Exclusive Dog Food

Exclusive brand dog food is marketed with the catch-phrase: “Nutrition with a Purpose… Healthy Pets from Head to Tail”. However, Exclusive dog food is often cited as an inexpensive choice. Does this mean that it contains low quality ingredients? Is Exclusive dog food the right choice for your dog? Learn more about Exclusive dog food in our review!

Who is Exclusive Manufactured By?

The company who makes Exclusive dog food is called PMI Nutrition. The headquarters of PMI Nutrition are currently located in Henderson, Colorado. PMI Nutrition is responsible for manufacturing several different dog food formula brands. The formulas PMI Nutrition manufactures include: Exclusive, PMI Nutrition Pet Foods, Infinia and Red Flannel. PMI Nutrition also markets “LabDiet”, which provides food for animals that are in “research settings”.

Exclusive Dog Food Recall

As of right now, none of the Exclusive dog food formulas are involved in any pet food recalls, and there are no Exclusive dog food formulas listed on the FDA’s pet food recall list. However, in order to ensure the safety of your dog’s food, it’s essential that you always check the FDA’s pet food recall website for the most current information.

Exclusive Reviews

Exclusive Ingredients

All of the Exclusive dog food formulas have chicken (which is marketed as being “never frozen”) or lamb as their first ingredient. The most common carbohydrate sources in Exclusive dog food include oatmeal, brown rice, barley, rice flour and corn gluten meal. Most formulas list a meat meal as their second ingredient. Fish meal is also sometimes included in Exclusive dog food formulas, as well as ingredients such as salt, natural chicken flavor and brewers rice.

Exclusive Allergies

Since Exclusive dog food formulas do contain corn gluten meal, they may potentially cause allergic reactions in some dogs. Also, since there is both chicken and fish in some Exclusive dog food formulas, they could potentially cause allergic reactions in dogs that have a chicken or fish specific protein allergy. Always read the ingredients of your dog’s food in order to make sure that it does not contain any allergens.

Exclusive Recipes

Exclusive Dry Recipes:

  1. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Puppy
  2. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Large Breed Puppy
  3. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Adult
  4. Exclusive Lamb & Rice Formula Adult
  5. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Reduced Fat Adult
  6. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Large Breed Adult
  7. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Senior
  8. Exclusive Chicken & Rice Formula Performance Adult

Exclusive Consumer Info

Where can I buy Exclusive?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Exclusive Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Exclusive formula pages to purchase Exclusive dog food.

How much Exclusive should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Exclusive dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Exclusive Dog Food Coupons

Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. Are you searching for Exclusive dog food printable coupons? We will let you know when they are available!

Please check back soon for Exclusive dog food coupons!

Exclusive Ratings

Many of the reviews about Exclusive dog food formulas are positive. In general, many dog owners agreed that the low price of Exclusive dog food was a selling point, as well as its list of ingredients. However, some dog owners did not like the fact that Exclusive dog food formulas contain corn gluten meal, since this seemed to cause gastrointestinal problems in some dogs. Generally, most dogs seem to like the taste of Exclusive dog food formulas, and it seems to be well-received by most dog owners.

Have you fed your dog any of the Exclusive dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Exclusive dog food!

  • LMW51

    We fed our male Labrador puppy Exclusive large breed puppy formula for the first 10 months of his life. At nine months he was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in both hips despite both parents being OFA Excellent. At 2 years, he has just been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in both elbows – again despite both parents being OFA Excellent. The extent of the arthritis in his elbows indicate that he would likely have been diagnosed at 9 months had he not been so lame from the HD.

    Although this food was EXCELLENT for our older Labs contributing to their wonderful coats, good ears and excellent energy levels, I would NOT recommend their large breed puppy food. Our boy is the only puppy out of approximately 400 puppies from our breeder who had developed dysplasia. (They breed Mastiffs and Labradors.)

  • Julianne

    I have used the puppy kibble (teeny tiny bites) and the adult dog (medium bites) and the senior (grey bag) and darned if the three different dogs don’t all want each others food. I gave up finally and mixed the two smaller feeds for the small dog and the puppy. The dogs all look great, eat well, poop as they should and play and sleep as expected. So far seems to be great value. I do look at the ingredients as my older dog who is a 10 year old lab mix tends to get gassy on corn and other high veg recipes and gets bad dermatitis if there’s soy in the mix. She is easily at her best weight and content with the volume I feed and bounces and leaps and runs like a two year old. They’re doing something right with this formula. I can only hope this continues.

  • Annie M.

