Authority Cat Food

Authority Cat Food

PetSmart is just one among many retail chain stores that specialize in pet products. The fact that PetSmart produces their own cat food formulas isn’t unique, but it does have some cat owners asking important questions. Is Authority cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Authority cat food? Learn more about Authority brand cat food here!

Who is Authority Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes Authority cat food is called PetSmart. PetSmart is a retail store that sells a variety of pet foods, pet care products and other pet supplies. PetSmart was founded in 1986, and was previously called PETsMART. Aside from producing Authority pet food, PetSmart also produces Sophisticat brand cat food. Sophisticat is more of a “budget” brand, while Authority is PetSmart’s higher quality brand of cat food.

Authority Cat Food Recall

Authority cat food was one of the brands that was affected by the 2007 pet food recalls in relation to melamine contamination. Three canned Authority formulas were involved in the recall, but no dry formulas are listed. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Authority Cat Food Reviews

Authority Cat Food Ingredients

Authority brand cat food formulas generally have a meat ingredient as their first ingredient. Most Authority formulas are chicken-based. However, Authority brand cat food does contain ingredients such as ground corn and corn gluten meal, which are usually among the first five ingredients. Brewers rice is also present in many Authority formulas. Dried cellulose is also occasionally present in Authority cat food.

Authority Cat Food Allergies

Since Authority brand cat food formulas generally contain a significant percentage of corn as their primary carbohydrate, they are not suitable for cats that have allergies to corn. Corn is one of the most common ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in cats. Since corn isn’t easily digestible by a cat’s digestive system, it can cause certain types of symptoms to develop. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Authority Cat Food Consumer Info

Authority Cat Food Coupons

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Authority Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Authority cat food are generally negative. For the price of Authority cat food, some cat owners have argued that they could purchase a much higher quality formula. The inclusion of corn was a commonly cited negative factor for many consumers. However, some cat owners reported that they were able to feed Authority brand cat food to their cat without any significant health problems.

Have you fed your cat any of the Authority cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Authority cat food!

  • wolfgirl8225

    I didn’t realize this was a PetSmart product, that explains why I can’t find it anywhere else! My 14 week old kitten loves it! To bad we go o Petco more often so we are getting her IAMS now.

  • ·⋆·†åηk✩Gïяℓ·⋆·

    I just went to petsmart today to find some inexpensive canned cat food for some stray kittens I took in, as I do a lot. Well I found the authority brand and had about 7 cans in my kart··· I went to grab one more can from the shelf and when I touched it, it violently exploded in my hand with a massive boom noise heard throughout the entire store. It scared the life out of me. I was reassured by the store that the can probably had a small hole in it that let some air in and made the food start to go bad creating a gas that made the can explode but that the others should be fine. So I went ahead and bought 8 cans of the kitten kind. I just hope I made the right decision, as the kittens are eating it with no problems whatsoever. They are about 6 weeks old. I did let the store manager know about it and also wrote to the company to let them know. I’m still kind of weary about feeding this brand to my babies,.. Mostly scared the can will explode on me again. My anxiety levels went through the roof when it happened··· I thought I had been shot or something. Well, wish my babies luck.

  • Stat’s mom

    My cat himalayan /siamese has a very sensitive stomach! He is a rescue kitty so we had no idea what he previously ate. I tried Iams and different purina types only to have him start throwing up constantly after 3 to 4 days. I am thrilled to say that @ almost 9 days on authority he has only thrown up once (paper ) I am so very happy with this food! His coat is silky soft and I am relieved to say he has even started to play! You can actually see a difference right away!

  • Jan the Osprey Fan-MO

    I have used Authority brands for years. So happy to see a grain free available for my cats now. I just wish my Petsmart would have it on the shelves. I ordered my first bag to see if my cats will eat it. All 7 do very well on the other varieties except for 2 that vomit a bit. Maybe the Grain free will help that. They all have healthy thick and shiny fur..bright eyes and are very playful! I absolutely recommend Authority. Feed my 1 dog Authority too but my other dog,a pittbull, has severe allergies so I wish they had a limited ingredient Salmon. I have to feed her Nutro and its expensive!

