Jul. 7, 2015

Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews

Top 5 Ingredients*
  1. Chicken

  2. Chicken broth

  3. Sweet potatoes

  4. Potatoes

  5. Dehydrated potatoes

Artificial IngredientsNo
Contains By-productsNo
Price Range$$$
*Natural Balance® Chicken & Sweet Potato Canned Formula was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list
What's good about this pet food
  • Excellent animal protein
  • Quality grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
What's not so good about this pet food
  • Nothing

Our Analysis

Natural Balance Dog Food is one of the rare dog foods that is loved by both pet owners and by the veterinarian. Both the dry and canned foods are primarily meat-based, meaning that neither product has a great deal of “filler” material. This means a healthier meal for your dog, as well as a meal that the dog will enjoy. Unless the dog has a particularly finicky stomach, there are relatively few problems to look out for with this brand.

Natural Balance is fairly easy to find in most pet food stores, and the price is in line with most other mostly-meat brands. The food is healthy, tasty for dogs, and actually worth the price for those that are looking out for their pets’ health. As a rare dog food with no major downsides, it is actually a very special find. All in all, Natural Balance earns its place as one of the better ranked dog foods currently on the market.

Natural Balance received our highest rating not just for the high quality ingredients, but for the “Buy With Confidence Program” that allows the customer to see the laboratory test results that were conducted on the Natural Balance foods.

Even though Natural Balance is more expensive than supermarket brands, it is less expensive than the higher end foods that you may find in specialty stores. Dick Van Patten did a great job when he came up with this concept for dog food in 1989!

The Word on the Street...

Natural Balance Dog Food is generally well received by dog owners of all stripes. The food is of high quality, and the proteins used are actually on par with that for human consumption. Most dog fans like the food because of the high quality ingredients, while most dogs like it because it seems to be quite tasty. Dogs both large and small tend to enjoy the food, and pet owners seem to feel rather happy that they are able to give their dogs a decent shelf-brand dog food.

There are a few owners that note that their dogs do have stomach problems (mostly gas) after eating Natural Balance, but the problem is not terribly wide-spread. Other owners note that older dogs have a bit more energy after eating the brand, and almost all of the dogs simply seem content after feeding. All in all, it is a brand that can keep dogs and their owners happy.

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Grain Content
Rating for Natural Balance Dog Food:
7.6 / 10 (90 votes cast)
  • Olivia

    I purchased what I thought was going to be the same quality product I’ve come to rely on over the last 6 years only to receive poor quality, foul smelling, unpalatable food for our Boston Terriers who have allergies and sensitive stomachs. Angry does not even begin to describe how I feel about the recipe change Del Monte has made – the result has been apprehension in eating the food and when they do they experience severe bloating, strained pooping, unusual color and consistency in stools. The quality has completely changed: the dry kibble [potato-duck] is lighter in weight, darker in color, foul smell; the canned [potato-duck] has more filler product, is whipped up to be lighter in the can & appears to have way more potato than duck…while the rolls are altogether disgusting, powdery and smell like rubber tires/petroleum [like the ‘Made in China Products,’ that Kill our Pets]! How can this company think their customers would not notice such an awful product being sold for an even Higher Price?!!! I am angry, severely disappointed and refuse to purchase Natural Balance Products in the future- unless the same EXACT quality recipes are brought back- not these cheap imitations. Customer service wrote to me assuring the product is not made in China- and claiming they have not changed the kibble or canned food- but there is a noticeable difference in the way these products smell and our dogs refuse to eat it now. I am severely disappointed in this brand.

  • Tony

    My 1.5 year old golden retriever has been on Natural Balance Duck and Potato Limited Ingredient Diet for the last year. Amber has a sensitive stomach and would have very soft poop when she ate dog food with grains in it. The Duck and Potato dog food had worked great with Amber until the most recent bag that I bought last month. It appears that there have been changes to the food as the kibble is smaller and darker than it used to be. It also has a saltier smell to it. Amber’s soft poop has returned once she started eating the most recent bag so Natural Balance must have changed the recipe. I’m very disappointed and do not understand why they would change the formula to a Limited Ingredient Diet and not inform the consumer. I’m concerned that the formula change was driven by Del Mote who recently purchased Natural Balance and that they are trying to cut corners in the ingredients to increase their bottom line. I will now be searching for another brand and will not be buying Natural Balance again.

