Hound Dog Breed

When talking about a hound dog breed there are actually 20, some that have several varieties. Of all groups of dogs, this one is the most diverse to include dogs for hunting, show, racing, mountain rescue, coursing, and family pets although most are known as outstanding sight or scent hounds.



With the lean body, distinct long face, and flowing hair, the Afghan has long been considered a dog of dignity. Often seen in dog show competitions, the Afghan is actually an excellent hunting dog known for keen sight.


First discovered in Afghanistan, therefore the name, this dog was finally recognized in 1928 by the American Kennel Club and remains a popular breed around the world.



Initially from Africa, the Basenji is a muscular and poised dog with a distinct trait – this dog does not bark but make a yodeling noise. In ancient Egypt, this dog was often presented to Pharaohs as prized gifts but then in 1944, the Basenji was recognized by the American Kennel Club as being an incredible hunting dog capable of pointing and retrieving.



Similar in appearance to the Foxhound but on a smaller scale, the Beagle is best known for having a great personality that makes it a popular family pet. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the Beagle is one of the most popular in America as a pet but also hunting breed.



The Bloodhound was added to the American Kennel Club in 1885 and today, is considered among the best tracking breeds. For this reason, the Bloodhound is commonly used by Law Enforcement and the Military for search and rescue efforts. In fact, the Bloodhound has been accepted by US courts for providing evidence because of its unbelievably accurate tracking ability.



This hound dog breed is a strong sight hunter although it is also graceful and elegant. In addition to being a popular show dog, the Borzol is a top choice for lure coursing. This breed was the result of breeding of the Russian and Arabian greyhound with a history that dates back hundreds of years.



Considered and “All-American Breed”, the Coonhound has a long history of being an exceptional hunting dog. The Black and Tan variety goes back to the 11th century in England, becoming popular in the US in the 18th century.


The Bluetick is another type of Coonhound, although larger than the Black and Tan variety and known for its cold nose hunting capability. Then there is the Redbone variety, which possesses an amazing ability to hunt on land and in water with great speed and agility.



Most people are surprised to learn the Dachshund is a type of hound dog breed. However, this dog is not only an amazing family pet but also an excellent hunter with a great sense of smell. There are two sizes of this breed, as well as varieties that include smooth, long, and wire haired.



Another type of hound dog breed is the Foxhound, which has long been used in fox hunting, as well as competition. For the American Foxhound, the dog is native to America with a history that began around the 18th century.


The man responsible for one of the most successful breeding programs of the Foxhound was George Washington. The English Foxhound is another variety, popular throughout England, as well as the United States, for being an outstanding hunter with a strong nose and everlasting stamina.



Recorded as the fastest dog breed known, the Greyhound has an unusually long, lean body that makes it the ideal breed for professional racing although this dog also competes in professional dog shows.


The Greyhound has a sweet nature and is known as one of the oldest recorded breeds with a history that dates back to around 2900 BC in Egypt where it was often Royalty’s dog of choice.



Many people have never heard of this type of hound dog breed but the Harrier has been used as a scent hunting dog for more than 100 years in England. As a smaller version of the Foxhound, the Harrier is still ideal for tracking but it also makes an ideal choice for families.


Ibizan Hound

The body of the Ibizan Hound is deer-like and exotic. Because of its agility, this dog was used in its native land of Spain as a means of hunting rabbit. This hound dog breed also has a long history from ancient Egypt where it is believed to have appeared around 3400 BC.


Irish Wolfhound

The very size of the Wolfhound is impressive. Massive with measurements from the shoulder reaching as tall as 34 inches, this breed is an outstanding athlete with the ability to run at great speeds. Although imposing in appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is very gentle but also protective of its family.


Norwegian Elkhound

This type of hound dog breed is dignified and independent but the dog’s ability to hunt bear, elk, moose, and other large wild animals is what makes it unique. The history of the Norwegian Elkhound is just as impressive, spanning six millennia where it served as a hunting and guard dog in Scandinavia.



This type of hound dog breed received its name because of its double coat and webbed feet. This body type allows the Otterhound to work as a scent hound on land but also the water. Popular for many years in England, it was not until around 1900 when it was introduced to the United States.


Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Another kind of hound dog breed uncommon to many people, this dog has a body similar to a Basset hound although with a long, rough coat. There are several varieties of this breed, all being outgoing and happy.


As an extrovert and high energy dog, it would be essential for the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen to be placed with an active family that has older children, if any at all.


Pharaoh Hound

This medium-sized hound dog breed is graceful and strong, although best known for speed. Of all domesticated dogs on official record, this hound dog breed is also one of the oldest, dating back to 3000 BC in ancient Egypt.  The breed is playful, intelligent, and known for having ears that turn rose colored when happy or excited.



Capable of hunting large wild animals such as bear and boar, the Plott is actually North Carolina’s state dog often used for hunting raccoon. This breed was introduced by a North Carolina brother in 1750, a popular choice for mountain hunting, as well as a family pet.



On the outside, the Saluki looks as a very fragile dog but in reality, this hound dog breed is a strong hunter that possesses endurance in chasing prey over long distances but also challenging terrain. Along with hunting by sight, the Saluki is often used in professional dog shows and lure coursing events.


Scottish Deerhound

By appearance, this hound dog breed looks like a Greyhound only much larger. For hundreds of years, this breed was called the Scottish Greyhound, Highland Deerhound, and Rough Greyhound but today, it goes by the name of Scottish Deerhound, being known for its ability to hunt and kill deer.



The last type of hound dog breed is the Whippet, which also surprises many people. This dog has an elegant and graceful appearance with a reputation for possessing power, balance, and incredible speed. However, due to versatility, this breed is often seen in professional dog shows or participating in lure coursing events.


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