By Nature Cat Food

By Nature Cat Food

By Nature cat food formulas are just one of the many formulas associated with Blue Seal Feeds. Blue Seal feeds produces pet food formulas for a variety of different animals. If you’re considering feeding By Nature cat food to your cat, it’s natural to have questions. Is By Nature cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about By Nature cat food? Learn more about By Nature brand cat food here!

Who is By Nature Cat Food Manufactured By?

The company who makes By Nature cat food is called the By Nature Company. By Nature is owned by Blue Seal Feeds. Blue Seal Feeds was founded in 1868 by a man named Henry K. Webster. Though the company was at first only dedicated to producing food for horses, they eventually branched out to include formulas for other animals. Blue Seal Feeds currently produces their By Nature pet foods at a facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire. In all, Blue Seal Feeds has nine manufacturing facilities all around the US.

By Nature Cat Food Recall

By Nature cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, in order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

By Nature Cat Food Reviews

By Nature Cat Food Ingredients

A meat meal is always the first ingredient in By Nature formulas. All of the By Nature formulas are chicken-based, including ingredients such as chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken livers and whole chicken. There is one By Nature formula that uses many organic ingredients. The carbohydrates in By Nature cat food formulas come from oats, barley and brown rice. Fish oil is included in many By Nature formulas, though it’s not clear if this ingredient is free of ethoxyquin. Tomato pomace is present in some By Nature cat food formulas.

By Nature Cat Food Allergies

There do not seem to be any corn, wheat or soy in the first few ingredients of By Nature cat food formulas. Though the formulas aren’t grain-free, they tend to use complex carbohydrates which may not cause as many digestive problems. However, if your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

By Nature Cat Food Consumer Info

By Nature Cat Food Coupons

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By Nature Cat Food Ratings

Customer reviews of By Nature cat food are mostly positive. Many cat owners like the By Nature line of cat food formulas, especially the quality of the ingredients. The fact that By Nature also has an organic formula was well received by many consumers. Cats seem to like the taste of By Nature, without any significant health problems.

Have you fed your cat any of the By Nature cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of By Nature cat food!

  • Dana

    Firstly, cats are carnivores and not meant to eat kibble. Period. Kibble was created only for the convenience to the pet owner, nothing more. Most often cats who are fed kibble will eventually have health issues of varying degrees. Don’t feed them kibble. Also, I’m willing to bet that any of you cat owners who have complained about this particular food making your cat sick is that your cat isn’t the healthiest to begin with (having underlying health issues that you might not even be aware of). Also, for any cat who is having a hard time “switching over” to a new food, if you’re not transitioning them SLOWLY, chances are, they will have issues—especially if they’re having any health issues (minor or otherwise) already. The best highest quality cat food you could ever feed your cat would be a raw meat diet (since, again, they are carnivores). has a wonderful raw meat diet (bone in or not). I have been making my own raw meat diet (bone in) for my two kitties for over three yrs. now and they are THE healthiest happiest kitties (and RARELY get hairballs). To make make the raw meat last (because it is a bit labor intensive), to help stretch the food, I also feed them a high quality canned food (hence my being on this site looking for yet another organic high quality canned to add to their choices). They get canned in the morning and raw in the evening. If you love your cats, get them OFF the kibble!

  • pam

    I have been feeding my new kiitten this since I’ve brought him home. He gobbles it up like there is no tommmorrow. He is 3.5 months old and has never thrown up. I find it odd about the peeps having problems with it. And sorry it has affected your cats in some way or another.

  • AJB

    This stuff almost killed my cat. VERY similar story to everyone here. I fed two cans. After the 2nd can, my cat became extremely ill. Started out throwing up the food then bile after 3 days. I ended up taking him to the vet who said he had an infection with gastritis most likely caused by spoiled food. After a full night at the vet and now on antibiotics, he’s on the mend. DO NOT feed your cat this garbage.

  • Stephanie

    My cat has been eating the Fromme Surf and Turf also. She’s gradually started to vomit every time she eats it. I’m concerned now that something is poisonous in the food and she could become more sick. It sounds like there’s something the manufacturers are not fessing up to. Especially since they will not return a previous buyers calls. I will never buy this brand again and can assure you will deter any other potential buyer away.

    • Naomi


      I believe your cat may be allergic to fish. Fish really aren’t good for cats. Even if you used other fish products prior with out much of problem I still bet its the fish. I’ve found that by nature uses more “actual meat” not weird or mystery meat products so the reality is your getting real fish. Your cat would react strongly to the By Nature and very little to a less expensive brand with fish flavoring.

