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Hills Dog Food Reviews A large number of dog owners are already familiar with Hills dog food formulas, mostly under the name of Science Diet. However, did you know that Hills also has a line of Prescription dog food formulas? These formulas can only be prescribed by a veterinarian, usually in response to a health […]

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Pedigree Dog Food You may have seen commercials for Pedigree dog food, sporting the company’s slogan, “We’re for dogs!”. However, many of Pedigree’s formulas have come under fire for questionable quality, and a high content of filler ingredients. Here is some information to help to familiarize you with Pedigree dog food formulas. Who is Pedigree […]

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Innova Dog Food How healthy is your dog’s food? Many pet owners cite Innova as being a high quality dog food for good canine health. Innova brand dog food formulas have received a lot of attention from consumers, mostly due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here is some information to help familiarize you with Innova […]

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Wellness Dog Food Many pet nutritional experts rate Wellness brand dog food formulas as being one of the top choices for proper canine nutrition. Wellness dog food has been approved by the Whole Dog Journal, and has also been included in many “Top 10” lists of dog food formulas. Who Manufactures Wellness? The company who […]

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