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Make Your Own Cat Food

In an era when there are hundreds of different commercial cat food formulas, more cat owners are now choosing to make their own cat food. Making your own cat food is a great way to take complete control over your cat’s diet, and can be fun as well! However, it’s important to know about the […]

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How Much Cat Food Should I Feed My Cat?

A common question among cat owners is “How much cat food should I feed my cat?”. Since each cat’s caloric requirements may differ, it’s difficult to offer a single standardized portion size that works for all cats. Also, since each cat food formula’s nutritional value may differ, this can affect feeding amount. Here’s a quick […]

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Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

A quick glance down the pet supply aisle at any grocery store will help you realize how huge the pet supply industry has become. There are a variety of useful, puzzling and just plain silly accessories for domesticated pets, ranging from pet roller skates to pet massage devices. When it comes to cats, many people […]

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Cat Food for Kidney Problems

In today’s world of variable quality cat food, finding the right cat food for a cat with kidney problems can be a challenge. Some cats may need to be fed a specific diet in order to manage their health condition. Other times, you will need to obtain a prescription from your veterinarian to purchase the […]

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