Jul. 5, 2015

Innova Cat Food Reviews

Top 5 Ingredients*
  1. Turkey

  2. Chicken meal

  3. Chicken

  4. Potato

  5. Egg

Artificial IngredientsNo
Contains By-productsNo
Price Range$$$
*Innova Cat & Kitten Dry Food was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list
What's good about this pet food
  • High quality meats
  • No fillers
What's not so good about this pet food
  • Nothing

Our Analysis

Although Innova brand cat food is more expensive than other brands, people who feed it to their feline friends swear by it, and maintain that the cost is worth the overall value that the food provides. Innova offers a full line of cat food appropriate for all breeds and ages. Innova uses only the highest quality turkey and chicken in their foods, and the company also avoids putting useless fillers into their products. The company’s basic cat food is designed to comprehensively improve a cat’s health, energy levels, and coat.

Innova offers a premium cat food under their EVO line. This line is branded as a so-called ancestral formula, which means that it is formulated to be similar to the diets cats enjoyed prior to domestication. The best thing about the EVO lineup is that it includes no filler products like grains, fruits and vegetables. Overall, Innova cat food sets the standard by which other cat food brands are judged.

The Word on the Street...

Innova cat food is one of the more popular high end brands of cat food on the market. Customers are nearly unanimous in their praise of the brand’s products, which promise better nutrition and superior ingredients as compared with other cat food brands. It does not matter whether customers and their cats prefer dry or wet food, they view Innova as a highly trusted brand.

Some consumers have expressed concern about Innova’s parent company recently being sold to a major conglomerate. Innova’s parent company had been well-known as a maker of fine pet food, but now some people believe that the food’s quality has suffered since the transaction has taken place. Although most reviews tend to point out that Innova cat food has retained its high quality and use of the finest ingredients, others have complained about their perception of the food’s declining quality. Regardless, most cat owners who swear by Innova food will continue to use it because it uses the best ingredients in the industry.

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Rating for Innova Cat Food:
7.1 / 10 (59 votes cast)
  • Rebecca

    my cats have been on Innova for many years …one of my cats started passing protien in her urin the vet did a whole work up on her and couldn’t find anything wrong with her she then told me to put my cats on a wet food only… well I did what she told me …within a week my cat started to have huge sores on her back and she started pulling her fur out… and yes I put her on the highest quality wet cat food out there…. she changed so much her fur was all scraggy her hole personiailty changed…I put her back on Innova Dry cat food and she is back to herself no more sores fur is growing back she’s is back to her beauitful calico self….I will never leave Innova again

  • Lisa

    can we get some answers please! When is Innova coming back? My 16 yrs cat is deteriorating by the day without it. She is skin and bones and nothing else works. Pls help

    • sk

      Lisa, one of our local stores got some Innova EVO Adult (the Turkey-Chicken based one) in just a few days ago. I confirmed it was produced after the recall period-I believe it was late June production. But the bags went pretty quickly. I’m not sure about whatever version you use but if I were you, I’d start calling all the independents in town to see if any was received. If you find it & they’ll let you, I’d pick up 2-3 bags if you can afford it-not sure how soon the supply will become steady again. Good luck!

    • Helen

      After Innova’s third recall in June ( red bag dry ) I decided to switch my 14 year old Maine Coons ( brother and sister ) to something else. I tried Verus, Annamaet, Acanna Prairie, Fromm duck and Orijen 6 fish. My boy wouldn’t touch them ( lost 3 pounds ) but his sister loved the Fromm and the Orijen 6 fish UNTIL I put out the Orijen cat and kitten. I just had to find something for my boy and had no idea she would love it too. Now they both prefer Orijen cat and kitten OVER Innova!!! They use to have a horrible time with hair balls but now none. They look gorgeous – coats are thick and shiny. I am so glad Innova screwed up because I probably would have stayed with it forever never knowing I could find something way, way, way better.

