pup, but in the last month I noticed the same thing. (Green Adult Bag). He wasn’t eating, and then stopped drinking and became so lethargic. He just wont eat it. I brought him to the vet, because he was so sick. I was mixing it with some wet food, as recommended by my vet to get him to eat. Early this week I just stopped using it. Something is wrong. I completely switched off – only day 2, but he’s eating and drinking much better. How do we find out if its contaminated?

  • lily

    Our dogs have been eating the kirkland turkey natures domain and they stopped wanting too…I do think there is a change in the food. I will have to find something else, I do notice the kibble is also slightly different as to the shape as well.

    • greg

      can you share with us which Costco store you purchased the dog food?

      Thank you.

      • Cari

        I live in Michigan and have had no problems with the chicken and rice or the salmon and potato.

  • Jaime

    My dog has been eating the Kirkland (Mature) for several years now, she is an 8 yr old Lab… Recently she has had diarrhea, gas, stomach rumbles and she has been snubbing her food. Her stool has been tested several times, comes back positive for a Intestinal infection. We have since thrown out her current bag of Mature, she is now on I/D for the moment while she finishes her antibiotics and we will switch foods from after that point. Has anyone else had trouble recently? I heard Diamond had the recall last Fall/Winter I think? Please let me know if anyone has had issues.. jkcannon1@gmail.com

    • greg

      It is possible that the dog food that is causing the problems is limited to a geographical area of the country, can you tell us which Costco store you purchased the dog food?

      Thank you.

      • avram

        Your not getting a response because most of these posters are the competition to Kirkland dog food!

        Kirkland dog food has “5” Star ratings on the most stringent dog food review sites!

  • Carolyn

    I had tried Kirkland brand both lamb and rice and chicken and rice, food after my White Shepherd(2 years) and Malamute(8 years) stopped eating the food they previously on. There coats, weight and energy level improved a lot. I have no health problems with them at all. I think people need to realize that not all dogs digestive systems like humans are not the same. If that was the case everyone would be able to eat peanuts and no one would be lactose intolerant etc. Also bad breeding is a big factor in digestive problems. I love this brand and would recommend to anyone whose dog isn’t known to have health issues and understand older dogs get health problems same like people. Dog food isn’t magic you must pick the food that is right for your dog.

  • Sherry

    I bought Kirkland Adult dog food in the purple bag for my son’s dog last mongh – he brought her over to my house last nite for stay with me for a week – her poop pile was HUGE – she never has had a pile like that – is this poor food that is just passing through her? Should I get her off this food?

  • mary ann

    we have 3 dogs,Our one lab and our maltese are on Kirkkands grain-free, limited ingredients ‘turkey/sweet potatoes. Our maltese has what we call a licking disease and terminal ear infections. we have tried everything. This food is helping. Our other lab is on the salmon and sweet potato, also a grain free limited ingredients brand. She was chewing and licking off her hair on her legs, hind quarters and her eyes were rimmed in red. We were set to go to a dermatologist and I thought we should try one more diet change. Thank God we did. we saved ourselves about 250.00 I’m sure,and this food is a larger quantity for less money than we spent at a Petco. natural balance, blue buffalo were 2 we weaned her onto from there (love petco though and we still go there for various services) Her fur is filling in and her eyes look much better I think her coat is even shinier. We are very happy with Kirklands product,

  • Shea

    I have been buying Kirkland lamb flavored dog food for several years now. My dogs love it. This last bag of food I bought my dogs will barely touch it. I am not sure but I believe something changed in the recipe. I can’t find anything online to say one way or another. I hope the next bag is not like that. I hate to spend $30 and then have to take it back. I hope I am the only one.

    • Brittany

      your not the only one, i was buying it for my dog for a while, then out of no where he refused it, he i tried for 3 days to see if he would go back to it, i even chopped up bacon treats to mix in with it and it was a no go, so i switched to their turkey and sweet potato, he likes it better, but still i can tell hes not too pleased, i also tried their fish one, he hated it, now im wondering if they changed something with it.

    • Bev

      I noticed the same thing and I use the “Chicken” kibble.
      They have either changed manufactures or the recipe. I have a kennel and the dogs in the last month or two have had soft stools and lots of them. I might have to go back to Eukanuba.

    • monica

      My dog has been eating the Kirkland (red bag) for my dog for years and he’s always loved it. I bought a new bag just 2 weeks ago. He hasn’t been wanting to eat it for some reason. He stares at his bowl and barks at it. He threw up last week…he’s 4 years old and he has NEVER thrown up. I’m thinking they changed the formula or something. Do the morsels look smaller or is it my imagination?

  • farmgirl

    I have been feeding this food for about five years to my own dogs and to a series of foster dogs (20+). No illnesses associated with it. Also feed the Kirkland catfood to the cats. No problems with it either. There will always be dogs who don’t do well on a particular food. If yours doesn’t do well on (or doesn’t like) this food, find something else. It’s that simple. Note that I frequently pour the pot liquer from vegetables, chicken or beef broth over the dry food. Even the picky eaters go for it. Also like to put a spoon of green beans or pumpkin on it. I think a lot of dogs are not too different from us–they get bored eating the same thing every day.

  • Jeff

    I wouldnt buy any food made by Diamond factories, their facilities are notorious for being dirty and putting out lots of recalls. If you think this food is good because your dog does better then it did on purina or science diet…thats not saying much. Purina dog chow and Science Diet are both horrible foods. I recommend you look into Orijen. Orijen is hands down superior to any dog food on the market. No grain, no GMO, no potato, no filler period and its an 80% meat kibble. What fruits and veggies are in it are there for a purpose and serve a nutritional value for your dog. Eliminate the carbs and starches your dog isnt designed to process! Garuantee Orijen will give you a healthy dog and save you money on vet trips.

  • shelbymaya

    My three golden retrievers were quite ill in October this year and I changed their food from purina (because of the recalls on food and treats). I stopped giving them treats and changed their food to kirkland premium. The pet food advisers give great ratings on this food. I spent November and part of December increasing the amount of kirkland and weened off purina…meanwhile, my dogs recovered from their previous illness and all dogs look much better and enjoy Kirkland very much.

    The problem occurred on Christmas morning, when I scooped the food from an indoor sealed container (dogfood poured in there 3 days prior from costco trip no holes in bag) and I see the corpse of a dried, flat, furry mouse body in my scoop. If I had owned a cat, I would have thought this was a mouse toy. So, yes, merry Christmas to us…I cannot in good faith feed my dogs this now since they have been so ill this fall. Not sure what to do? How common is this, I wonder? Did this mouse go through the drying process of the food? Is the food toxic, was it, will it be??

    Anyway…bag and mouse body is going back to costco tomorrow, but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else….

  • Angela

    I cannot seem to find who makes this food.
    I have used it for 15 years with no problem but with all the problems with China I want to be sure it has nothing in it from China.

    • Andy

      Diamond makes this dog food.

  • Trifool

    I have had Rottweiler’s and Lab’s the past 20 years. I believe in only feeding Lamb and Rice dog food to my dogs. I initially fed the Nutro brand Lamb and Rice but this became to expensive for two adult Rottweilers. I was then introduced to the Kirkland brand about 15 yrs ago. They lived and long and active life. I then switched to the Lab breed. One Lab lived until she was 11 yrs old. I have a male who is now 8 yrs old. The only dog food they have been fed is the Kirkland Lamb and Rice puppy or adult food depending on their age. My dogs have maintained good health and my Vet has always stated that my dogs have good coats and are healthy. My dogs are examined regularly and also checked when they go in for their shots.

    I will be picking up a new Lab pup on the 26th of this month. He to will be brought up on the Kirkland Lamb and Rice just like my previous dogs.

    I cannot speak for the other types of dog food that are offered by Kirkland but the Lamb and Rice has done me well. When all the issues came up about the Kirkland dog food, I was aware of them. There was no sign of distress by my Lab and no sign of loose stools. I keep close attention since I play with my dog every day and since my kids have grown up I now have to pickup after them.

  • Sheryl

    I have 3 dogs and i’ve feed them the chicken and rice. I never had any complaints from them(dogs). Now get this,my older dog started to get really bad gas,loose stool and some vomiting.Took her the the vet and put her on some meds for bacterial infection in her stomach. The vet never said anything about the dog food,to stop using the product. The other 2 dogs are just fine. So I’m not sure if this is age related,older the dog more health issues become apparent. Or she can no longer have the same food as the other two.

  • Katie

    We have had our dog on the wilderness brand (turkey) of Kirkland for 3 years now and she dose very well on it.All of the foster dogs we have had have never had any issues with the turkey as well. We switched after our original private dog food moved out of the city. At nearly half of what we were paying for the other dog food.

  • Alicia

    Purchased the Chicken and Rice formula for our dog over a month ago, and have had nothing but issues since. My dog suddenly became extremely anxious – panting, drooling, shaking – crying all day – and these symptoms became progressively worse. Would not recommend feeding this brand to your dog at all. After shelling out a bunch of money at the vet for blood work, x-rays and medicine (and new food) our Lab is finally starting to act like herself again. Buyer beware! I wouldn’t feel good about endorsing a product that I would never feed to my own dog.

    • Sue

      Thanks for the info. I was going to buy this food until I read these reviews. I hope your baby is okay now.
      I’ve fed Flint River Ranch for years, but I’m out and need to get something until my new shipment arrives. Sure don’t want to make anyone sick. I think I’ll just keep feeding them my homemade food for now. Thanks again. This is sad because Costco is a great store, I really am shocked they keep selling it. They should stop and check this out.

  • Anita

    We feed our dogs the grain free Kirkland dog food. They offer turkey and sweet potato or salmon and sweet potato. Both of my dogs had been on a prescribed Science Diet dry food. They have done very well on the Kirkland food and the cost savings are huge.

