As a cat owner, it’s natural to worry constantly about pet food recalls. The massive pet food recall that took place in 2007 now has many cat owners wary about the quality of their cat’s food formulas. However, if you’re looking to find out if your cat’s food has been recalled, where do you start? How can you stay updated on the most recent official information about cat food formulas that have been recalled? Here is a quick guide that will help you to find out more information about cat food recalls.

Check the FDA’s Recall List

When trying to find out if your cat’s food has been recalled, the first place you should search is the FDA’s recall list. This is list is updated on a regular basis, and usually contains the most current recall information. The pet food recall page features recalls from the past several years, including the massive pet food recalls of 2007. This is the best place to begin searching for cat food recalls, since it contains official information about the quality control issues with certain cat food formulas. In many cases, you can also discover the reason that a cat food formula was recalled, by clicking on the formula’s name on the company’s recall page.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Sometimes a cat food formula is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website. If your cat’s food is not listed, the next place you should begin searching is the manufacturer’s website. If your cat’s food brand is manufactured by a “parent” company, you should check that company’s website as well. For example, since many pet food brands are manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, you should check the brand’s website, as well as the Diamond Pet Foods website.

Check Your Local News

Another great place to search for pet food recalls is to check your local news. In some cases, a cat food recall will be specific to a certain location. For example, if a cat food shipment to your local pet food store was contaminated with a chemical, the recall will only affect that shipment. Though this recall may also be featured in other locations (such as the FDA’s recall website), it’s always a good idea to make sure that no recent recalls are currently being featured by your local news.