Top 6 Best Dog Toys

While different dogs have individual preferences for the types of toys played with, there are certain toys that appeal to the majority of breeds. These toys are not only fun, but also designed to challenge a dog mentally and physically.


In fact, some of the best dog toys on the market have been carefully constructed to provide a dog with hours of entertainment and work, which would be ideal for high energy breeds, puppies, or even dogs that tend to become bored or easily distracted. The following are six of the best dog toys we recommend although a quick search online would reveal many more.


Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Tornado


This particular toy is without doubt one of the most exciting new toys on the market. Designed with four layers that rotate, the dog would need to manipulate each layer to get to small treats hidden inside.


However, the process of getting the treats requires the dog to actually remove four white bones using his paws or nose. In return for his hard work he gets to enjoy a nice snack. Because of the construction, affordable price, and hours of entertainment it provides, the Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Tornado is an excellent choice.




Another one of the best dog toys is this puzzle that also dispenses favorite treats. In this case, the dog would need to use all his problem-solving skills, along with his nose and/or paws to retrieve the treats.


This particular toy comes in three unique shapes that could be used as standalone toys or connected for more challenging playtime. The goal would be to turn the linkables around, which allows the dog access to the food. Although any type of small dog treat would work great with this particular toy, the company that manufactures Linkables also sells bags of delicious treats.


Nina Ottosson Memory Wooden Dog Game


Some breeds of dogs appreciate being mentally challenged. Along with helping burn off energy and provide fun playtime, toys such as this one makes an excellent solution to help calm hyper dogs but also to aid in training.


For this, a treat would be hidden under just one of the eight brightly colored puzzle pieces shaped like dog bones but while the dog watches on. When finished, the dog would be allowed to approach the game and with his nose or paw, uncover the hidden treasure. If wanted, more than one treat could be hidden at a time or the toy could be made more challenging by spinning the puzzle after the initial treat had been placed.


Bubbletastic Bubble Machine


Just as children love chasing bubbles, dogs also find this a great way to play. Instead of blowing bubbles through a tiny wand, the Bubbletastic Bubble Machine does all the work.


Sold for just $25, this toy is designed to blow out a large stream of bubbles that keep a dog busy. To make the game even more fun, you could actually choose from a variety of scented bubbles such as bacon.


Boomer Ball


The problem with most balls is that within a short amount of time, they are destroyed. While even smaller breeds love playing with balls, larger breeds enjoy a medium to large ball that could be chased or pushed around.


The great thing about the Boomer Ball is the construction. Made from high quality material, this ball is not only puncture proof but it can actually float on water. With this, you and your pet could spend hours in the backyard or local park chasing the ball without worrying about it falling apart.


Genuine Dog Gear’s Ultimate Jackpot


The last of the best dog toys we wanted to mention is this, which is considered one of the most unique interactive toys made. This tug toy is designed with bright colors that dogs love but it also has a Velcro pouch in which small treats would be placed. To get to the treats, the dog would need to tug and claw at the toy.


Just $20, this toy is manufactured in the USA, made from extremely strong fleece that has been braided, and it comes with a special pouch of nylon webbing for hiding treats. With a long 28-inch handle, this makes the ideal tug-of-war toy for owners and pets.


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