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With the market being saturated with dog training books, the process of buying the right one becomes extremely frustrating. One of the greatest challenges is that so many books of this kind contain regurgitated information.


Because of this, without knowing the right dog training books to purchase, a person interested in teaching a dog tricks or obedience would likely make multiple purchases in anticipation of learning something new only to realize hard-earned money was spent on books containing the same information.


No person wants or deserves to waste money, which is why we pulled a list of 25 dog training books together that are worth the investment of money but also time. The books listed below are among the best sellers for a reason. For one thing, these books have been written by true professionals who have years of experience in training dogs.


In addition, these books offer unique information pertaining to old and new training techniques, obedience schools, training tools, and more. While other great dog training books exist that are not on this list, any of these would be considered a good choice.


Top 5 Dog Training Books


We will start with the top five books currently being sold. Each of these is a good read, providing insightful information to help a person train a dog in an effective and safe manner.


  • The Culture Clash – The main reason this particular book is different from others is that it offers training tips and information from the animal’s perspective. With this, the dog actually believes he is being allowed to behave as wanted when in fact he is behaving the way the owner wants. Written by an animal behaviorist and veterinarian the reader could have confidence in the information being shared.


  • Before and After Getting your Puppy – As we all know, a new puppy in the house means dealing with a period of turmoil. Puppies naturally need proper socialization, they need to be potty trained, and of course, puppies must be taught what they can and cannot do. In this book, these and other topics are covered in great detail.


  • The Power of Positive Dog Training – For years, professional dog trainers have known that positive reinforcement is a much more effective tool than being harsh. The unique aspect of this book is the training program that spans six weeks to include basic commands for obedience, as well as tips on teaching a few dog tricks.


  • Don’t Shoot the Dog – Another one of the top dog training books that encourages positive reinforcement, the advice provided is proven and sound. Using a clicker, the reader can use this step-by-step guide to get a dog to do what is being requested.


  • Living with Kids and Dogs…Without Losing your Mind – A home that has both dogs and kids is typically a home with a tremendous amount of activity and sometimes, chaos. However, with this training book, at least the dogs could be trained to mind to bring the volume and activity down to a manageable level.


20 Other Dog Training Book Recommendations


Along with the top five dog training books listed above, the following are 20 additional titles that would be worth consideration. These ten dog training books would be ideal for puppies, as well as adult dogs.


  1. 25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make – Jane Adams
  2. 101 Training Tips for your Dog – Kate Delano-Condax Decker
  3. All Dogs Need Some Training – Liz Palika
  4. American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training – AKC
  5. 21 Days to a Trained Dog – Dick Maller
  6. The Evans Guide for Housetraining your Dog – Job Michael Evans
  7. Good Dog, Bad Dog: Dog Training Made Easy – Mordecai Siegal
  8. Good Owners – Great Dogs – Byron Kilcommons
  9. Housebreaking and Training your New Puppy – Michael Kelly
  10. How to Teach your Old Dog New Tricks – Ted Baer
  11. Complete Book of Dog Obedience – Blanche Saunders
  12. The Complete Book of Dog Training – Thomas Knott
  13. Expert Obedience Training for Dogs – Winifred Gibson
  14. Dog Training in 10 Minutes – Carol Lea Benjamin
  15. Dog Whisperer – Paul Owens
  16. Pick of the Litter – Bill Tarrant
  17. A Step-by-Step Children’s Guide to Dog Training – Denise P. Cherry
  18. Superdog – Raising the Perfect Canine Companion – Michael W. Fox
  19. Train your Dog the Easy Way – Danny Wilson and Silvia Wilson
  20. Training your Dog: A Day-by-Day Program – Kathleen Berman


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