Nature’s Recipe

Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe dog food is produced and marketed by Del Monte Foods, a food manufacturing giant based out of the USA. One of their marketing phrases is, “It’s not just a name. It’s how we do things”. However, what are some of the experiences of other dog owners with Nature’s Recipe dog food? Is it a good choice for your dog? Learn more about Nature’s Recipe dog food in our review!

Who is Nature’s Recipe Manufactured By?

The company who makes Nature’s Recipe dog food is called Del Monte Foods. Del Monte Foods is currently one of the largest producers of food products in the United States. The Del Monte headquarters are currently located in San Francisco, California. The President, Chairman and CEO of the company is Richard G. Wolford. Most of Del Monte’s products include canned fruit, canned vegetables, fruit cups, sauces and pet products.

Nature’s Recipe Recall

As of right now, Nature’s Recipe dog food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall list, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, in order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Nature’s Recipe Reviews

Nature’s Recipe Ingredients

The first ingredient in many Nature’s Recipe dog food formulas is usually either a meat or a meat meal. In the lamb formulas, lamb digest is often seen close to the top of the ingredients list. Some common ingredients include salt, dried egg, flaxseed and beta-carotene. The carbohydrates in Nature’s Recipe dog food formulas come from sources such as pearled barley, ground rice, oatmeal and some potato ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives in Nature’s Recipe dog food formulas.

Nature’s Recipe Allergies

There are no significant ingredients in Nature’s Recipe dog food that are known to commonly cause allergic reactions in dogs. However, when feeding your dog Nature’s Recipe dog food, it’s always best if you thoroughly read the ingredients list, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements.

Nature’s Recipe Recipes

Nature’s Recipe Dry Recipes:

  1. Nature’s Recipe Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice
  2. Nature’s Recipe Large Breed Puppy Recipe
  3. Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin & Coat Venison Meal & Rice Recipe
  4. Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin & Coat Vegetarian Recipe
  5. Nature’s Recipe Easy-to-Digest Fish Meal & Potato Recipe
  6. Nature’s Recipe Easy-to-Digest Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  7. Farm Stand Selects Turkey with Real Fruits and Vegetables Recipe
  8. Farm Stand Selects Salmon with Real Fruits and Vegetables Recipe
  9. Farm Stand Selects Vegetarian with Real Fruits and Vegetables Recipe

Nature’s Recipe Consumer Info

Where can I buy Nature’s Recipe?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Nature’s Recipe Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Nature’s Recipe formula pages to purchase Nature’s Recipe dog food.

How much Nature’s Recipe should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Nature’s Recipe dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Nature’s Recipe Dog Food Coupons

Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. Are you searching for Nature’s Recipe dog food printable coupons? We will let you know when they are available!

Please check back soon for Nature’s Recipe dog food coupons!

Nature’s Recipe Ratings

Customer reviews of Nature’s Recipe dog food formulas are mixed to positive. Many dog owners report that they’re able to feed Nature’s Recipe to their dogs with good results. However, some dogs seem to have gastrointestinal symptoms such as runny diarrhea and smelly gas when fed Nature’s Recipe dog food formulas. Though Nature’s Recipe seems to be tolerated by some dogs with sensitive digestive systems, it doesn’t seem to work for all dogs.

Have you fed your dog any of the Nature’s Recipe dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Nature’s Recipe dog food!

  • Michelle Jones

    Seems to me that the problem lies with the canned food. We have our 1 yr old German shepherd on the dry dog food of this brand and she’s never had any of these issues. Still very active and healthy. Went through some diarrhea when we first switched her over to it but ever since then she’s been fine. Even her vet said this was a pretty good brand of dog food. Anyone else have problems with the dry formulas? Just curious thanks :)

  • D huss

    I started feeding my German mix and chihuahua this natures recipe.
    IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE MARKET! My chihuahua had such
    High enzymes it was out of control. White blood count went sky high.
    Her liver actually became enlarged!!! DO NOT USE THIS FOOD.

