Science Diet Adult Light Large Breed

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We understand how important it is to pick the best possible dog food for your dog. In the following review we have taken an in-depth look at . We would like to share our review of , and we also encourage consumers to voice their concerns. You will find a rating form at the end of the review where you can personally rate . Your feedback is very important to us! By reviewing this product, you are helping us to ensure that you never receive biased information.


is made and manufactured by a company called [cf]man[/cf]. is part of the [cf]parent[/cf] recipe line. For more information on other Science Diet Dog Food recipes visit the main [cf]parent[/cf]page at:[cf]parent[/cf]

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Consumer Ratings

We believe that it is very important to let consumers voice their opinions regarding the quality of the dog food that they feed their dogs. We also believe that it is important to view a wide variety of opinions so you can make an educated decision.
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  • terry

    We have had our dog for 3 yrs she came to us from across canada
    our friend who gave her to us said she had allergies and that she did the best on science diet we kept her on adult science diet for a couple months then switched her to adult light as she is overweight
    typical lab ! she has always had bad skin and is itchy after she eats
    but lately 6months or so she has awful gas she eats only 3 cups a day
    morning and evening on special bisquit in the morning and 2 at night she has gained about 8 lbs on the routine and has continued bad skin.
    we will be changing her food as she seems to be getting worse daily
    snoring bad breath gummy eyes etc all that filler just cant be good for her.

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