Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach

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We understand how important it is to pick the best possible dog food for your dog. In the following review we have taken an in-depth look at . We would like to share our review of , and we also encourage consumers to voice their concerns. You will find a rating form at the end of the review where you can personally rate . Your feedback is very important to us! By reviewing this product, you are helping us to ensure that you never receive biased information.


is made and manufactured by a company called [cf]man[/cf]. is part of the [cf]parent[/cf] recipe line. For more information on other Science Diet Dog Food recipes visit the main [cf]parent[/cf]page at:[cf]parent[/cf]

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Consumer Ratings

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  • Debra

    I was having problems with my Great Dane having diarrea. I tried everything. Then I changed to the Science sensitive stomach dog food and her stools firmed up and she was not running out to the dog run all the time. Just recently I decided after 9 months of being on the food she should be cured. So I wanted to put her on a different blend of big breed food. She is back to the diarrea and it has continued for weeks. I slowly introduced the new food into her diet over a three week period knowing her previous problem. I suggest this food to anyone having problems with any of their babies.

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