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When going to work as a dog groomer, you would be required to purchase a number of specific tools, pieces of equipment, and supplies. Now, your employer may provide some things but it never hurts to be prepared.


Although each item would be a key factor in grooming dogs, two of the more important items would be the grooming table and grooming clippers. In this article, we wanted to discuss dog grooming tables to provide you with information on what to look for so you get started right.


Remember, your customer’s dogs will be placed on the table during the grooming process so choosing something that would be strong, durable, and most importantly safe is vital.


Important Things to Consider


When it comes time to shop around for dog grooming tables, first decide if you want to purchase a standard table or one that could be adjusted. There is no right or wrong or good or bad associated with the decision just personal preference.


Just as the types imply, a standard table would be stationary although not attached to anything while the adjustable grooming table could be lowered or raised according to height needed. Our personal opinion is that the adjustable table provides a little more flexibility and would accommodate different size dogs easier but again, it would be your choice.


An even more important factor when looking at different dog grooming tables would be stability and durability. Obviously, you want to do everything possible to protect the animals left in your care so by far, a table that is solid is most important.


Everything you do would be from a position of the grooming table so you want one that sits flat and solid on the floor without any movement. You also want to make sure the table is one built to last. Although you would probably upgrade at some point, it would be worth the money spent to get a good dog grooming table from the start.


Using the Dog Grooming Table


You should also consider the way in which you would use the table. For this, consider the environment and the amount of space you would have to move about. If you plan to work in a grooming salon or pet store, you may have more room than if you were placed in a corner of a veterinarian’s office so the table needs to accommodate the work.


You would need to determine the size of the space, as well as configuration before you start looking at different dog grooming tables. That way, the selection process would be less stressful.

Dog Grooming Table Features


The types of dog grooming tables on the market today are actually quite impressive. Sure, you could buy something plain and simple but think of the table as your desk in an office.


You want a workspace that would be efficient so you could work effectively. For instance, if the size and configuration were too small, you would have little room for the dog, let alone all your tools and supplies.


The goal would be to choose a table with an attached leash holder or at least a place where a holder could be installed. This pole is designed so the dog’s leash would be connected, which not only keeps the dog from slipping, falling, or jumping off but it also helps control the dog’s help as you begin to groom. For this, make sure the leash stand is adjustable since you would likely be grooming dogs of different sizes.


There are other features found on dog grooming tables, some extremely helpful and some not. Another option we highly recommend would be an attached holder or stand for your clippers, scissors, brushes, combs, etc.


That way, everything needed for the job would be conveniently within reach. Even if your space had a nearby drawer, you would quickly realize how much time and effort it takes to turn around all day long while reaching for things. The better solution would be choosing features of the table to make your work easier and more enjoyable.


Table Surface


Finally, think about the table’s surface for a number of reasons. For instance, you want a surface that would be comfortable for the dog but more importantly, safe. Remember, you will be working on wet dogs and water on certain surfaces creates potential for injury.


Therefore, the surface of any dog grooming tables being considered should be non-slip. You should also think about the table surface from a cleaning perspective. All you need to a good non-slip surface that could be wiped down with disinfectant. Again, make this easy by choosing a table that would reduce the amount of work required on your part.


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