    I thought PMI stood for Purina Mil ls INC. IF SO, I’m a bit worried because of Purina Beneful being dissed about its Chinese import products. Also, corn can be GMO and that’s not good either. It’s so hard to avoid everything considered controversial and bad for our pets and still afford to feed them. Also then, there’s the issue of how the protein sources were raised and fed. It goes on and on. What can we do? Even a raw diet can contain antibiotics and steroids from the animal sources they feed from. Good luck with that, unless you’re extremely rich or raise, grow your own. What next?

    • Ginger

      PMI is not affiliated with the Purina that makes Beneful. Years ago, the purina feed group split & some went into the large animal feed & the other stayed with dog food. Eventually, the half of purina that makes the large animal feed decided to begin making dog food again, hence PMI. Exclusive & Beneful aren’t made by the same company.

  • gayla trower

    I have been feeding my English cream retrievers Exculsive dog food for 2 years. I fed the 1 year old Lamb and Rice formula and we have a puppy that eats the large breed puppy. Both are doing very well weight wise.It’s the best dog food around and we have tried many many brands.Thank you for caring about our pets!

  • SS

    This is one of the best foods and values I have ever used. I have used them all and I always go back to the Maroon or Purple bag.

    Take advantage of this food because it is less money for a reason, it is sold directly to the stores by PMI, elminating the wholesaler.

    Great stuff.

  • Mark

    I have been feeding the chicken and rice formula(red bag) for several months now to my lab. He has plenty of energy and his coat looks great. I always get compliments on his appearance. The formula does have corn gluten in it, but it’s the 7th ingredient on the list so not a key component. My dog(like most) does not have food allergies so corn is not a big deal to me.

    I would recommend the product.

  • Christy

    I have fed my dogs a variety of brands over the years so they have tried everything from grocery store brands to those that are only found on-line or at a pet health store with high-quality ingredients. In other words, we’ve tried the cheap and the expensive stuff. I discovered the Exclusive brand where I buy my horse feed. A couple of years ago I was educated on dog food ingredients and that all dog foods are defintely not alike. Pretty much all of the dry food carried by the grocery store contains “corn” as the first ingredient. This is used as a cheap filler and not healthy for the dog at all. At the time I started using Exclusive, I had just rescued a dog that was very thin and I could not get her to put on weight from the grocery store dog food. I decided to try the Exclusive brand because “meat” or “chicken” was always the first ingredient instead of corn, and the price for the amount you get was much more reasonable than the other quality brands from the pet health store. My dog began putting on the pounds by just eating the recommended amount for her size. All my dogs seem to enjoy the taste, even the picky ones, and there is alot to be said about the smell which is pleasant compared to the other foods I’ve bought. I would highly recommend Exclusive dog food based on the experience i’ve had with my 5 dogs.

  • Jenane West

    Exclusive Lamb and Rice does not have corn gluten and is better than Chicken and Rice.

  • Laure

    Ok, heres the second review. My dogs seemed to enjoy the food, they didn’t eat as much as BB. Stools were a little loose at first only because I didn’t switch over gradually. It was like soft serve ice cream but within a couple days it was much firmer. The bag (35#) has lasted longer than expected. All three seemed to take to it well with no problems. I did notice that there is corn gluten meal in every flavor except for the lamb and rice so if there are dogs out there who are sensitive to it they might want to be wary of it, but it isn’t #1 in the ingredients list, that tells me that the food has a very small amount and is not primarily made of corn gluten meal. So I wasn’t too concerned with it. All in all the dogs like it there was very little changed in their digestive system during the switch over. I am happy with the product and will continue to buy. Thumbs up! :-)

    Caution: some dogs do have allergies and i am aware that some dogs are more sensitive to certain foods than others. Always ask the manufacturer to send you a trial bag or get a complete list of ingredients before feeding it to your pet. My pets have no known allergies, therefore I felt comfortable switching foods with common ingredients.

    • Laura

      For those who would like to know, The bag I fed my dog was the Chicken and Rice Formula, Reduced Fat for Adult dogs…..AKA the green bag.

  • Laura

    I have 3 large dogs. A Bull Mastiff Mix, Pit Bull/Boxer Mix and a black Labrador Retriever. I started feeding my dogs Exclusive today. They were on Blue Buffalo but since the cost is increasing and the bags aren’t very big, I needed more for my buck….However I do like the results from the Blue Buffalo (shiny coat, good health, very playful and active) My only complaint is the price. That being said, I decided to try something new. When I brought Exclusive home the dogs were eager to try it. They all ate and seemed to enjoy it, no stomach irritations or gas. So for now I guess we will see….I’ll write again after they finish this bag and let you know what I think.

  • Earl

    I did the smell test. Exclusive lamb and rice vs a high end lamb and rice from ##### co. Exclusive won nose down with my lab. The indgredints appear to be ok. The only thing that would concern me is imports from China, if any.

    I do not have that info so I hope it stays melamine free.
    The last food recall I was feeding a major food ##### co and it had melamine in it from China.

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