Canidae Lamb and Rice

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is made and manufactured by a company called [cf]man[/cf]. is part of the [cf]parent[/cf] recipe line. For more information on other Science Diet Dog Food recipes visit the main Science Diet Dog Food page at:[cf]parent[/cf]

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  • Dieter Wichert

    I have a German Shepherd who is very fussy of what he eats unless it is a hot dog, chicken or steak! His first 2 years (he is 5 years old now) I had to doctor his food just so he would eat. Then I just bought some Canidae Lamb and Rice, and BINGO he ate it…. he is great now no more fuss and looking good and has a great coat! So I will not change his food since he seems to be happy with what I give him … also his little black buddy … my wife calls her … your black bitch … she always sits on my lap and just goes bananas after I was gone to the store and come back … Frieda … eats anything with her rolly poly 14 pound ugly doxie body … Canidae seems to be a very good product whaich I highly recommend. I never would feed my dogs garbage from the super market just to save on their food but then have a huge Vet bill. I rather eat beans and rice before I save on their food!!!

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