Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan cat food is produced and marketed under the well-known logo of Purina. Purina has a long history with pet owners, though not all of that history has been positive. If you’re feeding Pro Plan cat food to your cat, you may have questions about the quality of these cat food formulas. Is Pro Plan cat food a good choice for your cat? What are some other cat owners saying about Pro Plan cat food? Learn more about Pro Plan brand cat food here!

Who is Pro Plan Manufactured By?

The company who makes Pro Plan cat food is called Nestle Purina PetCare. Nestle Purina PetCare is the result of a merger between Friskies PetCare and Ralston Purina. The headquarters of Nestle Purina PetCare are in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Aside from producing Pro Plan pet food, Nestle Purina PetCare also produces pet food under brands such as Alpo, Felix, Friskies, Purina ONE and Dog Chow.

Pro Plan Cat Food Recall

Pro Plan cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. However, there were some products produced by Nestle Purina PetCare which were recalled in 2007, due to contamination with melamine. In order to make sure that your cat’s food is safe, it’s always highly recommended that you check the FDA’s pet food recall website. This will help you to stay updated on the latest pet food recall information.

Pro Plan Reviews

Pro Plan Ingredients

Though the first ingredient in most Pro Plan formulas is a whole meat, the second ingredient is usually carbohydrate based. Also, corn gluten meal is commonly seen among the first five ingredients. Other ingredients may include soy protein isolate, wheat flour, salt, animal fat and chicken by-product meal. An ingredient called “animal liver flavor” is also sometimes seen in these formulas.

Pro Plan Allergies

There are many ingredients in Pro Plan cat food that could cause an allergic reaction in some cats. For example, corn gluten meal (which is often among the first five ingredients) may be difficult for some cats to digest, and many cats develop an allergy to corn. Soy ingredients are also present, as well as wheat ingredients – all of which may cause reactions in cats prone to allergies. If your cat has a specific allergy, you should always read the ingredients of any cat food formula.

Pro Plan Recipes

Pro Plan Dry Recipes:

  1. PRO PLAN SELECTS Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Formula
  2. PRO PLAN SELECTS Natural Salmon & Brown Rice Formula
  3. PRO PLAN Chicken & Rice Formula
  4. PRO PLAN Salmon & Rice Formula
  5. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Hairball Management Formula – Chicken & Rice Formula
  6. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Indoor Care – Salmon & Rice Formula
  7. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Indoor Care – Turkey & Rice Formula
  8. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula
  9. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Urinary Tract Health Formula
  10. PRO PLAN SPECIALIZED NUTRITION Weight Management Formula

Pro Plan Consumer Info

Pro Plan Cat Food Coupons

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Pro Plan  Ratings

Customer reviews of Pro Plan cat food are mixed. While many cat owners agree that Pro Plan is by no means the worst formula on the market, many cat owners avoid feeding these formulas to their cats. The reason for this is that the first ingredient, a whole meat, contains water and the actual meat content is much lower than how it appears on the ingredients list. The fact that Pro Plan also contains corn, wheat and soy was negatively received by many cat owners.

Have you fed your cat any of the Pro Plan cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Pro Plan cat food!

  • Natalie

    I normally feed my indoor Maine Coon prescription dry cat food that we order from the vet because she has a sensitive GI system (it’s Hill’s Science Diet). We ran out between orders so I picked up some Purina Pro Plan as a substitute for a few days. Now that we’re in the blizzards of 2015 in New England, I’ve had to use the Purina Pro Plan for several weeks while we wait for her prescription cat food to come in the mail.
    I have concerns because her behavior has completely changed. She wails all the time like she is dissatisfied or restless. She wakes me up before sunrise begging for food, and she is begging for dinner far too early (4:00pm, when normally I feed her between 5:30 and 6:00). She is overweight so I have always been feeding her measured amounts for breakfast and dinner, no food left out all day for her. Also, her fur has become less fluffy. It almost seems greasy looking. Thankfully so far no issues with her bowels or vomiting, but I really think this food must be terrible for her. I feel like Purina must be a brand that uses “kitty crack” in their formula, making it super addictive, but does not actually fill the cat’s appetite. I can’t wait to go back to Science Diet. When I fed her that food, she never complained, had the most lustrous fur, and had the sweetest temperament. I’ve been searching the internet to see if anyone else noticed dramatic behavior changes with this food.

  • Amy

    Personally until I read heavily positive reviews on proplan, I wouldn’t feed it to my cat. It’s by the same company that produces fancy feast- fancy feast is rated and known by a lot of cat owners to be one of the worst cat food there is in the market, filled with way too much fillers.

  • Sylvia

    I am sure glad I’ve read all these reviews regarding Pro Plan by purina. My 2 inside cats are senior now, they are 7 years old. They’re favorite at present is Friskies Chunky Chicken with garden veggies, and rice in gravy. Purina made ingredient change and called it in Gravy. I think that as long as they like it, I will not change for one of them, she is on the slender side. My other cat will eat dry food and wet food, but I manage her weight, she’s on heavy side, so I feed her less portion then the other one. She now eats Purina Cat Chow Complete and have to watch daily portions. Several months ago I tried to feed them Natural Balance, again only one of them will eat dry food and stopped buying it because she prefer’s Purina Cat Chow Complete and small portions of wet food.
    Now, I have a outside senior Maine Coon cat, that someone left behind. He looked hungry one day 3 1/2 years ago. He will eat anything I put out, I feed him the same Cat Chow Complete and add a little wet food to make softer for his old teeth. He loves it and looks pretty healthy for an outside cat. Of course, he has his own cat house for those rainy and cold days. When it freezes, I put him in the Garage. This is Texas of course weather here winter is not long.

