Acana Cat Food

Acana Cat Food

Acana brand cat food is often cited by cat owners as being one of their primary choices for their cat’s nutrition. However, what are some of the ingredients in Acana? Is it really completely grain-free? What are some other cat owners saying about Acana cat food? Learn more about Acana brand cat food here!

Who is Acana Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes Acana cat food is called Champion Petfoods. Champion Petfoods is based out of Alberta, Canada. The company boasts of still being family owned and operated after over 25 years of being in business. Aside from producing Acana cat food formulas, Champion Petfoods also produces Acana formulas for dogs, as well as formulas under their popular “Orijen” brand name. Champion Petfoods often uses the term “fresh, regional ingredients” to describe how they choose the components of their pet food formulas.

Acana Cat Food Recall

Acana cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, in order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Acana Cat Food Reviews

Acana Cat Food Ingredients

Right now, the Acana branded formulas for cats are a completely grain-free product line. Instead of deriving carbohydrates from grains, Acana’s main source of carbohydrates comes from russet potatoes. A meat ingredient is always listed first among Acana’s dry cat food formulas. In some cases, 4 out of the first 5 ingredients are meat-based. Acana’s cat food formulas also contain several active cultures, which help to promote good digestion. Most of the other ingredients are vegetables.

Acana Cat Food Allergies

There are no significant ingredients listed on Acana’s formulas that are commonly associated with cat allergies. However, if your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula. This is especially true if your cat has a protein-specific formula, since this may limit your choices for an appropriate cat food.

Acana Cat Food Consumer Info

Acana Cat Food Coupons

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Acana Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Acana cat food are mostly positive. Since the Acana line of products for cats is completely grain-free, many consumers are happy with the ingredients. The fact that Champion Petfoods uses ingredients that are sourced locally is another positive factor for many cat owners. However, like some other grain-free cat food formulas, many cats seem to require a transitional period where they are gradually switched to Acana cat food formulas.

Have you fed your cat any of the Acana cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Acana cat food!

  • Countdown Till Bryce’s a FA

    I love how everyone blames the pet food when something goes wrong with their cats… shocker cats get crystals on dry food.. SHOCKER!

    • Bonkers

      I agree …. I have three cats two of which have had crystals multiple times. The second round for both of them was on the prescription food which is packed with bi products and junk. I can’t seem to part completely with dry I’d be broke. I use Origen but am switching to arcana for the lower protein. This combined with wet food and lots of water is the ticket. Don’t get sucked into what the vets say. I paid high dollar vet bills I get it. Feed them good food and get pet insurance!!


    my cats got sick on orijen cat food , severe constipation and blockage ,
    bladder crystals , cost me 3000$ at vet for 3 cats , they where ok
    before , to much protein , not enought moisture , the vet told me its
    is good for DOGS , cause dogS drink a lot , but not suitable for cats …

  • Kate K

    I have a 16-year-old male, a 10-year-old female, and a one-year-old female (all fixed, of course). I’d been feeding my cats Science Diet for decades on recommendation of the vet (same story, vets get whatever they get from Hills). The 16-year-old vomited almost daily. Then, I got educated. I was going to go for Orijen, but a pet columnist I know told me to get Acana (same mfgr.) because of lower protein. I got the Wild Prairie (the Grasslands has fish and I shy away from giving male cats fish). They love it. Vomiting only once in a while.

  • John Doer

    I know the very reality behind the grain filled pet food industry, what
    the animal derivatives are, meaning of meat,chicken,animal by products,
    additives etc. I am really sure that Acana is far more better than so
    called market and veterinary food which are “commercially“ advised all
    the time.
    On the other hand, I couldn`t convince my Persie to try
    even only one piece of Acana Wild Prairie. He is really a picky eater so
    I tried to mix,crush and mix, some starvation but none worked. He
    insists to eat the other “unhealthy” food and I am not sure what to feed

    • julie

      My cat is a picky eater as well but by gradually changing from friskies food(which wasnt good for him) to Acana by mixing 1/4 of his new food with 3/4 of the old one. For about 2 weeks then half and half for a week and then for the last week i did 1/4 of the old good and 3/4 of the new food for a week then i stopped giving him the old one and he was fine. Hope it helps :)

  • kb

    My cats devour this food as a snack, or I have to buy the Grasslands for the picky one that doesn’t like most foods and whines at me because he is hungry. But the others like the taste so much they won’t let him eat it alone. They were raised on varied high-protein diets including raw.