  • Flo

    I’ve heard of people having issues with the Chicken/Rice formula but I have never had an issue with the Lamb/Rice formula.

    I went to the Lamb/Rice formula after spending a not so small fortune on numerous brands of dog food costing me $20+ for maybe 3 or 4lbs. He would eat each brand of food and bring it back up within hours. Out of desperation I bought the Lamb/Rice formula along with a case of canned food in same formula. First feeding he picked out the few kibbles of this food and left everything else and DID NOT bring it back up. The rest as they say is history and I just bought the second bag of the Lamb formula. I leave a bowl of dry out all the time and then ea evening he gets 1/3c of dry food mixed with 1 to 1 1/2T wet food mixed in. Haven’t had any issues at all so this is what he will stay on for the foreseeable future.

    I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to have found this food, I’m convinced this food saved my little guy’s life.

  • Andrew Ten

    I have been using the Kirkland Costco brand for years, but in the past 4-5 days, I believe the bag I have been using for the feeding may be the root cause of my two lab’s vomiting and diarrhea! Both dogs can’t seem keep any of the food in after about 2-3 hours after the feeding. The Costco batch I’m using is the Lamb, Rice, and Veggie. It is this very green bag on this page.

    Both dogs are being looked at by the Vet. I’m putting both on a bland diet via Hills ID gastro food, which is prescription based, and is carried at places like Petsmart.

    Perhaps it is a bad batch from Costco. We purchased the bag back in September, but probably starting using it about a week ago.

  • Penny

    I nave fed Kirkland Premium Chicken and Rice to my Corgi dog since she was a puppy, starting with the puppy food and graduating to the adult. She’s now 2 1/2, has always done well and likes it. (maybe a bit too much; I have cut down on the amount) Recently I got an 8yr old Corgi,very obese, who I switched to Kirkland from the store brand he had been fed previously. At first he didn’t like it, but after a trial period, he likes it as much as the first dog does. After experimenting with the amount, he is losing weight nicely and is healthy.
    I am concerned by some of the reviews on this site and will monitor their health, but for now, I am pleased with the food.

  • Janice

    We just had a similar experience with our dogs as some other people have had. The vet said it seemed to be an allergic reaction. Both dogs vomited quite a bit, but while one seemed to feel better immediately, the other became lethargic, had trouble walking straight, and was drooling. The vomiting began about 15-20 min after feeding the Kirkland brand Super Premium Adult Dog Chicken, Rice and Vegetable. I purchased the bag on October 24, 2013 and fed them from it for the first time October 25, 2013. The production info from the bag is:

    Best by 10 11 14 3284DL
    KCR1011A2S JAE 11:41

    We are saving the entire bag of food, as well as the remaining food from the bowl in a separate bag. The vet took the vomit to possibly sample. My mom feeds the Kirkland mature dog formula to her dog and has had no problems. She also used to use the hand-packed biscuits from Kirkland when the family had more dogs – also no problems.

    I feel certain that there is something that randomly affects the production line somewhere, and I am certain that a cause for the problems could be found and remedied if Costco took the time to carefully investigate. But I also don’t think the entire brand is bad necessarily; just that someone, somewhere, is not paying attention to something and a random factor is being introduced into the food on occasion. Perhaps an unwell worker? It’s worth their reputation to look into it.

    • Wendy

      Most of the time its just too hard to identify a dogs’ stomache/ sickness issues! It is possible for every brand to put out a bad batch…however.. What you may think is your dog putting his nose up at bad food or vomitting afterwards, could be that he ate a hydrangea stick & buds from the garden/ picked up a twig from a poisonous vine/ ate a pc of something from garbage/ got a rodent, a virus from another dogs poop on the ground or direct from playing!Dogs do have allegies to certain foods or formulas. Later when you give a new food, he’s probably better or virus has run it’s course! This does NOT mean that that other food WAS bad. A few of these replies sound clearcut as issues related to a batch of food, many others sound like the products are given a bad name when the dogs issues may have nothing to do with the actual food!

  • Cindy

    My dogs have been on Kirkland food for about a year. All of a sudden my 7 year old Springer Spaniel is having seizures and gaining weight. He also turns up his nose at the food. My Cocker Spaniel is gaining weight like crazy. Time to change food.

    • Stacy

      We rescued two dogs from the Humane Society eight years ago. One was a GSD at 60% of his body weight due to neglect. We have bought and used Kirkland for years, and only once did we have a “bad” bag. I should have listened to my GSD who usually wolfs his food but hesitated in eating from the bad batch. After having runny stool and loosing his appetite, we called Costco, returned the bag for a new one, and have never had a problem since. Our dogs have always been complemented on their beautiful and soft coats, and we did not supplement their diet. I will say, though, that we have NOT used this dog food since moving to a more rural area for about two years. So, I am surprised at all the negative comments posted. It seems that a whole host of “top” quality dog foods have recently been bought out by other companies and/or are seemingly changing their ingredients causing problems over the course of the last several months (Kirkland, BB, Natural Balance, TOTW, etc.)! So, if websites like this give a dog food five stars, and the ingredients look good, yet all these reviews share about dogs who have problems with digesting it, how does one actually go about knowing whether or not the food is at fault? For each story of some dog getting sick, I wonder how many do not? Could there be other factors at work here, such as a dog goes out to dig after a lawn has been treated with chemical fertilizers, and ends up ingesting some of these chemicals? If these stories are true, and if they are all from the dog foods they used, then this is truly a scary trend. It seems as if no commercial dog food is safe.

  • Les Brennan

    Just recently switched to the Kirkland Wild Salmon and shortly after our Olde Enlish Bulldogge becaom sick. She is 1 year 10 months old and most of you know how athletic these dog’s are and act. She started to vomit and chronic diarea, and lethargic. Her Parasite panel came back negative, blood panel negative except here mineral levels were low and the vet recommended a supplement powder to enhance this and also recommended B 12 shots for 6 weeks. I had her on steamed chicken breast and rice which she loved and here stools became beautiful “dog log’s) She now will not touch the Kirkland Wild Salmon and I will feed the rest to the rabbits and coyote’s and never but another bag. The Vet bill was $352 but she never ask me what dog food Clementine was eating. Now its time to search around and I heard that even Science Diet isn’t even that good.

  • Julie

    I did about 20 minutes of Googling and discovered the recall of Kirkland and Diamond dog food was because of salmonella! All the symptoms listed are the same symptoms people in their messages have listed. I am wondering why a Vet would not recognize the symptoms? I just sought a bag of Kirkland Chicken, Rice, and Veggies for my dogs and one of them has diarrhea. I will be keeping a close watch to see if it is firm the change or tainted food. The Kirkland dog biscuits always give him diarrhea. My other dog can eat them and the dog food and has no issues.

  • Anne

    I am so glad that I found this site. I have purchased Costco/Kirkland food for years and my dogs have never had a problem with it. but in the past few months, my golden retriever and black lab both started turning their noses up at it. I thought it was just them and the particular adult food that I had purchased. So I gave the one bag of food that I had to a friend to use and purchased the other adult Kirkland food they offer and they STILL turn their noses up at it. My friend that I gave the other bag to said that her dog turned his nose up at it too. So obviously something has changed. I’m stopping on the way home to buy another brand and will toss the rest out.

  • Ray

    I used to feed a “less expensive” dog food to my Great Pyranees. I thought he was receiving proper nutrition until I found this site and started reading. I have since switched to Kirkland Signature Premium and my dog is happy, he has more energy and his eyes and facial expressions have a happier look. I know this food is produced by Diamond. I contacted Diamond about the source of the ingredients used in their dog food. Diamond assured me that they have 151 quality assurance checks to monitor the quality of their products, one of the checks is Toxiscreen to detect harmful chemicals. The only supplement that comes from China is vit. C because ther isn’t a supplier in the U.S. that can supply this ingredient in sufficient quanties.

  • Kelsey

    I recently went to the vet and found out my dog’s kidneys are in the process of failing/shutting down, and we believe it’s from the dog food after looking at some reviews. She got prescribed a $50 dog food. We thought she had heart worms so we had to do a bunch of blood tests and spending $200 at the vet. VERY disappointed in this food. Almost killed my dog.

    • Bill Davis

      and it is the food?

  • Christine

    DO NOT BUY THIS FOOD! MANY of the reviews said their dogs got horribly ill on this food. WHOEVER owns this site should look into this as you still have a very high rating on this food! Someone could come to this site and just see the stars and not read the HORRIBLE reviews! This dog food should be recalled!

  • Kimberly

    Wow! My dogs are sick too from Kirkland, but it’s been all of a sudden, with this new bag of food that I just purchased. Now I’m scared but happy I found this website. They must have changed something in their mix. I am switching as well. All three of my dogs have been vomiting and have had diarrhea for almost 10 days now. Our vets couldn’t find anything in the lab work that came back. :( Very sad.

    • Kat

      Re Kirkland Nature’s Domain. We have five large mixed breed dogs , a German shepherd, two golden retrievers, two border collies. We ran into a problem with Orijen salmon based dog food so we tried the salmon and sweet potato from Costco. The dogs looked very good for a year, but in Feb/March of this year, 2013, they started blowing coat, acting lethargic, refusing to finish their food. We have two friends that also switched to this food at the same time and one dog experienced unbelievable itching and her coat look like it was burned off. She was in agony. When I saw the similarities, I stopped the food and, in most dogs, saw an immediate improvement. When I contacted Kirkland, the verteriarian insisted it was environmental! It has taken a lot to bring my dogs back to the level of health they had previously and my older golden retriever appears to have permanent health damage.
      Please keep the good work of spreading the word about this food. I will never purchase a dog food from costco or made in china again.