  • Tamara

    My cats were on Innova (in the red bag) and did great. My younger boy cat (2yo) has allergies or some type of food sensitivity and this has been the only brand that has stopped him from throwing up. He will eat is not picky and is still as spunky as ever but i cannot find another brand that he will not throw up on. Does anyone have any recommendations? He is on Blue Buffalo at the moment…not sure which one but still throws up. Would like another brand due to all the recalls Innova has had recently.
    Please help my poor little guy.

    • sk

      Tamara, have you tried Orijen? Our cats like Evo & Wellness Core but much prefer both the Orijen 6 Fish & their regular (although the REALLY LOVE the 6 Fish). If you do try it, be sure to transition your kitties very gradually. Its pretty rich, especially for anyone with a sensitive stomach. Fyi, they also like the Fromm 4 star grain free. The game bird, samon or surf & turf are all well liked & tolerated.

  • Jane

    Having a terrible time finding a food my cat will eat. He has been eating Innova for years,and anything else I try, he wont touch. He has lost weight. Only likes his treats (four little treats a day). I found a turkey based food (Innova is turkey based) and he had a little. Please reply if you have any suggestions.

    • Curtis

      Jane, I have a 4yr old Burmese Cat, and a 5yr old Burmilla Cat. I started feeding them Innova dry cat food at 20 weeks, and since the recall I am having the worst time getting them to eat anything else. They both have lost a lot of weight, but our Burmilla concerns us the most, she use to weight 9 lbs and is down to 7lbs. Have you or anyone else found any cat food comparable to Innova? Please help………

    • sk

      Jane, you may want to give Wellness Core (Fish & Fowl?) a try. Its animal protein isn’t quite as high as EVO but its comparable or high than several of the other Innova varieties. Wellness Core is a stable for our cats. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to give EVO a try as a staple (I’ve used it as a supplement in the past) but given this recent occurence I’m not sure I should… Good luck & take care, Sk

  • terri

    I need my innova back! my cats are not as soft, they are getting hair balls, the litter box is nasty, one is gaining weight the other is losing, and the shedding is really bad as well. I can’t wait to see innova back on the shelf. please, please, hurry!
    thank you o’mally and Lucifer need you.

  • Durelle Jones

    since this recent recall I feel as though the food is not the same.
    my cat doesn’t seem to care for it as much as she used to.does anyone know if the food ingredients have changed since this last recall?


  • Laura

    I started giving the canned food for cats & kittens to some kittens and the mother I was fostering and they all had diarrhea. They are adopted out now and now I have 2 new kittens and they were on wellness canned food but didn’t seem to care for it & I had a few cans left of the Innova so I thought I would try that. The night before their stools were perfect but the morning after I fed the Innova canned food they both had diarrhea. I threw out the rest of the can and I am going to return the few cans I have. Something is not good in the canned food. However my 2 older cats love the Grain Free Dry food and there is no problem with their stools.

  • Libby

    My siamese cat Lily will only eat Innova Prime dry cat food. Can you recommend another high quality dry food similar to it. She will not eat Indigo Moon Solid Gold, Orijen or Instinct Chicken as my other cats do. She does eat canned food but misses her Prime. Thanks.

    • chrysta

      Did you find an innova substitute? my cat is the same way and I’m having trouble finding him food

  • melissa slater

    I have four cats and two are 17 and I have used Innova cat food for 5 ¡years. The older two just got a tooth inspection and the gums and teetn have no problems. I was s really surprised on thst one. I can only say it has to be the innova dry food.

  • Liz

    I have been using Innova since about 1983 and my cats loved it.however I have noticed since I can no longer get low fat which is now the maintenance formula,my cats have been vomiting much more,are reluctant to eat both wet and dry.I have not noticed any bugs or change in the texture.I did call Innova offices and was assured that the only change in the formulation was in the fish oil type used.I am also voiced my concern about pg buyout.I was told they hadn’t had complaints since the buyout and the previous owners are still there and didn’t want to ruin the reputation of the co.they built and there would be no decline in ingredients to cheaper varieties.I am still uncertain about this.they said that only the dry was reformulated.has anyone else talked to a co.rep about the problems being seen?