  • Ellen McCarthy

    I fed my old service dog (RIP) Nature’s Recipe Easy Digestible formula for 10 years and he thrived on it. When I got my new Service Dog I had him on another brand for a year and then switched him over to Nature’s Recipe and he was thriving. I decide to go back to the other brand when my guy died this past June. My poor guy had troubles from the get go. He was digging so hard on his legs and butt that the areas where he chewed got infected. When it cleared it came right back.. He was loosing weight due to the high number of stools (this didn’t happen when he was a puppy on that food – I think they changed the formula). The Vet recommended another brand and the same issues. So, I went back to Nature’s Recipe Easy Digestible formula and within a month the skin rashes disappeared plus the boogers in his eyes. He’s gained the 10 lbs in lost and he only does one or two poops a day. This mean the food he’s eating is being used in his body. Sometimes he’s hungry, but wants something extra to mix it up. His favorite thing is peanut butter and so he gets a tablespoon of it mixed in his food (Vet approved).

  • Kim

    I have been feeding my dog all the flavors of Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials and the grain free can food for the last 7 months. On and off have noticed from time to time my dog getting bouts of diarrhea and gas never being able to really know from what. At my dogs yearly check up in June her liver enzymes were elevated, cholesterol was high and has also gained weight. I then made another switch very expensive dehydrated raw diet cutting back to one small container per day of Nature’s Recipe. My dog was having many other symptoms decided to get another vets opinion. My dogs Liver enzymes were still elevated. It was discovered her anal glands needed expressed. I again changed her diet to Fromm but still give her Nature’s Recipe each day in various amounts. My dog had another awful bout of diarrhea two days ago and I decided to stop Nature’s Recipe. Do some reading and research on this brand. I am in disbelief over what I have found! This fabulous company Del Monte is making this can food in THAILAND! It states on the can it is a product of Thailand! I never realized the dog food was made in a foreign country. ESPECIALLY THIS COUNTRY WHERE IT IS BIG BUSINESS FOR KILLING DOGS VERY INHUMANELY I WILL SPARE ALL THE HORRIFIC DETAILS. IT IS NOT HARD TO FIND GRAPHIC VIDEOS AND ARTICLES FOR EATING, SELLING THE DOGS SKIN FOR LEATHER TRADE!!! What food I have left went in the garbage because god knows what is really in this food. I also will make it a PRIORITY TO STOP BUYING ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS MADE BY DEL MONTE FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!!! I will also tell everyone I know of my experience and let them know of DEL MONTE processing dog food over seas in a country with such TRADE PRACTICES!!!

  • nnyl

    Have my new rescues on their lamb and rice formulas. The adult dog does well. The puppy likes hers, but she is a little gassy. More than a little. I’ll be switching her to another brand when this bag is nearly gone. I don’t have a gas mask.

  • Wanda Hornby

    I have 3 Westies and 1 Cairn Terrier. I had them on Natures Recipe dry and can food. My dogs specially liked the chicken and rice wet food. For over one year this is all they ate. I Encountered problems getting the cans several times during this year. During my dogs routine yearly exams we discovered that ALL 4 dogs have elevated liver enzymes. My Vet recommended we change the food. Which we did. Numbers are coming down. I attribute this directly to this food. I remember reading the can and seeing that this product came from Thailand. I had such an uneasy feeling after that. All my dogs are now on a regimen on Denamarim. My dogs ages varied so old age is NOT the culprit. Something is going on and I want answers.

  • julie

    I’ve been feeding my collie mix Blue Buffalo since I rescued her over two years ago, she liked it well enough although she would always wait to eat until I put “sprinkles” on it, meaning a dab of yogurt, a little shredded cheese, etc. I just bought Nature’s Recipe last week because it was cheaper and I was low oncash, first mixing it with what was left of the BB and now on its own. She eats it right up! No sprinkles needed. I went to another website to check it’s review against BB and they seem to think Nature’s Recipe is better.

  • Cindy

    When we got our border collie/lab mix puppy @ 12 weeks old they had been feeding him Purina Puppy Chow. His skin was dry and flakey and he shed like crazy, he would start to stink a week after his bath. I switched him to the Nature’s Receipe Puppy formula and within 2 weeks he was so much better off, his skin is now healthy and his coat is so shiny and soft with 80% less shedding. I think we go almost 2 months before giving him a bath now. He is now 10 months old and I believe he is full grown (60 lbs) and I’m ready to switch him to the adult formula. I pray the adult chicken and rice is just as good as the puppy formula. I totally recommend this food!!