  • Disgusted

    I just made the connection between my dog having massive seizures and Kirkland dog food that I see mentioned above. She had a big seizure a few months back and I stopped the food, not certain it was the food, but I had only recently given it to her. Just the other day, she got into the bag again and ate a mouthful before I could stop her. A few hours later she had a massive and very scary seizure. Now I know for certain that it was a result of this dog food. This bag is a recent purchase and is dated best before April 2014!!! How many other dogs are going to get sick from this poison??
    This product is labeled “distributed by…Costco from Seattle”. Where is this actually made? China? I imagine it is the same poor quality product we are receiving with complete disregard for safety or quality in an effort for corporations to make as much money as possible selling crappy products. I think more people need to be outraged at this kind of deception and for risking our pets health.

  • Deeann

    Just came home from the vet because my 3 year old Aussie had a ruptured anal gland. The first question my vet asked was “What dog food does she eat?” When I told her Kirkland, she shook her head and said that something has changed with their food because in the past months she has seen a big increase in dogs with anal gland problems, diarrhea, allergies and the common denominator seemed to be Kirkland brand dog food. Her guess is that the producer, Diamond, changed something in the formula, maybe using old or bad grain or she didn’t know what. So now we’re changing to a grain-free dog food and I’m making sure it’s NOT produced by Diamond!

  • Jenn

    This is way interesting. My next door neighbor, also, has been having her dog on it for months, but with this last bag, suddenly he wouldn’t eat it. She gave me the rest of it. Being my dog is used to “whatever”,she’s loving it, but the neighbor had to change to a different one, too. Thankfully, my dog likes it, but everybody’s comments here has me concerned!!

  • Heidi Smith

    Our Springer Spaniel has been eating the Kirkland Super Premium Adult dry food for a few years now, ever since I compared the ingredient list to the much more expensive premium food she had been eating and realized how similar they were. She has never had a problem. Last week I bought a new bag and she had one serving of it at breakfast and started barfing throughout the day and had terrible diarrhea. I had put her dinner serving in her bowl and she didn’t even touch it. She sniffed it a few times, but even the next day she wouldn’t take a bite. This is a dog who always wolfs down her entire meal and would never leave food sitting for a few hours, let alone a day or more. I called the number on the bag and left a voicemail. Judging from the similar experiences on here, something has recently changed terribly, or there is a tainted batch on the shelf right now. I really hope a recall is issued ASAP and the food is pulled from the shelves.

  • Concerned

    A year ago Costco received a law suit for these same symptoms in dogs. I have read an article that said a dog passed away from Kidney problems
    i feel blessed that I thought to research the food first, and prayers to all of you families dealing with these problems

  • Jen

    I just bought a bag of Kirkland adult dog food about 2weeks ago. My chocolate lab started acting strangely. Started with lethargy and weepy eyes to nausea and then vomiting within 3 days. I took her to the vet and they said it was likely something she ate. I discontinued the food and she is turning around. Has anyone heard of any new recalls for this food?

    • Danielle

      Yes, they had a recall, same symptoms, I believe the article said the family had 4 dogs affected, one didn’t survive. she passed awauher name was byrna ;(

      The vet said she passed of Kidney Failure

      • Michelle

        My Rottie and Shepherd have been eating up the Kirkland dog food in the purple bag for a few years. Past several weeks it has been like getting a 2 year old kid to eat. We have had to cover the food with yogurt, rice or meat drippings to get them to eat. It never occurred to me that Kirkland changed the formula or there was a bad batch since I have always trusted Kirkland brand. Both have been super lazy and gnawing at their skin. Our Rottie’s poo is even bigger and softer. Our Shepherd is hardly pottying. I will discontinue the Kirkland food today and find something else. I really appreciate everyone’s comments and I feel terrible for those who have had very sick animal babies, those who have lost some. I plan to inquire at my Costco Warehouse today about returns/complaints. Missouri (where I live) was not on the recall list but I am wondering if we should be!

    • Cindy Lamer

      Same experience and have been using for years. My yorkies got sick. Hardly touch it. Vast difference from Maggie stealing Bentley food. I see these messages and I am sick at the thought of trying to make them eat it. I have called the 1-800 number and am waiting for a call back.

  • fifo9x

    We own 4 labrador mix dogs (5 and 3 year olds). We have fed them Kirkland signature brand since puppies (the yellow bag first and moved on to the maroon bag). We noticed that their gas had an awful stench but paid no mind really as we figured we were feeding our dogs the best brand available in the country (we live in Nicaragua where the brand is distributed by PriceSmart). About 6 days ago one by one, our dogs started to have violent diarrhea combined with vomiting. One of them was practically liquid, but what freaked us out was that it came out with blood. We called our vet and had stool samples done but no parasites were found. We switched them to the rice diet and the vomiting and diarrhea stopped. On day 5, When we thought the problem was over, we started mixing a bit of Kirkland dog food to their rice and chicken to ween them back to their regular diet, but a few hours after eating the mixed bowl of food they vomited the food. I went online and read how other people had similar experiences with Kirkland. We are going to keep our dogs away from Kirkland based on this experience. Any thoughts or comments welcome.

  • Paul Kello

    I’ve been feeding my 8 year old lab mix Kirkland dry food – both mature & weight management. About a month ago she started have very lose stools. I did the rice diet & she got better then a week later it got worse. Took her to the vet she got de-wormed and was better for,a few days then bad diarrhea. I searched the web and found this site & immediatley stopped feeding the Kirkland brand. In 24 hours on another food her system was finally back to normal. I returned an almost full bag to Costco & the employee said this was the 3rd complaint in a week. Nice they take returns but better if they actually stopped selling bad food!

    • Susanne

      I bought a bag of this for my little dog in the fall, since then he has lost 25% of his weight and looks like a concentration camp survivor. His stools are not as firm as on his previous food and he poops out twice as much now. Im buying him something else to eat today.

      • Cindy lamer

        Diddo. I am calling the company.

  • Angie Collins

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in the Kirkland Adult super premium Lamb and Vegetable dog food? Our dog has been eating this same food for the past 8 months or so, we bought a new bag & he won’t go near it. When we stood over him to make sure he was eating he ended up puking it all up. Anyone know if the packing material or formula has changed? We’re concerned because he’s a normal pup who eats any and everything, but this he sniffs & walks away.

    • Ryan

      Our 9 month old puppy stopped eating it the past month also, we had to switch her to different food because of this. She ate it since we got her at 8 weeks.

      • Donna

        My 8 yr. old golden retriever has been on the kirkland natural dry dog food for a couple of yrs but 2 weeks ago stopped eating it and looks like she is sick. She will eat her treats and people food but stays clear away from her food. I`m wondering also if something is wrong with the food lately from Costco. Could it be tainted and she is aware it makes her sick???

        • D.

          I had two dogs that had eaten the Costco dog food for years. The dogs would not eat the food from the bag that we purchased in December 2012. We didn’t think that something was wrong with the food and mixed it with wet food which they ate. Both dogs were sick within days of eating it. One had to be put down within a week and the other had to be put down a month later. Both had enlarged organs, could not lie down comfortably and had difficulty breathing. When I informed Costco they said they had not had any other complaints. Diamond Pet food stated they could not investigate unless they had the lot number. Everyone should report illnesses to Diamond Pet Food, Costco and the FDA.

    • UncaYimmy

      My dog has been eating this for the last 10 years or so. In the last few weeks he was leaving it in the bowl while eating his “cookies” and other scraps. Also, his bowels went crazy, and he was quite malodorous.

      I was wondering if they changed the formula and did this search. Perhaps they did.

    • Molly Rich

      Same thing has happened to us with the Diamond Brand food. My dog LOVES her food, but hasn’t wanted to touch it in the last 3 weeks. We just got a new puppy and she ate the puppy formula fine the first time, but then when I put it down she sniffed it, barked at it, and won’t eat a thing. So weird. I was going to buy the Kirkland brand, but now I understand it’s made by the same brand Diamond.

    • Cindy Lamer

      Yes my dogs will not eat it I even mix food with it and now that I see these posts I am very concerned. My dogs are 15 and 12 and have been eating this for several years with no problem.

  • Sue

    Who are the reviewers ? Kirkland employees or Costco advertisers. Where is the rice, grains and meal from ? China? Where are the meat by products from? China? I’d be concerned about a dog food that states it is for people who don’t want to pay much for dog food . If you don’t want to buy your dog decent food you shouldn’t own a dog . Dogs are a lot like children. They are costly, and time consuming. They are not to be left all day alone in a crate while people work . What kind of life is that? Remember the old saying ” you get what you pay for” it’s usually true. Thanks for reading . The skeptic

  • Anne

    I have a mini poodle and for two years of his life I fed him Natures Variety because there was a possibility that he had an allergy issue. That is an expensive dog food so we decided to switch him to a lesser cost grain free food and chose Kirklands Doman. He has done well on it but he really does not like the round kibble size, but does eat it. How much better in ingredients is the Doman than the Kirkland Lamb, rice and vegie which is a size kibble I think he would like better? (I think that is the one that has that smaller kibble!)



  • Dieter

    I have been feeding my fussy GSD many kinds of food and he liked Canidae Lamb, and now I switched him to Taste of The Wild with venison in it. He likes it a lot, but $47 for a 30 pound bag is kinda steep. I have been thinking of feeding him Kirkland and may try the lamb food, but I will have to research that a bit longer before I pull the trigger. Any Suggestions???

    • cmives

      we have fed our 7 yr old labradoodle kirkland dog food for a few years now. started with canidae,highly recommended by her breeder but she did not do well on it. tried some other “natural” dog foods but too $$$ and she had runny poop all the time. She has allergies so we try to stay away from wheat products. We have used rice and lamb, chicken and rice and weight control formulations of kirkland, all with great success. it gets good scores from many different dog food “scorers”. i am about to run to the store to try Mature dog formula. she is getting older and her hips and shoulders bother her a little. i’m interested to see how she does on it. i recommend it but you have to go with your gut!

