Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer dog breed is actually a great choice for many people. In addition to this dog’s gorgeous appearance, the breed is fun, protective, and excellent in several roles. Due to extreme strength and agility, the Boxer is considered one of the best dog breeds when it comes to hunting animals such as deer, bear, wild board, and others.


In fact, with a strong and large jaw, as well as recessed nose, this dog can easily hold onto larger prey until the owner has the opportunity to take over and breathe normally. Along with hunting, the Boxer makes an exceptional family pet.


Information and History

As far as history of the Boxer dog breed, two specific breeds were mixed to include the English Bulldog and Brabanter to create this magnificent dog. Originating from Germany, the Boxer grows to a height between 22.5 and 25 inches for male dogs and 21 and 23.5 inches for females.


As far as weight, males can each up to 80 pounds on average while females are somewhat smaller, usually reaching no more than 65 pounds. However, with this being a strong and energetic dog, training would be essential for control and enjoyment of ownership. When properly cared for, this particular breed has a lifespan of about 10 years but years of absolute pleasure.


Initially, Boxers were pure white and because of their quickness, agility, and versatility, used for herding cattle. However, it took little time for owners to realize this dog was also smart, comical, and easy to train. This coupled with the Boxer dog breed being interested in pleasing his master people began to teach these dogs tricks. As a result, Boxers were commonly trained to perform circus tricks.


By the turn of the century, this breed of dog was introduced to North America, quickly becoming a popular choice. In fact, it was not long after coming to America that the American Kennel Club recognized the Boxer dog breed.


Although no longer used in circuses, the Boxer has grown in popularity as a great overall choice for hunters but families. The degree of popularity has now reached such impressive heights that the Boxer is considered among the most adopted breeds of all time in the United States.


In addition to cattle herding and circus work, Boxers were also a favorite choice for law enforcement service. One fascinating fact about this breed was that during World War I, these dogs worked for the military in a number of positions such as guard dog, massager, pack animal, and attack dog.


Even more intriguing is the fact that when working in law enforcement and for the military, the darker colored Boxers were in highest demand due to their coat helping them stay hidden under the cover of darkness so covert operations could be successfully carried out.


Pros of the Boxer Dog Breed

Sadly, some people misunderstand the Boxer dog breed, believing the dog is somewhat aggressive and therefore, not good around children or other pets.


Nothing could be further from the truth in that this breed makes an exceptional family pet, being gentle, loving, and affectionate even to smaller children. In addition, the Boxer loves other animals, making this a great dog to bring into a home where other animals already live.


This dog breed now has a solid reputation for being gentle and loving but also loyal to the master. The Boxer has an above average intelligence level, which means the dog is not only quick to learn new commands but eager to learn.


Additionally, the Boxer becomes attached to his owner and family members fast, often creating a special bond with children in the home. In fact, the Boxer shows a great deal of restraint and patience when it comes to children.


Another wonderful aspect of owning a Boxer is that even though this breed tends to be moderate to high energy, it adapts to virtually any living environment. In other words, having a home with a backyard would be ideal but even for apartment living, the Boxer would settle in nicely as long as daily walks were provided, as well as extended playtimes at a local dog park once or twice a week.


While physical exercise would be important, the Boxer also loves mental stimulation so play time and advanced toys would be recommended.


Cons of the Boxer Dog Breed

As mentioned, the Boxer dog breed at one time had a bad reputation for being aggressive. Now, while this particular dog is a great choice as a watch dog or guard dog, it would not be aggressive just for the sake of aggression.


While not necessarily something negative, it would be important to understand that because the Boxer has natural dominant characteristics, firm training and establishing the owner as leader of the pack immediately would be imperative. That way, from day one, the dog would know his place in the pecking order.


It would also be important to know that if properly socialized while a puppy, the Boxer should have no trouble getting along well with another Boxer of the same sex. However, if socialization were not provided, especially when young, this dog could have issues of being in the same home with another Boxer of the same gender.


Proper training would still be considered beneficial but for a situation such as this, attention to certain situations would be imperative, especially with children in the home.

Another thing to consider before buying a Boxer dog breed is that even as adults, it would be recommended to kennel the dog when left alone. Since this is a relatively energetic dog that could become easily bored, having him unsupervised in the home could be an invitation for trouble.


Finally, this dog has extremely short hair with not much to keep it warm. Therefore, the Boxer is most comfortable living in warmer regions.


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