Sojos Dog Food

Sojos dog food is one among many dog food formulas that are marketed as being an “add-on” formula to a raw meat diet. However, as with any formula, it’s natural that you may have some questions. Is Sojos dog food a good choice for your dog? What are some of the ingredients in Sojos formulas? Learn more about Sojos brand dog food in our review!

Who is Sojos Manufactured By?

The company who makes Sojos dog food is called Sojourner Farms. Sojourner Farms advertises on their website that they have been making “natural food and treats since 1985”. Sojourner Farms is based out of Minneapolis, MN, which is also where their company headquarters are located.

Sojos Recall

Sojos dog food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls.In order to make sure that your dog’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Sojos Dog Food Reviews

Sojos Ingredients

The ingredients in Sojos dog food formulas are unique, because they do not contain any significant meat source (except for one formula that already contains freeze-dried meat). The formulas are designed to be mixed with raw meat, for dog owners that prefer to feed their dogs on a mostly raw diet. Some of the ingredients contained in Sojos formulas include grains, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Sojos also offers a grain-free formula for dogs that are sensitive to grains. There is also a Sojos formula that is marketed as being “wheat and corn free for dogs with severe allergies”.

Sojos Allergies

There seem to be no significant ingredients in Sojos formulas that are associated with severe allergic reactions in dogs. However, if your dog has been displaying symptoms of an allergy, it’s always best to read the ingredients of your dog’s food formula. Some dogs may have very specific allergies, such as an allergy to a protein.

Sojos Consumer Info

Where can I buy Sojos?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Sojos Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Sojos formula pages to purchase Sojos dog food.

How much Sojos should I feed my dog?

A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Sojos dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.

Sojos Dog Food Coupons

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Sojos Dog Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Sojos dog food are very positive. Since the popularity of raw feeding has exploded, many dog owners are searching for add-on formulas to supplement the raw meat that they feed their dogs. Sojos dog food formulas seem to contain high-quality complex carbohydrates, and their grain-free formula contains mostly vegetables and flax meal. Many dog owners report positive results from Sojos dog food formulas.

Have you fed your dog any of the Sojos dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Sojos dog food!

  • grannyp53

    We used Sojos with the freezedried meat for over a year. The dogs loved it, but we saw the condition of their coats and teeth deteriorate severely over that period of time and have to strongly suspect the diet as a cause. We won’t be using it any more.

  • Amy

    I have a senior mixed breed dog that I’ve been cooking a home-made diet for over 10 years. I recently bought a bag of Sojo’s freeze-dried turkey treats that made her extremely ill. She had explosive diarrhea and she hasn’t eaten for two days. She is currently on fluids and I’m hoping she’ll make a full recovery. I’ve fed her the Barf diet and Darwin’s raw foods in the past without any incident. This time I’m really worried, she has never been this ill. I contacted the company and talked to Zac who said, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you”. Yes, I’m very sorry too…and I can only hope this doesn’t kill my dog. This has given me a new outlook on feeding raw. I know there’s always a risk when feeding any type of food that you haven’t raised or grown yourself, but I’m very disappointed in the way Sojos handled it. I will never buy anything from this company again and I caution anyone with senior pets that may not have a great immune system to consider all factors when feeding these treats.

  • Chrissy

    We fed Sojos original formula, raw meat, and dog-appropriate veggies to our toy sized breed dog from the age of 2 years old. While the entire neighborhood thought we were crazy, we watched their dogs repeatedly get sick and each dog died between the ages of 9-12 years old. Our dog remained extraordinarily illness free and continued her joy-filled evening walks right up until her passing at 16 years of age.

  • Ice Pony Girl

    Dear Brit….where are you getting your info that Sojos ingredients come from China?? T/U!

  • JEM

    The ingredients are not from China! I feed the veggie/fruit formula and I mix it with kibble. My vet and I took my dog off one medicine that worked well, but It made my dog hyperactive.

    • Ice Pony Girl

      YES…THEY ARE FROM CHINA. I contacted Sojos and they admitted that they gets ingredients from China.

      Here is their email –

      Thanks for considering Sojos and for your question. We are a Minnesota
      company that was started in 1985. We do all of our own baking, freeze
      drying, milling and processing in our NE Minneapolis facility.

      I wish it was possible to source all of our ingredients from the Midwest,
      but we use many exotic ingredients that make that impossible. We source
      everything that we can domestically and locally when possible. But certain
      ingredients, namely dried vegetable dices are impossible to source from the
      US. For example, 99.9% of all of the dried celery dices in the world come
      from China. And there are other vegetables and spices that simply aren’t
      grown in the US.

      There are US importers that resell ingredients sourced overseas and some pet
      food companies buy from these “middle men” and then claim that their
      ingredients are domestic. But we strive to be a completely transparent
      company and we have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. When we buy
      ingredients from Asian sources, we have a representative on the ground
      inspecting not only the factory but the finished product to ensure that
      we’re getting the finest human-quality ingredients. This is the same stuff
      found in “people food” at the grocery store like soup mixes, stuffing mix,
      trail mix, etc. No feed ingredients. No by-products. No artificial
      preservatives, flavors, or colors.

      As far as pesticides go, you could mention that we’re actually at somewhat
      of an advantage because our dried celery and apples are imported. The FDA
      has very strict rules regarding pesticide levels in imported products. For
      that reason, all ingredients are tested for pesticides before being shipped
      to us. Domestic growers don’t have that extra testing step because the
      products are already in the US.

      I hope this answers your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me
      with further concerns.

      My best,


    • Ice Pony Girl

      Another one of Sojos emails

      Yes, there are times of the year that we do purchase some of our ingredients
      from China as I mentioned. You may want to consider our Original mix, all
      ingredients are from the US. Thanks again for your question and I hope you
      find a food you’re happy with

  • brit

    Sadly apparently alot of Sojos ingredients are from China

  • Dan Bell

    We’ve switched our almost 10 year old Yellow Lab to a Sojos freeze dried diet. All has gone really well and he loves the food. Currently he’s had a bag of the Sojos Complete with Turkey and he’s now on a bag of the Sojos Complete with Beef. My concern is the freeze dried meat in the food, turkey and the beef. Are the turkeys and cattle grass fed or are the birds and cattle given steroids and antibodies?

    • Dee

      I want to know too! “Are the turkeys and cattle grass fed or are the birds and cattle given steroids and antibodies?”