Medi-Cal Cat Food

Medi-Cal Cat Food

Many cat owners have interesting things to say about Medi-Cal cat food, which is produced by Royal Canin. It seems to be the general consensus that Medi-Cal cat food has ingredients that cause concern among cat owners. Is Medi-Cal cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Medi-Cal cat food? Learn more about Medi-Cal brand cat food here!

Who is Medi-Cal Manufactured By?

The company who makes Medi-Cal cat food is called Royal Canin. Royal Canin is actually also associated with Crown Pet Foods, which also produces other types of pet food formulas. Royal Canin is best known for producing their veterinary diets, which are “symptom specific”. Royal Canin also produces pet food formulas which are designed for specific breeds of pets. Royal Canin is a French company, though they ship their formulas from all over the world.

Medi-Cal Cat Food Recall

Medi-Cal cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, there are several Royal Canin formulas listed on the FDA’s recall website, most of which were involved in the 2007 pet food recall. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Medi-Cal Cat Food Reviews

Medi-Cal Ingredients

The ingredients in Medi-Cal cat food are fairly heavy in grains, with the first ingredient sometimes being corn or rice. Wheat gluten and soybean oil are also present in many of the Medi-Cal formulas. The most commonly used meat source is chicken, which is usually present in meal form. Added salt is present in many of the Medi-Cal formulas. One of the common ingredients is “natural flavor”, though it’s unclear what’s in this ingredient. There do not seem to be any artificial preservatives

Medi-Cal Allergies

There are several ingredients in Medi-Cal cat food that could cause potential allergic reactions in cats. Corn is often among the first five ingredients, and may cause allergy symptoms in some cats. Soy and wheat ingredients are in several of the Medi-Cal formulas.

Medi-Cal Recipes

Medi-Cal Dry Recipes:

  1. Calorie Control Dry
  2. Dental Dry
  3. Development Dry
  4. Diabetic Dry
  5. Gastro Intestinal Fibre Response Dry
  6. Gastro Intestinal High Energy Dry
  7. Gastro Intestinal High Energy Dry
  8. Hypoallergenic Dry
  9. Hypoallergenic HP Dry
  10. Mature Dry
  11. Mobility Support Dry
  12. Preventive Dry
  13. Reduced Protein Dry
  14. Reducing Dry
  15. Renal LP Dry
  16. Satiety Support
  17. Sensitivity RD Dry
  18. Urinary S/O Dry
  19. Weight Control Dry

Medi-Cal Canned Recipes:

  1. Calorie Control Wet
  2. Development Wet
  3. Fibre Wet
  4. Gastro Wet
  5. Hypoallergenic Wet
  6. Mature Wet
  7. Preventive Wet
  8. Recovery Wet
  9. Reduced Protein Wet
  10. Reducing Wet
  11. Renal LP Chunks in Gravy
  12. Sensitivity VR Wet
  13. Urinary SO – chunks and gravy
  14. Urinary S/O Wet
  15. Weight Control Wet

Medi-Cal Cat Food Consumer Info

Medi-Cal Cat Food Coupons

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Medi-Cal Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Medi-Cal cat food are mostly negative. The fact that the formulas have a high percentage of carbohydrates is the main reason why many cat owners avoid these formulas. Though Medi-Cal is considered to be better than some other veterinary formulas, most cat owners agree that it contains too many grains, and not enough protein.

Have you fed your cat any of the Medi-Cal cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Medi-Cal cat food!

  • EmilyS

    Hi! Have 3 cats. One just had the penile removal surgery due to extreme urinary blockage due to structure crystals. He’s been prescribed RC SO dry…within 2 months he gained 5 pounds…no good. Took him off the script food and started on weruva…way happier with ingredients and overall texture of food..seems like common sense. But just this week we were back at the vet with a terrible UTI and MORE crystals…guhhhh. Royal Canin SO has terrible ingredients. When I asked why the ACTIVE ingredient in the food is that dissolves the crystals…the answer fell flat. I want my kitty babe to have the best OVERALL health, this script food does not cut it for my special boy. Does anyone have any specific advice about struvite crystals and a diet that controls the production?

    Thanks for any help!!!

    • john

      DL-Methionine is the active ingredient
      Look up standford cat netowrk

  • Diane

    I took in a rescued cat and found she had horrible loose stool. I tried many kinds of grain-free foods which didn’t help. My vet put her on Prednisone and Royal Canin Intestinal HE kibble. Since I read so much about how bad grains are for our cats, I was appalled to see this kibble had grains. Since she has been on this formula, the runny poo continues AND now she has horrible gas! She passes gas about every 2 minutes so that means she cannot digest this food. So much for Intestinal HE. It made matters worse.