    • Rhiannon

      The revised low-fat food is now called Weight Management. If you started using the maintenance diet all of a sudden when your cats are used to low fat, that could have caused stomach upset. You could try the WM formula and see if they are okay on that. You can go to their website and click on both formulas to see what the difference in ingredients are – in the old version, the first 4 ingredients were turkey, chicken, barley and brown rice. In the new formula, the first 4 ingredients are turkey, chicken, peas and barley.

      I doubt very much that they haven’t gotten any complaints about the p&g buyout. Of course some people complained, lots of people don’t like p&g. Wish the owners had thought that one through more before they sold the company to them, but p&g most likely offered them the most $.

    • Lori

      Something is wrong with the Innova food and I’m very concerned for pet owners. I get my two cats the standard Innova in a red bag for many, many years. Everything was fine. I was trying to switch them to wet food and fed the Innova in a can. One of my cats started vomiting. I then started to feed them the Innova Prime. My cat just got sicker. During surgery they called and said it was stomach cancer and we had to put him down then. A couple months later my other cat started vomiting. I didn’t know what to do, so I switched back to the Innova in the red bag. The vomiting stopped. I’m going to switch to another brand. I find this very disturbing. Did my other cat really have stomach cancer, or was there a problem with the food? I’ll never know and that will stay with me forever. Liz’s comments scare me, as it sounds similar. I will never buy another Innova product and plan to discuss this with my vet and local natural pet supply.

  • Daisy

    Hello. Does anyone know which country Innova dry cat food is made? According to the bar code, it may not be made in North America but in fact it seems to be Central America. If true, does that mean Chinese ingredients are being slipped into the cat food?

    • Rhiannon

      They say that it’s made in USA. They also say that they don’t get any ingredients
      from China at all, not even any of the vitamins, which is rare as a lot of vitamins come from China, for humans too. It is almost impossible to find vitamin C anywhere but China.

  • Katina Stelly

    Innova does indeed need to recall their Low Fat Adult Dry Food and their Low Fat Adult Canned Food. About a month ago, I purchased a 5 lb bag of Innova Low Fat Adult Canned Food and thirty cans of Innova Fat Adult Canned Food. Three out of every ten cans my cats will not eat. I checked them & found the contents of the cans to be gritty. Rice is one of the ingredients, so I’m not sure if the rice is put in the can uncooked or the grit inside is sand. I’m praying that it is not sand because that would put two cats, worth $1000 a piece, at risk for intestinal blockage or intestinal bleeding. I presently own two Devon Rex cats so I am not exaggerating about the price.
    The dry food was purchased a month ago and it appeared fine. A couple of days ago, I noticed maggots in their dish. I threw the dry food & fixed more. Maggots appeared ten minutes later. What was strange was that the canned food was without maggots. The dry food, after it is brought home, is placed into a sealed plastic container used to store breakfast cereal. This is why I did not at first suspect the maggots as coming from the dry food itself. No flies or other winged creatures nor maggots were found anywhere in the house. I had roughly %25 left of the dry food in the container. I went through it and found 3 dead winged insects, maggots, and a lot of spiderweb clinging to the food (apparently they are trying to spin cocoons).
    The 5 lb bag I purchased this morning contains web and maggots. Whatever these insects are, they were sealed in the bags a month ago. They have hatched and have contaminated the food. All the bags need to be recalled. As well as the gritty cans of canned food. I am returning the opened bag of dry food and the unopened cans of canned food back to Petsmart and alert them to what I’ve found. There needs to be a recall on these products.

