Evolve Dog Food

The marketing for Evolve dog food usually includes the phrase, “Your best friend deserves nature’s best ingredients”. Many dog owners have mixed things to say about Evolve dog food, ranging from positive results to negative feedback. What’s the truth behind Evolve dog food? Is it a good choice for your dog? Learn more about Evolve brand dog food in our review!

Who is Evolve Manufactured By?

The company who makes Evolve dog food is called Triumph Pet Industries. This company can trace its roots back to 1947, when it was founded during WWII. Triumph Pet Industries evolved from a company named Sunshine Mills, Inc. which was a company that produced corn meal. The first Triumph pet formula was mixed in a wheelbarrow, mostly consisting of pork cracklings and cornflakes. The Evolve dog food brand wasn’t adopted by Triumph until 2007, giving it a three-brand presence in the pet food market.

Evolve Dog Food Recall

Evolve dog food and Evolve cat food were both involved in the 2007 recall of pet food contaminated with melamine. All of the formulas that were recalled were wet formulas, usually including a gravy-type sauce. Since 2007, however, there aren’t any recent recalls listed. In order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Evolve Reviews

Evolve Ingredients

Many Evolve dog food formulas contain a whole meat as their first ingredient. Some formulas also contain a meat meal as their second ingredient. Since whole meat contains a large percentage of water, in some formulas, the first ingredient would technically be a carbohydrate. Some of the carbohydrates included in Evolve dog food include brown rice, rice flour and barley. Beet pulp is also included in some Evolve dog food formulas. The most common protein used in all Evolve dog food formulas is chicken. The protein content in Evolve dog food formulas may range from 18% to 26%.

Evolve Allergies

In all Evolve dog food formulas, the first five ingredients are free of corn, wheat and soy. These three ingredients are the most common allergens that can cause reactions in some dogs. However, when feeding your dog Evolve dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Evolve Recipes

Evolve Dry Recipes:

  1. Evolve Maintenance Chicken Formula
  2. Evolve Maintenance Lamb Formula
  3. Evolve Senior Formula
  4. Evolve Puppy Formula

Evolve Consumer Info

Where can I buy Evolve?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Evolve Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Evolve formula pages to purchase Evolve dog food.

How much Evolve should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Evolve dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Evolve Dog Food Coupons

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Evolve Ratings

Customer reviews of Evolve dog food are mid-range to mixed. Some dog owners have good things to say about Evolve dog food. Many dog owners cited that a meat and a meat meal being listed among the top five ingredients is a positive factor for this dog food. Some dog owners reported that their dogs experienced a higher energy level and shiny coat when fed Evolve dog food. There were some instances where dogs did not seem to find Evolve dog food palatable. Some dog owners did not like that there were many different rice ingredients included in Evolve dog food, which gave it a higher concentration of grains.

Have you fed your dog any of the Evolve dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Evolve dog food!

  • Robert Allen

    I’ve got a 10-year old Chocolate Lab named Pogo, who’s starting to slow down a bit. For years, we’ve always fed him Beneful because we weren’t able to afford Blue Buffalo, Science Diet, or the other top-shelf dog foods, but I wasn’t going to feed him Alpo, Gravy Train, or any of the all-gtound yellow corn/salvaged bones, beaks, guts, etc… that the cheaper foods are made from. I have recently switched my big brown buddy to EVOLVE, and though he’s only 3/4 of the way through the 1st 15-lb bag, the rise in his energy level, smaller amount he eats (we free-feed; his bowl.….that holds 5-lbs…is always kept at least half full, and the change in his bowel movements from 2 per day to only once per day tells me that his body is digesting & using twice the amount of what he eats than before…he doesn’t have all of that yellow corn to get rid of, and the obvious jump in energy/activity tells me that the EVOLVE is a definite upgrade, and only $5 more expensive per 15-lb bag than Beneful. I would appreciate any & all comments (good and bad)/advice that I can get. Again, I am unable to afford the very expensive foods, but I can and will gladly spend $5-$7 more per 15-20 pound bag for better quality food for Pogo. He’s 10 now, and there’s never been a better dog/friend than he is and has been for the 10 years he’s been alive. What is the word on EVOLVE? Is it as wonderful as it seems to be (we free-feed & he eats about half of what he used to eat of the Beneful, and only defacates onceer day, rather than twice like he used to when eating Beneful)? He’s my best and only friend, and though I can’t pay $30-$40 for a 15-20 pound bag of dog food, I can manage $5-$7 per 15-lbs more than I usually pay for the Beneful. The Beneful is usually around $10-$12 for 15-lbs, while EVOLVE cost me $17 for 15-lbs…somethimg I could afford & just by reading the ingredients/nutrition could tell is better than Beneful. Does anyone know of something better than EVOLVE but that costs around or less than $20 per 15-18 pound bag?

