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Teaching your dog how to improve on behavioral issues is rewarding, and gives you more to share with your canine companion now, and for years to come. But sometimes it can be challenging, as well. Lets face it; there are times that it can even be nerve-wracking. Dog training collars are the answer to these dilemmas. They give you an advantage that you will appreciate.


So many different brands and styles are on the market so without the proper direction, a person can spend a fortune on the wrong items very quickly and still not have exactly what they need.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is experience: in this case, someone else’s. Looking at reviews of different products can save you countless hours of aggravation and much confusion, especially if you are new to the world of training collars.


Since you are the best expert on your canine, you are the most qualified to decide which items will help them to learn more. Trying to make this decision just from reading packaging material is not so helpful. Reviews are put into place for a reason. They let you profit from other people’s experiences and helps you to prevent repeating their mistakes.


When looking at the different styles of collars you need to start with the most basic design, which is the choke collar. But don’t let the name deter you: it does not squeeze a dog’s neck and turn them blue until they pass out. Rather, they are intended as a way of subtly tightening in on a dog’s neck in order to regain their attention and cause them to focus on what you are saying.


Properly performed, a choke collar is an effective way of teaching a canine to learn. As with anything, some people can go to extremes and misuse this instrument, which then gives the device a bad, and unjustified, reputation. When teaching, the collar remains loose and unrestrained. It only takes a small amount of pressure to cause the animal to pick up on the lesson being taught.


There are other types of corrective neckwear available. One of the most popular is an electronic device that is worn around the neck. When an animal needs correcting, the device emits a small, harmless amount of electricity to correct the animal’s behavior. The current is small, and does not cause permanent damage to them, but it is enough to get their attention and help them to focus on the task at hand.


You will most often see these collars being utilized on dogs that are prone to barking uncontrollably. They are also common for animal that has trouble staying at home. Often, the collar will be used in conjunction with an underground wire that notifies the animal when they are close to the boundaries of the yard.


If this is the type that you are interested in, there are some important considerations that have to be made. For example, the collar has to be snug, but not too tight. The metal contacts are meant to touch the neck and should barely make contact without causing irritation. You don’t want the animal to focus on metal touching them until correction is needed.


These electronic models normally come with a remote control that lets you control the dog’s movements when you need to. They are an invaluable tool that helps your dog to pick up commands and actions very quickly. Plus, if your pet gets loose they are a sure way of regaining control before they, or someone else, becomes injured.


For remote models, make sure first of all what the range is for the transmitter. Another key feature is the number of levels that it will transmit. Having only one level of stimulation will create the possibility that the animal will eventually become somewhat used to it. After some time, they will learn not to respond to your commands. Having the ability to turn the intensity of the collar up means that you remain in control.


Another excellent feature to look for is that the component is waterproof. Inevitably, this is going to pay off. Some breeds of dogs have a tendency to want to play in water. In fact, they are so attracted to it that once it is spotted, their desire to jump in it overpowers their hearing. A waterproof device will pay for itself the first time it is submerged.


The right dog training collar can alleviate every unpleasant dog trait from barking, running away, growling, jumping up on others, fighting, chewing or many other issues. It can even be utilized to help when teaching them to become house trained.


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