James Wellbeloved Cat Food

James Wellbeloved Cat Food

The philosophy behind James Wellbeloved cat food is that food produced without certain ingredients will be healthier for cats. Is James Wellbeloved cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about James Wellbeloved cat food? Learn more about James Wellbeloved brand cat food here!

Who is James Wellbeloved Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes James Wellbeloved cat food is called Crown Pet Foods Ltd. Crown Pet Foods does not only produce formulas for cats – they also produce food for ferrets, dog food and treats for dogs. The company is based out of the Somerset countryside in the UK. Aside from producing the James Wellbeloved brand, Crown Pet Foods also produces Royal Canin, another brand of pet food formulas.

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Recall

James Wellbeloved cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, Royal Canin, the other brand manufactured by Crown Pet Foods, was recalled by the FDA in 2007. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Reviews

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Ingredients

The first ingredient in many of the James Wellbeloved cat food formulas is white rice. There is always a named meat meal among the first five ingredients. Corn gluten is often included in the James Wellbeloved cat food formulas, though it is usually under the name “maize gluten”, which is a common description for corn in the UK. Many formulas also have fats such as olive oil and fish oil.

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Allergies

James Wellbeloved cat food does contain corn, which is a common allergen in cats. The corn in these formulas is usually under the name “maize”. Since the James Wellbeloved cat food formulas are fairly high in carbohydrates, they may cause symptoms similar to allergies in some cats. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of a cat food formula.

James Wellbeloved Recipes

James Wellbeloved Dry Recipes:

  1. James Wellbeloved Dry Lamb & Rice
  2. James Wellbeloved Dry Turkey & Rice
  3. James Wellbeloved Dry Duck & Rice
  4. James Wellbeloved Dry Fish & Rice

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Consumer Info

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Coupons

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James Wellbeloved Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of James Wellbeloved cat food are mixed. It’s a well-known fact that the formulas are excessively high in carbohydrates, and some cat owners do not like that the first ingredient isn’t a named meat meal. However, some cat owners seem to have positive experiences with James Wellbeloved cat food, without any major complaints.

Have you fed your cat any of the James Wellbeloved cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of James Wellbeloved cat food!

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    would you show me where to buy nature variety instinct can food for kittens and cats in australia. thankyou

  • http://trinhngoc@hotmail.com mina

    hi there. i fed my kitten wellness dry and wet for few months ago and my cat liked chicken slices can food however i did stopped feeding wellness wet can food because of carrageenan that i am afraid feeding him in a long term it can caused cancer. he ate holistic select can chicken and lamb for 7 months now he refused to eat that but i am not feeding wellness anymore. hill ideal balance has k3 vitamin in the wet can food then i am afraid to feed him as well. i can not find others grain free can wet food in australia. now i have no choice feed him royal canin wet pounch kitten jelly food. i am thinking to swich to artemis can food or advance can food. thats all i can find in australia. what should i do. please help me. i don’t know where to buy nature’s variety instinct wet can food for cats in australia. thankyou.

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    My new kitten loves your meat and dry food maybe more expensive but my malakai eats all meat ,but kitten range could do with lamb and turkey mix box ,but he loving turkey gets all purry lol

  • lindsey tong

    I have used the Turkey & rice variety for 7 years when Hill’s science diet became too expensive. My cats have thrived on it with long, active lives, they enjoy it and so do many strays!!!! Unfortunately our new kitty seems allergic and has blood in poo so I may need to change variety. I will try science diet or arden grange next.

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    could you please send me a catalogue and also some free samples for my gorgeous three year old cat bonny

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