    • jaycee

      hey dieter, i was reading that the kirkland food is made by diamond who also makes taste of the wild. just an fyi

  • Jim Yeaman

    I used Kirkland for about 5 years. Stopped using the food after opening a new box of Kirkland dog biscuits giving on to each of my 2 dogs. Within 20 min. both dogs vomited. Swithched to Life’s Abundance and have the product shipped direct. Cut the amount fed by 1/3 with both dogs maintaining their weight, and have healthier looking coats. Life’s Abundance claims has never had a recall. If they do I will know about it since they ship direct

  • Kelia

    I don’t understand why Kirkland is ranked 5 stars after the manufacturer Diamond had a huge recall in 2012?

  • Big Mike

    We have 5 dogs. One of my labs typically has issues with dry skin allergies. Kirkland is the only affordable brand that we have used that does not make him go all dry and itchy. All 5 eat it with no issues.

  • NoMasTX

    There are some dog owners that aren’t happy unless their dog food is hermetically sealed immediately after being sliced off a caribou in the Canadian tundra. Kirkland dog food is not Ol’ Roy. Are there better dog foods out there? Yes. However, Kirkland is still an excellent dog food and I would not hesitate to feed it to my dog. Our recently passed 17 year old lab was fed Kirkland most of her life.

  • mattcjj

    Iams makes kirkland dog food

    • maralevine


      Kirkland Dog Food is sold and marketed by Costco Wholesale Corporation and is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods.

      Please read more about Kirkland dog food here.


    • mack

      Iams does NOT make Kirkland dog food, Diamond does.

    • zeebzoop

      Not sure why one would claim that Iams makes Kirkland brand dog food. Terribly uninformed, or just wishing to spread lies. Anyhoo, we’ve been feeding Kirkland to our puppy and so far she is thriving off of it: no eye staining (all gone), nice coat, perfect poops. Recalls are scary. I have no problem switching if this manufacturer fails in its ability to produce safe food for my dog. But for now, it is a very good food at a good price. So far, so good.

    • Kim

      No they don’t. Do your research before making things up or spreading hearsay.

  • debbey

    I love this food. I have fed my three dogs diamond and have never had a problem. But Kirkland is wonderful. My border collie has problems with other food but he handles this food wonderfully.

    • Jules

      What size is the kibble? my shepherd/Lab X is a sloppy eater and is having problem choking on smaller kibble pieces and I’m looking for something larger that he will hopefully slow down and chew

      • Carey


        We have a lab with the same issue of “inhaling” his kibbles. We also have a chihuahua who couldn’t handle large kibbles and there’s no sense in having two different foods. There are bowls designed to slow down quick eaters but our vet suggested putting a large-linked (think industrial) length of chain in his dish. He has to push it around to get the kibble. It worked really well. After a while, the chain wasn’t needed anymore and we can give him his supper without him choking on it.

  • Mary H

    We have feed Kirkland for years without issues. Never any vomiting or diarrhea. We fed Nutro and Pro Plan before that and have seen no difference from the change to Kirkland. Our older lab is 12 and in great shape and of healthy weight. Our dogs prefer the taste of the lamb formula. If you do have any problems with Costco problems you don’t even need the bag, you can take back the food and they will look it up on your card. They take everything back.

  • Danny

    I have been feeding my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Kirkland Dog Food for years. They do not get gas from eating it. And that’s good news as they are large dogs. Their coats look good and they are not overweight. Best dog food for the money out there.

  • Mark

    I just gave my Redbone Coonhound his first meal of Kirkland Chicken rice and vegetables an hour ago. He tore the food bowl to pieces like a homeless man with a bucket of KFC, he loved it! I noticed the bag smelled a bit stronger than his previous foods (Wellness Core, Blue Buffalo, Merrick). But by no means was it foul smelling as you all seem to claim. I noticed a lot of other people saying their dogs got sick and blamed the food…. When reading what breed of dog they have…. It’s obvious a lot of them have tempermental breeds anyway. I am pretty sure I could feed my hound some ground up Goodyear tires and lava rocks, and he would flourish. I’m not deterred by the nay-sayers.

    The value and price of the Kirkland product is right, and from reading the label, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of reason to be concerned. “Ooo no, not beat pulp!”… Big deal. Our dogs lick their butts, and you people are worried about beat pulp… Please. Biggest waste of time reading all these feeds.

  • Karen

    My beagle mix has been on Kirkland chicken and rice for a year, she started leaving her food in her bowl and not eating from it. She unfortunately picked up the habit of eating her waste in the yard to make up for her lack of eating. I can’t find anything on a recall. She occasionally vomits and per poo has been runny, not sure if its from eating the poo or the dogfood. I tried mixing her food with a new brand and she is picking out the new food and eating it and leaving the Kirkland food in her bowl.Time to return the Kirkland bag.

    • Jay dubs

      IF YOUR DOG DOESN’T EAT NEW FOOD TAKE IT BACK! Pay attention to your dogs signals! If he won’t eat the food don’t force it on him or mix it with other food. Kirkland has had many contamination problems in the past. He’s not necessarily being picky he might be try to save himself from salmonella

      • Sarah

        Yes, of course the dogs can sense salmonella… Which is why they’ll eat anything from the trash and barf their brains out for 2 days because of it. Dogs have no sense of “poisons” they will also drink anti freeze and then die. Dogs are fairly mindless creatures who know nothing about what’s going to benefit them taste wise, so don’t trust your dog!

  • Allison

    Costco (and other bog box stores) are not benevolent companies….the profit is all that matters. To get a pet food at this price point means shortcuts are taken, whether it be with the sourcing, quality or safety of the ingredients/manufacturing. If you want a good quality food that is affordable look at independent companies and pet stores that take the extra care in selecting high quality ingredients and practice safe manufacturing practices. Just because the ingredients may read the same, does not mean they are the same. There are better quality foods on the market made by wholly independent companies that will feed better with healthier results!
    Check out the FDA report on the most recent Diamond Inspection…duct tape and cardboard being used to replace the conveyer belt flaps, sinks removed when they are required, mould and leftover food bits in the machines etc…..

    • demi

      Thanks for the insight…………what would you feed your dog

    • Mike

      You apparently know nothing about Costco…

    • Don

      oh my DUCT TAPE ON THE CONVEYOR BELTS!!!! Oh my!! Get real kirkland has the highest quality of “ANY” retail company out there. They always have the highest quality on any product you see the kirkland name..

    • Becca

      Yeah, I wouldn’t trust the FDA if you paid me. They are owned and ran by MONSANTO and big Ag. For them it is all about $$$ not the Health of your pets or family!!

  • anthony

    Does Kirkland puppy food get your puppies full quicker?

  • laura

    Is the kirkland food only sold at Costco or can I purchase it at another store

    • maralevine

      Kirkland Dog Food is only sold at Costco.

    • zack

      You can buy diamond naturals brand at most feed stores and it has the exact same ingredients at an affordable price.
      They produce the food for costcos dog food brand.

  • Daniel

    I feed my two american bulldogs with lamb and I think is very good dog food because the first ingredient is rice and no corn.

  • Connie

    I have always loved Kirkland pet food, but halfway through a bag, I noticed the dogs had kibble left in their bowls. I saw one of my dogs try to eat a little bit-and I have never seen a dog try to eat dog food a kibble at a time. I took the dog food back. Now they are eating something else. Why doesn’t Costco check out the plant that makes this dog food? I am very disappointed with Costco.

  • Tracy

    I feed(fed) my dog Kirkland puppy food. With the last bag she started having allergic symptoms- itching, licking her feet. Can’t find any information on whether or not they changed the formula. I have taken her off of it, and her symptoms are getting better.

  • Stacey

    Started feeding my dogs Kirkland about 9 months ago due to several review’s of dog foods. The review put Kirkland as one of the top 5 brands of “Healthy” dog foods on the market, for reason such as the one’s stated above in the ingredients section of this review. It also stated it was made in the U.S. which it is not. it’s made in China. I should have done more research. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS FOOD!
    My dog is in the hospital being treated for salmonella poisoning. Kirkland has been re called in several states, my state, California, is not one of them. However there are 100’s of sick or dead dogs in this state due Diamond Food Company poisoning our animals.

    • Bill

      If your dog has salmonella from a Diamond Foods product, then this is very alarming news and I am sincerely sorry! Most of the risk has been to owners who handle the food, since we’re less immune to salmonella than dogs.

      It is absolutely untrue that Diamond makes its food in China. For example, the products in virginia are made in South Carolina. Diamond has 3 plants in the US.

      • Levi

        Yes that is very true. Diamond is not made in China. I see the Diamond plant everyday on my way to work. Stockton California.

    • john

      Where are your foods made?

      Diamond Pet Foods owns its own manufacturing facilities. We have three plants, all located in the United States. Our original plant and home of Diamond Pet Foods headquarters is located in central Missouri. The other two plants are located in northern California and South Carolina. No matter where you live, you will be purchasing food made in one of these three plants.

      • KJ

        Everyone, I have a 130 lb. ACTIVE American Bull Dog 100% JOHNSON and have been feeding him DIAMOND NATURALS “EXTREME ATHLETE” since he was 10 months old ( mixing it with Puppy Chow initially ) and he THRIVED on it. I’ve been searching and searching ALL OVER the internet for advise on what to feed my ABD. He developed CATARACT in his right eye. To my ignorance, I thought since he was young (3 yrs ) old that it must’v e been b/c of his diet. So I switched to EARTHBORNE Hollistic foods. Granted, he tore the Earthborne up ( developed SMELLY gas ). But his condition hasn’t worsen or gotten better. He seemed to have become a little smaller ( NOT in a bad way. He’s just a WIDE RECEIVER rather than a LINE BACKER ). Hence, I don’t think the Earthborne has enough UMPH to maintain his active size. Also, the eye problem it seemed he was born with. Feeder running low, so today I began searching for yet another premium Dog Food hoping to build him back up…. But after reading so many opinionated blogs w/minimum facts or REALLY OLD FACTS ( not allowing for the manufactures to correct ANY wrongs ), I’ve decided to go back to DIAMOND NATURALS “EXTREME ATHLETE”. I am extrememly prtective of my ABD and affordalbitly is NOT an issue. It’s just been my personal experience that DIAMOND NATURAL “EXTREME ATHLETE” is a good product.

