Venison Dog Food

Many dog food companies offer venison dog food formulas, and market them as a good choice for proper canine nutrition. However, some people don’t even know where venison meat comes from! Here’s a bit of information about venison dog food, and why it’s unique among many other dog food formulas.

Venison – The Other Red Meat

Venison meat actually comes from deer, and has become a lot more popular among many dog owners. While some people opt to feed fresh venison to their dogs as part of a raw diet, many dog owners choose commercial venison dog food formulas because they contain a unique protein source. The term “venison” may either refer to deer that were hunted in the wild, or deer meat that came from farm deer. However, not every country uses “venison” to describe deer meat! In fact, in South Africa, the term “venison” actually refers to the meat of the antelope.

Venison Dog Food and Allergies

Many dog owners choose to purchase venison dog food because their dog has a specific allergy. Some dogs may develop allergies to certain protein sources, such as chicken or beef. This is because many dog owners don’t switch between different proteins when choosing their dog’s food formula. Also, since exotic protein sources (such as venison) are more expensive, many dog food companies stick to chicken, beef and fish in order to cut costs.

A dog fed a diet that consists of one protein source may develop allergies, which is where venison dog food often comes in. Since dogs with allergies may be sensitive to grains as well, many venison formulas are also marketed as being “grain-free”. An example of a common grain-free venison dog food formula is potato and venison dog food. Since these formulas are free of grains and also use an “exotic” protein source, they are common used for dogs with specific allergies.

Cost of Venison Dog Food

It’s true that venison dog food formulas may be slightly more expensive than formulas that use more common protein sources. However, many people decide to choose a venison dog food because they believe that it’s a better choice for their dog’s health, even if their dog does not have a food-based allergy. Switching between venison dog food formulas and other protein-based formulas can be a great way to add variety to your dog’s diet.

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