  • Terry

    I have an 11 year old shih tzu who has eaten the lamb rolls for most of his life. I never had a problem getting him to eat it. Since the formula change, my dog refuses to touch it. It is very hard, and has a different odor. Terrible consistency! At this time we are trying to find a different food/brand for him. He absolutely won’t eat it.
    Please bring back the old formula!

    • Debbie

      My little shin tzu refuses to eat!!! What am I to do now??? I bought the beef and the chicken/whatever flavor is with it, they all have a chemical smell. Why? Thought the Petco associate told me that these are healthier? Who ever made this decision was WRONG! Give the consumer the choice of what the want to feed their dog! Great create another line but leave the traditional alone!!! Still want to know what I am suppose to feed my dog now??? Do the van pattens read these and care???? Hmmm……
      Talk about loosing review!!!! Hmmmm….
      Won’t be using or recommending it anymore! As for listening to Petco associates don’t think I will do that anymore either!!!

  • Jim Tompkins

    The new Natural Balance dog food roll, Lamb & Chicken is terrible. Compared to the former Lamb roll it’s dry and crumbly, not moist like the old formula. Plus the size has been reduced to 3.5pounds from 4 and the price remains the same, which I feel is a deceptive practice. Natural Balance should go back to the old formula and size. I’d be willing to pay a little more for quality. I don’t plan to buy the new formula after I’m done with the rolls I recently bought.

  • BigBoy

    Two Words: SOLID GOLD. After switching to Natural Balance LID for allergies, we noticed significant weight gain along with other issues. Now feeding Solid Gold ‘Hund-n-Flocken” (lamb and rice) recipe, all four Goldens are much healthier. Expensive locally but doable after a thourough online search were we found first time discounts and free shipping.

  • Beth Flaherty

    November 2013 had to put 6 year old dog down. Noticed he began being sick over the summer. Very lethargic, fever, vomiting, belching. The doctors never came to any conclusion of what was wrong. He was on the Sweet Potato and Salmon and I did notice a change in the way the food looked. Until reading the 2013 reviews I never even thought the food was the issue because as you can see this has a 5 star rating. I wish I knew! I did look for a recall but did not find anything. Reading all the 2013 issue is just making me furious. We have a new dog and I am so happy that I found this information because I was thinking of switching him to New Balance. No way that is happening now. Thank you
    reviewers. You may have just saved my new dog’s life.



    • linda

      I feed to English bullies and has been great for their allergy problems. I only use the can grain free salmon. For dry foo I use natures recipe grain free salmon for my 2 bullies and a newfy and found that the absolute best dry food….

  • voxleo

    It cannot be coincidence. My boys have been good with the NB Ultra kibble or the Synergy, but last few months have eaten less than usual and having more issues with vomiting and diarrhea. I don’t trust Del Monte. GOtta switch.

  • stephanie

    I used to feed the rabbit/potato formula to my dog. She did awesome with her skin allergies until very abruptly, she developed ear infections, sores around her lips, and sores on her bum. She is no longer eager to eat at mealtimes. The pet store owner where we purchase the product told us the food company was sold. Now the food is basically trash, so sad.

  • Mojo’s Keeper

    I’m chiming in with Lisa, Ivanka, Judith and Lauren. We’ve had Mojo on The Salmon formula for 3 years. He had the most beautiful coat. We put him on this dog food, because he was reacting to the grains in other foods. We switched to a sweet potato base, and he was doing great.

    The last 2 bags we’ve gotten do not smell like fish anymore when we open the bag. Mojo looks at his bowl without interest. He started biting and itching like crazy and has such bad gas that I had been accusing my family of feeding him human food.

    Long story short, we suspected something was up, and my search for what was going on with the food, brought me here. The obvious is that the product manufacturer is not the same, the quality is not the same and Mojo’s health is not the same. Game over…

    Blue Mountain? Taste of the Wild? Going to find a new brand tonight, and toss the cr@p food out that we paid big bucks for.

  • Carrie

    This is interesting to read so many other dogs that have been on Natural Balance for a long time are now experiencing the same health issues our dog is having: lack of eating, vomiting, and lethargic. Our dog has been eating NB Sweet Potato and Fish food for 5 years. This past June we noticed a change in the food (that the food smelled a bit strange and different) but didn’t really think much of it. Over the past two months we have seen a decline in our dog’s health. When we took her in for her check-up in September our vet didn’t find immediately wrong and told us to follow up. In the past two days she has gotten worse so today we took her to the vet and are awaiting her test results. We will be switching her food tomorrow.

