Chicken Soup Cat Food

Chicken Soup Cat Food

Since the popularity of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, Diamond Pet Foods introduced the “Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul” line of pet food formulas. Is Chicken Soup cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Chicken Soup cat food? Learn more about Chicken Soup brand cat food here!

Who is Chicken Soup Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes Chicken Soup cat food is called Dimaond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods has been in business for over 40 years, first being founded in 1970. The name “Diamond Pet Foods” is actually the name of the brand that Schell and Kampter, Inc uses to sell pet food formulas in the United States. Dimaond has undergone a bit of criticism by consumers, since some of their formulas contain ingredients that aren’t associated with high quality. Diamond produces formulas under many different brand names, and is the manufacturing company for some other pet food companies (such as Canidae Pet Food and Taste of the Wild Pet Food).

Chicken Soup Cat Food Recall

Chicken Soup cat food was involved in the 2007 pet food recall, due to contamination with melamine. The canned kitten formula under the “Chicken Soup” brand name was recalled, though the dry formula was reported unaffected. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Chicken Soup Cat Food Reviews

Chicken Soup Cat Food Ingredients

The carbohydrates in Chicken Soup cat food formulas come from sources such as white rice, potatoes, barley and millet. Many Chicken Soup cat food formulas contain an ingredient called “powdered cellulose”, which is stated by some pet nutritional experts to be a filler ingredient. In most cases, the first ingredient in Chicken Soup cat food formulas is a meat or meat meal. Many of the Chicken Soup formulas contain fish ingredients.

Chicken Soup Cat Food Allergies

There do not seem to be any corn ingredients in Chicken Soup cat food formulas. Corn is one of the most common filler ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some cats. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Chicken Soup Cat Food Consumer Info

Chicken Soup Cat Food Coupons

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Chicken Soup Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Chicken Soup cat food are mixed. While many cat owners report that they’re able to feed the formulas to their cats without any problems, some cat owners disagree. Scratching and itching are two symptoms that some cats seem to experience in connection with Chicken Soup formulas. Though this is uncommon, it did affect some of the customer reviews. Some cat owners do not like the fact that Chicken Soup cat food is produced by Diamond.

Have you fed your cat any of the Chicken Soup cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Chicken Soup cat food!

  • Desiree

    I rescued an 8 year old Tabby in February this year. Since I adopted him, he has been vomiting several times a week, sometimes several times a day. Upon visits to the vets I was only told it could be hairballs. I have been bouncing through various hairball treatments and foods in this timeframe. I picked up come of the adult light chicken soup formula last week, and so far he has not vomited. I know it’s early days, but so far this is the longest he has gone without vomiting.

  • Diana

    My 2 male long hairs 2 years were okay on this for a few months. Atleast the one stopped his vomiting which he was having on various others- but still had a mess in the litter box. When he got blood in his poop I got concerned and the vet put him first on science diet which he refused to eat, and then royal canin (wet) which he devoured. His digestion settled down. The minute I tried incorporating the chicken soup dry back into their diet once again -his digestion got bad so I am getting rid of it. It’s too bad because I read good things about it… I am now trying Authority which I hope will work- my friends cats are on it and they say they’re doing great on it. Another thing- the first bag i bought for 20$ was 6 lbs- I went back to buy a 2nd and it was same price but 5 lbs! I thought this was kinda sneaky and turned me off a bit…

  • Pam

    I have a 4 year old long haired orange tabby that began having intermittent vomiting, general lethargy, and occasional bloody diarrhea while on Science Diet Hairball formula. I decided to switch him to Chicken Soup Cat Food 1 1/2 months ago and now he is acting like a kitten again–full of energy and no more intestinal problems. Our 3 dogs are on it as well (the dog food formula) and are doing very well also. I would highly recommend this food!

  • Michelle

    I’ve been feeding my three cats chicken soup senior dry food for several years without any issues. They seem to love it, especially since Chicken Soup changed it’s shape to little disks rather than the x’s. I do wish there were less carbs but the quality can’t be beat for the price I pay for it.

    I’m also feeding a stray cat outdoors with it and he loves it!

    I also feed my dogs the dog food chicken soup which I think has less carbs than the catfood and have had no issues there either.

  • Jody Vernay

    I have been feeding only the Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover’s Soul for Adult Cat Light for at least 6 years. I had a female, approximately 10 years old domestic tortie calico who developed a food allergy to IAMS. She threw up often. I changed her to the Chicken Soup, and she has done well ever since. She is almost 16 years old now, and her brother who passed last was almost 15 years old. I have a 4 to 5 year old and a 1 year old. I would highly recommend it.

  • ted

    I have feed my two cats many brands of cat food and they have always eaten it. Neither of my cats would eat this brand. In fact they resorted to eating from my dogs dry food bowl. I donated the remainder of the bag to the local shelter. It might be great nurtitionally but my cats would not touch the stuff.

  • Lori

    I tried feeding the dry food to my cats. I slowly mixed it with their old food just as I was directed to do. It made one of my cats so very sick he lost weigh and couldn’t keep anything down including water. I was and still am very dissapointed with this brand.

  • Jenni

    This is the BEST cat food! My Calico was throwing up several times a week, she may very well have been allergic to my carpet though she has not thrown up since I changed her food and got rid of the carpet.
    She has not tolerated any food, until now. We are a happy bunch now and I truly think it is a great factor as to why she isn’t getting sick any more.

  • kaia denham

    I have found this food to be affordable (i.e. not much more than standard brand name cat foods) and much healthier in general. I do rescue work and it seems to be a brand that does not cause allergies in any of the cats, i.e. tolerated well by all cats. I also feed some canned food (not Chicken Soup), and fresh cooked chicken and some tuna (not much) and also give smaller amounts of Purina One and Beyond salmon flavor as a change of pace and taste treat. Most of my personal cats have lived to age 18-20, and they have had other foods throughout their lives. I have only used the Chicken Soup dry for about 7 years.

  • Debra Fisher

    I have fed this food, in the dry version, to my Maine Coon mix who has hypertrophic cardio myopathy…a serious heart condition…for many years. He has not been able to tolerate food with any corn product in it (which, surprisingly, is a main ingredient in some very expensive cat food) and Chicken Soup does not have it. He has lived 10 years past his predicted life span. I like to attribute part of the reason to this excellent cat food. The only complaint that I have is that it can be hard to find a local supplier.

  • Andrea

    I have a cat with allergies and the Chicken Soup and another “allergy dry” food are the only ones he seems to be able to eat with out reactions….and I have been trying very expensive foods, so Im quite happy with this product.

  • Farouk

    Any food can cause specific allergies. Not all cats are the same and it would be rather naive to think that one brand will have NO issues with various breeds. As mentioned above, cats get bored and it would be safe to change. I change brands very frequently and the cats are thankfully healthy.

    This brand is premium and the cats eat it joyfully and no issues whatsoever…

  • Karel

    I have 3 cats and all like Cat Soul Food which I feed them along with another brand of dry cat food, home cooked food, fresh meat, and canned salmon and tuna. Cats get bored with the same food all the time, in my experience. Of the dry foods I give them, Soul Food is their favorite. I have not noticed any negative reactions, and my cats never seem to get fleas. Their teeth are healthy too! So I give a 2.5 thumbs up for your food.