  • Ev

    I.ve had to switch diets many times over the years. Buddy was on hills low protein due to chronic kidney disease. Blackie ended up with lymphoma at 6 years old. At the end of his life I fed him what he wanted. I had so many different brands of food for him. It was a challenge for him to eat anything. Now I have Molly and Jasper. Jasper is strictly on canned wellness chicken. Anything else will give him diarrhea. Molly also ate canned wellness chicken and wellness core until back in February she was diagnosed with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. Further tests ruled out any kind of disease. It all is diet related. Molly just canned tolerate as much fat as other cats do. She is only 8 lbs. I switched the wellness core to wellness healthy weight and kept her on the canned wellness chicken. The vet didn’t seem to think it was such a good idea as the weight maintenance can cause her to lose muscle mass as she is definitely not overweight. She wanted her to go on Iams tartar control. I didn’t like the ingredients in that so I used the weithmaintenance of wellness and kept the canned. I wanted to change only one thing at a time. Her cholesterol and triglycerides were rechecked yesterday. The triglycerides and lipids are back to normal but her cholesterol is still elevated. So another change of diet. Now she is on Innova low fat canned and kibble. She loves it but I don’t want my little Molly to lose muscle mass. Has anyone heard of that before?

  • Peg

    My 8-mo.-old Maine Coon has improved on this food. It is fabulous. I took him off Fancy Feast for Kittens fish flavor and this aided in stopping the gas and soft stools he was experiencing. Next I started adding Innova canned to his turkey Fancy Feast for Kittens to get him used to adult food. The result has been great. He loves the Innova and I was just getting ready to buy a case of it and be done with the Fancy Feast…Then I read about P&G! How awful. Now I do not know what to do. I am not sure I trust them to leave well enough alone.

  • Carol

    Our 13 year old neutered male cat had a weight problem per our vet. He weighed 14#s which was too heavy for his size. With Innova Light Adult he has lost 2# over the last 2 years. Now he’s moving around and move active with the healthier weight.

  • Vishnu

    I’ve been feeding an adopted male cat Innova wet & dry for about 3 months. It’s the only wet food he would eat consistently. He scratches a lot, and suddenly he stopped eating the wet for two days so far. Looks like I need to switch to another brand, bit I ‘m not sure which.

    • Liza

      I have fed my 2 male cats Innova Low Fat Dru Food for over 2 years, they loved it, had lost weight (in a good way, they were a bit overweight before), had more energy, felt more full on less food and their coat became softer and glossier…Alas! All of a sudden, a week ago they completely refused to eat it with no apparent reason. Both of them. I opened two different new bags. I had to reluctantly switch to Taste of the Wild, they love that but it does not keep them full at all, they are ravenous on it! Not sure what to do next, wondering if their refusal to eat Innova has to do with parent company buy-out…

  • Jenny

    I have been feeding this Innova dry food to my cat Fluffy(ll yrs old) for about 6 months now. I did my research, I like the food, but noticed that he goes in his litter box too many times, and is very stinky .
    He has developed dandruff and allergies, and for this reason I am looking for another food.

    • Carol


      Yes, their poops are a bomb. But, compared to other dry food, their stools are regular, their coats are beautiful and little shedding and they have maintained a good weight. Stay with it!

  • Kad

    I like Innova in a can because it’s cost efficient compared to other brands. I’m not too excited about the proctor and gamble thing and I wonder if the product is made in America? I’ll definitely do the research. My cats really like the canned food but after trying out different grain free brands, the dry doesn’t seem to be their favorite. To the person who yelled at everyone for not feeding our cats just meat; just be happy people are feeding their cats!!!! there are millions of starving cats in america!!!!

  • jackchinney

    My baby deacon is about six months. I got him at 9 weeks. I was fooled in the beginning by purina and all the “big name” foods. He ate it as a baby, but I’ve done lots of research since. I started feeding him innova cat and kitten formula at about 3 months. One day I ran out of food and had to get him something to hold him over until I was in the area of my pet health food store. So I reluctantly bought about two weeks worth of fancy feast. Which he ate, but I could tell he ate it because it was there. I just restocked with a case of the innova and he was SO excited! The ingredients are all real and good for him. I also give him a handful of kibble so he can nibble while I’m at work, and give him feline greenies treats for his teeth and gums. I, however am a little skeptical of this Procter gamble takeover. They’re not allowed to lie on the labels are they? And if it could potentially be bad for him, I would certainly switch. If I do, I’m leaning towards wellness. Should I be worried about innova? Should I stay with it or switch? I’m not worried about expense, I just want my baby to see 20+ . I appreciate anyone’s (serious and intellectual only please.) feedback. Thanks.