    The picky one gets bad allergies (skin/stomach/fever) if he has to eat corn based foods more than a week, and only became picky a bit after having a bad reaction for a short period where I only could get cheap foods, and became very itchy and then stopped eating and drinking – he just crouched over the water dish, and only drank if I held it up to him in my palm. He doesn’t want to eat his meat or canned food much now, so I can get this food to keep him from starving, since it is dangerous if cats go without eating. The cats I know that were raised on corn food eat about 10 kibbles as a treat

  • Lindsey

    We had tried several kinds of dry food with our kitties and landed on Acana. They love it! They have beautiful coats and are overall healthy. We have also started adding more wet food to their diet and find that BFF accompanies this dry food well, but have also used Tiki Cat. One of our cats is a very picky eater, he would rather starve to death than eat Friskies or even Newman’s Own Natural. I would and have recommended this food to several friends.

  • oliver

    I started feeding my cat Acana Grasslands when he was a kitten. It has been almost 2 years now. He loves it, especially when I open a fresh bag. Shortly after I started feeding him the food his coat got softer and shiny. My cat has always been on a grain free, higher protein diet, but we did go through a short transition period from a less quality food brand to this one. Started with half and half, then gradually less of the cheaper brand. I did this mostly because of the higher protein in Acana, and problems with canned food. We are very happy. The only food issues my cat has experience was with canned food and not being able to eat certain brands. Never with this food. Love it!

  • Laura

    I tried switching my two year old cats from Merrick to Acana (also tried Orijen). They have been on this diet for 5 months now and have nothing but issues, allergies, intermittent diarrhea, itchy skin, bald spots, and bladder stones. They never had any issues for the first two years of their lives. Aside from the usual shots and check ups they have never been to the vet so much as they have the past couple of months. After eliminating all other potential allergens (natural cat litter, chemical house hold cleaning products, etc) I can only think it is this food. I am not looking for a new food they will eat and will probably switch them back to Merrick. The only complaint about Merrick was their poo was pretty smelly and Acana did help with that but it isn’t worth the vet bills for than one benefit.

  • Jen

    I tried giving Acana to my cat after Orijen gave her loose stool with blood in it. The vet tests came back negative, and the vet suggested changing her diet. I spoke with some pet store owners, and they suggested trying Acana because it’s less protein rich. Sadly, Acana seemed to have the same effect: loose stool with blood. Additionally, my cat didn’t really care for the taste.

    • Deb

      Hi Jen, my cat had the same issue when he was on Orijen! Looser (but still formed) bloody stool, all tests came back negative, switched him to science diet z/d, a hypoallergenic food, as per vet, and his stool got much better. However, I don’t like the science diet brand, and that the first ingredient is rice…. So I’m looking for an alternative now that he’s been on z/d for about 4 months, and am thinking of Acana grassland, with the similar thought as you that it’s a lower protein content, and it’s from the same company/ quality that I loved about Orijen. However I’m a bit hesitant now after reading your comment, so you mind me asking if you ended up finding something that worked with your cat? And if yes, what food did you land on? Thanks!!!

  • Mary Beth

    We started feeding our cats and dogs Acana maybe a year ago. They all seem to love it. However, one cat has over groomed herself until she has no fur on her tail or her belly. Another kitty has developed pimple like sores that he scratches until they bleed and the hair in that area falls out. This never happened before the switch in food. My husband doesn’t believe me that I think we should we should switch back. Any suggestions?

    • Stephanie

      One of my cats also started getting pimple like sores that become scabby. My husband so doesn’t believe me and won’t switch the food back to Orijen. I’m taking him to the vet today.

    • Frank

      Probably your cat is allergic to some ingredient. You should stop with that food and take the cat to the vet.

