Weruva Cat Food

Weruva Cat Food

Weruva cat food is one of the few brands sold in the United States that manufactures the majority of their foods in Thailand. Is Weruva cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Weruva cat food? Learn more about Weruva brand cat food here!

Who is Weruva Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes Weruva cat food is called Weruva. Weruva was founded by David and Stacie Forman, who wanted to produce a quality pet food for their pets. They named the company after their three cats – Webster, Rudi and Vanessa. Later, they created a dog food formula inspired by their rescued dog, Baron. Much of the manufacturing done on Weruva food takes place at a “state of the art” human food facility located in Thailand.

Weruva Cat Food Recall

Weruva cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, in order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Weruva Cat Food Reviews

Weruva Cat Food Ingredients

Weruva has stated that they do not import any ingredients from China, and also that is no wheat gluten, corn gluten or rice protein concentrate in their formulas. Many of the Weruva formulas are free of grains, which is good for cat owners looking to feed their cats on a grain-free diet. Many of the ingredients in the formulas are seafood-based, such as calamari, mussels and shrimp.

Weruva Cat Food Allergies

There don’t appear to be any corn, wheat or soy in the first five ingredients in Weruva cat food formulas. However, since formulas may change, you should always check the manufacturer’s website for the most current information. If your cat has an allergy to a specific protein, you may need to be very selective in choosing a cat food formula. Be aware that some formulas may contain by-products from other ingredients, which may cause allergies in some cats.

Weruva Recipes

Weruva Canned Recipes:

  1. Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Canned Cat Food
  2. Weruva Mideast Feast with Grilled Tilapia Canned Cat Food
  3. Weruva Mediterranean Harvest with Tuna & Vegetables Canned Cat Food
  4. Weruva Mack and Jack with Mackerel & Grilled Skipjack Canned Cat Food
  5. Weruva Nine Liver Canned Cat Food
  6. Weruva Polynesian BBQ with Grilled Red Big Eye Canned Cat Food
  7. Weruva Steak Frites Canned Cat Food
  8. Weruva Peking Ducken Formula Canned Cat Food
  9. Eeruva Grandma’s Chicken Soup with Chicken, Potato, Pea, & Carrot Canned Cat Food
  10. Weruva Asian Fusion with Tuna, Rice & Shirasu Canned Cat Food

Weruva Cat Food Consumer Info

Weruva Cat Food Coupons

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Weruva Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of Weruva cat food are mostly positive. Many cat owners reported that their cats seem to like the taste of Weruva, and do not have any difficulty digesting the formulas. Also, many cat owners seem to like the grain-free Weruva formulas. A few cat owners reported that their cats had a bit of trouble with bowel movements after being fed Weruva, though it’s unclear if the food directly caused this problem.

Have you fed your cat any of the Weruva cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Weruva cat food!

  • Jaymi

    These are great and my cat eats them, but you have to watch the fish based brands. I find anywhere from 3-6, 1/2 long fish bones in the mix that I have to pick out. She only eats the pouch, 1 If By Land…, and Mack, Jack, and Sam. So I decided to try something else hoping it would be a fish based with less bones. It’s the canned cat food by Weruva, Two Tu Tango. It looks and smells like human food, but it’s riddled, and I mean filled with fish bones. I won’t be giving it to her and I will be returning it. I would pay extra just to have something with less fish or fish bones. I don’t understand how they can be allowed to sell this.

  • mina

    hello there, I fed weruva cat in the chicken, my cat liked chicken and beef canned food , there are no problems about the food, however, my cat has constipated frequently, he did poop once a week, about 5days,or 6days . I am not sure what caused the problem, he ate pumpkin, ppsyllium husk powder and I gave him lots of water from soup that I made.I did not feed him dry food anymore, he is now on can cat foods always. Maybe he didn’t eat enough can food, he got one weruva can food for breakfast, then he had dinner chicken pumpkin soup at home or some roasted chicken from coles supermaket, he didn’t not liked cat foods much, he liked human food, but I like weruva cat food, always. Thank you.

  • Katie

    I have two Ragdolls, one of which has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and suspected IBD. Since dealing with this, we had to find a high protein, low carb food for easier digestion. Weruva was well recommended by a vet so I gave it a try and my cats loved the paw lickin chicken variety ( I prefer not to feed fish based diets). However, despite how shiny their coats were and how much they enjoyed it, both of my cats, even the healthy one, started getting loose stools. It was especially bad in my EPI cat. In addition to this issue, I noticed a bit of a quality control issue from time to time. Once found a long black hair inside a can (no one in my house has hair like that). Another time a whole can was filled with blobs of a clear gel substance, another time very little meat. The company was quick to respond to my concerns about this, detailing their quality control procedure which I found to be very professional. Overall, if your cats do well on it it’s a good brand, just maybe not for my cats. The price is an issue mainly because each can is pretty low in calories so you need to feed more cans to meet nutritional needs. I don’t have $3,000 a year to drop on food, which is what it was costing me. Not a cheap food. Saving $2,000 a year now after switching.