    • mike

      they are not allowed to lie on the labels, as it is considered false advertising and is obviously illegal. They have not changed anything in the formula and from what i have heard they do not plan on changing from the high quality ingredients. If you do end up chAnging foods i would look more into wellness as i have heard some negative feedback on what the food is made up of.

      • AJ

        Actually regulations require that lableing be changed when the formula changes, but they have a 6 month grace period to do so. This is reportadly to not unduly burdon the company by requiring an immidiate packaging refit which would delay production. It allows for a fazing in of the new packaging. So the formula can be different for 6 month prior to you being aware.

  • Cheeky

    My kitty has been on Innova (orange bag) for approximately 3 years. He has always had a beautiful shiny coat. The last 5 or 6 months his coat has turned dull, has developed dandruff, & allergies have gotten worse!!! I’m beginning to wonder if this change of ownership is not a good thing for Innova & our pets!!!

  • Monchchichi

    Don’t forget to feed your cat 1/4-1/2 of kibble a day if you are feeding strictly canned. They need the kibble as an abrasive to clean their teeth so they don’t develop dental problems which is the leading cause of other health issues in cats and dogs. However, if you are substituting the kibble for RAW bones etc than that is sufficient. As RAW bones are natural teeth cleaners for cats in the wild.

  • Missy

    I rescued a lovely, 6 month old kitty about 4 months ago. She was a bit of a train wreck when I brought her home. She had a hysterectomy where they had to do major surgery so her belly was shaved. Her fur was matted and looked dry. Her tail was so bad that it looked like it did not belong to her. She is a medium haired cat. I started feeding her Innova low fat food, both dry and moist. I give her about a tablespoon of wet food a day and usually keep her dry food bowl a quarter full. I also brush her daily. I can’t believe how she has changed! Her fur is so soft and luxurious. Her tail is beautiful and puffy. I will never stop feeding her Innova. I am a true believer.

  • angel

    innova (natura products in general) are excellent products for your cat. love them. My cats love Healthwise and California Natural (from naturas line) the most. Wellness is a great product as well. Due to the fact that I recently read a review about sodium selenite in cat foods can be toxic I researched further. Natura products does not add this type of selenium so I definately trust them and stay with them. Wellness uses it but puts an amount below the toxic level.

  • moe

    I have several rescue cats that are now my precious “furbabies” They all eat Wellness grain free canned and Evo 95% meat varieties, although they all prefer the wellness grain free canned, I try different grain free varieties to keep them interested. They Get a handful of dry food in addition to their wet food as a snack only, this way I know that they are all getting enough moisture from their canned food. In the wild there is no such thing as “dry” food. An all dry food diet is unhealthy for cats since they don’t drink enough water to compensate, resulting in urinary and kidney problems in the future.Also, the raw dehydrated patties that are freeze- dried are great for finicky cats, made by “Stella & Chewys. Check these out guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SueSue

    I recently tried Innova canned food for my 19 year-old cat. He ate it heartily when mixed with a little Fancy Feast. I usually cringe at the idea of giving my him Fancy Feast, but with older cats especially, you have to keep their weight up. Once they get into a habit of not eating, they also decrease consumption of liquids, leading to the cascade effect of kidney, heart, and bowel problems that are the leading causes of health problems in older cats. So during those times when I notice he’s being picky about eating, I add a dollop of “junk food” -the FF, to his food and he eats with renewed interest. In addition to the Innnova, which I’ve literally just tried him on, he at different times has been given Hill’s Science Diet, Nutru, Wellness, and Spot’s Stew brand foods. Also, I always mix-in two or three teaspoons of water into his canned food as I’m dishing it up (making it the consistency of baby food almost). This is mostly because I supplement his moist/canned food with dry food (Hills Science Diet) during the day, and want to make sure he’s getting enough fluids. He drinks well, has a poop in the morning, and a poop at night typically, and then sleeps for a good portion of the day. He’s young for his age: He jumps up and down from high spots (window, kitchen counters, etc.), and still shows the precociousness and curiousity of a kitten.

