Top Picks for Rubber Dog Toys

When shopping for toys that your beloved canine would like, chances are good you would quickly notice that a large portion of what the market offers consists of rubber dog toys. For one thing, toys made of this material are typically strong and durable so they last a long time.


Best of all, instead of spending a significant amount of money on high-tech toys, you could purchase any number of rubber dog toys for a fraction of the cost and offer your pet something that would provide house of enjoyment. While dogs of all ages and sizes love rubber toys, many are designed to help teething puppies and aid in training dogs with chewing problems.


As with the purchase of any toy, you want to make sure rubber dog toys are well made and not treated with any kind of harmful chemical. Additionally, it would be important to choose a size and shape of toy that would work best for your dog.


Obviously, an oversized rubber toy would be difficult for a smaller breed to handle while a small rubber toy would probably get destroyed much faster than a large toy when buying for bigger breeds. The following are just a few suggestions pertaining to these toys for you to consider.


Kong Jawrobics


This particular rubber dog toys comes in both red and black colors, as well as various sizes. The Kong Jawrobics is a toy developed specifically for dogs that have chewing and biting habits.


However, because of the way in which the toy is designed, dogs with serious chewing habits should only be provided with the black Kong Jawrobics. This toy is extremely strong and made to last.


In fact, the level of durability and strength associated with this rubber dog toy is so great that is has become a favorite training tool for K9 training in law enforcement, drug enforcement dogs, military dogs, and more.


JW Rubber Toys


Another company that offers a wide selection of rubber dog toys is JW. For instance, the company has rubber treat toys in which a dog’s favorite snacks would be placed inside a sealed rubber ball and then rolled around to release, there are rubber “cuz” toys, which are great for chewing, rubber toys that come in a variety of shapes such as bones and rings, and squeaker toys made from rubber, which are a safer alternative to stuffed toys that contain squeaker mechanisms.




You might also look at the different rubber toys offered by Petstages, a company with an impressive list of toys that dogs love. We wanted to provide just a few examples, starting with the Orka Tire Dog Toy, which looks like an automobile tire but obviously smaller.


Made from blue synthetic rubber that is non-toxic and durable, the design consists of a thick rim made with dental nubs. Along with being an ideal choice for serious chewers, this works great for teething puppies. Another option for rubber dog toys offered by Petstages is the Calming Treat Capsule.


Made to lower energy level, this specific toy looks like a colorful bug that holds yummy treats inside. In addition to being fun to play with and calming a dog, this rubber toy is great for teething.


Miscellaneous Rubber Dog Toys


Some of the other popular rubber dog toys to consider include the following:


Rhino Rope Toy and Round Ball – Different from other rope toys and balls, this toy is designed with dental nubs that massage gums, making it great for puppies but it also helps clean teeth. Additionally, the toy is made from all-natural rubber so it is 100% safe. Best of all, because of the material and design, the Rhino Rope Toy and Round Ball comes highly recommended by top veterinarians in the country.


Double Action Chew Combo Bone – Another unique rubber toy is this bone designed with a special center in which mints deemed safe for dogs are placed. Along with this, the ends of the bone are extremely strong and durable so even the toughest chewer or roughest player could enjoy the toy for hours without destroying it. This toy also has small dental nubs, again great for cleaning teeth but also soothing sore mouths of teething puppies.


Multipet Boingo Ball – This rubber ball comes in a 3.5 and 5-inch size and is ideal for both inside and outside playtime. The center portion of the toy is solid rubber while the outside is wrapped with more rubber that allows the ball inside to be seen. With a price of just $10, this would be a rubber dog toy that fits in any budget and a toy guaranteed to be loved.


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