Tips for Buying Dog Grooming Clippers

If you have interest in becoming a professional dog groomer, along with proper education the next most important thing would be using the right type of tools. Of course, among the various pieces of equipment and tools used, you definitely want to purchase the best dog grooming clippers you could afford.


Obviously, as you become more skilled in this profession and begin making a higher salary you could always upgrade but even from the beginning, the clippers are a vital part of success.


The exciting thing about buying dog grooming clippers is that there are actually many different brands and types that would work amazingly well. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to look at different possibilities and then choose clippers not only for current skill level but also grooming skill for the coming six to twelve months.


You would also want to buy clippers from a reputable company, one that sells the product at reasonable price but also a company that offers a solid guarantee.


Dynamics of Good Dog Grooming Clippers


Remember, the better the dog grooming clippers the better the results of the cut so while you might be able to cut financial corners somewhere, the purchase of clippers would not be the right place if at all possible.


Clipper Tips – Start by looking at the type and level of grooming you would be doing. Now, if you were going to groom your own dogs and perhaps dogs of family members and friends, you could probably get by with purchasing moderate caliber grooming clippers for $30 to $50. This would get you started for this type of grooming but if going to work in an actual grooming salon or pet store, you definitely want to invest in something of higher quality.


Number and Frequency of Grooming – Another factor that would play into the purchase of dog grooming clippers would be the number of dogs you expect to groom on a daily basis, coupled with the number of days a week you plan to work. Again, if you want to work full-time as a professional groomer than skimping on the best clippers would be a bad idea. With this, you would constantly face dullness and even jamming because of the amount of hair. We suggest you choose a heavy-duty type of clipper, which could be used more often but also on a variety of hair types, even dogs with thick fur.


Brands – Now, there are certain brands of dog grooming clippers that are better than others but it would be important to remember that just because clippers have a well-known brand name does not necessarily make them a better choice over less expensive clippers or clippers with a lesser known name. However, some of the more popular brands of dog grooming clippers that would work well for you include Wahl, Oster, and Andis.


Getting Advice – If you still feel nervous about spending money on clippers and want to make sure you walk out the store with the best possible dog grooming clippers for what you can afford to pay, you could always ask a professional groomer or even your personal veterinarian for advice on the right type and brand. This would be the ideal time to remind yourself that every groomer started out just like you, unsure what to buy to achieve success. Therefore, never feel nervous or even embarrassed if you need to reach out and ask for a little help.


Recommended Dog Grooming Clippers


While there are many other possibilities beyond those listed below, we wanted to provide you with a few examples of clippers so you would have a better understanding or type and price.


Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Dog Grooming Clippers – This complete set comes with the clippers, grooming heads, small scissors, instructional DVD and a nice carrying case for just $40.
Wahl Kennel Pro Grooming Clippers – As with the above, the kit has everything needed for getting started as a professional groomer with an asking price around $120.


Andis Smc 5-Speed Excel Dog Clipper – As one of the best choices for dog grooming clippers, this one is more expensive at about $220 but well worth the price.


Conair Yellow Dog Home Grooming Kit – As mentioned, if you simply want to groom your own pets or pets of family and friends, a kit such as this would be ideal and it is just $40.


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