Before Grain Cat Food

Before Grain Cat Food

The concept of removing grain from pet food formulas has recently enjoyed a lot of popularity. Grain-free cat food formulas are becoming a first-choice for many cat owners, and Before Grain is one among many grain-free brand names. Is Before Grain cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Before Grain cat food? Learn more about Before Grain brand cat food here!

Who is Before Grain Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes Before Grain cat food is called Merrick Pet Foods. Merrick Pet Foods has been producing pet food formulas since the 1980’s, though they first focused mostly on producing food for dogs. After Merrick launched three different types of canned pet food in 2003, Before Grain came into development. The advertised mission statement for Merrick Pet Foods is “Comfort for the Soul”. They claim to be focused on producing “simple, nutritious and healthy” pet food products.

Before Grain Cat Food Recall

Before Grain cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, in order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Before Grain Cat Food Reviews

Before Grain Cat Food Ingredients

In general, the first ingredient in most Before Grain formulas is a whole meat, and the second ingredient is a meat meal. Meat sources commonly include chicken, tuna and salmon. Since Before Grain is a grain-free formula, the carbohydrates in the food mostly come from dehydrated potatoes. Other ingredients may include turkey, eggs, sweet potatoes and other vegetables. Many Before Grain formulas also contain active cultures. The freeze-dried fruits and vegetables used in Before Grain formulas are added after the cooking process, which is said to preserve more of their nutrients.

Before Grain Cat Food Allergies

Since grains are among the most common allergens to cause symptoms in cats, Before Grain may be suitable for cats with grain-related allergies. However, if your cat has an allergy to a specific protein (such as chicken), you will need to choose your formula carefully. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Before Grain Cat Food Consumer Info

Before Grain Cat Food Coupons

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Before Grain Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Before Grain cat food are mostly positive. The unique feature of the formulas (adding vegetables after the cooking process) has many cat owners raving about Before Grain formulas. Many cat owners stated that they liked the quality of the ingredients in Before Grain formulas. However, some cats seemed to have trouble adjusting to a Before Grain diet, which is common for many grain-free formulas.

Have you fed your cat any of the Before Grain cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Before Grain cat food!

  • Cathy

    For the last 4 years I have fed my cats Grain Free dry and wet and my cats love it – esp the chicken and salmon formulas. They don’t like the tuna or quail canned offerings. I wish they sold larger bags of the dry as I have several cats.

  • Ry

    My cat has frequently reoccurring UTIs, so I have to be very careful about what I feed him. I’ve tried other grain free cat foods, but Before Grain is by far his favorite! He wolfs down the wet food like there’s no tomorrow, and munches on the dry food for a quick snack. Because my vet advised me against using fish flavors due to higher mineral contents not being the best for his sensitive bladder, I’ve stuck to chicken and turkey. He turns his nose up at the turkey, but he’ll eat it when he realizes that’s all he’s getting, so we mostly go with chicken.

    He’s had two blockages since his first bout of sickness, but the increase in quality wet food has made them much easier to deal with, one passing all on its own once I convinced him to get some food and water down. DEFINITELY recommend for anyone with male cats prone to urinary blockages!

    The only downside is that no other food has given him quite as noxious smelling, shall we say, “leavings”. But hey, at least I always know when the litter box needs scooping!

  • Lisa Price

    I am new to BG. My long-haired calico, Molly had developed skin allergies this summer and I have been taking her to the Vet for regular cortisone injections. He suggested I switch her to a higher grade cat food which might help her scrabbly, itchy skin. She’s so picky that when I found BG I bought the smallest bag of chicken flavor and she loves it! Her coat is shiny and her skin feels like it is clearing up. Just bought my second bag and I am hoping to alleviate the shots with this product.

  • caren

    We started using BG about 18 months ago for our cats. They had a hard time adjusting to it- they threw up a few times so we slowed down how quickly we were mixing their old food and the new… We use the dry chicken flavored food and supplement with the canned. They are not big on the canned turkey, but go absolutely nuts over the salmon and tuna flavors, and they really like the chicken/quail as well.