    • Beth Flaherty

      I cannot believe I am reading this. This past summer (2013) I noticed the Sweet Pt. and Fish formula did look different and did not think anything of it! Move ahead Nov. 2013 we had to put our dog down due to terrible undiagnosed health issues. Lethargic, fever and stopped eating. If it was the food uhhhg…

    • Sandra Crawley

      I have 2 pugs that have been eating Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish. Two weeks ago I purchased a new bag of food. Last Thursday, one of the pugs started vomitting and has been in the vet office on IV. He is very sick. The other pug started eating just a bit two days ago and then would walk away and not eat. My husband says the food has a bad odor. I plan to take a sample to the vet to see what they think. I hope the illness is not from the food, but we have not changed their feeding habits or anything else. Has anyone else had recent issues with this brand or flavor of dog food?

  • Donna

    We changed to Synergy when we realized that our 10 yr old boxer was allergic to red food dye. The 4 yr old poodle & 8 yr old boxer also changed at the same time.

    All our dogs love the product and are healthy and energetic. We have been very pleased with the consistent quality of the food.

  • Marti

    I just read that Del Monte bought Natural Balance. The reviews after the buy-out aren’t as good. Is this yet another case of a big corporation charging the same amount for poor quality dog food? What’s the thought on this?

  • Lauren

    Food suddenly making dog sick (lethargic, vomitting, belching, loss of appetite) after 4 years on Salmon LID. Food doesn’t look or smell the same. Something is wrong with this product.

  • Lucille R

    I’m absolutely thrilled you product a Vegan Formula
    because my dog is allergic to all meats, including
    fish. He breaks out with sores that puss runs out of all over his belly. It took me 4 yrs to discover it was meat that he was allergic to. (Dogs are suspose to be carnivorous) because of over breeding & interbreeding this is what has become of it. In a week being on this formula he completely cleard up. Thank you Thank you

  • Judith W

    I have used this dog food for my two Westies for going on 3 years. Great results. I have recently stopped using it for one reason. SODIUM NITRITE. I will resume buying again if they stop using this carcinogenic ingredient. No good dog food is worth feeding my dog if it helps them get cancer.

    • Ivanka

      READ THIS if you feed your dog Natural Balance. I’ve been feeding my dog Natural Balance for years with no problem until June 2013. My dog suddenly lost 3 lbs in four short months (out of 18 lbs). I panicked and rushed to the vet. After a full blood screening, x-rays, ultrasound and $800 vet bill it turns out everything is normal. The only explanation: the dog food! I did research and found out Natural Balance was acquired by Del Monte…a huge corporation that specializes in the WORST dog food you can buy for your dog!! Stay away from Natural Balance. The formula has been changed and you WILL see your dog’s health decline. My dog was in excellent health and was eating the same food and amount but rapidly losing weight…you do the math!

      • Lisa Lawien

        I agree with your comment. I’ve been feeding Natural Balance to my 8 year old female Golden for about three years with no problem. Then, suddenly, last month she quit eating it and had stomach issues. I also took her to the vet and he suggested changing her food and it did the trick. There is definitely a change in this product.

  • pat

    Look…canola is a GMO crop.

  • Veronica

    Here we go again, another inaccurate review. You state natural balance has meat as the first ingredient. Unfortunately they almost always have a carb as the first ingredient. Check their website. Please do research before doing a review. Dog food advisor gives them a so-so rating because they are carb heavy, not meat heavy. You use the chicken LID food as your example, but your listing of the ingredients is wrong. Chicken is not the first ingredient. I really wish people wouldn’t rely on this website.

    • Staff

      Ingredients are verified from the mfg specs here

      • H Smith

        I agree with Veronica. While some NB dry foods have protein as the first ingredient, the vast majority have the card first (in fact, the link you provided showed a sweet potato and chicken formula) I’m in the pet food industry, and see many dogs that do well eating NB. However, your review suggests that the whole line of food has the protein as the first ingredient, which is not true.

      • Kathy Helms

        This is for the canned food.

  • Michelle

    Our older dog and new pup (8mo) enjoy the food selection we made. But the packaging is not good so that the lower portions of kibbles are almost duct-like in consistency. I complained to my lcal pet store as we seem to be losing 10-20% of the kibble. They too think the bag is not sturdy enough so throughout the transport phase the kibble moves too much and simply breaks down. We are switching brands Diego this. Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

  • Kaaren

    I changed my senior boxer from Wellness brand over to Natural Balance about a year ago because he was having chronic loose stools (not quite diarhea). A vet advised I switch to a limited ingredient recipe that only contained one carbo: sweet potatoes, and she recommended Natural Balance. I bought the formula with sweet potatoes and fish, as my dog loves salmon. The stool become firmer and almost normal again but the smell was rancid. People just said it was a food ingredient making that smell. It went on for a year with these rancid smelling poops (like perming solution). My dog has just had $2000.00 worth of treatment including follow ups to fix a gas/pancreas problem. The vet now thinks it could have been the Natural Balance, and is now recommending GoNatural.

