Shopping for Small Dog Toys

For years, pet owners had to buy whatever toy they could find for smaller breeds. Unfortunately, most toys were designed for medium and large size dogs, leaving out a huge population of canines.


Today, manufacturers of pet products understand that each dog breed and size of dog needs something unique to play with and as a result, the market is now flooded with all types of small dog toys.


After all, small dogs are no different from large dogs in that they go through the teething process, love to chew, some have aggressive tendencies, and of course, they enjoy playing.


Today, the selection of small dog toys is actually quite impressive and because of this, it would take time to do a thorough search of fun and safe options. To make the shopping process easier, we pulled a list together of small dog toys that we found most impressive although there are many others.


These toys are sold online, as well as in local pet stores and pet supply stores. Since the price of small dog toys runs the gamut just as with toys for larger breeds, once you narrow down toys of interest it would probably be worthwhile to do a little comparison shopping.




For less than $7, you might want to consider a mini-barbell made from semi-soft rubber. The shape is such that even the smallest dog would have no trouble in biting, chewing, or carrying the toy around and because this toy is made with several different textures, it makes the ideal choice for puppies that have sore mouths.


However, the mini-barbell is also small enough that it could be used for a game of fetch or simply placed on the floor for chew time. For added fun, this particular toy features brightly colored streamers made of canvas, which help remove the buildup of tooth plaque when being chewed on.


Mini-Squeak Chain


Without doubt, one of the favorite toys of all dogs is one with an internal squeaker mechanism. The problem that pet owners faced for a long time is that these were in the form of stuffed toys that could be torn open, putting the dog at serious risk if the stuffing or squeaker were swallowed.


However, a new option was developed in the form of a Mini-Squeak Chain. Made of colorful material and in the form of a chain, the squeaking mechanism is tucked away safely inside. As a result, the small dog could play and enjoy making the toy squeak but without you worrying about messy filling or potential danger.


Okra Tennis Ball


Unlike any tennis ball you have seen, this one is considered among the best small dog toys. Constructed as one piece made from durable material, and measuring just 2.5 inches in diameter, it is the perfect size for small mouths.


Along with playing fetch, this ball makes a great chew toy but it also has the ability to bounce and float. Being so versatile, the Okra tennis ball is an excellent choice for all small breeds and the larger version for bigger dogs.


Mini-Boingo Ball


This particular dog toy comes in a variety of sizes to include one specifically made for tiny dogs. This ball is just 2-inches in diameter and perfect for dogs weighing up to 10 pounds.


What makes this particular toy so unique is that it is made of plastic with beads inside so a dog would enjoy the added sound while playing but it also has a thick grip on the outside that makes it easy to toss and easy for the dog to carry. You will find the Mini-Boingo Ball in a nice selection of colors that help stimulate.


Buster Cube


The last of the small dog toys we wanted to mention is this, which also comes in sizes for small, medium, and large breeds. However, for smaller dogs, you would choose the 3.5-inch version and on the inside, place the dog’s favorite treats.


The goal would be for the dog to use both mind and body to figure out the solution for getting the snacks out of the ball. Although this is a great choice for any small dog, it has been rated as one of the best small dog toys specific to animals that suffer from high energy, separation anxiety, or timidity.


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