Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Are you tired of spending hard-earned money on high priced dog food or do you have a pet that is a fussy eater? If so, rather than purchase food, you might consider making it. Interestingly, the number of people switching from commercial foods to making food at home has increased dramatically.


With dog food recipes you would have better control over ingredients used but also choose flavors you know your pet loves. One of the biggest concerns about making homemade food for dogs is cost but in truth, this is not only healthy choice but a cost efficient solution to convention pet food products.


Although markets are flooded with a wide range of “healthy” pet foods and many brands and formulas do contain only healthy ingredients, there has still been a number of dog food recalls over the past few years.


This has made a lot of people uncomfortable in choosing commercial products, which is yet another reason that dog food recipes made from home have gained popularity. As you will discover from the information provided, you have more possibilities when making your pet’s food but also more control specific to quality.


Important Things to Know


The key to success with dog food recipes is choosing foods that offer the type and level of nutrition your pet needs. You will find all kinds of options although we provided some of our favorite dog food recipes, those considered among the best for canines.


By making your own dog food, you could adjust ingredients if your pet had allergies, a sensitive stomach, arthritis, and so on while also providing him with food that satisfies.


The most important factor in choosing dog food recipes is to go with the ones that use meat as the primary ingredient. In addition to protein, recipes should be balanced with whole grains, as well as certain vegetables.


Keep in mind that although dogs are carnivores, or meat eaters, recipes that contain too much protein could lead to phosphorous and calcium imbalances. With this, the dog would likely develop joint issues, bone disease, and a number of other health risks.


Instead, you want to make recipes that are made from quality meat, whole grains, and fresh vegetables but with a balance of all ingredients.


Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid


Just as you would choose good ingredients for dog food recipes as mentioned above, you also need to know that certain foods could create a variety of health issues and in some cases, ingredients would be considered dangerous.


For instance, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and chocolate are among the more important ingredients to skip. In fact, if you were interested in providing your pet with any ingredients listed on the “foods to avoid” list, contact your veterinarian first and allow him or her to give you the final decision based on your pet’s nutritional needs.


One final note before moving on is that while a raw dog food diet has also become a popular alternative to commercial food, remember that if not cleaned and stored properly, meat and poultry could quickly become contaminated due to the growth of bacteria, along with viruses, as well as bacteria, parasites ,and even salmonella.


The better choice would be lean meats to include chicken, turkey, fish, and beef and proper storage. Organ meat would be acceptable but only on occasion and in very small amounts.


Popular Dog Food Recipes


If you are just starting to make your own pet food, these dog food recipes would be great considerations.


Basic Recipe – For this, cook meat or poultry over slow heat to allow natural juices to form. Then in a separate saucepan, boil two cups uncooked rice in about five cups of water, and then after boiling, add one-quarter cup of oats and one-teaspoon of salt.


After reducing heat, add two cups of cooked meat, one-half cup milk, one-quarter cup cooked organ meat, one tablespoon fresh chopped up parsley, two tablespoons corn oil, one beaten egg, and one cup of fresh cut up vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. On low, cook for 20 minutes (adding water if needed), cool, and when ready to serve, add one-quarter cut cottage cheese.


Poultry Recipe – Another dog food recipe that pets love is made with chicken. For this, you would cook a chicken and retain the juices. Then in a saucepan, add one cup of cubed cooked chicken meat, one-half cup fresh steamed vegetables, one-half cup brown rice, and four tablespoons of the chicken broth saved from cooking. Again, cool and then serve.


Rice Porridge Recipe – This dog food recipe involves cooking two cups of brown rice in boiling water, drain, and then add one cup cubed meat (beef or chicken preferred), two tablespoons of vegetable oil with two cups of chopped up Swiss chard, two finely chopped scallions, one tablespoon sesame seed oil, one tablespoon fresh grated ginger, and one tablespoon of wheat free soy sauce. Cool and then serve.


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