    • fedup

      ive been feeding my persian kitten medi-cal gastro since 7 months. It was recommended by the vet since she found a gastro problem. 3 month ago my cat was loosing lot of hair, took him for a hair cut , hoping it will solve the problem. The hair has grown and it turned out he is loosing more hair. After a long search and consulting other vet, turned out the food i was giving him which is medi-cal gastro full of corn.. such a waist of money. nothing is guaranteed in the vet clinics, bad expensive food.. i wish i knew this before. I started a new diet for him now with a free corn food even less price hope it will work . Over all stay away from cat foods with corn base.

  • Cherryl

    I just went thru the vet checks for one of my cats, she lost a lot of weight and the vet advised she has renal failure. She’s 16 yrs old and was in good health until I noticed she was losing the weight. I now have her on Medi-Cal’s Renal LP and in looking at the ingredients it starts with Pork and Chicken liver and by-products then corn flour and chicken/fish oil and other things that if I were buying for myself would never eat. Is there a good place to find recipes to make foods good for cats with this problem? I wouldn’t mind making what I need. The vet also said my cat should not eat any high protein foods (which never made any sense to me as she is a carnivore not a rabbit!?).

    • Bill Owen

      Older cats need less protein, it may not make “sense” but it is a medical fact. Too much protein will lead to renal failure.

      Making your own food is the best way forward, but it is not easy to get it right, you will need to add things like Taurine, which your cat needs to live.

      At some point you will need to help your cat get water by giving it subcutaneous fluids (needle IV bag) which is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

  • Sharon

    My cat was 6-1/2 yrs old when the vet said she had a little tartar on her teeth and recommended Royal Canin dental dry. After being on this food for 1-1/2 yrs l noticed her breath was bad. The vet said her teeth were dissolving and she had abscesses. She had to have 7 teeth removed. My precious little cat and l have been extremely traumatized by this. I am appalled that a vet would recommend food with by-products in it. I don’t know if there is a connection between this food and the fact that her teeth are dissolving, but l will certainly not be feeding her this food again.

  • Leo

    my cat was on the Medi-cal preventive for 2 yrs and then developed allergies. this is when I read the ingredients and saw corn and other bad stuff.
    put her on the Medi- cal hyperallerginic and also had allergy with soy the main ingredient. this is also bad.

  • Sue

    My 10-year-old cat was recently diagnosed with arthritis — come to think of it, kitty did seem to be slowing down over the past months. My vet suggested Medi Cal Feline Mobility Support and the change in kitty was dramatic and instantaneous!He is lively and sprite, has slimmed down a bit and his coat is fantastically soft. I did notice that he has started sneezing though and wonder if that is related to the food.

  • Melanie

    I live in CHWK, where did u find this cat food? And can I ask how u know it’s better?

    • Linda

      Petsmart in Abbotsford in the hospital section but you have to ask for it. Also your vet.

  • Research Is Important

    I have 2 cats and one of which has had Struvite Crystals – I give them both Medi-Cal Royal Canin Urinary SO canned, and Hill’s Prescription Diet Bladder Health kibble. My other cat barely to “NOT” at all, doesn’t eat the kibble and I have been noticing things. I am “CONSTANTLY” doing research. I have chosen the Hill’s because it shrinks the Struvite Crystals and this was “PROVEN” by a trip to the vet. I started them on this food in April of this year 2011.

    However I “DON’T” like the ingredients of either and I “WANT” to do things differently again. My cat that had the Crystals I noticed that she has allergies to the kibble and I use Whiskas Cat Milk to alleviate the symptoms of the allergies. However she doesn’t always drink the Cat Milk. I also add a bit of water to the canned food and 1/2 teaspoon of canned Stokely Pumpkin Puree (“ONLY” pumpkin as an ingredient)to 1/4 of the canned that I use as a serving size for each of the cats – I give them each a half of the canned food/day. The Cat Milk I also add water to that also. A vet. stated that one should add fibre to canned cat food – Oatmeal, Oat Bran or Rice Bran, Pumpkin Puree, and Psyllium to the canned food to help in digestion of hairballs and help to eliminate toxins from the body. He stated; “1 tablespoon of the first items, and 1 capsule of the psyllium hidden in the canned food will work wonders”. I haven’t tried these yet.

    However I would “LIKE” to make a change to their food again I have researched and I found that some other foods do “NOT” have good ingredients – some holistic brands have Yucca in their food, Yucca under it’s full name or as an extract either way is a “POISON” for cats causing Renal Failure.

    There are 3, possibly 4 foods – Orijen (kibble “ONLY”) has good ingredients however since the Japan crisis there may be radiation there in Alberta, Weruva (canned “ONLY”) was another however it is made in Thailand close to Japan and their regulations may not be adequate, there is another and it is sold at Loblaws a Canadian gocery store in London, Ontario in the health food section I will “NEED” to do research on the name and where it is made, and the fourth is Life’s Abundance I have to check “ALL” of the ingredients and where it is made.

