Toys For Bigger Dogs

Because larger breed dogs tend to play rougher and sometimes more aggressively, when choosing toys it would be essential to buy products designed specifically for larger dogs.


Just as there are special toys for smaller dogs, big dog toys are built to be stronger and more durable or otherwise, you would constantly be replacing broken or damaged toys.


Of course, as with any toy you want to buy from a trusted company so you know the design and materials of the toys are safe but also that the toys would provide the level of entertainment and challenge a larger breed dog needs.


In many cases, big dog toys cost more but by shopping around, you could easily find quality products without spending a lot of extra money. For this, we suggest you look at local pet supply stores, but also respected companies online.


The only consideration when buying through the internet would be to pay close attention to shipping charges. Obviously, it would be disappointing to find big dog toys online for great prices only to discover the low costs are recouped with expensive shipping. We did a little bit of legwork for you and provided some of the top choices for big dog toys below.




This particular online company manufactures toys for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages but specific to big dog toys, they have some unique options such as those listed.


The Other Cuz – This toy is bright yellow, made of durable rubber, and comes at a price of less than $10
The Other Cuz Large Bad – For larger dogs that love to chew, this would be an excellent choice
Ruffians Large Dog Toy Octopus – Shaped like an octopus, this rubber toy is neon green and made to last




Kong is another excellent company that understands the needs and demands of larger dogs. Therefore, several big dog toys were developed although these toys actually serve more purposes than just playtime.


Dental Kong – For instance, the Dental Kong looks somewhat like a dumbbell, it is bright red, oversized for larger mouths, and designed with dental nubs that actually clean a dog’s teeth
Air Kong Squeaker Football – Most dogs love playing with squeaker toys but stuffed toys are far too dangerous. Kong created an alternative solution with this large football made of strong rubber for hours of fun.
Black Xtreme Kong – The interesting thing about this particular toy is that law enforcement and military use it as a training tool for K9s. However, you could buy one online for your own pet and considering the extreme design and size, the $25 price is very affordable.


Flappy Dog Toys


We also wanted to mention some of the unique big dog toys that come from Flappy. While the company has a great selection for small and medium sized dogs, it also provides numerous products in large and extra-large sizes for the bigger breeds.


However, the company recommends the extra-large toys, which measure approximately 22 inches, for dogs 40 pounds and more. Below are some of the best sellers when it comes to Flappy big dog toys.


Floatie Flappy – For water dogs to include different retriever breeds, this toy is an excellent option. The design consists of a rubber core for buoyancy but also weights to allow tossing. In addition, the toy is made from bright orange and blue fabric made of nylon that is strong and durable, but also easy to spot when in the water. Unlike other toys that need to be kept away from serious chewers, the Floatie Flappy can take even the toughest abuse.
Fleecie Flappy – Another one of the big dog toys sold by Flappy is made from soft fleece but it is also strong. Although any large dog could play with this, it is also great to help puppies through the teething stage by providing a soothing sensation to gums. Best of all, the toy has a squeaker inside for the ultimate playtime experience.


Buster Cube – The last of the big dog toys we wanted to mention is the Buster Cube, which helps challenge larger dogs physically and mentally. This puzzle type toy focuses on a dog’s natural instinct to hunt for food and prey by providing a place inside where favorite treats could be placed and then located. This toy also comes in three different levels of difficulty to include smart, brilliant, and genius so when a dog conquers one quest, he could move on to another.


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