    • Sue

      I agree with these comments. I have been a cat owner (rather, I have been ‘owned’ by cats!) for over 20 years. My latest kitty is now 7 1/2 yrs, a domestic long-hair. She is strictly an indoor cat. Since feeding her Authority “Adult Formula” (first bag!), her coat is noticeably shinier and softer. She loves the taste, sheds much less, is more energetic and playful.. and.. price suits my budget. I definitely recommend Authority line of cat food.

  • Sarah Rishel

    I really like their weigh-management wet food for my cats. One has allergys and they are both picky, so it was really hard to find a food that worked for both cats. This one has no corn, wheat, or soy in it. It does have grain (brewer’s rice) but that hasnt seemed to give them problems. They were both overweight and have now gotten down to a nice healthy size :) I am sad that today I saw a sticker “reduced to clear.” It looks like their new formulas are potato based instead. I hope it will still work for my kitties! changing foods is a month long nightmare I am not looking forward to!

  • Teri

    When I first got my kitten he was just under three months, was already eating kitten food and his mother had just stopped feeding him (but not his siblings). He was small and being fed kitten food from the grocery store. I gave him one more bag of the same kind the breeders were feeding him then I was recommended Authority when he was about 3 months. He’s barely 5 months old and he is almost 10 pounds and is almost the same length of my adult cat!

  • Patti

    Thank you all for your input on Authority. I have 2 cats. They’re on Pro Plan dry which is way expensive. I’ve been googling my brains out trying to find info on the two foods that are the “finalists” so to speak. Purina One and Authority. I lost my sweet 1 year old Cocoa in January and am really skittish about what kind of food I switch to. His illness wasn’t food related. I just don’t want to lose another one of my babies. I think I decided on Authority.

    • Sue

      I’ve tried both Purina One, and Authority Adult Formula. For theprice, there’s NO comparisson! Read the ingredients – Omega-6 alone is minimum 3.5%! Her coat is soft and shiny and at nearly years old, she’s as active as a youngster! I choose Authority.

  • Connie

    Why do they offer dogs a grai free diet and not cats??! Cats require it more than dogs. It really makes me question the quality.

  • Carol Carpenter

    I bought Authority dry Sensitive formula today for the first time. I didn’t realize until I was reading these posts that it’s a PetSmart product, though I have no problem with that, as long as it’s good for them. I have one cat that is totally allergic to corn, as it makes his fur fall out, and I saw that this formula has no corn or other glutens in it. Cats don’t need grains as much as they need protein, and this food was high in the protein-type ingredients. I hope they’ll do well with it. We’re still on Friskies canned, and I’m hoping we can cut way back on that. Four cats go through 4 or 5 cans a day, and at 50-60 cents/can that adds up fast. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Angel

    I think Athourity is a great pet food. I have 3 cats we got last summer. Two females and male. They are now one year old. (They are not related) we put my cat on it when we go her we got her first she isn’t the oldest though. She was on the kitten formula up until her birthday which was April 28th. Roxy our other female was taken off of it a few months before her birthday and Lucky our oldest was still on it when he turned one. Now they are on the adult formula. What I really like is meat at the first ingredient the corn I have never had a problem with. The price is really good actually. I was going to use Blue Buffalo but that’s crazy expensive. We even have our three small dogs on it and it has glucosamine in the large breed which was great when we had our lab. The only thing about the dog one is we have little dogs 2, 6 and 8 and there is no glucosamine in the small breed unless you get the senior. So we have our old man on the pill. Over all great food great price and decent quality. For both cats and dogs.

  • Caitlin

    We fed our cats authority for quite some time and noticed that all three had problems with feline acne which had never been an issue prior to switching to the Authority food. We cut them both out of the diet and the acne has cleared up almost completely. I thought authority was going to be a good optional a decent price point. It wasn’t. I suggest switching to a grain free food like Taste of the Wild or Merrick’s new line Purrfect Bistro. These are much higher quality foods. Your cat will thank you.

