Dog Toys

Anyone who has a dog knows that there are certain things that you must have in order to keep your pooch happy and healthy. They need a collar for identification purposes, good food, lots of tasty treats, and, of course, an adequate supply of dog toys. These are as much of an essential part for any happy dog as the air they breathe.


If you have ever gone shopping for dog toys, you know that there is a massive amount of selection out there. But it takes a little more thought than just picking up something bright and shiny for your dog to chew on. While they can always use something to work their teeth over, there is also a wider assortment of items to choose from, with some being specifically designed for certain types and personalities of dogs. In essence, your pet will enjoy it more if the toy fits the dog.


Looking at this line of accessories you can see that they are set up in different categories. One of the favorites is a toy that is hollow in the middle to place treats for your pet. This gives them a solid exterior, usually made of rubber, which they can maneuver around until they are able to access the tasty morsel hidden in the middle. The treat can be solid or something from a spray can designed especially for them. Either form gives your pet a way of being rewarded for working to get inside.


Puppies are a class all to themselves. Their teeth are not only razor sharp little needles, but they are constantly at work devouring anything they can find- whether they are supposed to have it or not. Anyone who isn’t properly prepared with a huge group of durable chew toys to keep their puppy entertained will regret it when they find their shoes in pieces.


Puppies love bright toys, so this is a definite plus anytime you can incorporate this into their collection. And squeaking toys are always the best. The sound sends them into an attacking frenzy much like a great white shark. Another option that they love equally as well is things that they can play tug-of-war with. Anything that you can find to dispense that endless supply of puppy energy will serve you well when it comes time for them to bed down for the night, or even a nap.


Canines that are heavy chewers have their own assortment of toys called, you guessed it, heavy chewer toys. These are made of either dense rope or a durable heavy-duty rubber and are virtually indestructible. Heavy chewers need something that will last and not become a mountain of tiny scarps within a matter of minutes. A selection from this line holds up to relentless chewing quite well.


Then there are the dogs who like to run and retrieve. They have a broad choice of everything from flying discs, to an army of balls and small, dense objects. There are even some that can be launched from a their own holder. Various objects made of rope material are also a good choice. Anything that can be tossed and brought back will give your pet not only the exercise that they crave and need, but it is a sport that they never seem to grow tired of. Many times, the owner will wear out before the dog does.


You also have the lounging category of toys. The dogs that enjoy this section like to sit back and have their toys at a nice, relaxing pace. It doesn’t have to be anything too ambitious, just something to lie around and have when the mood strikes them. This group can encompass a wide array of things: balls, ropes, and the ever-popular squeaking toy, for when those sudden bursts of energy strike. These particular canines are looking for something to amuse them quietly or to snuggle up with.


Stuffed animals designed for dogs are an excellent choice for most breeds- except the chewers. Stuffed animals can follow a dog from a younger age all the way to adulthood. They work wonderfully for retrieving around the room when the dog doesn’t feel like expending a tremendous amount of energy.


Having a bounty of just the right dog toys will give you pet endless hours of fun and will help to keep them active and fit. Plus, it lets you enjoy your time together with them even more.