    Ideally I “WANT” to make their soft food (cooked and blended) with ingredients that are “NOT” poisonous to cats – raw can have deadly health effects like Salmonella Poisoning. I also would like to give them Orijen if there would be “NO” more radiation in Alberta. So make their soft food and give them Orijen kibble (“ONLY” when it is safe to do so). Listed food sources for cats were; chicken – antibiotic free, fish – both of these may give some cats allergies. Lamb as listed by the above vet. that referred to fibre. I have also seen listed turkey, and venison as food sources for cats.

    Cats are “NOT” supposed to eat corn products and other things like Cellulose Powder is a fancy name for cardboard. So “RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT”.

    • Candy

      Hey Sue, you need to look into alternative care. Struvite crystals can be dissolved with vitamin C and going off kibble completely. Cats should not eat carbs from grain period. Corn is NOT the only bad grain. Feed a canned food with good ingredients and ALWAYS add water. The water will flush the crystals. I used it all the time for my cats before I decreased their kibble!! Raw is GREAT if you use good hygiene.
      The problem I have seen working at a vet clinic with Medi-cal products are they ALWAYS lead to another problem down the road. Too many bad carbs. Cats can’t digest carbs and it causes many arthritic, breathing, digestion and other problems.
      You should never add water to a dry food, as there are molds and toxins that love to breed when wet.
      I know for fact (watched it happen) that kibble does not balance the body for cats especially.
      If I do feed a kibble (laziness on my part)it is Orijen, Go or Now!! Weruva has good ingredients, but their vegetables should be pureed more.
      Keep reading and educating yourself. Your pets will thrive even more!!

    • Kim

      We live in Alberta don’t worry were not glowing. We fed our cats orijen and they both had bad reactions to it because there was too much fat for them to digest it properly :( There on medi cal now, but that hasn’t been great either I think they did better on purina honestly. We have twin brothers one ballooning in weight with joint problems and the other turning into skin and bone, took the skinny one to the vet and they didn’t seem to think there was a problem I’m very concerned. Hope your search goes well, were still having issues.

  • CatLover2Eva

    I have been feeding my female tabby cat Medi-Cal Dental for almost 6 years. She has beautiful teeth and i have not has any health concerns. I feel i may have saved myself an expensive dental procedure/cleaning. She has maintained a healthy weight (i free feed) and has a great looking coat. About a year and a half ago i took my childhood cat from my parents. Ko-ko was 18 when i took her to my place. I was concerned she was a bit thin. Did some blood work that indicated early renal disease. She has some arthritis and i was concerned how to help her arthritis with out medicating her and comprimising her kidney function. Medi-Cal Mobility was recommended. I have now been feeding it for over a year and am happy to say my old friend is doing amazing. She is jumping over the dog gate like she is a kitten and has gained 600grams. I recently repeated her bloodwork to discover her kidney values and remained the same (no progression of kidney disease) I am so happy that my old friend is happy and healthy and ablt to spend more time with me. My kitty is not the best to pill or medicate, so getting what she needs out of her daily food is easier for her and me!

  • Linda

    My cat had struvite crystals about 9 years ago and was put on MediCal then. He had also had a major operation within a few months of having struvite crystals. He was vomiting almost every time he ate, had low energy, shed a lot, his fur was matting and it wasn’t as soft and shiny, he didn’t urinate much and had very few bowel movements. He was not the same frisky cat that he was before. Now I thought that all this had to do with his operation at the time. About a year ago the vet where I bought the medical from told me that if I didn’t bring my cat in for a check up, she wouldn’t sell me any more medical. Well I am so happy she threatened me because I finally looked at the ingredients in the medical and was shocked to see what the top ingredients were! I switched my cat over to a different cat food with meat as the main ingredient and no corn or gluten in it. Suddenly his fur became so soft it was almost unbelievable and he urinates more frequently now and he has daily bowel movements. He is back to his frisky self and doesn’t throw up after he eats now! I think some vets (definitely the one we HAD) want your pet to get sick so they can make a buck from you.

  • Todd

    My cats have been on the Medi Cal preventative formula. It boast on how it helps prevent crystal formation, gives your cat a healthy coat etc. After 1 of my cats has recently been hospitalized for a blocked bladder from crystals, and another cat has a current bladder infection, and the third cat had really bad dandruff, all of whom are under three, I decided to take a look at the ingredients. Was shocked its all meat by products, rice, corn, etc. For the price I am paying I cant believe the ingredients are garbage. The sales rep gave every excuss on why its not the companies fault. Depends on the breed, etc.

    Would never recomment the product, there is a really good product made in Chilliwack BC called NOW. Same price as Medi Cal but the ingredients are way better, real meat not spleans and livers etc.