  • Tazz

    I feed my 2 yrs old feline authority dry and wet …. No problems at all… Great food and great price

  • Linda Sundermeyer

    I have been feeding my 1 year old torty shell cat Authority dry cat food since I adopted her as a stray. After her spaying, she gained a lot of weight, so I put her on the weight control Authority, but she seems to still be gaining weight. I cut her food amount way back, but she is hungry all the time. What do I do????? She looks like a rolly polly… I am afraid for her health. I have 6 other cats, but they eat Purina cat chow and do not have weight problems. Should I change her food and give her the Purina??? Please help me save her from this obesity…

    • Wendy

      Hi, Linda. My three cats (two females and a male) have the same problem (girls after spaying, boy after an upper respiratory as a kitten). I cut back from free-feeding to feeding just twice a day and that seemed to help the two girls. Switching to a higher-quality dry food (Purina Pro Plan) also helped, but not by much. Switching to weight management seems to have no effect. Finally found and read Lisa Pierson’s article at and am currently in the process of converting my cats onto a canned diet (usual dry food AM, cans PM) that is richer in “animal” protein and precious “water” that felines need as a species to be lean and healthy. Please give her article a read. I think you’ll be glad you did. :)
      Good luck,

      • Sandy

        Yeah, Purina pro plan is not a “higher quality” dry food. Authority is just above anything by Purina that still has corn in it. And the corn free sensitive solutions for cats is very good food for the price. True high quality foods are those like Wellness, blue buffalo, simply nourish, etc. Most Purina food is a joke.

        • Sue

          Have to agree that!

    • Gloria

      Yes, in order for cats to lose weight, they need more high-quality protein. Perhaps you could also include some cooked meat along with her canned food. Meat, just by itself, unless the cat is eating mice and getting the “whole animal” would be nutritionally unbalanced. Cats who are being fed dry food or canned food with added grains or starchy veggies are prone to developing diabetes (too many carbs). Remember, cats are carnivores.
      Good luck.

  • aubry

    I have two cats that I adopted and they turned out to be large bengals and they just keep growing. I would live to afford the science diet,but I dont have that budget. I had also been dealing with some pretty foul poo from these guys and searching for a brand of cat food to make it not smell so bad. Authority has been fabulous and no smelly poo since. There are so many brands out there with the first ingredient being cornmeal or some kind of filler…..this was not the case with authority. I’m very happy with it and I’ve recommended it to others as well:)

    • Gloria

      I’m glad that you are feeding Authority instead of Science Diet, since it is not a very good quality food. I am even feeding a stray cat the Authority Sensitive dry food, since it seems to be good quality, and does not contain corn. My indoor cats get Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken (again, no grains) and a variety of canned food, as well as some meat.

    • momcat

      If you have Bengals you should really be feeding mainly wet food, or raw diet. It is sad to see a Bengal having to eat only dry food, esp any of the cheap kind. You should at least be feeding them a GrainFree diet — try Source (also by Petsmart) or now Authority has Grain Free as well. A Bengal should never be eating junk food every day! :(

  • Becca F.

    I have an overweight senior cat and was unaware of Senior cat food until recently. I went to PetSmart to find some senior cat food and for some reason Authority stood out to me – I know that meat should be the first ingredient and that grains should be in the first few as well. The authority senior cat food fit those qualifications and when I compared the ingredients to some of the other more expensive brands, they looked better. I tried authority for my cat and so far he hasn’t lost weight but he hasn’t gained any either; he has had no issue with the dry food and absolutely loves the canned food.

  • Nancy

    The Authority Real Chicken Kitten food gave all 4 kittens diahrea….the 8lb bag # was 117A2256P and the expiration date was April 26 2013. I went the the Authority website to seee if there was a way to email them and let them know. Not one that I could find. I am hoping they monitor this website.

    • Jim

      Did you gradually switch the kitten’s food? Immediate change to a new food can cause diarrhea.