  • Mel

    I used to feed this to my dog when I was trying to determine if she had a protein allergen. This food is great for dogs with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. Their fish formula as well as their venison formula should be considered if you’re looking for food because of allergies. All their lines (specifically their grain free foods) are great for dogs with other intolerances.

    For healthy dogs, I would advise going elsewhere. The protein percent is much lower for the price you’re paying. It’s not a bad choice, but it isn’t the best choice either for dogs with a healthy body.

    For a healthy dog, I give this food 3.5/5 because it could use more protein.

    For sensitive dogs, I give it 5/5 because all of the ingredients are high quality, and the list of ingredients are limited to avoid stomach upset.

  • Julie Kiernan

    I just changed my dog’s (purebred “snow” labrador retriever) food for the second time in his short 3-year life. About two years ago he started having problems with the food my older dog was eating and that we had transitioned him to after puppy food. I did a lot of research and read that dogs that have ear infections or other illnesses early in life many times develop food allergies. Gus did have an extensive ear infection as a puppy. So I went to the pet store and the person there suggested Natural Balance potato and duck. This seemed to do the trick and Gus was happy and healthy for these past two years. About three weeks ago, we bought the first big bag after the recall and he immediately started to have the same symptoms as before. I don’t think there is a salmonella issue any more with the brand but what I’m starting to think is that they reformulated the food to make salmonella harder to occur. So maybe they stopped putting whole duck in it or added more preservatives. Whatever it is was appeared to be the culprit in putting poor Gus in extreme distress (for the record, I brought him to the vet multiple times the first time and also this time). Today I went to the store, purchased a couple of cans and a bag of Wellness Simple and Gus is extremely content right now. I didn’t dare transition him to the new dogfood with the old because my gut told me there is something different with the NB since the recall. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he does well with this. Anyone else out there with a similar post-recall story?

    • Lisa M

      My little dog just started sweet potato and venison because of allergies. She is now acting like she has no energy and is having a hard time pooping which she has never had before. I think today is the last of the food.

  • Elizabeth L.

    I put my dogs on Synergy because one of them had really bad digestion problems. After switching our dogs were much better off, and I was happily surprised to read that the ingredients are extreremly healthy. Everything improved: coats, eyes, deameanor, back-yard waste amounts, it was amazing. We have no Natural Balance complaints, only good results here.

  • Sue Smothers

    I have a dog that has just been diagnosed with diabetes. I can’t find a diabetic dog food in my town. I just purchased Natural Balance L.I.D. ((sweet potato and fish formula). Is this ok for my diabetic dog. The vet said I should have a dog food with a low glycemic index? What is the glycemic index for this brand? Also he said, low carbohydrates. I need some guidence.


  • Joe

    I have a 10 year old pug and after my pug was put on medication he stopped eating his iams dog food. I tried every product I could find and he would eat it for a day or two then stop. I have bags and bags of food almost all full and a lot of cans in the cabinet of food he refuses to eat. I took him to a pet expo and in a goodie bag there was this food roll. I did some research on it and was impressed with what they put in the food and what they didn’t. I gave it to him and he devoured it. I then bought a bunch of the small rolls and each day I was waiting for him to stop eating it but he never did. I picked up the 4lb roll of the beef and he eats everything I put in front of him and wants more. Im just so happy he is eating because he likes the food and not out of hunger.

  • PAUX

    They sub contract the manufacturing, mainly to Diamond who has a very bad track record. The FDA’s recent review of the Gaston plant is unbelievable and for Natural Balance to be unaware of this is not what one would call securing the quality of their product….where is that 151 tests, when broken and contaminated machinery is used to make their product. Is the health of our pets thrown out for their bottom line $$? There is now a new recall at the plant in Meta, Missouri. It also is starting out with the Diamond brand, but will it be another rolling recall like the one in Gaston, S.C.? Natural Balance LID is made here. Also the ingredients in the potato and duck is mostly from plant protein, not good, dogs need protein from meat. The meat in this formula is very low.

