The Best Dog Training Leashes

All dogs need to be trained on a leash but sometimes, the actual training process can be challenging. For instance, puppies naturally fight against being on a leash although only temporary but in addition to this, there are some breeds that simple do not like walking on a leash and some breeds that must be controlled because of size or aggressive tendencies.


Rather than make the process difficult, there are a number of dog training leashes that can make the process much easier so that ultimately, you end up with a dog that takes to the leash without problems and is a joy to walk.


Today, most cities have ordinances whereby dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds have to be on a leash or owners would be subject to a hefty fine. Especially in a situation such as this, dog training leashes would help prepare your dog so when you go out to the park or even take a walk around the neighborhood it would be a fun time and not a constant battle of tugging and pulling.


Retractable Leashes


Some people like using dog training leashes that are retractable because it allows them to let the dog out on a longer reign to explore when permitted but the length could be quickly and easily shortened in times when the dog needs to be controlled.


One of the primary benefits of dog training leashes such as this is that dogs are given the chance to move around more but without you losing control. Additionally, most of these leashes are designed with a handle that is easy to grasp and hold onto.


Now, while retractable dog training leashes have a number of benefits, there are some negative aspects as well. For instance, because they are not designed to be the strongest, they would not be recommended for certain breeds. In fact, there are some retractable leashes that if tugged on too hard, they would actually be at risk for breaking. Therefore, you would need to consider your specific dog and the type and degree of training needed before buying any kind of retractable leash.


Leather Leashes


Another popular option when it comes to do training leashes are those made from leather. Obviously, leather is extremely strong, durable, and sturdy so overall, leashes such as this would be ideal for all dogs.


These leashes are also made so holding and controlling the dog could be done without much effort. Then, if you have a puppy that enjoys chewing or a larger dog that wants to use the leash for tug-of-war, the chance of a leather leash breaking would be slim.


This kind of dog training leash also has one drawback in that the length purchased of the leash purchased would be as far out as the dog could travel. When training, this would not be much of a deal but if you wanted to use the same leash once training had been complete, it might matter.


Nylon Leashes


There are a number of dog training leashes on the market made from nylon, which is an extremely strong and durable choice. However, one brand in particular has received rave reviews in that it provides length for playtime but also a lot of control during training sessions.


Known as the “Ultimate Leash”, it measures 50 feet long, the leash is made with one-inch nylon, it has a flat design so tangling is never a problem, it is made in the United States, and dyed a bright hunter orange for complete safety. For instance, while training if your dog were to break free, finding the dog attached to a neon orange leash of 50 feet would be easy.


The Gentle Leader


Probably one of the more revolutionary dog training leashes is called “The Gentle Leader”. This particular design makes it possible to use the product as a standard leash but also a head collar or harness.


In most cases, the number one challenge that comes with training a dog on a leash is him getting distracted by people, animals, blowing leaves, cars, etc. With the design of this training leash, it controls the movement of the dog’s head, forcing him to focus on the task and not things all around him.


As the name implies, The Gentle Leader is different from other dog training leashes since it was designed to be a restraint tool. With the leash around your pet’s head and muzzle, even a small amount of pressure would bring him back to focus, therefore making this a gentle product. If you are looking for a solution for a dog that has already been trained to walk on a standard leash and collar, he more than likely has developed what is known as “collar smart”.


This simply means using other conventional dog training leashes would not be effective for training but with The Gentle Leader, the different concept would be new, allowing your dog to learn quickly while you get the results wanted.


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