  • Wendy

    I was trying to find a cat food for my babies that is grain free. I tried many can foods and Weruva Lickin Chicken in Gravy was my very last stop. My cats all 4 of them love it, and I admite (I do too). It tast like chicken regular cooked chicken that you boil and shred them. I’m a person who tast everything. If I like the taste then they will too. I was worry at first about the food made in Thailand due to the china recall scare, but I’m confident about the quality now. Also what I love about Weruva can cat food is that I comes in 10.05 oz. and I haveing 4 cats can only open 4 total a day versues 10.

  • Carole

    My two cats are very picky eaters, and will only eat Mediterranean harvest. I worry about them eating fish, especially because of the mercury. I’ve tried changing their diet to chicken or turkey formulas and even several recipes for home cooked food, but without success. I won’t let them go hungry, and would appreciate any advice.

  • Alie

    I give my cats the ‘cats in the kitchen’ varieties after much trial and error, this was clearly their favorite- and mine, as it is made in a human-food facility. It doesn’t bother me that its im Thailand. They liked the fish ones, but since I started getting them the turkey and chicken one, they will have their bowls clean in minutes! They are primarily fed dry food but get at least one can a week and up to three. Its just pricey, but I want my cats to be healthy and fed well.
    Yes watch out for any ‘beaks’ in cans that contain squid. This is their hard bone-like cartilage that supports their head and it is called a beak, they can be difficult to remove particularly in small cuttlefish. I have noticed small bones in some of the fish formulas but they broke easily and were soft, did not splinter. Some bones/cartilage are good for your pets because of the calcium it provides them. Just watch for pieces that are too big or hard, if you choose squid or fish.
    I recommend this brand to customers, always! Very happy.

  • David J.

    Well this food is certainly the cat’s meow. I have an 18 year old and a 7 year old who started eating this a month ago and they can’t get enough. As a matter of fact, when I open a new can, it’s the only time the older cat even allows the younger one around her. The two of them eat shoulder to shoulder every morning now.

    The 18 year old’s coat is shiny again and she’s put on a 1/2 pound.

  • Stephanie

    My cat does not eat the entire packet at one sitting. I wish you would make a resealable top for the packet to place in the fridge until next use.

  • Theresa

    My 4-year old female cat, Gerdie, loves variety in wet food. I’ve started feeding her Weruva (Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Paw Lickin’ Chicken and Peking Ducken formulas); she’ll only eat this food if I mash and/or cut up the shredded pieces of chicken and mix it in with a high quality pate-style food (I use Halo and more recently, Fromm’s). After mixing everything together, I add a few drops of Feline fish oil and serve it to a very hungry feline and she laps it up. I like Weruva canned chicken formulas, not the fish-based ones, because it looks like human food, but most importantly, it is plain and simple and I believe most likely to contribute to my pet’s health and well-being.

  • Deep Search

    My cats have all really come to love this food. And I say come to love because at first they weren’t enthusiastic about eating a wet food that wasn’t tuna. They were picky about what they would eat and will still snub some super premium foods, like Innova EVO. Originally I got this for my long hair cat after reading a blog post about good food recommended for cats with urine crystals. He had become partially blocked twice and I wanted a healthy food that would provide him with water, prevent crystal formation, and promote a healthy urinary tract. And Weruva fit the bill. None of my cats have had health problems since being fed primarily on this food.

    The first recipe I tried was the Paw Lickin’ Chicken; it is simply shreds of chicken in gravy. If your cat is used to a pate style food you should mix Weruva with some old food so they can get used to the shredded style of meat. My cats wouldn’t eat all the shreds at first, but they do now. It has a pleasant chicken smell and looks like chicken you would put in chicken salad sandwiches. I also tried the Nine Liver and mashed up the bits of liver in it to make sure it was all eaten. Also the Green Eggs and Chicken, which my cats liked well enough. The egg comes in little squares, that my cats didn’t always eat, but they could be mushed up a bit. It did not actually contain the big green peas that were shown in the picture of the food. The variety my cats really seem to enjoy the most is the Peking Ducken. The duck in the recipe must add more flavor than just the chicken alone. It has chunks of dark duck meat and yellowish duck (skin and meat pieces) in with the shredded chicken.

    I don’t typically feed the recipes that contain fish, as fish is just a special treat. But I have tried their Cats in the Kitchen “Chick Magnet,” chicken and mackerel, and “1 by Land, 2 by Sea,” salmon, tuna, and beef, and my cats loved them to bits. These pouches are pretty watery, maybe even more so than the cans. And my cats also thoroughly enjoyed the Outback Grill, primarily sardine, canned food; which was a lot more tightly packed than the chicken varieties with no gravy.

    • Deep Search

      Having glanced at the label for the Peking Ducken recently, I realized the yellow bits in it must be pumpkin. I forgot that the recipe even contained pumpkin and presumed the yellowish chunks were of poultry origin. My cats apparently like the taste of squash, because they never leave any of it behind and eat it right along with the chicken and duck.

