5 Foods You May Enjoy, But are Toxic to Dogs

It’s no secret – most dogs love food. Some breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers, are especially fond of any tasty treats given to them by their owners. However, not all foods that are appropriate for humans are also appropriate for dogs. In fact, some of the foods that you eat on a regular basis may actually cause serious health conditions if they are fed to your dog. Here are a few foods that you may love, but are actually toxic to your dog’s health.


Salt is a very popular flavor additive in human food. Many people who make homemade dog food recipes think that they should add salt in order to make the formula appetizing to their dog. Also, some commercial dog food companies add salt to their low-quality formulas. However, an excess of salt can be damaging to your dog’s health. If your dog eats too much salt it may cause health problems, as well as an imbalance of electrolytes.


Raisins, grapes and currants all contain an unknown toxin which is reported to potentially cause damage to your dog’s kidneys. Kidney problems in dogs can be serious, and may require intensive veterinary care. Feeding your dog grape seed extract has not been shown to induce the same problems as raisins, grapes or currants.


Onions and garlic are toxic in any form, be it cooked, raw or as a powder. The disulfides and sulfoxides in these ingredients can cause anemia by damaging your dog’s red blood cells. Onions have a higher rate of toxicity in dogs than garlic. Never feed your dog a food formula that contains onions, garlic or any form of these two ingredients.


Most of us love to eat chocolate! However, it’s also fairly common knowledge that chocolate can be very toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains caffeine, theophylline or theobromine. These toxins can cause a disruption of a dog’s nervous system, and be toxic to a dog’s heart. A dog that eats chocolate may also experience a rapid heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. Avoid feeding chocolate to your dog at all costs!

Fatty Meat

Feeding your dog fatty meat table scraps may seem like a good way to dispose of waste. However, just one high-fat meal can cause your dog to develop a potentially serious health problem called pancreatitis. Dogs with pancreatitis may require veterinary care for the rest of their lives.