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Dog Food Analysis: Water & Protein Requirements

Water Owners sometimes overlook the importance of fresh, clean water in a dog’s diet.  However, good hydration is a cornerstone of canine health.  Drinking an appropriate amount of water allows a dog to digest its food properly, maintain appropriate body temperature, produce adequate blood volume and efficiently carry out important metabolic processes.  In fact, dehydration […]

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Become an Expert at Reading Dog Food Reviews

Many people read reviews online and automatically assume that these reviews are supplied by completely honest and unbiased people. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are actually several reasons why pet owners should be careful of dog food reviews. Consider the following before automatically assuming that every review that you read online is […]

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Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Taste of the Wild dog food advertises their product as “The balanced diet that nature intended”. Many dog owners state that Taste of the Wild is one of their first choices for a high protein dog food formula. However, how good is Taste of the Wild dog food for […]

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Orijen Dog Food Many dog owners hail Orijen dog food as being the “way dogs are supposed to eat”, due to its high protein content. Orijen has received a lot of media attention as well, even winning “Pet Food of the Year 2009-2010” from the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. However, some dog owners […]

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Natural Balance

Natural Balance Dog Food Natural Balance pet foods are best known for being created and funded by Dick Van Patten. However, aside from having a celebrity founder, what are the nutritional statistics of Natural Balance dog food? Is Natural Balance dog food a good choice for your dog’s overall nutritional needs? Learn more about Natural […]

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