    • sealove

      I cannot believe you leave the Coon outside…you are very lucky that some predator hasn’t made a fine meal out of that beautiful cat..12 years old or not..
      give this cat to someone who loves cats

  • Aleta

    My cats LOVE the canned ProPlan food and I’m just looking to make sure it is healthy for them. They lick the plates clean when given ProPlan! They don’t toss it up or anything like I read in the other comments. One cat is 16 years old and I tried the ProPlan for cats 11+ years old. The three other cats love it too, even the one on weight management.

  • Tookers

    I fed this to my cat. A short time later she vomited. It was on the back porch and I was in the middle of a work call so it took me a couple hours to go to clean it up. When I got out there, bugs were all over it, so I left it for them to clean. I was HORRIFIED to come back later that day to find hard chunks left behind that even the insects wouldn’t eat. The entire pile was sucked dry, and all that remained was mystery meat. Meat??? hmmmmm… I don’t know about any of you, but I am yet to see meat left outside that insects wouldn’t eat. No wonder my poor baby puked it out. I basically had given her non food. rocks perhaps? Better food is worth the higher price. I’ll never buy store crap for her again!

  • http://petfoodtalk Liddy

    I have a 6yr part Sim-who almost died 6wks ago. Every test under the sun-nothing except anemia is coming back. She would not switch from wet Fancy Feast (FF). TILL she got so sick. So I tried every brand out there till I narrowed it down to a type BOTH of my cats like. (I also have a 4yr Ragdoll, who would try to bury wet Fancy Feast, and only ate the dry FF).
    Whats odd is Purina owns FF brand. All I can say is, there must be a difference between the ingredients between PurinaProPlan and FF wet.
    I’m going to start my 6y on Vitamins this evening, see if we can get rid of the anemia!!!!!!!

  • Dei

    Same here. Cat was on idoor pro plan formula for 7 years now. Loves it!
    But the formula changed at least a couple of times recently. The problems with my cat appear to coincide with the time the packaging was switched from plastic jugs to bags. The cat started vomiting it more frequently. In september 2013, she developed a severe anemia, we thought we lost her. We nursed her back with raw egg and a boost of vitamin and allergy shot. Switched to premium non gain non by product brand- wet for everyday meals and dry dental formula.
    The freshly purchased pro plan bag was laying around for future reference. Unfortunately, a family member unknowingly started giving that food as a treat putting in a ball once a day in january 2014. I noticed her being progressively weeker to the point she seemed disoriented in surroundings and ignorant to everyone. After realising she was given the pro plan again we immediately stopped doing so. As of now she is gaining her strength back quickly.
    So, it seems to me the problems were related to the giving the pro plan dry food. Very unfortunate.

  • jean maynes

    6/19/2013 have been feeding purina pro plan for a couple of years,they have now changed the looks of it.Called them to tell them that my 17 cats are throwing it up and not eating it as well as the oringal,they said all they did was add more food dye to make the grain two colors ,well I think this many cats tell you other wise.Now have to find one that they will not throw up or try to cover up with the floor.

    • Michele Acito

      Thank you for posting Jean. My 12 year old cat is having some terrible dry heaving issues. I took him to the vet and she thinks its respiratory. Possible food allergy. He used to throw up now its just this dry thing. It happened right around the change of label on the pro plan food. I just bought 3 cases of this food the other day!! :(

  • Shay

    My cat is Maine Coon and loves Purina All Naturals. I’ve spent mucho dollars trying to get her to switch to healthier brands.I just decided to try Purina Pro Plan. She only likes Purina so HOPEFULLY she will eat the best they have to offer.

  • Kim

    My two cats that are 4 years old absolutely love this food. I’ve tried couple other foods before switching and they would throw up a couple times a week but since I switched to Pro Plan they don’t throw up at all anymore. I would recommend this product its Cat Approved!!

  • Pat Sherman

    I am also struggling to wean my heard off of Pro Plan Weight Mgmt. The problem with most of the “non-corn’ products that I have been experiencing is sever gastro intestinal problems. Yes, I have attempted to wean/mix the products, however, it seems that we get past 1/2-1/2 and the problems start. But, I have begun to weed out the problematic non-corn products as possibly too rich to make a change over. Blue seems to cause more problems than Wellness, and am working with that now. IT REALLY IRKS ME TO SPEND NEARLY $50 ON A SACK OF CORN FOR MY CATS…. Then there is the issue with the higher protien in Pro Plan. That will mess with their digestive system as well. Hoping to have them off Purina by the end of the year.

  • Paxrail

    Purina must put some kind of intense flavor enhancer in the Pro Plan Cat Food. My cats love the stuff SO MUCH that it is difficult to get them to eat other brands that are better for them. The two youngest females (less than 5 years old) are extremely picky and want the Pro Plan only! When I give the “other stuff” to little Neenah, she just looks at me and meows, as in “you’ve got to be kidding me!” Then she proceeds to try to bury it! Wanda eats three bites and leaves! It’s kind of funny actually, but they end up going hungry until they are willing to eat the “other stuff.”

    • Brittany

      Paxrall – MINE TOO! They won’t touch Blue Buffalo, but they’ll destroy this stuff!

  • peg gusler

    I’ve tried the Non-grain cat foods but my cat only likes Purina Pro Plan weight management and Purina Naturals. Soft cat food would be Friskies. I cannot get him to eat the “healthy” brands.

  • Og the Cat Haver

    The only wet cat food my kittens have gone running to, sniffed, and looked up at me like “what is this?” Enuff said.