    • Laura

      Since switching my kitties they have had itchy skin and bald spots too. I am switching their food but they are picky and it has been tough to find a food they will eat.

  • Bridget

    We switched our two cats to Acana (grasslands, I think – I’ll check) b/c we were really impressed with the local sourcing as well as the “all-meat, no grain” ingredients. About a few weeks into the change, we started noticing one of my cats was over grooming – to the point where she started licking all her fur out on her legs and her stomach. We took her to the vet and he combed her and found one flea. So we treated her for fleas but after three months ( three treatments) of Advantage, there was no difference – she was still licking all her fur out. One day I came home and found that she had peed on my son’s change table – I attributed this to a one time accident. Then she did it again in exactly the same spot. If you ask any cat behaviourist, they will all say that when a cat pees outside the box they are trying to give you a very strong msg. We took my cat to the vet again and my vet found something she has never found before – my 3 year old cat had symptoms of CHRONIC renal disease – something she has only EVER seen in elderly cats!! My vet suggested we go BACK to our MediCal Gastro (the food we had her on before all the problems began) and add an extra litter box. It’s been one month back on the MediCal and she is back to her normal self – all her fur is back and she has not had an accident since. We are taking her back to the vet to see if anything has changed with her kidneys.
    I am, in NO WAY, saying that Acana caused all these problems or that this would happen to your cat. On the contrary – our other cat did just fine on the Acana without any problems whatsoever… Unfortunately, the Acana didn’t work for my ONE cat (maybe she has a pre-exsiting problem that was exacerbated by the high protein content – I read somewhere that cats with renal problems need to be on a LOWER protein diet) so we can’t use it anymore. It’s a shame b/c I love that it is a Canadian company and the ingredients are local.
    My vet also said it’s very important to look for the AAFCO approval (as someone said above)

  • Sandra

    I feed my kitty the Lamb one for Acana. She LOVES it and wont touch anything else. I have noticed an improve in her coat (shine and less dandruff), her energy levels are higher and her poo doesnt smell as bad.
    I do recommend this food for kitties!

  • Meghan

    The Acana pacific made my cats violently sick. They had been eating Taste of the Wild Canyon River. On Acana, they vomited profusely and had terrible diarrhea.I switched them back to TOTW as soon as the store had another bag!!

  • Chuck&Spencer

    Unfortunately, my two cats also won’t touch the Acana Wild Prairie. I am very particular about what I feed my animals and decided to try the Acana for a change. They are not picky eaters but it has been two days and both of them won’t go anywhere near it. Finally had to bust out their wet food just to get them to eat. Also – it smells strange. I checked the expiry date to see if it had gone ‘off’ – but no, it’s fine for a few months still. Taking it back tonight and possibly trying the Pacifica flavor. The only thing I’ve just noticed about the Acana that I’m not crazy about is that they use potatoes as their main carb – I have read elsewhere that this is not great for cats and should be avoided…so maybe I’ll just stay away from this food from now on.

    • Heather

      Try the Acana GRASSLAND – Fish based diets aren’t always best for cats, and some don’t like the fish taste. I breed persians and mix the grassland with the prairie and have a few boys that will pick out certain pieces… Only when I add in the prairie, never have I had anyone not like the grassland alone thought, its an amazing food…my cats love it, its great for the price and I notice a huge different in there coat. Love it !!! The only issue at the moment is finding it, After they had the fire to there “dryers” its been hard to locate, from what I hear it should be back out in full swing by spring… thankfully there are still a few sites on-line that have it. Good luck !!

  • Mary

    My Turkish Van “Clementine” absolutely loves all three flavors of Acana! Her coat is shiny, soft, and has no visible dander. She is active and playful! I love that she can have a grain free, low carb dry food. Worth every penny!