  • Ann

    Aftern six months of trying foods with my 30′ basenji/terrier mix, I received a gift of your dog food and a bag of treats after clicking on your icon via facebook. My dog is now eating normally, loves the food and seeks less snacks since she is not hungry and stays satisfied longer. She is one happy camper. And, my 15-year-old cat has decided the dogs bowl is hers and snacks on the food when she gets a chance. I will purchase your cat food as well.

  • Mel

    My dog has been on many foods as I had worked at Petco and was learning a lot about nutrition (independently, of course, and from helping customers). At the pet store, Nature’s Recipe is about the cheapest highest quality food you can often find. I definitely recommend them. My dog loved their venison formula! I got one person to upgrade their pet from Beneful to Science Diet – and their dog’s shedding problems decreased tremendously. There are so many issues that can be solved by upgrading your pet’s food.

    I would give most of their food 4/5, and their grain free formulas 5/5. My dog really loved their grain free food. I believe it had pumpkin in its formula. Yum.

    As always, be careful with the handling of your food. And be aware of recalls. If your pet refuses the food, return it and get a different bag and try to make sure it’s of a different lot number. If your dog rejects that food too, I would then try a different brand.


    Our Dogue De Bordeaux(french mastiff) was on Eagle Pack Large to Giant Breed Puppy Food. He like’s the Eagle Pack but the food has a very high Calcium 1.5% which was he ended up having growing pains from. So we mixed 50/50 the Eagle pack and the Nature’s Recipe Farm Stand Selects, a Calcium of 1.00. He is doing much better and loves the two.

  • Sharon

    For almost a year my dogs (2 beagles and a chichuaha) were on Science Diet RD for weight control – after hearing all of the bad stories of this brand I wanted to get them off of it as soon as possible. So, over a couple of weeks time – I switched over to Nature’s Recipe (Chicken, sweet potato and rice) Bite size. My dogs have the worst gas ever and their stomachs are always making noise. I feel so bad. Wierd as it is – at dinner time – they sometimes just snub away from it. Any suggestions? I was adding a few teaspoons of canned for flavor – thhought that was the problem so now they are only on dry but still have really bad gas and stool isn’t quite right either. If I could find a dog food that is truly good for my dogs and gets them feeling better, I will pay the money – but don’t know where to turn :/

    • Anne

      Wellness Core. Grain free reduced fat for my 8.5 y/o border collie mix and Grain free puppy food for the pug. Dogs like it and it seems to keep the older dog’s weight down. I also add Salmon oil that I buy online @ Costco. Does great for their coats….highly rated. About $35 for 2 16 oz. bottles.

    • D huss

      It really bad for them. That’s why they snub at it
      Gives them indigestion and both of my dogs
      Have liver issues after eating this food.

  • Michelle

    I have been feeding my dogs nature’s recipe for over a year now. Mostly the chicken dry formula, but Petco was out so I bought the lamb. This was not the first time they had the lamb, but there stomachs seem to not be agreeing, they eat grass all the time now and they have bad gas. It seems they are not feeling up to par. Are you sure nothing is wrong with the lamb formula? I need to purchase food today and I’m hoping Petco has the chicken, if they don’t I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to harm my dogs,they are my children, as I cannot have kids. Thanks a bunch and please let me know something. Sincerly, Michelle in Louisiana

    • Theresa

      I also recently bought the lamb formula because they were out the the other flavor I usually purchase. Within 48 hrs my dog had bad gas, diarrhea, noisy stomach, vomiting and shaking. We had the same result with Iams and it almost killed our dog. We had $1000 plus vet bill and he told us to switch foods. We had no trouble with Science Diet Healthy Balance but $ has been really tight so I have been buying the Nature’s Recipe because it’s been on sale plus there are a lot of coupons. It’s not worth it. I’m returning my bag today!

  • ann

    Interesting bc my girls both have been not feeling well and it was after the canned food. Now they barely eat the dry food. Im not sure whats going on and may now have to take them in vet. These rescues need low protein diets vet said and seemed to before giving them this wet food to have done fairly well not sure whats up.

