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The number of dog training DVDs on the market is astounding.  Today, you can find DVDs for dogs pertaining to potty training, field training, obedience training, watch and guard dog training, trick training, and the list goes on.


Obviously, the first thing would be to determine the type of training you are most interested in and from there start the process of finding the best DVD.  Because consumer demand is so high for dog training DVDs of all kinds, weeding through them to find those worth buying would be an exhausting process.


DVDs Worth Owning

Instead, we put a list together for you on the top ten dog training DVDs specific to obedience.  Remember, these are just the top ten recommended but to find others, the internet provides a ton of information.

  1. Training the Companion Dog – This is the first DVD we want to recommend.  For one thing, the information is excellent and presented in a way that anyone would benefit.  In addition, this DVD comes as a four-part set so training covers several specific areas.  The first is for socialization and training to include basic commands, proper handling, proper communication, and more.  The second DVD is for behavior problems to include digging, chewing, biting, barking, and other common annoyances.  Then there is the walking and heeling DVD, great for learning about leash training, problems with dogs that jump on people, and control.  The last DVD focuses on recalls and stays such as teaching a dog to stay, as well as learning distance control.
  2. Clicker Fun: Dog Tricks and Games using Positive Reinforcement – One of the most effective methods for training dogs of all ages and for all levels is with the clicker.  This particular DVD offers a great approach to training dogs but also information for teaching tricks by learning what the sound of the clicker means.
  3. Dog Aggression: Biting – Available on DVD, as well as video, this is an excellent source for people who have dogs with a biting aggression.  Created by a well-known animal behaviorist and veterinarian, the information provides a real understanding of why dogs bit but also proven techniques for solving the problem.  You would also learn about specific triggers that promote biting and your responsibility as the owner.
  4. The How of Bow Wow: Building, Proofing, and Polishing Behaviors – Every dog owner should add this to their library of dog training DVDs.  For a full 84 minutes, you would receive in-depth instruction pertaining to fundamental skills and much more.  This DVD is affordable, presented well, and a great investment no matter the type of training interested in for your dog.
  5. Training Dogs with Dunbar – This is another one of the top dog training DVDs and of all DVDs on the market, it is rated as one of the most creative and accurate sold.  Written by Dr. Dunbar, a respected veterinarian, information focuses on dealing with dogs that fight, building a trusting relationship between dog and owner, and learning revolutionary techniques that get results.
  6. Calming Signals: What your Dog Tells You – One of the greatest challenges of owning a dog is trying to decipher what he is trying to say.  Dogs communicate in several ways, although different from humans.  In this DVD, you would learn calming signals to better communicate and interact with your dog so you end up with a well-behaved pet.
  7. Puppy Love: Raise your Dog the Clicker Way – Another top DVD that promotes training with a clicker, this one is the ideal choice for training puppies.  Instruction is done in a gentle yet assertive manner that produces good manners.  As a result, your pet would be far more enjoyable to own.
  8. No Dog Left Behind: Basic Obedience Dog Training DVD – When it comes to dog training DVDs that focus on basic obedience, this one is a must have.  The DVD takes a realistic and effective approach to using various techniques coupled with positive reinforcement.  Once a dog completes training, only voice commands would be used opposed to touch.
  9. Alpha Dog Training – Created by Brian Heward, a professional dog trainer, the information provided in this DVD has been specially formulated for dealing with the “alpha dog.”  You would learn what this kind of dog is, why some dogs are alpha and others not, how to become the leader of the pack over an alpha dog, and incorporating rules to gain and maintain control.
  10. Smartwork Obedience – This DVD offers a hands-on approach to teaching dogs to obey commands.  Although it was developed primarily for retrieving breeds, we listed it among the top dog training DVDs because all breeds would benefit from the techniques provided.


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