        PS. I used CAPS with identifying the EXTREME ATHLETE Diamond Natural choice b/c I believe that some of the Diamond Natural brands had GRAINS and or BI-PRODUCTS in them.

    • SomeWhoKnows

      this is a reply to Bill who says their products are made in China. You couldn’t be more wrong. I know quite a few people who work for Diamond and everything is done in the US. They seem like they’ve had some problems, which a lot of other producers of pet food have had, with certain ingredients but have gone above and beyond what was expected. So you can stop spreading the bullshit any time.

  • Mel

    The ingredients sound really great, but as always that’s only half of the story. We don’t know the quality of the meat that’s being used, but we do know that the manufacturer Diamond isn’t so great.

    I feed my 30 pound dog Kirkland’s Chicken & Rice formula. She got diarrhea and at some it got bloody. I switched her onto Natural Balance and she did well. Meanwhile, my roommate fed her 8 pound dog the rest of the kirkland food without any problems whatever until the rest of that 40# bag was finished. So… I don’t know what to say about that.

    I’ve seen people use the lamb formula without any problems, and I’m currently using the grain free salmon (Nature’s Domain) without any issues. Kirkland’s food is great because of the price and quantity, and the quality of the ingredients. Still – there are too many recalls for my taste and I feel the main issue with this food is their manufacturer.

    I would give Kirkland 4/5. They lose their point for using so much rice. It’s better than wheat or corn though, but I prefer grain free.

  • crisgeo48

    After the first five ingredients on the list appear, dried beet pulp and dried brewers yeast, which are controversial ingredients. I think that when in doubt, the best would be to consult your veterinarian.

    • Bill

      My dogs have always thrived on brewers yeast, it’s a great supplement for avoiding skin problems, lots of B12 and etc. Beet pulp is at worst a neutral filler. These are pretty far down the list in terms of quantity. Not a problem!!

  • powers

    So this got good ratings, but seems everyone is giving it bad reviews?!? What’s up with it? Just bad now because of the recall? I just got a dog and was looking for the best, affordable food for him.

    • kevin

      Acana is the only brand i want my Bulldog eating. My parents bought Kirkland chicken and rice and I am switching back to Acana because he must be allergic to some ingredient in it. He is always licking and chewing his paws. The recall news sealed my decision to go back to the Acana Grasslands, which is grain free. Every dog is different though.

  • Tracy

    My dogs have been on Kirkland for years. They were fine all day long and after supper my one guy started to vomit. All nite long and diarrhea too. He was VERY uncomfortable. The other guy started vomiting in the morning. Both were extremely ill. We had to have them sleep on their beds beside ours as we were worried about them choking on vomit. The vet told us to keep them off any food and just give water. They were like that for 3 days and then slowly it tapered off and we could feed them rice with no salt or macoroni.
    On line I checked the recall info. Ours did not show up on there as being one of the batches but I don’t care. I am absolutely 100% convinced that this food made them sick. The dogs are with me ALL the time. I am always aware what they come in contact with. One guy is blind and never leaves my side.
    We have since changed to a new food and will never trust Kirkland again.

  • Cindy

    I have 2 dogs off and on the Kirkland dog food from costco , My dog started vomiting then I took him off and he was ok 3 yrs later I had put both my dogs back on the costco Kirkland dog food and he started vomiting again . after 3 weeks he got so sick , they said his stomach had closed up and he had cancer they said , Our beloved Boston Died Oct 16 2012 he was only 8 . Now we have the other dog and I had just found a huge lump or tumor near her stomach again problems with there food contact me at auraconnection(at)hotmail.com if anyone else is having problems with there food .

  • Bev Matthews

    My friend just went to pour a new bag of Kirkland Chicken Dog food into his container and it contained a dehydrated looking mouse. There were not any holes in the bag so it had to be packaged that way. We quit using Kirkland after the previous recall and read that it was ok to purchase again. We are really disappointed since we believed it was a good quality food and that they had their problems resolved. Anyone else had any similar problems?

  • Jennifer Owens

    I used to buy my dog food at Walmart because they actually had one brand that didn’t start with corn. However, they quit selling that brand although now they sell that yellow bag with the circle “Beyond”? At any rate, my dad has been buying Kirland (maroon colored bag) dog food for 10+ years and a a couple of years ago (after hearing about how great it was and recommending it to everyone else) I decided to start getting my dog food from there as well. One of my dogs has a lot of gas and my roomates dog is constantly rubbing her backside on my couches and is frequently trying to get to the itch with her teeth. The second dog gets 2 allergy pills a day too. My dog is a pit terrier and I have been told that they tend to have gas issues and since the brand seems to be really good I don’t believe it’s the food that’s causing it but I wonder if it’s possible they could be allergic to chicken or rice or barley? So, I think I’m going to try a different kind but don’t know what to switch to. Any suggestions or tips?

  • Nancy

    I just switched back to Nature’s Domain (Kirkland) Turkey & Sweet potato. I had been feeding it before the recall and my dogs were doing really well. They even liked it which is a huge problem with them being finicky. I triead a bunch of other expensive foods-the only one that they would eat (with some canned food mixed in) was Halo Spot’s Stew Chicken & Rice. Halo looks and smells good but it is pricey and I noticed the poop was not very firm with it. So after calling Diamond and being told that Diamond has a plant here in California and all the food in this region comes from that plant AND its NEVER had a recall, I decided to try it again. I even bought a bag of the chicken Kirkland Signature to try just in case my dogs will like that. I am going to try and keep them on these 2 Costco foods with a little of the Halo mixed in every now and then. I also give them meat & vegies leftovers if they are not spicy or fried etc.
    Wish me luck–I will be keeping a close eye on them. The one plus, BTW, for the Kirkland Signature is that it has Glucosimine etc in it. I add Salmon oil to their food as well.

    • M 10 year user

      Just figured out that my dog was doing that also and guess what? Its a yeast problem. It will get worse. Take everything that has SUGAR including potatoes and sweet potatoes rice oats away from them. Was giving benadryl 2 four times a day now giving claratin 1 a day but unsure if either really help. Gonna start raw diet and apple cider vinegar diluted or lemon and water to cut the smell. Google your symptoms and talk to vet. Also incorporating acidopholisus into the diet which should help with the digestion and the yeast. Here is a website that I liked for the raw :http://www.rawfeddogs.net/Recipes/
      I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion.

  • Molly

    Kirkland signature mature smells bad. Took back to Costco & new one smells. Called diamond food company and they said it was made 2 weeks ago, so it’s really fresh & will have a stronger smell. Anyone else?

    • Christine

      Foul smell coming from recently purchased Kirkland Signature Chicken & Rice. Second bag equally foul smelling. Unbearably rotten odor, but expiration is 09/2013. Not sure what to do with it.

      • Ann

        I bought two bags of Chicken flavor and and my husband filled both plastic food storage containers and tossed the bags so I cannot take back. The smell is about to make me sick when i feed them every day. I have never had this experience in over 2 years of using Kirkland dog food. Purchased in Montana

        • Chris

          Took two bags of Kirkland Chicken and Rice back to Costco too. Almost got sick when we opened the first bag. Six month old lab had gotten sick twice on it. Got two new bags after calling number on bag and giving lot numbers. Same issue with these bags. Not sure what to do but take them back and switch for another brand. This is only food puppy has ever eaten. We are surprised there is not a recall.

          • Ben

            Bought Kirkland puppy food bag last week. Expiry date was 09/2013. Product smell was very bad but we were not sure if it was normal variability from bag to bag or since it was only the second bag we bought to feed our first dog. The dog uses to love that food but when we started the new bag, he only ate the third of what he uses to. Even the cat who uses to grab a few kibbles did not want any of them. Four hours after, the dog vomitted. We threw away the food. After reading all the bad stories about Diamond Pet foods, we won’t buy Kirkland again, we prefer to pay more than paying a fortune in Vet fees and taking chances the dog being sick on a regular basis. Reviews of Kirkland dog food are good but I came to the conclusion than this food might look good nutritionaly wise after looking at the ingredient list but the quality of the ingredient themselves might not be so good.

        • LuvMyMutt

          Costco will take it back. They have a record of everything you purchase. They should also be able to tell its theirs by looking at it

    • Bev

      We’ve been feeding Kirkland brand dog food for several years. Approximately four months ago, I started noticing foreign objects in food. As recently as this month, bag weighs 38#, NOT 40#; dogs are not wanting to eat it, food smells, grainy, bone/feathers are visible in food (includes cat food); smells, causing digestive problems with dogs/cats. I’ve contacted two labs to test dog/cat food; keeping a journal of findings, etc.

  • RB

    I have been feed Kirkland Chicken & Rice for over 5 years in CA. I had to return two bags this morning & filed an incident report with Costco. 3 of my dogs became ill after eating a new bag of food for a couple of days. One had to be seen by the vet a couple of days ago with severe diarrhea, ear yeast infection & itchy skin. Several tests were run and the vet blamed the food. I switched their food too a different brand from Petsmart. Will feed this for a few weeks and may try going back to the Natures Domain Salmon & mix with raw meat.

