Top Healthiest Dog Food Products

As dog owners, we love the fact that there are so many products made from high quality ingredients opposed to harmful fillers. In the past 10 years, pet product companies have finally listened to what consumers want, resulting in options for the healthiest dog food ever made.


We now see a market flooded with possibilities, which is great in one sense but challenging in another because of narrowing the choice down to a single product. Regardless, having multiple opportunities specific to the healthiest dog food products is actually a good problem to have.


Keep in mind that along with the list of healthiest dog food products we provided below, there are many others that could have easily made our list. As you will learn from the first section of this article, there are specific things to look for and avoid when buying dog food. With this information, being able to find high quality food with great flavor would be far easier regardless of company, brand name, or formula.


Composition of Healthy Dog Food

Before getting to the list of the top healthiest dog food products, we wanted to take a minute to explain the composition of healthy dog food. For one thing, the best food products would contain only human grade ingredients. Additionally, dog food would be made with the right array of nutrients to include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, among others.


Of all ingredients protein should be the primary food source. When looking at labels for different dog food products, any formulas that list grain as the first ingredient should be avoided. Instead, you want to see a type of protein first but not in generic terms such as “poultry”, “fish”, etc. Instead, look for products that list the actual type of protein to include “chicken”, “salmon”, and so on.


In addition to protein, the healthiest dog food products should be made with the right type and level of carbohydrates. The best pet products would contain between 40% and 60% carbohydrates in that not enough or too much would lead to health issues.


For instance, if the level of carbohydrates were too high, dogs could develop obesity, which would then lead to additional health issues. Finally, the healthiest dog food should contain only good fat to promote healthy skin and coat.


Best Food Products

As promised, along with understanding the composition of the healthiest dog food products, we have listed a few of the top brands, those tested and proven to be beneficial to your pet’s health. This list is strictly for dry food although the same philosophy would apply when choosing wet or canned pet food.


Innova Evo Turkey and Chicken Formula – Although a little pricey, this formula of Innova Evo is outstanding. For one thing, ingredients are of the highest quality possible but this product is also great because it is made without any grain.


For necessary carbohydrates, other foods such as potatoes are used. Of course, being made with turkey and turkey meal, as well as chicken and chicken meal, dogs cannot get enough of the rich flavor.


Orijen – This too costs more than conventional pet food but as one of the healthiest dog food products it is well worth the extra money. This particular product is made with a significant amount of chicken and turkey meal, along with other meat products.


Additionally, every ingredient used to make this product is of the highest quality, allowing your beloved pet to get all the nutrients needed to live a long and healthy life.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness – Another dog food product with a high rating is Blue Buffalo. This company manufactures a number of unique formulas to help support good health in a variety of areas.


However, the level of quality for ingredients used, the high protein content, and the addition of probiotics or good bacteria that aid in digestion makes this an exceptional choice. While dogs typically love all formulas, the Duck Recipe product is among the favorites.


Taste of the Wild High Prairie – Although some people have never heard of this company, it deserves to be on our list of the healthiest dog food products for several reasons. One of the things that make this food unique is the use of exotic protein sources.


For instance, formulas contain roasted venison, roasted bison, and other unique proteins. While a little unconventional, dogs enjoy the different flavor while pet owners appreciate the high nutrient content.


Natural Balance Ultra Premium – The price of this product is somewhat less than others listed as the healthiest dog food products but do not allow the lower price to equate to lower quality. In truth, Natural Balance uses all-natural ingredients and never uses byproducts.


For grains, this dog food contains things such as barley, oatmeal, and brown rice. Even the protein sources are rich and healthy to include lamb, chicken, and duck meal.


Iams Healthy Naturals – The last of the healthiest dog food products we wanted to mention is from Iams. Protein ingredients include chicken and chicken meal. For grains, this food is made with whole grain sorghum, whole grain barley, brewer’s rice, and cornmeal.


As with the other brands, Iams offers a full line of formulas to serve dogs at different stages of life and pets facing various health concerns.


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