Nutro MAX Cat Food

Nutro MAX Cat Food

Nutro pet food has been subject to a lot of controversial information over the past 20 years. In 1998, certain Nutro foods tested positive for pentobarbital. In 2007, Nutro was one of the major foods affected by the pet food recall. What’s the deal with Nutro MAX pet food? Is Nutro MAX cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Nutro MAX cat food? Learn more about Nutro MAX brand cat food here!

Who is Nutro MAX Manufactured By?

The company who makes Nutro MAX cat food is called Nutro Products. Though Nutro Products is now owned by Mars, it was actually founded in 1926. A man named John Saleen bought a dog food company, and ended up renaming it “Nutro Products”. The Nutro MAX line of food formulas was developed in 1985, and began with a chicken, rice and lamb formula. It wasn’t until 2007 when Mars, Incorporated purchased the company.

Nutro MAX Cat Food Recall

The Nutro brand was one of the major pet food brands that was affected by the 2007 pet food recall, after certain formulas tested positive for melamine. There are dozens of different Nutro MAX cat food brands listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Nutro MAX Reviews

Nutro MAX Ingredients

Nutro MAX cat food formulas do usually have a meat meal as their first ingredient. However, the second ingredient is often corn gluten meal. Ground rice is another carbohydrate contained in Nutro MAX, as well as wheat flour. Salt is added to most Nutro MAX cat food formulas. Nutro MAX does contain many different dried vegetables, though they are under the term “dried vegetable fiber”. The fats in Nutro MAX come from poultry fat, sunflower oil and soybean oil.

Nutro MAX Allergies

Nutro MAX cat food does contain several ingredients that could cause allergic reactions in cats. Wheat flour is contained in every formula, as well as corn gluten meal, both of which are common allergens. It’s interesting to note that Nutro states that corn gluten meal is an “excellent source of protein that is highly digestible” on their website. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Nutro Max Recipes

Nutro Max Dry Recipes:

  1. Indoor Cat Exclusive
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Ca
  3. Kitten
  4. Adult Cat
  5. Senior Cat
  6. Weight Management
  7. Skin & Coat
  8. Hairballs
  9. Immune System
  10. Bone & Joints
  11. Oral Care
  12. Stomach Sensitivity

Nutro MAX Consumer Info

Nutro MAX Cat Food Coupons

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Nutro MAX Ratings

Customer reviews of Nutro MAX cat food are mixed. While some cat owners state that they have no problems with Nutro MAX, some cat owners disagree. Nutro MAX has been accused of causing a variety of different health problems in cats, most of them related to allergies. Many cat owners also do not like the fact that Nutro MAX seems to be very high in carbohydrates, which are not easily digestible by cats.

Have you fed your cat any of the Nutro MAX cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Nutro MAX cat food!

  • crazy cat lady

    I have a male cat that developed a UTI. I’m trying to provide a better cat food for him that contains low ash which apparently ash means potassium and magnesium. I read the ingredients as a matter of fact I read the whole bag every word, & I can’t find anywhere that states how much ash or potassium or magnesium is in the dry cat food. I tried to contact the company but got an! Stating that it was not a safe site and that I should back away so I did. can anyone help me figure out what he ask content is in their dry food ?

  • catgirl091909

    I’m not sure what is going on now. I used to feed my one cat a 50/50 mixture of Nutro Indoor Chicken & Rice with Purina One Beyond. Well, Purina discontinued the One Beyond, so I started feeding him only Nutro. He developed what appeared to be a UTI. After testing, no UTI, but a heart murmur was detected. After xrays and untrasounds and other tests, I’m beginning to think it may be the food. I got a strange mix of kibble in a bag of the same flavor earlier this year. Nutro was supposed to get back to me with the results of what was actually in the bag, but did not. I’ve stopped feeding it to them now. No more Nutro.

    • Mary

      My dad’s cat ate Nutro, and he passed away- after an necropsy, found it wasn’t related to the food, but to his heart. Anyway, my dad gave me his food, wet and dry. I gave away the dry, and fed some of the wet to my cats. Virtually immediately, one of my males developed what appeared to be a UTI. Took him to the vet with a urine sample, and the urine did not contain bacteria, but did contain struvites (crystals) and blood, according to the vet. I’m not sure I believe the vet 100%- I think it was the food. She and I have had a long-standing debate regarding feeding grain-free, namely Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which I feed to all of my cats, including two males who had chronic crystals on regular food, but are doing good on the Wilderness. I think it was more about her being right than the truth (I have since switched clinics). Regardless, he’s on Royal Canin S/O now to dissolve the crystals, but I may switch him back to BB and see what happens- then I’ll know for sure if it was the Nutro, which I’m 99.99999999% sure it was.

  • Nancy

    My male cat came down with UT blockage after feeding him Friskies wet and IAMS dry. He has been on CD dry and CD can along with Max Cat chicken and liver for about 2 years now. He’s fine and loves it. This was suggested by a woman that owns a non-corporate pet store/cat rescue. She had the same things happen to a couple of her cats w/ the ut blockage. She said she had those cats on CD for about 6 months then switched back to Max Cat w/ no problems. I know I gave him turkey a while ago and it made him vomit. Figured it was too rich.

  • melissa

    Recently switchex from cat chow indoor to nutro…wanted something better quality. After two bags of nutro at least 3 cats were vomiting immediately after eating and seemed to have hairballs more frequently and increased shedding. I have contacted nutro and asked for a refund. I have my receipt. I am sorry to hear of all these complaints. Never had so much vomiting In all the years using purina. I’ve seen cats live 20 years eating less expensive food. I think its marketing these expensive brands.

  • http://catfoodreviews Wanda

    I had serious problems in Dec. 2012 with all three of my cats and registered a complaint amongst the thousand plus other ones on I would recommend all potential purchasers of Maxx Cat or Nutro refer to that website and see how the customers like it. I am just happy my cats didn’t die as many others believe their dogs/cats died from eating it. Please note that the number of complaints for science diet are about 100 plus, the number for nutro are almost 2000.

  • reb

    my cat has had problems with food. depending on batches, whether he gets sick or not. Have to watch and try new lot numbers before buying more. Some make him vomit. Had a nutro rep in petsmart get angry and defensive when told her some batches are different colors and thicker in shape. couldn’t answer me as to why. directed me to company.she said food shouldnt make him sickand that it was a good product. implied i was lying. cat will not eat any other food. has allergies now and its a possibility it could be food. ruling out everything fda is investigating company. recommend you try other foods also talked to a customer in petsmart. One of her cats got sick on nutro max.

  • Josie

    My cats ate Nutro Naturals Weight Control or Indoor Cat dry cat food, with occasional cans of Nutro Max wet food, for eight years. Last year, my male cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure at age nine. Now I learn that my female cat also has mishaped kidneys and may be headed in the same direction. When the melamine recalls first were announced, I looked up the list and did not see Nutro on the FDA recall list. Now I just checked the list and see they had major recalls. I must have looked at the list early in the recall process, and am realizing that Nutro likely harmed both of my cats. They now get only Weruva canned wet food. They are no longer obese and have much shinier fur. Down with Nutro!

  • johnypaycut

    Cat killers… menu foods flagship product,which killed my cat, this crapt
    was killing animals for years before the 2007 recall.
    menu foods still has not settled its court ordered payments to the owners
    of the animals killed 5yrs ago.
    basicly capitalism at it’s worst, any corporate company who’s product
    kills pets needs to be shutdown!