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Salmon Dog Food Many pet food companies offer dog food formulas that contain whole salmon or salmon meal. However, did you know that depending on where your dog’s salmon came from, it may have a drastically different nutritional profile? Here is some important information about salmon dog food formulas. A Note About Ethoxyquin Ethoxyquin is […]

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Chicken Dog Food

Chicken Dog Food When you stop by the pet store to pick out a food for your dog, what do you see? In many cases you will see a variety of formulas that are based on one of a few protein sources. The most common source of protein that you will see in dog food […]

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Venison Dog Food Many dog food companies offer venison dog food formulas, and market them as a good choice for proper canine nutrition. However, some people don’t even know where venison meat comes from! Here’s a bit of information about venison dog food, and why it’s unique among many other dog food formulas. Venison – […]

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