Popular Types of Dog Training Aids

When it comes to teaching dogs, many people, especially professional trainers use a number of different dog training aids. These aids are designed to make the teaching process easier, quicker, and more effective and today, options are deemed completely safe.


Of course, the type of aids used would depend on the exact training being provided but overall, they work amazingly well when used as intended regardless if used by a professional trainer or pet owner teaching a dog at home.


The more conventional types of dog training aids include leash and collar but along with these options, there are many more advanced types of aids. Even designs and materials for leashes and collars have come a long way where now, obedience training is a much smoother process but there are other training tools that can accomplish much more.


Rather than spend time trying to train a dog not interested in learning or one not paying attention, you might want to consider some of the dog training aids mentioned or search for others that would work specific to your need.


Remember, regardless of the type of training or level of training, there are aids to assist. Therefore, whether you plan to go through all the basic commands associated with obedience training, teach your dog special skills such as search and rescue or retrieving, or you simply want a dog that can perform cute tricks, without the appropriate aids, you would spend more time and possibly not reach the level of achievement wanted or expected.




Instead of teaching your dog to fetch using a stick, which could be dangerous due to splintering, you could choose from a number of retrieving dog training aids.


One of the best dog training aids specific to this fetching and retrieving would be a special dumbbell, which can be thrown relatively far, it is brightly colored making it easy to find, the rubber material is easy on the dog’s mouth, and it even floats if tossed in water. Having a specific dog training aid such as this would keep your dog focused, allowing training sessions to be more enjoyable and the results on target.


Teaching a Dog to Heel


One of the common commands taught with obedience training is to heel. Again, a regular leash would work but it would not be nearly as effective as many dog training aids designed for this particular command.


A much better option would be to choose a training leash designed specifically for the heel command. This type of leash is longer, which prevents unwanted tugging and pulling while teaching a dog to follow the command based on light touch opposed to voice command.


Working with Sporting Dogs


Training of sporting dogs is different from conventional obedience training. Often, breeds used are highly energetic, which means while young they have issues with paying attention during training sessions. Because of this, dog training aids would prove beneficial.


For example, a simple inexpensive whistle could be used when giving a command so the dog hears the word to obey because the whistle keeps him focused. He would then associate the command with the sound of the whistle, avoiding wasted time while training.


Examples of Dog Training Aids


Below are some actual training aids that have become popular choices because they work.


Premier Clicker Stick – For less than $15, this unique tool is both a retractable target stick and clicker combined. Used for all types of training, it works so well that some of the country’s most respected trainers recommend it to the public.


PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse – Another one of the more popular dog training aids is designed to help with dogs that bark excessively. Instead of owning an annoying animal that disrupts your life, not to mention the lives of neighbors, this bird house hangs on a tree and with ultrasonic technology, it releases a high pitch noise that stops barking up to 50 feet away. Although this is an exceptional tool as a pet owner, it also works by keeping dogs in neighborhood from driving you crazy.


Anxiety Wrap – When trying to train a high-strung dog or one that has issues of anxiety, this aid provides acupressure on all the right areas of the body, thereby creating a calming effect. Although this is great for training purposes, it has also been shown to keep dogs calm during thunderstorms, on the Fourth of July, or even in noisy neighborhoods.


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