  • Kerri

    I am going back to the Kirkland dog food. After the recall my vet told me to switch to Royal Canine. My female beagle had been on the Kirkland Chicken and Rice and my puppy on Kirkland puppy. Since switching I have noticed them both gaining weight and poops are off. For double the price per bag I am not satisfied. Once this bag is almost done, I am going to switch them both back to Kirkland.

  • Valerie Jenkins

    16.Kirkland is also my preferred brand of dog food, but it’s not the main diet of my dogs. I don’t like the idea of feeding them entirely with canned stuff. Most of the time, I feed them strong proteins such as pork or chicken liver. I just rotate their meals occasionally with Kirkland.

  • Gary

    Hi Everyone,

    Reference all the comments about “bad” Kirkland dog food, what states do you all live in? If you are listing recall info, please list the state you live in.

    It was the Kirkland Lamb & Rice dry food that was tainted, and many other brands too.

    According to all the news stories I’ve seen about Kirkland dog food that was tainted and making “people” sick was on the east coast, mid-west and southern states. Out west we haven’t had any issues with the product. In fact all the major TV news stations here as saying NO dogs became ill, it was all people getting ill from handling the tainted foods.

    Also, please note, it was MANY different brands of dog foods, including some of the higher price brands, all the foods were made by Diamond Pet Foods processing plant in South Carolina.

    Diamond Pet Foods processing plants have had many recalls….have to wonder why the different companies trust them to make a qualify “clean” product they can put their brand name on? After all these recalls, I would look for different processing plants.

    To the folks that fed there dogs Kirkland food and claim their dogs got sick, did you remember to gently move your dog over to a new food. Need to start by mixing 25% new food into their old brand and slowly increase the amount over several days until your dog is on the new food. This will help eleminate any stomach or diarrhea problems. Switching food too fast is almost guaranteed to cause some stomach problems.

    Best of luck to anyone who has a ill pet, my thoughts are with you!

    Thank you.

  • Doug

    How many cups of ADult premium do we feed our 26 lb, 6 month old Standard poodle—we threw out the bag without checking. thanks

    • Jennifer

      My rule of thumb is 1 cup per 20 lbs. But, you notice your dog gaining weight then cut back (2 of the females in my home needed to lose several pounds so I switched from a 1 cup scoop to using a 6 ounce can (like tomato paste comes in)… works perfectly. Now that I am happy with their weight loss, I give them a cup in the morning and the 6 ounce can in the evening. (If your dog is overweight, you could also give half dog food and half green beans.)

      And if you feed 1 cup per 20 and your dog is losing weight (and they’re getting too thin) then you could feed the same amount but then throw in 1/2 cup green beans.

      Personally, I don’t go by the serving suggestions on the bag. I always feel they recommend giving more than what a dog should have.

      Being that your poodle is only 6 months, maybe start off w/ 2 cups a day (1 cup 2x per day). And again if your pup is getting a little chunky then cut it back, go from 16 ounces to 14 ounces for a couple of weeks and then if weight hasn’t come down then cut back to 12 ounces a day etc etc.

  • Judy

    Kirkland just got on the huge recall list !

  • maralevine

    Diamond Pet Foods is expanding their recall to include some Kirkland dry dog food formulas. Please check out our blog post dealing with this issue: http://petfoodtalk.com/blogs/diamond-expands-recall/

    • Suzanne

      My dog has been made ill by the Kirkland Mature dog food. I’m taking it back to Costco and I hope they treat me well.


  • Rachel

    I loved the Kirkland Signature kibble and my three were doing well on it but I switched two to the Super Premium Healthy Weight Dog three weeks ago. One of those two became ill. She died within days. The second got sick and has been taken off it. The third dog, who was eating a different formula seems fine, but I’m afraid to open the new bag I have. I an going to try to take both bags back.

    • PuppyMama

      There is a recall of the Kirkland brand dog food from Diamond manufacturer. I hope your pets did not get sick from this.

    • Angela

      Were the bags you bought part of the recall?

  • Scott

    I bought two bags of the premium puppy food from costco two weeks ago. Three days after feeding my boxer he had severe dark diarrhea and vomiting. We took him to the vet and after blood work and stool exam they basically didnt know what was wrong and gave us anti-diarrhea meds. He lost appetite, wash heavily drinking water and now when he sleeps he poops out a little nugget which he quickly eats. Weve had him to the vet twice since and now they want to put him on Prednisone. He was fine until i switched him from Blue to Kirkland.

    • Martha

      There was a recall for that food, he may have had a bad batch of food.

  • Allison

    If you do your homework like I did.. I went right to the source.. I contacted Diamond.. the only product of Diamond tainted was the Lamb and Rice.. this also affects Premium Edge as well.. they are part of the plant.. however, it all depends on what plant your food came out of.. I use Natures Domain grain free and also the Chicken puppy formula for my little baby.. NO ISSUES at all….

  • Holly Lown

    There is a big problem with dry dog food in 2012. The food has made many dogs sick, including two of mine. My 12 year old lab almost died and a 3 year old Bahamian dog who lived on garbage had diarehhea. I had smelled the dog food but thought i was being overly sensitive. So did my husband. Trust your instincts. After a few days, the old lab stopped eating. Today, I said to my husband I will scramble her an egg and she ran tothe stove. Then today I brought anew bag of kibble and threw it in her bowl and she gobbled it down. Shame on you Costco. We are great customers. But if you harm our dogs, we will rethink.

    • Fran Kowalik

      Just spent $153 dollars at the vet today! Same thing, the food smelled bad? This was the second bag I bought, 1st one was fine. I have 3 Huskies, two of them got sick, one very sick! The spot on the carpet where the male vomitted still smelled horrible after spot cleaning at least 5 times and steam cleaning. Only baking soda finally got the smell out! Took the food back for a refund yesterday. Today the male dog had severe diareha and messed every floor and carpet in the house! Luckily he is feeling better after medicine from the vet, who by the way suspects bacteria. I will never buy it again!! NEVER!

  • Melanie K

    I pulled out the drawer under my stove a few weeks ago…i noticed a few ants n wondered where they were coming from…what i found under there was a rubber mousie, a few feet from some chewed up dog toys a milk bone and 2 small end pieces of Costco bones. i saw small holes all over the Costco bones so i broke it open, and i was horrified to see there were ALOT of these small brown beettle like bugs…I have no idea how long these bones were under my stove, but I will say, i threw them immediately in the trash….(outside)

    I just noticed two of these gross beetles on the door to the laundry room where i keep the box of bones.(there was just one layer left on the bottom of the box). I look in the box and i see one crawling in there. SICK. i AM going back to Milkbone.

    • Marcene

      I was curious if you know exactly what those beetles that you found in your dog treats were? I found these same beetle like bugs and my dogs have started to get diarhia! I hope that your pets are ok?

  • Caza’s Dad

    Fed My girl YFLab costco weight control and she started licking her paws. Never before had done so when I was feeding her Avoderm. My friend that had a CMlab that was feeding him Costco reg dog food had the same problem only more sever. I went back to
    Avoderm and it stopped. Something in that food caused a reaction but don’t know what it could be. I don’t known where the ingrediants come from. Maybe China?

    • teresa

      kirkland dog food is made by Diamond..a expensive higher end dog food..and its made in USA

  • Maureen

    I have been feeding my dogs (all 9 of them) Kirkland foods for years and just love the results! All have super shinny coats, and dogs are soft, stay cleaner and don’t smell! I am an obedience trainer, and take my Bassett Hound to work and I have countless people tell me how healthy he looks and ask what food I feed! He never smells like a hound, and i very seldom bathe him! And thanks to Costco, we ca afford to feed all our dogs!

  • Sue

    Please be aware that something in the Kirkland’s dry Lamb and Rice made all of my dogs sick and one recently died who was young and healthy. Their food is being tested right now but doubt I will get a truthful answer until more people report that their dogs are sick. It took the COSTCO corp office 1 week to call me after I filled an incident report. COSTCO doesn’t seem that concerned. I’m really mad!

    • Lori

      I just recently switched to the Chicken soup for the pet lovers sould food from Diamond also. 2 out of 3 of my great danes are vomiting, itching all night and their ears are bright red! I had also fed diamond naturals to my pomeranian kennel and have dogs refusing to eat it and going hungry. I have take 6 bags of diamond food and thrown it in the trash and put them back on Iams and symptoms are subsiding. I could not believe so many dogs were sick and itching and explosive diarrhea all at once. I wonder if there is a Diamond food problem again??? Am going dog food shopping for more food after dropping nearly 300.00 on Diamond for disastrous results. I went back to it because i heard how many people have had good results. My poor dogs have suffered horribley!

    • Ms B

      We have used Kirtlands Lamb and Rice with no problems until this recent bag. Our relatively new rescued dog does not want to eat it, although he seem hungry (and eventually will eat it). He has been itching alot and now vomiting. I will check back for updates to your testing. We are likely going to return what is left and try another dog food. In the meantime, our guy is on homemade food.

      Does anyone have any comments about the Costco’s Natures Domain a grain free dog food, also made by Diamond.

      Also am I missing the Food Food Review on Natures Domain, or is it not rated yet?

      • SueG

        We have a rescue dog and he has just been with us for a month. We bought Kirkland Super Premium dog food (chicken, rice & vegetable). He seems okay with it but sometimes needs prompting to eat it. He loves Bully sticks and we were going through them pretty rapidly. About a week ago we bought a big bag at Costco (Cadet – real meat gourmet). Then the vomiting, compulsive licking and eating grass started. He also started chewing dog toys into pieces and we know some of the pieces got swallowed (passed some today). Not sure if some or all of these are at issue here. Vet says the bully sticks may just be too rich, and we are done with them. ButI am intrigued he dog food itself might end up being a problem.