  • Ana

    I have two older cats that have early stages of kidney failure that I blame on Iams cat food and the pet food industry as a whole. I feed both of my cats by nature Turkey/Turkey liver in the green cans. This has been the most successful for me since one cat has extreme food allergies. I am always careful to review the label though. The “organic” tan label Chicken & Mackerel is one I do not use because it has pea flour in it and that is an allergy problem for my cat. In addition, please note the last ingredient is Menadione Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite. AVOID this ingredient and the many other names associated. Google it if you want to know more. For kidney failure cats, I recommend Azodyl and Ruebenol. These are products that I have proven success with. Not a low budget idea. Before, my cat was vomiting every morning. Now, rare occurrences. Check with your vet first.

  • Brittany

    My 2 yr. old Male Cat & 6 mo. old kitten ABSOLUTELY LOVE this food. They’re spoiled and only get the best. Their favorite is the Seafood and Chicken flavors. (They also eat Fromm–$$$$!)
    We have never had a problem with this food and my local pet food store always has $5 off coupons so it was definitely an incentive to try this food in the 1st place.
    Their Poo doesn’t smell terrible, (the way it used to) and they have NO medical problems whatsoever.
    It makes my kitties excited to eat again (they gobble it up like a treat) excited to play and then they have a full night’s sleep afterwards!

  • Laura

    My cat eats a high protein, low phosphorus diet. She generally eats Solid Gold and Wysong Au Jus and Gourmet varieties. Twice I have bought By Nature’s chicken and mackerel flavor by the case (2 separate cases) and both times I didn’t even get two cans into the case before my cat became severely ill. Vomiting and diarrhea all over the house. Both times I had to throw the case out. She is able to eat the Chicken and Chicken Liver flavor just fine and ate it for over a year before I even tried the mackerel flavor. I don’t know WHAT is going on with this brand but I am considering not buying ANY flavor from them again. I contacted the company and they were very nice and had me send a can from the first bad case to them for testing, But that was months ago and I have never heard back. I figured I’d give them one more try and bought another case, but this last case had a watery consistency (of the cans I opened before I once again threw out the case). Both cases smelled fine but both made my cat severely ill. My cat is not a sickly cat. She is never ill (my vet calls her “robust”). For now she is back to Solid Gold and Wysong. I would like to know if other cats are becoming this sick from the chicken and mackerel flavor. I think something needs to be done if this is potentially deadly.

  • angel

    by nature is a very good product. you are suppose to slowly change your pets food over slowly. by nature is 95 percent meat (at least the canned food). next time, switch over slow. the new organic line has 40 percent protein in it. WOW! thats incredible. Go slow or switch to the organic. please check their website

  • Nicole H

    I agree that By Nature is a good food, and my cats LOVE the taste. But so far, they have gotten severe diarrhea from both the chicken and turkey 95% meat canned formulas. I know it’s not a food intolerance because they eat other premium brands of grain-free chicken and turkey canned food without a problem. And I know it’s not “some other cause” because as soon as I stop feeding it to them, the diarrhea goes away. Could it be the inulin that they use? Anyone else have this problem with By Nature canned food? I really want to feed this to my cats, but I cannot. My one cat is long-haired so it’s quite a mess when he has diarrhea. I have to stand guard for him to come out of the litter box so that I can wipe him down. Not fun!

  • Laura H

    PS Here is what the website stated:

    Introducing a New Cat Food:

    To avoid dietary upset when introducing your pet to a new food, switch to the new food over the course of a week by gradually decreasing the old food and increasing the new.

  • Laura H

    Wow.. what harsh comments, Ladies!!
    I have been using the Blue Seal (the company that makes By Nature) and I am desperate to find it locally. I swear by Blue Seal because my cat has never had a urinary problem since switching to it. Her coat gleans, her teeth are white as can be, and she is healthy.

    I completely agree with the advise to switch gradually. I made the mistake of hard switch and my cat never recovered the weight she lost… but she was a junk food cat. 9 Lives all the way for 19 years.
    Talk to your vet, too.



    • Sally

      Do not continue to feed your cat(s) anything that they throw up. Change food, seek medical advice if necessary, but do not continue feeding them anything they throw up. I made the mistake of not taking that advice and lost my baby. Don’t be foolish. The cat’s body is telling you no. Listen.

  • admin


    Sorry to hear about your cat throwing up and such. Did you try and switch the cat food over slowly?

    If not take a look at this article:

  • Jody

    I bought a bag of By Nature Organics dry cat food this week and since I’ve been giving it to my cats, two of them have been throwing up and having diarrhea and the other two won’t eat it. Has anyone else had problems with this brand?

    • http://Nne Yana

      I’ve been feeding my cat natures balance for 5 months kible and cans he likes venison ! Now I’m slowly switching the kibble over to by nature ….he loves it! But will continue with the natures balance only because he lives venison shrimp n tuna flavors and cuz by nature cans are to expensive … Plus I get the by nature kibble free … Call their toll free center n request a coupon makes copies get as many free bags as you’d like! Good luck