    A previous vet mentioned that in a pinch you could use sweet potatoes and some sort of bean but I forgot the type of bean it was just in case there was a recall. Does ANYBODY KNOW WHAT TYPE OF BEAN YOU COULD USE FOR PROTEIN PURPOSES?

  • barb

    I buy the canned Nature’s Recipe, Vegetarian recipe, by the case. Each can is not uniform. A can may have mostly gravy and soy, next can will have mostly vegetables with hardly any soy or gravy. It is very difficult to know if my dogs are getting all the needed ingredients to make sure they are feed healthy. Why is there no consistancy of ingredients in this food??? Am wondering if it would be best to buy a different brand that each can looks alike. Like the vegetarian food for the dogs because of one has health problems and needs it. Why can the cans all be alike in the amounts of ingredients within them?????

    • maralevine

      Hi Barb, I will see what I can find out about this. Thanks for posting. -Mara

    • Lyn

      Hi Barb,

      I have used Nature’s Recipe for over 2 yrs with my dog and never had a problem until now. The last I opened was very different from the normal that I had bought. I wondered about it, but used it only to find that my dog got sick. I threw it out and fed her other wet food…rice, chicken, potatoes, etc. She seemed to come out of it some along with some pills I had. I then opened another can and stupidly gave her a tablespoon of it and she got extremely sick this time. Now maybe I am crazy, but something has changed in this food. The other sad part of all of this is that I bought a number of cases of it when it was on sale at the pet store. I am not going to feed any more of this. It could be it won’t bother another dog, but this is a Golden and they do have sensitive stomachs. I am moving on to another brand.

  • joyce

    Why does it say product of Thailand on my can of Farm Stand Selects chicken recipe?

  • Nicole

    I used to feed my dogs every natural brand of dog food possible trying desperately to find that perfect combination of reasonable cost, high quality ingredients, and the biggest bag possible! I have 3 large dogs, and they LOVE the Nature’s Recipe brand dog food. I have found it to be the best for quality, price, and size. My dogs are healthy, happy, and I have nothing but good things to say about this food.

  • Jim & Kay Ouellette

    We fed our Collie Nutro Lamb & Rice for nearly four years, he died five years ago (2006) and we believe he died from the melamine content used in his canned dog food. During his last week of life, his liver was swollen and shut down, he stopped eating and drank lots of water. We will never use Nutro again. We were insulted when they sent one of their representatives to our local PetCo Store to appease customers with free samples. Their apology was not sincere and filled with excuses that they were unaware of the melamine (not their fault). Their products were considered (expensive) high quality dog food and the profits they received from consumers, who paid for their R&D people’s salary. You would think with their educational level, they would have tested their final product for content quality control. No simpathy came forth from their representatives. How do they replace a beloved member of one’s family? Ceratinly not with free dog food samples.

    • James

      What does this have to do with Nature’s Recipe pet foods?

    • http://- Carol I

      8/16/11 To Jim and Kay Ouellette – You are confusing Nutro with Nature’s Recipe (which is what this site is about. Nature’s Recipe is an excellent food. My preference is the dry Lamb and Rice Adult Maintenance.

  • Sue

    I have been feeding my dogs this food for almost 20 years. A little difficult to find, but my Skyes love it and are very healthy

  • http://yahoo cindy

    I swithched from Iams/Eukanuba looking for a dry food s/ yellow corn. I have been pleased w. this brand. The three dogs like it much better than Blue or Nutro. They especially like the Farmstand c/ dried veg. The Jack Russell picks all these out first of all. The chow mix has a much improved coat the only negative comment is that the beagle/whippet has gained weight he didn’t need. It is pricey but not excessive…dog food is a huge scam, I believe.

  • ayn

    For the money I don’t think you can get a better dog food. I commonly see foods with worse ingredients that cost far more. The ingredients listed by and large aren’t controversial, and excluding dogs with allergies, don’t seem to cause stomach upset for most dogs. You can get it in some, but not all pet supply stores, but it is not available at your corner grocery store. The grains listed in this food are all beneficial grains; no corn, wheat, beef or soy and no artificial ingredients. Overall, there may be better brands of food out there but with this brand you get far more bang for your buck. Decent ingredients, and an overall decent protein count. All dogs are different and what might be right for mine may not be right for yours, but if your considering switching foods or considering a food trial, don’t overlook this brand.