  • anon

    Both of you are sort of wrong…I work at a pet store. Cat’s will naturally eat grain and meat…they cannot be true vegetarians however because yes they will most likely die. They usually aquire the grains/fruits/veggies naturally through eating the stomachs of their prey. And, they can absorb nutrients from these products. Innova is excellent food, I personally just use the senior canned foods for my 16 year old baby. My others are on wellness.
    But yeah…chill out. Not all cats can digest raw, some cats are even allergic to chicken. As long as you aren’t feeding mostly grain to your cats, they should be fine…stay away from foods w/out whole meat and meat meal as the first two products…anything with alot of corn, wheat and soy is probably crap too. Your cats should do fine…omega 3 is good for their coats.

  • debra

    Geez…Chill Out! Many people feed their cats both dry and canned food so they do get meat too. You can make your point without freaking out and calling names — even if you do have something important and true to say people won’t listen to you b/c you are the one that sounds like an idiot! :(

  • BmP

    oh please, this is so bullshit! i refuse to buy innova for my cat ever! if you think it is good for your cats then you are DUMB! research more about cats then. you are no expert and you know nothing! cats are prue carnivore which mean they must only eat meat. they cant survive without meat. they will have problem healths if they eat fruits, grains, vegetables, and others food that is not for cats. it is not good to feed your cats food that is combined with meat, grain, and vegetable/fruit. only feed your cats meat- PRUE MEATS!!!! not eating meat but others can be fatally for your cats. learn more about your cats before you purchase cats and food. you idiot!

    • JAT

      Simmer down. If you’re going to say something negative about a product, it’s best to be an adult about it and give facts to make your point seem more valid. Opinions mean very little to a lot of people, especially to strangers. Also, name calling is only going to turn people off and think negative thoughts about YOU, not the product. Please give some consideration to checking your spelling and grammar, as it does often help with credibility.

      Just a thought.

More Information

Innova Cat Food

Many cat owners swear by Innova cat food, claiming that it’s the best choice for their cats. However, Innova’s parent company has recently gone through a change of ownership, which has many cat owners concerned. What are the ingredients in Innova’s dry cat food formulas? Is Innova cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Innova cat food? Learn more about Innova brand cat food here!

Who Makes Innova Cat Food?

The company who makes Innova cat food is called Natura Pet Products. Natura Pet Products is the manufacturing company for many different types of pet food that are viewed as being “ultra premium” by many cat owners. However, in 2010 Natura Pet Products was purchased by Procter and Gamble. This affected their reputation with many cat owners, as many of the brands owned by Procter and Gamble are low-quality pet food formulas.

Innova Cat Food Recall

On April 19, 2013, Natura expanded the recall for all dry food and treats. You can read about it on our blog.

In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Innova Cat Food Ingredients

The first two ingredients in Innova’s dry cat food formulas are both usually whole meats. The carbohydrates in Innova are derived from sources such as brown rice, white rice and barley. The only flavoring additive in Innova’s cat food formulas is “Natural Flavors” which is defined as not containing any synthetic or artificial components. Other ingredients in Innova formulas include fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Innova Cat Food Allergies

There do not appear to be any significant ingredients in Innova’s cat food formulas that are known to cause allergies. However, sometimes certain cats may have a reaction to a specific protein, fruit, vegetable or other ingredient. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Innova Cat Food Consumer Info

Innova Cat Food Coupons

Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. Are you searching for Innova cat food printable coupons? We will let you know when they are available!

Please check back soon for Innova cat food coupons!

Innova Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Innova cat food are mostly positive. Many of the negative reviews of Innova cat food were written after the company was purchased by Procter & Gamble in 2010. However, so far the Innova cat food formulas do not appear to have changed since the purchase. Many cat owners still like the fact that Innova’s cat food formulas do not contain cheap filler ingredients.

Have you fed your cat any of the Innova cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Innova cat food!

Ingredient List*

Innova Cat Food Ingredient List

*for Innova Cat & Kitten Dry Food

Cat Food Coupons

Cat Food Coupons

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