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The benefit of interactive dog toys has been recognized more and more to be beneficial for all dogs, especially puppies, high energy dogs, or breeds that tend to become bored easily. Because of way these toys work, they provide hours of fun but also, some of these toys help to break bad habits.


Because of growing popularity, the market has become saturated with an incredible selection, some that work by stimulating the mind, some that some to release small treats, and even toys that make noise.


Dog toys of this type are also designed to be easy or challenging so you could choose one that would be appropriate to your dog’s intelligence and curiosity level.


Top brands of interactive dog toys work amazingly well and are built to last but because dogs have the ability to tear things up, it would be highly recommended that supervision be provided for toys of all types.


In addition to this, when shopping for interactive dog toys, always buy from a trusted company and take time to inspect the toy’s design. That way, you could avoid designs with small or detachable parts that could pose serious health risk. We pulled a list together of the top 14 choices, which are fun for the dog but also entertaining for you as the owner.


Everlasting Fireplug


Although this is a popular choice in general, the Everlasting Fireplug has been shown to be an exceptional option for dogs that deal with issues of boredom. Inside the fireplug you would place small treats and then watch as your pet spends hours trying to unleash them. However, because of the design this is one of the best interactive dog toys that could also be used without treats.


Kibble Nibble Dog Feeder Ball


Another excellent option is this, which works on much the same concept as the Fireplug. The difference is that treats would be inserted inside this egg-shaped ball, which would then be rolled around by the dog. The advantage to this toy is that you can choose the setting for the amount of treats dispensed.


Additionally, this is designed with rubber bumpers so if you have tile or hardwood floors, rolling of the ball would not drive you crazy with noise. With this, your pet would be physically, as well as mentally stimulated.


Tornado Interactive Treat Game


The design of this toy is unique. With the Tornado, removable bones would hide treats so the goal would be for your pet to learn how to remove the bones, allowing him to get to the tasty snack inside.


Even better, you can adjust the level of difficulty so once your dog learns the basic process for removing the bones, he would be challenged. Because of the toy’s ability to improve a dog’s mental and physical dexterity and due to the interesting design, the Tornado has quickly become one of the more popular interactive dog toys being sold.


Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat


Along with being fun, this particular toy is an ideal training tool. For this toy, the opening is adjustable, making it possible for you to place small kibbles, cheese chunks, and even peanut butter inside. Due to the twist open top, you could make it small and challenging to get to treats or open it wider for an easier game.


Dog Brick


Another one of the top options for interactive dog toys is the Dog Brick, which is not only fun for your pet but you too. This toy is actually a puzzle whereby your dog would learn to push sliding covers aside, followed by removing play bones to get to treats inside. As with other interactive toys, this one is designed to be adjusted to a variety of difficulty levels.


Hide a Squirrel


This is different from those mentioned above in that it is a stuffed toy. While dogs of all ages love playing, this is especially great for puppies. In this case, a plush tree would be stuffed with a stuffed squirrel. The goal would be for your dog to find the squirrel and then pull it out. Obviously, the Hide a Squirrel is one that both you and your pet would play with together.

Extra Tough Lock


This is also a unique option for interactive dog toys because it could be used to play tug-of-war, as well as used as an investigative toy whereby your dog would hunt for treats. Made of durable rubber, the toy looks like a lock with the handle being for tug play, the interior being for treats, and the material providing bounce. Another benefit of this toy is that it can be washed safely in the dishwasher.


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