    Their coats are silky and shiny, they have even temperaments, and the vet always comments on how healthy they are. He has stopped short of endorsing BG foods, but he says it is obviously working well for these kitties so “we must be doing something right” by feeding them BG. I was asking about food choices because one of the cats is larger than I would like- but the vet said that this cats genetics would lead him to be a lot fatter if he were not being well cared for and fed properly, and since he is quite healthy otherwise, he doesn’t want us to change a thing. :)

    FYI, it is quite a lot cheaper purchased online. There are several sites that sell for cheaper than Petco, and occasionally have free shipping so that is when we stock up.

    • Marge

      I have 3 cats. The 6 month-old boy started loosing his fur and weight, vomiting and looking quite poor. Turns out that he had parasites. After treatment, we fed him canned BG food, which he kept down if we gave it to him a spoon full per hour. I bought BG dry food for the two spayed cats. They did not appreciate it one bit and turned up their noses. When the boy recovered enough, he ate the dry BG chicken variety with relish. . . . not so for the two spayed girls, who were overweight after 3 years of eating the cornmeal-meat flavored kibble from the grocery store. The momma cat was the first to come around. She knew that I would not feed them anything else. The other girl, who looked like a pot belly cow, refused to eat it. Period. It’s been several days now, so unless miss greedy gut (she hogged the food from the other cats at every chance!!!) finds another food source, I’ll figure this to be her chance to slim down. It’s day 6 of the food strike. If the momma eats the food now, girlfriend will eventually follow (well maybe. I think she’s got another food source-(cat lady at the corner house). Her gut isn’t whittling down quite so fast ) . . . . .

  • Tibor

    Excellent cat food. Have been using the dry (salmon & chicken formula) for years and my cats are completely healthy. They never tire of it especially the salmon. I just started using their wet food (mainly the fish based ones)which is also a hit. I’m completely satisfied with Merrick and their high quality cat foods.

  • Cathy

    I just switched to BG dry food, chicken flavor and my cat loves it. He got one sniff of it when I opened and started screaming for it, I was really happy because I had been feeding him an even more expensive high quality food and he didn’t like it after the first bag. Not only does he love it but it seems to be clearing up the constipation that developed with the other food. I hope it clears up his hairball problem like others have said because he vomits about every other day from them, so pleasant :)
    If you haven’t tried it maybe you should as the cats seem to really like it.

  • Monica Diamond

    I have switched from that cheap bulk food that my friends told me about to BG, in a month I have notice a change in my young cat’s fur, she is all black, before the dander was very visible, now I don’t see any dander, her fur is silky and smooth, the little ones are eating it too.
    I am glad I only fed my babies the “junk” food for a short time.

  • Dean

    I adopted 3 cats from our local pet shelter. 2 of the older cats had bad fur..scratchy at best, the 2 year old was skinny. After 4 weeks on BG cat food thier fur was silky soft and their weight had stablized. The tuna was not a big hit but the turkey/chicken/salmon went over well. I give them both dry and can BG..I still have some issues with fur balls but only on occasions. You really need to know you animal when it comes to diet..shelter animals are especially challenging since their are fed what ever food was donated..multi types and brands, it could take several weeks for your pet to stablize on any one type of food..

  • Chloe

    When I adopted my kitten, she looked awful–so skinny, weak bowel problems and had a dull coat. After feeding her Before Grain dry & canned just for a week, she completely chnaged–so active, beautiful smooth coat and overall looks like a normal healthy kitty. Although she now doesn’t like the canned, she still goes crazy over the dry food.

  • elizabeth

    BG Salmon is the BEST!! Buy great pet foods now, and stay out of the vets office tomorrow!

  • Stella

    I started feeding my cats canned BG recently. It seems to agree with them perfectly well. Our pet store only carries 2 flavors. I hope they add more as cats get finicky and need a change, but I’d rather stick with the same brand.

  • Lai-Lai

    I’m switching to B$ grain, but the availability is actually really low, as Petco & Petsmart are the only stores that carry it. It’s also one of the most expensive.

  • Kathy

    I just recently tried the before grain dry cat food chicken flavor. After trying the Buffalo Blue and others and no luck with my cats liking it. So far my cats love the before grain and have not been puking up hair balls anymore either. So So far so good.