  • maralevine

    Natural Balance is voluntarily recalling certain dog food formulas. Visit http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/home/NB_recall.html for complete information.

  • Abby

    Consider this natural balance dog food review five stars, four paws up, etc. Their L.I.D. sweet potato & fish food saved my dogs life. He has not suffered since we started giving this to him one year ago. He still enjoys the taste too. He’s happy and healthy now thanks to this brand. And for what you get in quality and trust, it’s worth the price, which is actually very reasonable.

  • Marcy

    My lab developed allergies to just about everything – his hair was falling out, he was having bouts of diarrhea and vomiting – we put him on Natural Balance Duck and Sweet Potato and he was fine from that point on. Great food, but very expensive.

    • PAUX

      That is good, but I would suggest frequent Lab evaluations on his liver and kidney health if you are keeping him on this food, just to be on the safe side.

      • Biggie


        Thanks for your input, why would you say that a dog needs liver and Kidney check ups. Have there been incidences?

  • radar

    Our 4 year old mini schnauzer Radar has been raised exclusively on dry Natural Balance products. We had a small problem with dry skin but quickly solved the issue with Natural Balance Synergy. The breeder recommended it, the Vet recommended it and we highly recommend it. It may cost a little more than regular store brands but we want only the best for Radar. You can trust Natural Balance with you best friend. I’m glad I did.

  • Terry

    I have 6 dogs, my brother has 2 and my mom also has 2. My best friend has 3. We all have our dogs on Natural Balance foods and are huge fans of this company. You have never seen healthier, happier dogs who love their food. One of my dogs (Maltese) is on their LID Limited Ingredient formulas for allergies and it practically saved her life – her symptoms are now gone. I read labels and stay on top of recalls, dog food news, etc, and Natural Balance makes sure all of their food is safe and tested – and you can double check on this on their website by entering the number on the bag you buy. We are all huge fans.

  • Rosalie

    Anyone feeding this food PLEASE READ THIS –
    THere is a significant problem with this food line, and a lot of animals – both dogs and cats- are apparently getting sick from recent batches of both canned and dry Natural Balance food!


  • Kate Jackson

    I switched to Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish L.I.D. after my lab began suffering with allergies and stomach issues. All of a sudden he couldn’t tolerate anything and would vomit every night. He also developed rashes. Our vet suggested Natural Balance and it worked wonders for Zeus. He loved the taste, and his symptoms cleared up. We love Natural Balance and switched our cats to their Ultra formula. I believe this is the best brand of pet food on the market today.

    • Billy

      We have the same experience. A dog with allergies, who just could not find a food that agreed with her. Then we Natural Balance and she has been doing great. All of her problems have cleared up. I love this food.

  • SallyMahr

    That’s funny because that also happend to us weeks ago. Yeah those mushys are a pain to pick up. We try the best we can but it’s just gross. But the interesting thing we found is that it’s not the NB. It was something she ate at the park when we were not looking. My son saw it though… Well, we think it’s that, but we can never be sure. But since then her stools have been regular.

    • PAUX

      It is not just “mushys”, it is huge foul smelling fecal matter. When a dog is getting a proper diet with a higher quality of protein source and less fillers and vegetable fillers, their excrement is small and less. It is the fillers that cause this problem of large and increased amount of feces. I do not think that this would be considered a “quality” product, although one pays for this. Increased fillers and veg. protein is an irritant to the intestinal track, thus the “mushy’s”, I would rather give my animal good food that does not cause these problems.

      • Debbie Deck

        Please …. Maybe you can suggest a food that is better. I am not happy with NB Potato and fish. Something in it has definitely changed. My dog is allergic to peas and duck.

        • Kathy

          I feed my dog the venison and sweet potato formula. He has allergies and has been doing fine on this food until recently. My vet suggested I checked the bag for any changes in the ingredients and I found that they now add pea protein which my dog happens to be allergic to. The website I purchase my food from does not list pea fiber as an ingredient. You really need to read the actual label as companies frequently change their formulas without notice.

  • Sarah8373

    I fed my 5 month old yorkshire terrier puppy with natural balance chicken puppy food, the one that has a yorkie picture on the bag. That’s actually the reason why we bought it the first place, because it has the yorkie’s picture on the bag and says it’f for puppy, so that looks perfect right to us. Cooper (our puppy) likes the food a lot, but he tends to have gastrointestinal problems often. It’s hard to say whether it’s the food, but he is very sensitive towards other things we gave to him while on this diet. When I used to just feed him boiled rice, chicken breast, and apple, he was not sensitive to other treats at all. But Cooper definitely likes it, if we mixed the kibble with wet food or rice, he would pick all the kibbles out and only eat the kibbles. He is a bit hyper after the meals, and he licks his paws a lot, I just read that from another article that this is normally a sign for having a not balanced diet. We are definitely thinking of switching to another food after this bag is gone. I would say one or two out of 10 days period, he will have a very mushy stool that’s hard to pick up and plus he always steps on it and makes really hard for us to clean.