  • marbl

    My Blue Heeler is diabetic and recently started losing weight and farting really bad (and stinky). I tried all the “good” brands including expensive ones like Blue Buffalo to no avail. I saw Evolve in the grocery store and looked up the ratings which were good so I tried it. He loves it and he’s thriving now and his flatulence is reduced so we’re happy.

  • Fredo

    Hi we have 4 dogs Pitbull and lab mix dogs they are
    our life, we have try blue Buffalo we have tried Canaday we have tried I am we have tried every single thing on the market our dogs are itchy licking their paws it was horrible even break it out into hives so we bought a bag of the evolve the green one that’s turkey within one day the itching stopped so I don’t know where any bad reviews could ever be said about this dog food because seriously it’s helped our dogs just in this short period of time give this food a chance thank you very much.

  • Chris M.

    I have used this brand of dog food for the last few years and am happy with for the most part. One time last summer I experienced the same problem that others have, where the dogs refused to eat it after being fed it for some time. I tossed the bowl and put down a new one and they still refused to eat. I smelled the food and noticed it had a rancid odor. I was very upset and changed back to Iams immediately. However, upon contemplating the circumstances I realized that the problem was my fault. It was the height of summer and the temperature in my kitchen rose above 90 degrees. Some of the food in my cupboards had turned as well. When you feed a dog food with limited preservatives, you must be careful where/how you store it. This summer, I bought smaller bags and kept them in the fridge on the 90 degree plus days and didn’t have any trouble. My dogs are happy and healthy with soft fur with Evolve; I think it’s good that the food does not have the shelf-life of a Twinkie.

    • Robert Allen

      That is an awesome tip!!!! I live in Oklahoma & we get temps of 100-degrees plus for 2-4 months every year. I keep Pogo’s food in the kitchen, bit do a lot of baking. I appreciate your message…think I’ll start keeping Pogo’s food in the Pantry from now on, where it’s a lot cooler.

  • Amanda

    Like people what some dogs love the taste of others would never eat. …that being said, Evolve Turkey and Garbanzo bean is our dogs’ favorite. …they have been on several different brands since being adopted, but have only grudgingly eaten any of them, from the less expensive “supermarket” brands to the higher quality brands including Blue Buffalo (their choice in moist food)….but they really seem to like Evolve, especially our mini dachshund. …it is not the main part of their meal, just a small bowl left down all day, but this is the first brand they will finish….

  • Jerry

    We have 2 mature dogs. Switched them to evoke Salmon grain free mix. They love it. No allergy issues. No coat issues. 4 paws up!

  • Heather

    I recently switched my 7 month old pit bull over to the evolve puppy formula and she loves it. When we adopted her she was on organix and tolerated it, but she loves the taste of evolve. I will be switching her over to the Evolve grain free adult food when she is 12 months. I live in Texas and the only place I have seen it is at HEB. The price is great compared to other high quality foods.

  • Stephanie

    I just switched my blue heeler over to this dry food. I had her on Beneful but after seeing many reports of how bad it was and having a friend’s dog pass away from eating Beneful I switched her immediately. My dog (Iris) is usually a grazer with dry food so I fill her bowl in the morning and it lasts all day.. But as soon as I filled her bowl this time, it was licked clean in about a minute! I like the ingredients, and the fact that I found a dry food she loves.. Even better!
    So far, 2 paws up from Iris!

  • Sally

    I bought Evolve for my dog because of the ingredients listed. She would not eat it. I think she went for 3 days without eating. I finally threw out that bowl of food and gave her a fresh bowl and she wouldn’t eat that. I finally went out and bought her old brand. I gave her a bowl and she ate the whole thing. Penny gave this Brand a thumbs down….