      • Nili Young

        Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice was recalled for samonella. Diamond, I believe makes the Kirkland Lamb and Rice. That may be why your dog got sick.

    • Dog Mom

      Omg. I’ve been giving my dogs the same food for about a year and one has been vomiting more than usual and the other started having seizures. I am throwing it out and buying something else.

    • The dog food police

      Please note that from everything that I heard, Costco brand is produced by Diamond Brand dog food. Last night, Diamond voluntarily recalled the lamb and rice dry product. Our dog has eaten it for the past decade but recently with the last bag has stopped eating and taken ill. She has been vomiting, stopped eating, and has severely lost weight.

    • jen

      I am heartboken reading these comments, recently my 4 yr old healthy Boxer died suddenly, we thought it was a heart attack. His only symptom was that he wasnt interested in his food but ate it after coaxing. We thought this was because we got a new puppy and he wanted his food. It was a week after he died that we heard about the kirkland recall. Our family is devastated.

      • Lindsay

        Oh my God. I’m so sorry. My dogs are sick too from something unrelated so I’m researching new dog food. I’ve been terrified for them the last week and every day they seem to get worse my heart just sinks. I can’t imagine your pain to its fullest. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • 3 year user

    I have to say after 3 years of using it I no longer use it. I started getting suspicious when my dog who is not a picky eater started to NOT want to eat it. I am still trying to find one that both of us can agree on($ and good quality). I have read/heard about Canidae but have read/heard they are owned by Diamond also. So right now doggie is getting junk food(like every kid loves it). What’s a mother to do?

  • Kelly B.

    Great product! I would have a Costco membership simply for their pet aisle. We get the lamb variety for our yellow lab- he loves it and is truly healthy. We also buy Kirkland dog treats, bully sticks, and cat food.

  • doggie mom

    Sonya….Taste of the Wild is a Diamond Dog Food and so is Kirkland. Sometimes we thing more is best. But, sometimes less is more and best. Do your homework…know where your dog food comes from. Kirkland now offers a grain free food called Natures Domain. This is only sold at Costco and is also made by Diamond.

  • doglover

    LOVE this dog food or should I say my dogs love it. I buy the lamb rice & vegetables. Their coats are shiny – no dandruff -, their weight is stable, stools firm and best of all they love it. I used to buy Nutro L&R but the price doubles and the 40# bags were reduced to 35#.

  • mercury

    I was giving my dogs blue buffalo and paying alot of money on dog food. Since I got kirland dog food it has been great for my dogs. And the ingredents is just as good or even better then the top brand dog food at petco and pet smart. The price you can’t beat it

    • Gail

      There are world’s of difference between Blue and Kirkland. Blue is made in America with American ingredients.

      Kirkland uses ingredients from elsewhere.

      Right now, their canned food appears to be very badly tainted with something and is killing dogs. BEWARE KIRKLAND

  • mucktao

    I had my senior dog on Blue (life formula). I compared ingredients to Kirkland Senior formula and there isn’t a difference as far as quality goes. I’ve had him on this for a few months and he’s in great shape. Still acts like a puppy, running around. He just turned 8. My question to all…if they can manufacture (Kirkland) quality dog food, why would anyone spend the $ on another brand that costs twice as much?

  • mikeo

    used since puppy bouvier now 3.5 years old and just plops diarhea when i feed him this ..crap since diamond took over?

    • Sam

      We have been really happy with this food four our 3 dogs. They have been very healthy and it is within our budget.

  • sandi

    When someone mentions mold, do they not realize where cat, dog, horse, and other foods are stored??

    Ever been to a warehouse?/ The smell of rodenticides is overwhelming, and if the warehouseis not properly ventilated or lacking air conditioning, , yes, animal feeds and pet foods can become moldy.

    The small feed and grain store where I purchase most of myd og food and animal feeds is very well ventilated in the summer , so, the food does not become moldy.

    I have also picked up pet food from the so called large chain pet food purveyors, in their respective warehouses, the heat that comes out of the warehouses, and smell of as I said rodenticides is overwhelming, and this applies to the storage of so called Holistic, non preservative free cat and dog foods.

    Now, one of the warehouses that I occassinally animal feeds , if I am in the area is Tractor Supply, their store is cool and their large storage room is cold. I doubt the food becomes moldy as they have the proper ventilatin and cooling mechanism in place.

  • Robin

    We have been feeding the Kirkland food for about a year and it has compared very favorably with Iams and Diamond. My dogs had problems after a while with the Diamond brand. And the Iams was out of our price range for 6 dogs. We have purebred Heelers and a couple have food sensitivities which we have not had any problems with on the Kirkland. The ingredients are comparable to Iams which we liked. As for a lot of the comments, you have to go what works best for you. Expensive is not always the best!

  • Fido

    Marketing is a wonderful thing! Everyone is concerned about what to feed their dogs…in the meantime most dogs would eat their own stool, drink out of the toilet, eat road kill or anything else not nailed down. Look it’s easy, you can go out and buy the premium dog food any pay a fortune. I say go ahead do that for 2 reasons. First it is good for the economy; second if Costco sells too much of this food it may impact Diamond food sales and they’ll stop making it for Costco or Costco will increase the price based on demand. So go ahead waste your $$$$$ the economy needs it! Kirkland (really Diamond) provides real value for the money and a quality food…the only alternative that would make any difference to your dog and guarantee what your dog is eating is to make it yourself. By the way even if you make your own dog food, that really doesn’t guarantee that your dog is getting really good food, it only guarantees that your dog is getting food as good as you can buy or afford. I love Simone’s statement that: “…I work at an all natural pet food store and we offer plenty of brands…the companies guarantee the ingredients they are putting into their foods….” First of all the fact that she (I assume it’s a she) works in a natural pet food store really makes her objective….daaaaaaa. Secondly all companies guarantee the ingredients. Even the low end brands like IAMS and PURINA guarantee the ingredients. SO WHAT!? Like I said through away your money on more expensive food…it’s good for the economy. Let’s keep this food a secret …that good for me 😉

    • imofanopinion

      I LOVE sarcasm so well put 😉 I have more then 5 dogs that are all AKC champion titled. I have fed Kirkland for over 2 years now, if I need a better shinier coat..I add Isle of Dogs supplement to their food. My dogs are in excellent shape, good body condition, happy dogs, nicely muscled, most of all they also have firm stools AND eat this food without any problems. The puppies LOVE their food way more then some of the expensive brands I used to feed. Way too many dog foods are totally overpriced yet if people are happy to buy it and brag about it – heck, that helps the economy and especially the feed companies. I no longer feel like I have to apologize for using a affordable dog food that does very good for my dogs and is always available at the store. SO if you want to listed to employees of “natural food” stores and pay more for your dog food then your family — feel free. But we all do not have to be like you, we are just as smart and our dogs are just as healthy AND we can take the family out to the movies in the monies we save!!

  • Angie

    I have done months of research over the last year about different dog foods and I tell you.. some of the ingredients they put in some dog foods is out of this world. I have feed almost everykind you can imagine and I didnt even know about Kirkland untill I happen to see it at discount seconds store. Well I read ingredients and it stacks right up there with royal canine, nutra, 4health and many other high priced/ high end foods. Great price I got it for not sure what it sells for at costco for there isnt one in my area but from what I read on here about half the price of the other high end foods. Well I bought what they had and my german shepherds really like it and are doing well on it. I do need to find a costco. I would recommend this food to any one that is on a tight budget but wants to feed their pets well.

  • Cathy

    With three large breed dogs, we switched from a designer brand to Kirkland and the dogs have responded very well. However, I would be interested in finding out if they test their pet food on animals. I have not managed to find this information. Hope someone can help.

  • Michelle

    Amanda, you are full of it.

  • Michelle

    Lindsay, there is no way that any manufacturer would knowingly use anything that was moldy! Eating mold would kill your dog. So there is no way that this food contains mold. You need to get a grip and stop making ridiculous statements. 😉

  • Joe

    Kirkland is Costco’s “house brand” for everything, and is only available at Costco. You should be able to find a friend who has a Costco card and go in with them or just repay them. Offer to buy them something in the food court :)

  • Country Grown

    I used to buy my dog’s food at 20lb bags for $40. as they are both allergic to wheat and corn. Then I went to raw and vege’s which was awesome they loved it and were healthy. Now I’m disabled and they are my companion dogs. They are my reason to get up. I am so grateful that Costco has Kirkland’s. At least their not getting the corn and wheat anymore and itching till they were almost bleeding. They have been on Kirklands for a month and no itching. I know it’s not raw but it’s the best I can do. Now I just got to figure a way to get a Costco card as it was a one time shopping from a friend. Does anyone else know if you can get Kirkland’s at another store in Sacramento, CA? I can’t even afford to feed me meat much less my dogs. They are thriving and doing well and no more itching! For hard times it’s the best out there that I have found. 4 votes from me. I LOVE MY DOGS!

  • Valerie

    I was embarassed once when a vet asked me what kind of food I fed my dogs, since the vet’s office was selling the expensive “designer” dog food. I admitted that I fed my dogs the Kirkland food and her response? “That’s what I feed my dogs too! It’s a great food for the money.”

  • Michelle

    It would be nice if the ingredients were posted on this site.How are these foods being reviewed with no ingredients? Well anyway, here they are. @ 25 bucks for a 40lb bag,this food is a bargain all day long……. Also they don’t have to pay for commercials or any kind of advertising so they can actually afford to put good ingredients in the food! Too bad all the highly commercialized foods like Purina and such spend all their money on marketing, and none on ingredients! Kirkland Signature

    Dry Dog Food

    Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and vitamin E), egg product, beet pulp, potatoes, fish meal, flaxseed, natural flavor, brewers dried yeast, millet, dried chicory root, carrots, peas, kelp, apples, cranberry powder, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, rosemary extract, parsley flake, taurine, yucca schidigera extract, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, L-carnitine, biotin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid

    Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.4%

  • Justa Citizen

    When you have money its easy to forget other people dont sometimes. Kirkland is head and shoulders above the purina and pedigree that are priced similarly. I was able to get my frugal parents to even switch over because the price was within their budget. All of their dogs and my dog are near or over 10 years old at this point, but you wouldnt guess it.