    • Susan

      Wow. That is really interesting. It just goes to show you that dogs will react differently from each other to the same foods. My 3 dogs love this food, and have never had a bad reaction to it.

      • PAUX

        Good for you and your dogs. It will have an accumulative affect, this will cause problems later, and they may be acute/without warning.

More Information

Natural Balance Dog Food received our highest rating not just for the high quality ingredients, but for the “Buy With Confidence Program” that allows the customer to see the laboratory test results that were conducted on the Natural Balance foods.

Natural Balance Pet Foods are best known for being created and funded by Dick Van Patten. The brand’s dog food formulas are generally well-received by most consumers. The fact that the proteins used in Natural Balance dog food are “human grade” was a positive factor for many dog owners. Some dogs seemed to experience a higher energy level when fed Natural Balance dog food. However, some dogs seemed to develop gastrointestinal symptoms when fed Natural Balance dog food formulas.

Who Makes Natural Balance?

The company who makes Natural Balance dog food is called Natural Balance Pet Foods. Natural Balance Pet Foods was first founded in 1989 by TV personality Dick Van Patten and several of his partners. Though Natural Balance is best-known among consumers for producing dog and cat food, they also produce formulas such as tigers, polar bears, wolves and lions that are in captivity. Natural Balance’s company headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

Natural Balance Dog Food Recall

As of right now, Natural Balance dog food is listed on the FDA’s pet food recall list. Though several canned formulas were recalled in 2007, a Natural Balance dry dog food formula was recalled in 2010 – Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken dry dog food, with best by date of June 17, 2011. In order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Update 5/5/12 Natural Balance is voluntarily recalling certain dog food formulas. Visit here for complete information.

Natural Balance Ingredients

The carbohydrates in Natural Balance dog food formulas mostly come from sources such as oatmeal, barley, rice and potatoes. Some formulas have a meat as their first ingredient, though meat meals are usually farther down the list. Some formulas, such as the reduced calorie formulas, often have a carbohydrate as their first ingredient.

Natural Balance Allergies

There are no significant ingredients in Natural Balance dog food that are known to commonly cause allergic reactions in dogs. However, Natural Balance dog food formulas are not grain-free, and may cause digestive upset in dogs that have a sensitivity to a high carbohydrate diet. When feeding your dog Natural Balance dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Have you fed your dog any of the Natural Balance dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Natural Balance dog food!

Older Comments

Aug 09
When we adopted our lab at 6 months old, she had a terrible rash and her fur seemed to be falling out. She was also itchy. Our vet recommended this food. I have never heard of Natural Balance. We got her the venison, and at first we did not notice any difference, but then we slowly noticed that she stopped itching and that the rash was going away. Even her hair stopped falling out. We had been feeding her Science Diet before, that is what they were feeding her at the foster home so we continued. I am so thankful that we have the vet that we do, because this could have been a long process trying to figure out what is wrong with the dog. Instead, it was really simple. I hope that people can easily find out that if their dog has allergies they should try this food first. It is really, really great.
Selena T. Says
Aug 05
Just a word about the NB rolls. I was reading the reviews here, and I thought that I would give the rolls a try since I have a dog who is not responding well to training. He will listen a few times, and then kind of go off and do his own thing. When we have bits of the roll though, he will do anything that we tell him to do. I know that it is not the healthiest treat, but man oh man does it work. We use it sparingly so that he does not ingest a large amount per day. I figure that he will be OK. It is nice to have a dog that listens now though.
Felicity Says
Aug 04
My dog loves the venison formula. He was not doing well on other foods, seems to have mild allergies, itching and such. We tried a bunch of different foods but nothing seemed to work to well, if the allergies went away, they would always return. Someone recommended Natural Balance to us, and it seemed to do the trick but my dog did not seem to like the taste of the food very much. He would not even finish his whole bowl but he was hungry. So we switched him to the venison and he loves it. He is always very happy to eat it and we have been feeding it to him for about 6 months now. No allergies either. This food has been a big help.
Billy Trull Says
Aug 04
I dont know why this food did not agree with my dog. She got terrible diarrhea every time she ate it. We just gave up, but I have to say that we still have not found the perfect food for her. Very troubling.
Cindy Says
Aug 02
Both of my dogs love Natural Balance Ultra formula. The beagle mix is even a picky eater -- I know, strange for a beagle. Anyway, now I have the problem that most beagle people have, making sure that their beagle does not gain weight because she chows down this food in 2 seconds flat. It is crazy. Great food.
Finn Says
Jul 28
My two rescue hound mixes love the lamb and rice formula kibble. I know that it is unusual to have hounds that are picky eaters but both of mine are and they love this. They also love to hunt and it never occurred to me try the rolls. I will have to see if this helps them stay close to me rather than chasing after every other animal that there is. HA!
Ben Says
Jul 17
Oh those rolls even smell good to me. No wonder the dogs go crazy over them. Probably if you are just using them sparingly as treats, no harm done.

