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The reason that humans get involved with sports, hobbies, and other activities is that they become bored. Dogs are very much the same in that without proper stimulation, they become bored with some breeds being worse than others.


Unfortunately, boredom leads to a number of problems such as obesity because of being sedentary but also destructive behavior. We all know about the more traditional toys such as pull toys, balls, Frisbees, and so on but now, the market has some of the most incredible remote control dog toys that would entertain for hours.


In fact, some of the remote control dog toys being sold are designed to teach, help with behavioral issues, and keep a dog fit and trim.


Remember, all dog breeds share several character aspects one being they possess some level of prey drive. Even the cute little fluffy dogs have a natural instinct of prey and with the right remote control dog toys, the need to seek out prey and conquer could be met but in a non-destructive way.


Although virtually any dog breed would benefit from toys of this type, it has been studied and shown that those with the highest energy levels tend to do best. Of course, there are many more than we could list here but the following are some suggestions for some of the better toys that you might consider for your pet.




The first remote control dog toy we want to suggest is this, which is a ball launcher that enhances the game of fetch. For dogs that want to run after a ball for hours on end, this launcher can be set to launch tennis balls between 7 and 15 seconds.


In fact, the design of this toy is such that the distance of the throw can be adjusted according to the amount of space. While it might seem this is more beneficial to the owner, the truth is it provides continuous play time that would otherwise be hard to maintain.


Spot “Micro Mouse”


Although originally made to be a cat toy, many pet owners quickly discovered this to be a great remote control dog toy as well. With the controller, the movements of this mechanical mouse would be managed, giving the dog something to investigate and chase. Although it is made from quality materials and sturdy, the Micro Mouse would be best for small to medium dogs but larger breeds could enjoy it too under supervision.


RC Cars


Another option when it comes to remote control dog toys would be a conventional RC car made for adult entertainment. There are many cars on the market that are made to be sturdy and a number of brands that go fast.


With the owner controlling the car, dogs have the chance to run long distances or go in circles while trying to conquer. Most dogs find this to be stimulating and it is a great choice when trying to get a dog to burn off excessive energy.


Additional Options


Although the following are not actual remote control dog toys, they have been ranked among the best toys on the market in that they challenge dogs and give them something to do in a healthy way. For this reason, we wanted to add them to our list.


  • Nina Ottosson Plastic Tornado – This particular remote control dog toy is designed with four layers that rotate. Inside, small treats or even toys would be carefully hidden with the goal being for the dog to remove the white bones and then spin the layers to locate the hidden treasures inside.


  • Bubbles – Pet stores and pet supply stores now sell bubbles that come in bacon scent. Dogs make a game of trying to catch bubbles in the air but with this new scent, the game is taken up several notches. A single bottle that would provide weeks of entertainment typically costs less than $5.


  • Fantasy Flyer – This new age Frisbee is great for dogs that love to fetch. The difference is that it is designed with a weighted center so it flies farther and straighter. Not only is the toy fun but it because of the rubber edges it can float on water.


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