  • Linda

    My 2 Siamese and 2 Bengals wouldn’t eat Innova, Evo, Wellness, Halo, Taste of the Wild canned or any of the good grain free canned foods available and I tried most of them. They love Paw Lickin’ Chicken and they are all at perfect weights. Their dry is Instinct Chicken with Raw Boost and they only get Freeze Dried Chicken treats and dental treats. Grain free is the way to go and Weruva is a top quality food that most cats like. They will eat Earthborne Chicken and Stella’s freeze dried Chicken dinner too but prefer Weruva. Mine enjoy their stainless steel water fountain so they get plenty of fresh water to drink daily too.

    • Donna

      Wow Linda, I saw so much of myself and my 2 rescue kittens in your post. Stainless steel charcoal filter water fountain, Instinct chicken raw boost and paw lickin’ chicken – the only thing that differs is the Earthborne chicken and Stella’s (not available locally). Mine used to like Felidae and will eat it grudgingly, but will turn up their noses at their previous grain free favs since tasting Weruva. Good food, good nutrition makes for happy, healthy felines and longevity.

  • Mike Dube

    My cat. a thirteen year old female, loves the Weruva “Tuna/Beef,” “Salmon/Mckeral” and “Chicken/Duck.” She all but ignores her “Taste of the Wild” dry food, but she may have a food intolerance to one or many of the ingredients in the Weruva because after a month or so on the new regimine she developed sores in the back of her throat. My plan is to wean her to a small fraction of a package per day.

  • http://www.doggiedocs.com doggiedocs

    i bought Weruva in doggiedocs

  • http://Catfoodreviews Patrick

    My Cat Madison was raised on dry food for her first seven years. I read several articles about the danger of dry food and grain for cats. I tried several brands of wet food and most she refused to eat or ate little. I bought and she really liked it. She did start to favor the fish over the other protein sources. I had to cut back the fish as she started to not eat the other chicken, duck or beef.

    She now eats everything I give her and is looking better at age seven than she did at age two. She was getting fat on dry food even though I had cut back to about 1/4 the recommend daily feeding guide on the bag. It was sticker shock the first month but she is worth it.

  • Grace

    My 4 year old cat Henry abhors wet food and would never touch the stuff even if he hadn’t eaten all day (and that fatty doesnt like to be hungry). The vet said he wasn’t getting enough water and needed to lose a couple of pounds so I tried all the great types of wet food I could think of: blue buffo wilderness (because that was the dry he’d been eating), wellness, Evo, and then Weruva. So far the only flavor he will eat is the Asian Fusion by Weruva – it’s a miracle! He eats every last bit of it and he has been sooo finicky about wet food that I’m amazed (and grateful this will help his water intake). The only thing I’m concerned about are people’s comments that a fish based diet is somehow not good for your cat? I’ll try the pumpkin chicken others were talking about but so far this is all he’ll touch… Is it that bad if he only goes with the Asian fusion (top ingredients are red tuna & Japanese sardine)??

  • Emma

    My finicky new kitten turned her nose up at Wellness, Innova, Nutro Max, Blue Buffalo/Wilderness kitten foods. I tried her on Halo for one day then she decided she didn’t like it. Desperate, I even put junk food down…she eats the Purnia Pro Plan Natural dry chicken and brown rice, but she really just picks at it. Desperate, I got this “new” stuff called Weruva. The kitten LOVES the Pumpkin’ Licking Chicken. At least for now. Gives her the runs a bit, but at least she’s gaining weight.

    Also have a senior cat with CRF so I have to be careful about what she might get into….the Weruva seems the lesser of evils, I suppose, if my 15 year old does manage to sneak a taste.
    ALSO: Please note, on the Weruva website, they address the issues of fish in the wake of the nuclear power plant disasters in Japan and they say they are careful about not buying fish from that part of the world. But fish swim. How could they know what they are buying? Plus the Japanese do not have a stellar track record for following fishing regulations. Who is to say the Thais would not buy fish from Japan? So be careful people.

    Thankfully, none of my cats like fish.

  • ElaineS

    After losing my 7 yr. old male cat to CRF (chronic renal failure), I learned that fish based cat foods are not what you want to feed your cat. My cat loved Weruva and got various varieties (fish based & non fish) along with various high quality dry food the last 1 1/2 years of his life. CRF is common in cats, especially male cats due to their intricate urinary systems. I would do a lot of research on what to avoid in their food and you’ll discover even more about a cat’s diet.

  • Wendy

    I just got the Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken pouch for my 4 cats and they absolutely loved it. In fact, they loved it as much as the deli turkey meat I give them as treats. As they get older, I worry about them drinking enough water and getting kidney failure because they are on a primarily dry food diet. Now I can give them Weruva wet food to replace the turkey meat and even some of their dry food and know that they are getting a balanced AAFCO-approved diet (unlike the deli turkey meat) plus way more moisture than what the dry food provides.

  • Jack

    my cats love it… but you really need to search the contents of the can before giving it to them.

    i’ve found whole squids and random round HARD objects in them before.

    • M.J.

      they have now changed the formula for the mediterranean Harvest. they have removed the few small vegetables and replaced it with fish oil.It is now a can full of slop.Th old formula had lots of fish solids and a few vegetables now it is all liquid and try and find a solid piece of fish.they have cheapened the product but of course have not reduced the price.The fish oil gave my cat diarrhea.