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Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food The slogan of Blue Buffalo is “Love them like family. Feed them like family”. Blue Buffalo also commonly uses the phrase “Superior Nutrition, Ultimate Protection” in their logo. Some dog owners swear by Blue Buffalo, while some are wary due to Blue Buffalo being involved in the 2007 recall. What’s the […]

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Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Dog Food “Rachael Ray Nutrish” dog food is marketed through celebrity chef Rachael Ray – TV personality and author who appears on several shows on the “Food Network”. The back story is that Rachael Ray is the pet parent of Isaboo, a pit bull. And that she develped Nutrish with a team of […]

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Mighty Dog

Mighty Dog Dog Food Mighty Dog dog food is Purina’s line for small dogs. It’s interesting that a lot of the marketing that was done in their website is geared towards playing childish games that I felt like I was in the Nickelodeon website. My goal of finding more information about this product there […]

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Kibbles N Bits

Kibbles N Bits Dog Food The Kibbles N Bits dog food formulas are mostly structured around simple carbohydrates and grains. For most formulas, the first ingredient is corn, and trailing close behind is some form of soybean meal. In some formulas, the meat used is unclear, the only clue is that it is a “meat […]

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Holistic Select

Holistic Select Dog Food Holistic Select dog food advocates a holistic philosophy on nutrition for your dog. What they mean is that it’s better to include a wider range of natural ingredients in your dog’s diet. Holistic adds unusual ingredients like various botanical enzymes and live micro-organisms that they claim to prevent future health problems […]

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Dog Chow

Dog Chow Dog Food Long been trusted as a producer of pet food, Purina has launched a dizzying array of formulas for cats and dogs. Dog Chow was introduced as their mid range line claiming to “extend your dog’s healthy years”. Many dog owners like the product because it is inexpensive. However, how good is […]

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Chef Michaels

Chef Michaels Dog Food “Nothing says ‘I love you’ (to your dog) like a thoughtfully prepared meal, says the slick graphic from the company’s website. Many dog owners rave about how Chef Michaels is a “great deal”” and that the quality is “not that bad”. However, how good is Chef Michaels dog food for your […]

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