Keep in mind though, that once the package is opened it gets hard pretty quickly and loses the smell that is so enticing. I have found the best thing to do is to cut it up, and package each section seperately and then freeze it. It will last a long time.
Sisi Says
Jul 14
Sue, that makes perfect sense. We all have to do what is right for our situation. I would probably do the same if I were you.
Maggie Says
Jul 13
Maggie is right that the rolls are not high quality ingredients, but in this instance I just do not care as much. Let me start off by saying that we feed our basset hound Natural Balance, and we are very happy with the food. We did look at the ingredients on the roll, and were hesitant to try it, but so many people people recommended it for Lucy (our dog) because she will not listen on a walk. She will chase after every single squirrel and rabbit. People said that she would listen if we carried around the NB rolls as treats if she listened. Since we were desperate, we gave it a try. It worked beautifully. She will do anything we say, just so long as she gets a tiny bit of the roll. So we had to say to ourselves that the small amount of this that she eats a day is probably not doing any irreparable damage, and she is actually able to go off leash. So, we love the rolls. Maybe it would not work for us if the ingredients were high quality. Who knows.
Sue Says
Jul 12
I am also a huge Natural Balance fan but I will not feed my dogs the rolls. If you look at the ingredient list, they are just filled with crap. It is a little disconcerting that the same company that makes such fantastic food, makes such lousy rolls. So I have not tried the rolls, nor will I until they are up to the same standard as the food.
Maggie T. Says
Jul 10
We also feed our dog the Venison and Sweet Potato food. We are in the process of training him and were thinking about trying out the NB rolls. Anybody have any experience with this? We are huge NB fans in general, but I was wondering about the rolls.
Paul Says
Jul 08
We found that the Venison and Sweet Potato formula really helped our dogs allergies. I do not know what we do without this food. A lifesaver.
Lisa Says
Jul 04
I was hesitant to try this food initially because of the cost but I needed to do something to help my dog. Nothing was working. He is a pit bull mix 5yo, who was getting ear infections, itching all of the time, and just generally unhappy. Finally, after a zillion vet visits and lots of medications and different foods, I gave this food a try. Wow, it made such a difference. I feel so guilty that I did not switch sooner. Coops is doing so well, and he is so happy. I also realize that I am actually saving money now, since we do not have to go to the vet continuously. The vet was shocked at the difference, and he is going to start recommending this food to other dog allergy sufferers.
Bob Says
Jun 28
I think that this is a fantastic company. The Limited Ingredient Diet is all that I feed my dog and he has never been healthier. He is a german shepherd, and his health is fantastic, and it was not always that way. He used to have stomach problems, he would get sick, loose bowels, after everything that he ate. We tried so many different foods. Once we started on the Limited Ingredient, he started to feel so much better. You can just tell that he is happier, but who wouldnt be if their stomach was feeling inf for the first time in their lives. I can not say enough good things about this food.
Bill Says
Jun 22
Fred, I bet that the gas did not really have anything to do with the food. I have been feeding this food to my dog for 8 years, since she was a pup, and we have never had any sort of digestive problem. This food is just fantastic.
Sally Says
Jun 18
Wow Lisa, that is fantastic. It is amazing what good, healthy food can do for all of us. I also really like the Ultra Balance. At first it gave my dog some bad gas, but then it went away. Who knows. It may not have hand anything to do with the food at all.
Fred S Says
Jun 17
Oh, I also meant to say that I have lost 30 pounds and my dog 3. Yea!!!
Lisa Says
Jun 17
Now that I have found this food I feel so guilty that I have been feeding my pooch friend Beneful for all of these years. Sometimes it takes a health crisis in yourself to realize that not only are you not treating yourself well, you are also not treating your dog well. It took me getting sick and having the doctor tell me that I needed to eat better and treat myself better that I realized that I also had to do that with my dog. So, I looked at the ingredients in Beneful and realized that this was not the food for her. Our neighborhood pet store recommended Natural Balance and I have been feeding her the Ultra Premium formula. Maybe it is my imagination, but her coat looks better and she just seems healthier. We both have also been taking really long walks and just getting in shape. It has helped both our health and it has made us have a tighter bond.
Lisa Says
Jun 13
This does seem to be a good brand of food. It is one of the celebrity endorsed foods that really are not celebrity endorsed. Does that make any sense? Dick Van Patten started this company to make a high quality food for all animals and he seems to have done it. I know that my dogs love it.
Sam Says
Jun 13
Sally, I have tried the NB Organics dry food for my terrier. She seems to like it and it seems to agree with her. We also feed her some wet food that is not organic sometimes. Natural Balance as well. We also would prefer to feed all organic all of the time, but we feel like this is a good food, so 50% organic agrees with us. I understand that it does not work that way for everyone. If you are going to feed your dog kibble all of the time, I think that this is a good food to go with.
PeterM. Says
Jun 12
Has anyone tried the NB Organics? I would like to feed my dog an organic food if possible. I try to buy only organic products. Natural Balance sounds like a good company, so I am thinking that I should give that food a try. I have a 3 year old coon hound, if that helps.
Sally Mum Says
Jun 10
Synergy works great for my 3 dogs, 2 pits and one terrier. All three of them had issues when I rescued them, stomach problems and skin problems. Since I have been feeding them this food, the problems have gone away. They are high energy and they love the food. Their coats look great. I can not recommend it enough.
Sandra Says
Jun 06
Like me and my dog. I am going to give this food a try. We have been through 10 different foods already and nothing is helping. Diarrea and loose stools all of the time. My dog -- and me --- needs help. I will let you know.
Carla Says
Jun 03
Good to hear, Pete. I think that the Synergy food is meant to deal with digestive issues, so it is nice to hear of instances where it actually worked. I think that it is good to get the word out, because there are so many dog people out there who are having issues with their dogs poop.
Tim Says
May 28
My boxer had real runny poop no matter what foods we tried. The vet wanted us on Science Diet, but that did not work, so our pet store recommended a few things and they did not work either. I met someone at the dog park who told me about Natural Balance Synergy. Said it worked for tightening up the poops with another dog that he knows. So we gave it a try, and after a couple of weeks my dogs poops were much better. We have been using it every since. I really recommend it.
Pete Schulz Says
May 28
Tim is right Sam. On the package is might say AAFCO nutritional profile for growth or all life stages. Any food that says that means that you are good to go with a puppy.