  • Cathy

    I have a very elderly cat 13 she began to havedigestive and bowel issues and has always suffered from skin problems. I mulled over and decided to make a gradual chnage of her food ,was quite worried as she is very very picky will not and never has eaten any type of people food of any kind as well as canned cat foot . I made my descion and purchased ACANA WILD PRAIRE ….Well she loves the stuff is doing awesome has stopped the constant grooming without needing bitter apple spray her coat is soft and shiny and she is actually running around and rolling and tossing her toys again.It made me so happy see that she can now eat without bringing it back up and as well has the energy to enjoy her life …Thank you ACANA

  • Christina

    Acana gave my cat crystals in her urine and made her very, very ill. My vet said that, while many of the high-end foods are better for cats, what is more important is to look for the AAFCO statement on the bags. Specifically, look for, “animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures,” as opposed to the food saying it uses “AAFCO-approved ingredients” or something like that. The feeding tests are the important thing, he said, as the brand has then proven throughout the life of a cat that their food is good for kitty’s health. While Acana uses AAFCO-approved ingredients, they do not participate in the feeding tests.

    • Rachel

      This also happened to my cat. It is very dangerous and should cats should be taken to the vet ASAP if UTI symptoms occur.

  • oo7janebond



  • Billye

    Astrid, if your friend’s cats went 10 days without food, they would have been dead. A cat cannot go that long without food. If the cat wasn’t eating the Acana food he was finding food somewhere else.

  • claudia

    My siamese cat has been shedding alot and my vet said that it was probably due to poor nutrition. I have been feeding him and my other two cats pro plan canned and dry. I went to a pet specialty store and was told to try Acana. The salesman told me it was grain free and because it contains high quality meat and not by-products it would make my cats healthier and thus improve their coats. I paid 20 dollars for a 5.5 pound bag of the Wild prairie. Thats almost 4 dollars a pound. My cats wont eat it. I have tried mixing it with their old cat food, but they wont touch it. I put it down in the morning before I leave for work and its still there when I come home. Its been 3 days and I cant let them go without food any longer. I threw it out and bought them a bag of pro plan which they gobbled.

    • http://AcanaCatFoodReviews Corinne


  • Pehgi

    Just bought some to try and both my American Bobtail cats are crazy about it!! We are actually using it as treats for now to get them acclimated. My older female has allergies – itchy ears and skin around her ears – forever. Turned her nose up at every attempted duck and pea veggie what ever and hoping this will do the trick. Has anyone found it successful in terms of allergies? I sure hope so but my babes love it.

  • Carolyn

    Our kitty is getting old and spits up his food often, this is the only food that he has kept down. I highly recommend it. It is good for the older kitty as well as the youger one too.

  • Drew

    My male Persian has always had very bad intestinal issues. He’s been eating this food for a month now and his gut is finally quiet. No barfing or loose stools since I started Acana. Currently feeding Grasslands although the others work well with him also. He also eats this well, and given that he has almost no teeth, it’s remarkable. I couldn’t be happier after years of trying to find something he can tolerate.

  • Donna Pawelczak

    I have been feeding my Jessie Boy Acana since he was two mons old he is now 11 mons and people come over and the first thing they comment on is him. My what a big boy he is and how beautiful his coat is, and believe me he’s a big guy at 11 mons he looks much older but acts like a baby still quite funny to see really. Also I’m allergic to cats it was my Dr who suggest Acana for less dandder and shedding also my small dose of reactine and I’m fine around him other cats not so much I really love this food for him and he loves it too.

  • Monchchichi

    Wow Astrid you are an idiot. Every cat is different. What one may like another may not. I don’t think it has anything to do with the brand of food. I have been feeding Acana Grain Free to my Sphynx and DSH for a few years now with no problems, they are actually healthier since I switched them to it. I have never heard any negative reviews about it.Hopefully your comment doesn’t deter peoples choices on trying the food for themselves.

    • Angela

      We adopted a stray and had nothing but canned tuna to feed her for the first week. After that she wouldn’t eat any of the samples we got her. Then we found the acana pacific and she loved it. She is much healthier now and the neighbors comment on pretty and white her coat is. I truly recommend this. And I think Astrid’s cat is just really picky

  • Astrid

    My cats would rather starve than even try this. I tried everything to get them to try it..even mixed in wet food….but NO!

    My friend’s cat went for 1o days with no food, rather than try it, so I know this is not uncommon. it must smell bad to them.

    • 007JANEBOND