  • Diane Conover

    I bought the Weight Control/Hairball Formula 2 weeks ago for my 2 – 5 year old cats 2 weeks ago. Since then, one of my cats developed an allergic reaction from the food and started pulling his hair out. I took him to the vet because I thought he had a flea (they are indoor cats). It turns out he was allergic to the food. He lost 2 pounds in the last month. They also discovered he had a heart murmur that was not there a month ago. I went to dump the 2 containers of food out in a trash bag and at the bottom of the containers there were crushed food and little black things. At closer inspection THEY WERE BUGS!!! For the last 2 weeks I have been feeding my cats bugs. I am disappointed and mad that Authority would sell food with bugs in it. I am 100 percent convinced the food caused his heart murmur. I thought it was a high quality food but was highly wrong. It is just a high priced cheap food that should not be on the market at all.

    • Nicole Rivera

      Big whoop. Every cat I ever had ate bugs of its own free will.

      • Buffy

        Wish my cats would eat the bugs–they just watch them. argh!

      • Noose Newsome

        my cat loves bugs, free protein :)

    • Noose Newsome

      maybe authority can come out with a new brand Authority natural “pure bug protein” formula.

    • Sarah Rishel

      Maybe you should buy your cat canned food… it is more like their natural diet and it wont have bugs in it. All dry food is cheap.

    • Sue

      Is it possible you left the bag of cat food out, ie not in an air tight container…? If bag isn’t air tight this can attract bugs. I keep my dry food in a large popcorn container, bag and all. I’ve had no problem with ‘bugs’ since. Btw.. my bug experience asn’t with Authority brand.. that was a long time ago.

  • Susan

    I know the above reviews are older and perhaps the ingredients have changed. I just purchased a bag of the Authority SENSITIVE SOLUTIONS dry cat food and there is no corn, wheat or soy in the formula. I wanted to give it a try because the prices on cat food have been going through the roof in 2012 and this brand is much less expensive in comparison to the “premium” brands, which I think may be ripoffs. I have been using Natural Balance Ultra Premium dry and am fairly happy with it; my cats have developed lovely soft coats but they still have some digestive disturbances and the price continues to rise. I am mixing the Authority in with it very gradually. Tested a few kibbles on my three cats today for the first time and they really liked it. I intend to research two of the ingredients: “natural flavors” and “fructooligosaccharides” to see just what those are, although I already suspect that the latter is a form of sugar. Time will tell how well my cats do on this and I may just stick to a mix of the two brands for the sake of lower costs.

  • Brenda

    My cat was fine till I fed him Authority. About a month later he got dandruff and lost his hair daily. I stopped using the cat food and 2 weeks later he was fine with the energy he had before I started using Authority cat food.

    • Sandy

      That’s far more likely to have had to do with a specific ingredient in the particular recipe of authority you purchased that your cat was allergic to, and is not a reflection of the brand itself. I reccomend the sensitive solutions recipe as it has no corn, wheat, beef, or soy, which are all common allergens to cats.

  • Jan

    We have 4 cats of which 2 tolerate the food well but 2 also have alot of regurgitation. I didn’t know about the corn aspect in a cats diet so this sheds more light for me. I have found food that is better and cheaper and without the corn content so have switched with good results.

    thanks for your help through this web site.

  • Og the Cat Haver

    We have had two kittens for about 2 months now and have tried a LOT of dry and wet kitten food. They like authority for wet, but its price point up here in Canada is a little weird, with the small cans being 80% of the 6 oz can price. Still, cheaper then the wet kitten food from other brands and the ingredients don’t include grain.

    Overall, useful in a range of food. Looking forward to having more choices when the guys get older.

  • Judy Kirkman

    This is the only cat food that my cancer survivor kitty can eat and not regurgitate back up.. while the cost is more, I figure I am saving it on not having to clean my carpets constatnly and it’s better for him!
    He’s a senior and has always had a “funny tummy” and now that he’s older, keeping weight on him is paramount, so it’s really important that he gets the best and keeps it down!
    Thank you for finally making it possible for him to eat and really enjoy his food!!1