    My 13 year old border collie has never had a major health issue and has eaten it for 5 years. Before that she ate the cheaper Nutro brand.

  • Katai

    While all those foods sound cheap, kirkland sells for about 20-25 dollars last I checked. Can you give me a high quality food from that list that sells that cheap?

  • Amanda

    I own a Great Dane and thought feeding Kirkland brand would be a cheap yet healthier choice to feed her. While on the food her skin was dry, she pooped about five times a day, and the dry kibble expands drastically which caused her to bloat on a couple occasions. Luckily I am familiar with the signs of bloat and was able to catch it early and reverse the issue before surgery was necessary. I quickly switched her to flint river ranch and all of these issues cleared up. Since switching, my dane has not had a single episode of bloat

    • Bloatedcomment

      Amanda, you should be so incredibly rich that you don’t need to buy dog food at costco, since you have the unveiled the secret of how to reverse bloat. Where can I buy the book!

    • Sonya

      Amanda clearly works for the marketing department of Flint River Ranch. Ignore her people. The first ingredient in Flint Rivers dog food is meal form of meat, not even meat. A good dog food should always start with a meat and it can be followed with a meal form of meat. She is lying.

      • Rachel

        Flint River Ranch looks like a good food to me- some of their formulas anyway. I haven’t ever bought it, just going on the ingredients. I wanted to tell you that a meat meal is just basically dried meat- it’s desirable in a food. I only feed dog foods that have some sort of specific meat meal as the first ingredient. If the first ingredient is just meat and not meal, there is actually much LESS meat in the food, because “meat” is listed in its wet form generally, and meal listed in dry form. So since ingredients are listed by weight, if a dry ingredient is first, it means there is a LOT of it.

      • kevin

        yes amanda i also have a great dane and she is in perfect health u must not of gottin a health record of youre dane sounds like u got the bad one from the litre

  • Simone

    I work at an all natural pet food store and we offer plenty of brands that are well priced, grain free if needed, and the companies guarantee the ingredients they are putting into their foods. If you are looking for good quality foods at a resonable price there are many to choose from; Canidae, Nature’s Variety, Taste Of The Wild, Nutri Source, Solid Gold, EarthBorn, just to name a few. Please take into consideration to that if you spend a little more on your pet food you tend to spend a lot less on your verterinary care.

    • Gregg

      While those foods may be priced competatively compared to each other, they are all extremely expensive for most people, especially with a large dog. In a perfect world diet and exercise would negate the need for most healthcare services, in reality that is not the case. There are many other variables associated with health other than food. Beyond a standard level of nutrition, there is little additional benefit beyond that (I didn’t say NO benefit, and the level is highly debated.)

    • Sean

      I have read that statement before that “consumption of premium food translates as lower health care bills”. Has there been a study to prove that, or is it just another advertising “bite-sized message”?

      I would love for someone like the future Leona Helmsley Dog Foundation (if the estate administrators do not gut her explicit instructions to fund it to the tune of billions) to conduct double-blind, scientific dog food testing to encompass: 1) taste, palatability 2) bacteriological profile 3) nutritional profile 4) toxicology. Also, since successive Administrations have cut back on food inspections, an independent quality standards body, that has unannounced visits and testing, be available for all food distributors. By way of comparison, in Japan, every cow is tested for BSE, whereas, in the US, only 1 in 20,000 is tested (if that!) or if the cow is unsteady on its feet (and the ranchers are following the regulations).

    • Sonya

      Simone, this IS a good quality food. I haven’t even used it but just by looking at the ingredients why would you pick anything else? .65 cents a lb. is a steal. To be honest I don’t think I’ve seen a cheaper dog food period. Can someone name one that is cheaper crappy ingredients or not?

    • mucktao

      Not necessarily true. You work at a place that sells designer food. Not all dogs need that type of food. I bought into that for a number of years until I wised up. My dog does just as good on Kirkland as he did on TOTW. Some of the designer food made him have the runs. Too much protein.

    • cjf

      Taste of the wild, canidae, and solid gold are all made by diamond which also makes kirkland signature. Ingredients are similar kirklnad is way better priced.

  • Cindy

    There is not a better for on the market FOR THE PRICE. If you can’t afford the super spendy foods, kirkland is a great alternative. Ingredient for ingredient it stacks up with the best.

    • Nina

      I work at Costco, have 2 Newfoundlands, a Standard poodle, and a chow mix puppy. Our dogs have only eaten Costco brand food due to the high quality ingredients used and their enormous (200+ lbs.) sizes, and have NEVER had an issue. No where else in the world can you find a better food for a better price. Period. Our dogs are strong, healthy, and still as slobbery as ever, without having to pay the “big-bucks” to get them there.

  • Lindy

    Our Great Dane goes through about 10 cups of dog food per day, so we started looking around for a cheaper, yet healthy alternative. Costco’s dog food seemed to meet the bill (the red bag). We considered the ingredients, as noted above. One other thing to note, is that it is VERY hard to track down where ANY of our food ACTUALLY comes from, even our human food… unless we grow it ourselves. Who knows even if our “organic food” is even truly organic anymore? This is a tough one.

    What I do know is that our 6 year old Great Dane responded WELL to the food and has more energy than ever, improved coat, and higher energy levels… so the food is better for her than the Veterinary Diet food we had her on before (which was more than double the price!)

    Thank you Costco!

  • Mary

    Lindsay could be correct but I know of people who are knowledgeable about the foods they are feeding their dogs but simply can’t afford the high quality dog foods if you want to call any of them high quality. So they are shopping around to find a food that doesn’t cause a lot of allergies that is reasonably priced. Currently they are using purina and pedigree which rate extremely low, all of which use meat by products that know one knows about is what I understand. I will look further though and see if I can find a cheap dog food with no corn, no ethonxyquinn, and no beet pulp filler. Seems these also cause as much harm as the meat by products. If I can’t find it I will be back to shop for Kirkland and Cosco!

    • rachel

      Mary, make sure to keep in mind that when calculating cost of feeding, you want to check the calories in the food. I used to feed a diamond brand food because it was less than a dollar per pound, but at some point I realixed it had about half the calories per cup of the good food I had been feeding, and I realized I was actually paying MORE by feeding the cheaper food, since I had to feed twice as much.

  • Lindsay

    Kirkland dog food uses meat that Diamond Pet Foods rejects (moldy or off). I live near the Diamond facility and my friend’s brother works at Diamond and has confirmed the rumor. I wouldn’t take any chances with Kirkland brand.

    Kirkland also has A LOT of sodium and carbohydrates in the food. It’s not required to list via AAFCO guidelines, but if you take into consideration the ingredients, you will see for yourself.

    • Andrew

      That is very interesting Lindsay. That makes me think a lot about my dogs health by kirkland.

      • Allison DuPree

        I always try to feed my dogs the highest end dog food, but lately I’ve noticed that they have ear, stool, and weight problems. After discussing it with my vet, we switched to Kirkland. Now my dogs are maintaining their weight, and I also noticed that we are able to feed them foods which are much less costly. Lindsay, I’m not sure what ‘bad’ ingredients Lindsay is referring to, but for my dogs Kirkland’s ingredients have helped greatly in restoring my dogs’ health.


        • Abby

          I don’t know how anyone can read that kirkland uses off meat or moldy meat and then say for their dogs it has helped restore their health. Off or Moldy means it is only a matter of time. Found that out the hard way, with two sick dogs with Pancreatitus. Two different breeds, same food…Kirkland. For 15 or more years we have purchased this food for our pets. But, recently something has changed.

More Information

Kirkland dog food is the signature brand of Costco, a big-box store with a big reputation for low prices. However, is low price really all that matters in a dog food formula? How nutritious is Kirkland dog food, and is it a good choice for your dog’s nutrition? What do other dog owners say about Kirkland dog food? Learn more about Kirkland dog food in our review!

Who makes Kirkland Dog Food?

Kirkland Dog Food is sold and marketed by Costco Wholesale Corporation and is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. The Kirkland brand in general is Costco’s “store brand”, which is used on many different products, from canned food to vitamins. Most all of Costco’s stores around the country offer Kirkland dog food formulas for consumers to purchase.

Kirkland Dog Food Recall

As of right now, one Kirkland dog food formula is listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website. This recall was initiated in 2007, so will not affect recent Kirkland dog food formulas. The product that was recalled was a canned formula variety pack. Kirkland recalled approximately 6.5 million cans.

Update 5/5/12 Diamond Pet Foods is expanding their recall to include some Kirkland dry dog food formulas. Please check out our blog post dealing with this issue

Kirkland Ingredients

Kirkland dog food formulas are generally viewed by nutritional experts as being a “mid-grade” dog food brand. For example, there are no corn, wheat or soy ingredients in the top five ingredients, which is unique among other “store-brand” dog food formulas. Animal digest and -poultry by-products are also not included in Kirkland dog food. The first ingredient in most formulas is a meat, followed by a meat meal. Barley and rice are two ingredients that offer most of the carbohydrate content of Kirkland dog food formulas.

Kirkland Allergies

There are no significant ingredients in Kirkland dog food that are known to commonly cause allergic reactions in dogs. However, it’s always best to exercise caution, especially if you have a dog with severe allergies. When feeding your dog Kirkland dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Have you fed your dog any of the Kirkland dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Kirkland dog food!

Ingredient List*

Kirkland Dog Food Ingredient List

*for Kirkland Signature Super Premium Adult Dog Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula

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