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Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack Dog Food Eagle Pack dog food formulas used to be hailed as one of the best dog food formulas by many dog owners. The replacement of “filler” ingredients with real protein has long been cited as Eagle Pack’s selling point. However, how nutritious is Eagle Pack, and is it right for your dog? […]

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Pro Plan

Pro Plan Dog Food Purina is a very well-known brand name among most dog owners. Each day, thousands of people across the country purchase Purina Pro Plan dog food. The commercials for Pro Plan use phrases such as “Do More”, and “Real Meat – the Pro Plan Promise”. However, is Purina Pro Plan dog food […]

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Cesar Dog Food Cesar brand dog food formulas are mostly marketed towards small dog breeds, or toy dog breeds. One of the commercial jingles for Cesar dog food is, “Now every dog wants to be a Cesar dog!”. Cesar dog food should not be confused with Cesar Millan dog food. Here is a bit more […]

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Solid Gold

Solid Gold Dog Food In the search for a highly nutritious pet food, many pet owners often come across Solid Gold dog food formulas. These formulas have received good ratings by consumers, and have positive results with many dogs. However, is Solid Gold right for your dog? Read more about Solid Gold in our review! […]

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Canidae Dog Food The slogan of Canidae’s dog food marketing program is “All Natural, High Quality Holistic Pet Food”. While this may sound like marketing jargon, Canidae’s formulas actually seem to live up to these claims. Here is a bit more information about Canidae dog food. Who is Canidae Manufactured By? The company who makes […]

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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Dog Food Royal Canin markets its pet food formulas as being a smart choice for pet owners. Along with veterinary diets, age-specific diets and dog food formulas for health conditions, Royal Canin also makes “breed specific” dog food formulas. However, how good are these formulas for your dog’s health? Who is Royal Canin […]

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Science Diet

Science Diet Dog Food The commercials for Hills Science Diet dog food state that it comes highly recommended by veterinarians. However, this food has recently endured a lot of attention, since many pet nutritional experts have criticized the quality of the ingredients. How much do you know about Science Diet? Here is some information to […]

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