I feed my dogs the Natural Balance Ultra dry and wet food and we are very happy with the results. We have been feeding them this food since they were puppies as well.

Good luck with your new family member.
Bianca Says
May 26
Congratulation on the puppy, Sam. If you like the NB food, I think that you can feed any of the foods that say that they are for all life stages. That means that it is good for any stage of a dogs life, so you do not need to worry about switching the food as your puppy ages.
Tim Says
May 26
Hi there,

We are getting our first puppy ever (yea!) and we have been trying to figure out what we should feed her. She is a 3 month old beagle mix, and we are overwhelmed with the choices. The Natural Balance seems like a good choice of food, but we are not sure what line of the food to choose. I see that there is not a puppy line. Is that OK, or should we find a specific puppy food?

Thanks for your help.
Sam Says
May 23
Susie, that is great about your dog. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the canned food contains soy, so if anyone has a dog with a soy allergy they might want to stick with the dry food. Just a little FYI.
Leslie Says
May 21
I have a dog with terrible food allergies. We just could not feed her anything at all. Then a salesperson in our pet store told us to try Natural Balance Vegetarian. It was the first food the Chloe could tolerate. She used to get an upset stomach after she ate, and her skin was always itchy and dry. I am happy to say that after switching to this food, she is doing fantastic. Her stomach seems fine (most of the time) and she has stopped scratching her skin. We feed her both the dry and wet food.
Susie Says
May 20
I love Natural Balance food, or I should say both of my dogs do. I have 2 poodles, one with allergies, and both of them have been eating NB Sweet Potato and Venison with great gusto and without any problems. We are so happy with this food.
PoodleLover Says

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