    • Tom

      Mix Evolve with the regular food a little per feeding and increase over a few days so the dog can adjust to the new food and avoid distress from a diet change.

  • Bella

    Evolve Puppy Dry Kibble – my puppy loved the taste. The dry kibble caused her to drink more water than usual & that night had eggy (sulfur) gas & later bouts of diarrhea. She normally tolerates egg & egg yolk that is cooked. Wondering if anyone else had this experience with Puppy Kibble. Are the adult kibbles without egg?

  • beau

    I have fed my pittbull the chicken mant. formula since she started eating food and have had nothing bad to say about the food. she’s 3 now very healthy high energy. good weight and very pretty coat. princess loves this food and i_recommend it tomm anyone! Always keep in mind people any time you switch foods there will be a 1 to 2 week adjustment period when your dog might experience diarrhea and vomiting its normal

  • Terry

    I have finally found a dog food that my Golden Retriever Pup will eat.
    He was started out on a raw organic diet where he was born. There was no way that I could replicate that diet so I’ve been looking for something that he would eat that was relatively high quality. Started out with Blue Buffalo… he hated it. Then worked my way through dozens of dog food.
    He gets a high quality grain free kibble but I wanted to give him a wet food along with it.
    He loves this stuff! It’s the “Turkey Formula” and the first two ingredients are turkey and turkey broth along with chicken liver and lamb, etc. Finally….. my puppy cleans up his dish without any hesitation. He’s been eating this food for over a week with no digestive issues.

  • Kathy corsini

    Just starting feed my dog evolve dog food he’s a chi mix around 9 lbs and he just loves it he also has lots of energy to. Saw ratings on this dog food and its above a 4 star rating so far so good

  • donna

    Well I must have gotten a bad batch. My sons pit and my chihuahua got very ill because of the dog food. It was a brand new bag. I almost lost the small dog due to diarrhea and vomiting that was very excessive. She had to be hospitalized for total dehydration. I almost lost her. It cost me several hundred dollars. The large dog fought it off much better. Wish I had never seen it.

    • Ariel

      We just started feeding our puppy (standard American Eskimo) this dog food. The past few days she has been throwing up and had diarrhea. Her stools are back to normal now, but after reading your comment, Donna, I’m really starting to worry that it’s the food that has made her sick and not just her innate curiosity to taste everything in her path.

      • Elizabeth

        Our Vizsla has been on this food as a puppy. He loved it; however, lately he hasn’t wanted to eat it. He had a bout of diarrhea and had to take him to the vet. I found this site checking to see if there was a recall or if anyone else has experienced a problem. Although it has great ratings, I think there may be an issue with the food recently. It smells rancid as well. Will try something else.

    • Robert Allen

      WOW!!!! I’m glad your dogs made it through. You must’ve gotten a bad bag. I was turned onto it by a friend in Colorado who’s been feeding it to his herd of border collies for years & just took his advice….and my very picky Choc Lab LOVES IT, and eats less food & has more energy than he’s had in 3-5 years.

  • Trish Campney

    we used to feed evolve to our golden retriever when we lived near Collingwood, ON. We relocated to Inuvik Northwest Territories 3 years ago and have not had access to much choice with pet food. where could we get a supply of evolve, 1250 km from Whitehorse Yukon?

    Dog currently 12-1/2 years, requiring gastro low fat food for chronic large intestine diarrhea.

    Can you help?

    Trish & Jeff Campney

  • http://none Joyce Gregory

    What companies carry Evolve Nature’s Menu

  • Erin

    My dog (also named Sam) loves this dog food, never saw him take to a food so well. he preferred the beef…wasn’t too keen on the lamb, but he never likes lamb flavored stuff
    … unfortunately Hannaford’s no longer carries it and we can’t afford the 25 dollar shipping and handling fee when we find it on ebay. ;(

  • Doreen

    After trying a number of dry dog foods for my pitt lab mix who has a horrible skin allergy. I tried Evolve and it cleared up! And he likes it! His skin looks much better.

  • mele

    ive had my 6yr old red nose pit on evovle for about a month and i too can confirm that it has helped w the shiny of his coat and the alergic reaction… i will continue w this brand and hope that it will satisfy my Pitt AKA Diesel….

  • Kat

    very pleased with this dog food, Sammy took right to it with no typical transition needed